This Bitter Earth (Intro)

"Damn it! Vinnie! Get the fuck in here!"

Vince grimaced as his boss, Sal Bianchi, waved him into his office. He nodded over to Joey the bartender to watch the door then took a quick look over the floor. True, it was a Wednesday night, and traditionally pretty slow, but even so Club Serpentine was utterly dead.

Two frat boys (with dubious ID's...but what the fuck) and an old dude who looked to be falling asleep were the only ones over by the stage, and three or four other guys with varying degrees of obesity and hair loss were over by the bar. Lola grinded away on the stage, phoning it in since clearly the tips weren't coming in as they should.

"Yeah, boss...whattya need?"

"That fuckin' bitch Shanna called off! That's it...she's OUT on her ass! That makes three girls off tonight! You tell Micaela she's staying for the rest of the night! Don't let her give you any shit, either! Get your pansy ass moving..."

" your mouth," Vince growled back.

"Aaahhh...don't get your panties all twisted, sweetheart. You're worse than my old lady," Sal huffed, plopping his stumpy body behind his desk. "Everyone knows you're here because ONE, you don't have the balls to be an enforcer, and TWO, you're a fanook. Sure, you're big and scary lookin', but what are ya' gonna do if I call a spade a spade! Shit, in my day, guys like you would simply 'go away', ya get me?"

He knocked back a shot of whisky then sighed, "Lucky for you your Uncle has a soft spot for ya'. So, you're stuck in this shitty titty bar watching the door...and doin' what I tell ya'!"

"Yeah," Vince grumbled, "YOUR shitty titty bar, eh? You rank real high up there, don't you, you miserable fuck. It's all Cristal and caviar at Sal's place."

"Shut it, ya' ape...get out of here and do your fuckin' job!" Sal replied as he poured himself another shot.

Vince Trentino was imposing in appearance; tall, well-built, with a fierce scowl on his otherwise handsome Italian features...his current scowl courtesy of his asshole boss. Still, Sal had the basic facts right. Vince had been caught with another guy, and only the intervention of his Uncle Vito saved him from a trip to the Pine Barrens. Once a rising star in the Lagorio Family, Vince was pretty well fucked.

Lola continued to gyrate for the drunk frat boys as Vince crossed the floor to the small backstage area. Micaela was pulling up her jeans while Heather, the new girl, was adjusting her own skimpy top.

"Hey, Vince...still quiet out there?" Micaela asked, as she grabbed for her coat.

"Like a morgue...this fucking epidemic is taking a hit on both the punters and the staff. Both bar backs called off." He thought for a moment, then continued, "'s your daughter doing? Still sick?"

" mom's with her right now. I'm suppose to go meet them over at Urgent Care. So, if you'll excuse me..."

"Uh...yeah...about that. Well...Sal wants you to...uh..."

"OH no!" Micaela interrupted angrily. "Come ON, Vince! I just said my kid's sick! Give me a break! Heather's here, and Lola's a trooper...especially if she scored."

Vince sighed, rubbing the back of his head with his hand and closing his eyes for a moment. "Fine...fine...I'll go hash it out with Sal. You better get out of here before he sees..."

He was cut short by a blood curdling scream from out on the floor. Quickly Vince bolted out the door, followed more cautiously by the two girls.


So...that's my intro to my first Walking Dead story! I'm considering making this an SYOC, but I admit that I'm not entirely sure about that. We all know SYOC's can be challenging for a writer, and I've never done one before, but they can also be a lot of fun. So, if you'd care to share your creativity with me, I'll see what I can do. Here's the form, but I'll put it in my bio soon.

1. A common first instruction, but it bears repeating...please, no Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

2. Not everyone has to be a teenager or in their early twenties. I'm not saying DON'T make these type of characters, but some variety will be very appreciated.

3. This is the Walking Dead universe...people WILL die...please don't be too upset if your character dies.

4. I'd prefer PM's, but will grudgingly consider review applications...PM's will get any preference thought.

4. The story is set, at least at the start, in the area around Philadelphia, Pa.

Name: (include any nicknames)





Physical Description
-Body Type:
-Hair Color/Style:
-Eye Color:
-Facial Features: (anything particularly memorable or outstanding)
-Other: (things like scars, piercings, tattoos, etc.)

History/Background: (the more the better...where are they from, do they have family, etc.)

Personality: (the more the better...include any interesting likes, fears, dislikes, religious beliefs...if any...etc.)

Useful Skills: (if they have any)

Potential Problems: (things like handicaps, phobias, moral weaknesses, etc.)

Possessions: (include only beginning stuff...from the first few days of the outbreak. Please include clothing here)

For Fun (completely optional, and probably won't be in the story, but will give me a better 'feel' for the character)
-Theme song:
-Favorite movie(s):
-Any big secrets?:
-Worst thing they've ever done (by their own standards):
-Bravest thing they've ever done (by their own standards):