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"Shiho, Shiho" she heard a familiar voice from someone standing far away with her hand reached out. But it was impossible! Her sister was killed.

"Onēchan!" she cried but her sister was backing up

"Wait Onēchan, waiiitttttt" and she woke up with a gasp.

Haibara was alone in her room.

"Maybe its just a nightmare, Onēchan will never be back.

Suddenly the door to her room opened.

"Oh Ai-kun you're awake?" Professor Agasa was peering in. "I know its Sunday but I have to go somewhere with Shinichi-kun so if you want to come along you can"

"Edogawa-kun is here too?"

"Yes he is waiting upstairs"

"Ok since I have nothing to do I'll come along,, give me some time to change"

"Ok" and by saying this he went back upstairs.

"So is she coming" Conan was waiting for him upstairs.

"Yes she said "Ok since I have nothing to do I'll come along,, give me some time to change"

"Well then I'll inform Subaru-san about it.

And he disappeared out of the home.

"Professor! I'm ready" Haibara came up.

"Ai-kun, we will be leaving in a minute"

"Ah well! Looks like you both are ready." Conan just came inside, "so lets go"

They all rode Professor's car.

"So who was murdered now?" Haibara asked coldly while yawning. "High school detective Kudo Shinichi cant be going out on Sundays unless its about a case!"

"Oi Oi, can't I be going somewhere just for fun?" Conan replied with a deadpan look "anyway he's a foreign man named Lupin Stewart; he came here for a job and was shot to the heart by one of his 3 co-workers, luckily I witnessed a suspicious man yesterday with a rifle just near this dead man's office, so Megure-keibu called me to see if I can recognize his face.

In ten minutes' drive they were on the crime scene.

"Ah Conan-kun and Hakase, so you arrived" Megure Keibu was waiting for them.

"I'll wait outside you both can go inside and solve the case." Haibara told both of them as they were getting out of the car.

"So why did you come in the first place?" Conan asked annoyed.

"I just wanted to have some fresh air." She replied and started walking in the garden in front of the office.

"What's with her" Conan thought still annoyed.

They both entered the office with inspector Megure while Haibara went and sat on a bench under the tree. Suddenly she felt a pressure which she knew what it meant.

"That's impossible" she thought "A B.O member cannot be in a place with all these police investigating here, could it be that they found about me" horror and terror was all over her and she searched her surroundings but there wasn't any suspicious person there.

"Maybe I am just imagining things", she calmed herself, "It's just because of the nightmare I had" and with a cold smile she started staring at the birds flying.

Just behind a tree next to her a person with light brown hairs and rectangular glasses smiled and moved aside.

"Haibara" a panicking voice came from her detective badge.


"Haibara, the culprit escaped with a gun he is coming your way be careful and follow him without alerting him"

Just then she saw a man running out of the office.


And she started following him, the man started to run, she too did the same, soon they both were running as fast as they could.

"Haibara, get on" Conan reached a hand to her and pulled her on his skateboard. "Which way"

"He turned to the corner there", she pointed to a narrow passage.

"Well it's a dead end" Conan smiled, "stay here"

And he ran into to passage. "There's no way out now" she heard Conan say. "That's a dead end"

She saw the culprit raising the hand with a gun.

"Conan!" she jumped and pushed him aside from the bullets of the culprit, but instead got 3 bullets near her heat, 2 on her leg and 3 more on her chest. She was covered with blood all over her. Conan hit the culprit with his stun gun and reached towards Haibara.

"Haibara", he said in a panicking voice, "Haibara"

But she could not hear him. She could just see a blur image and soon fainted. "Damn it, she lost lots of blood I cannot wait for the ambulance". He picked her up and got up on his skate board.

"Edogawa-kun" Haibara said in a weak and trembling voice.

"Stop talking!u lost too much blood,,, Idiot!What were you thinking"

"Leave it,, I got eight bullets maximum a child can have,, I cannot…" and her head tilted to a side.

"Haibara,, hang on,, we are almost there"


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