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Chapter 12: The Battle


Shinichi's POV:

"Haibara…." I thought as tears filled my eyes, why did you do this, I clutched the letter tighter, why did you play with the death, just for me, droplets of water started falling slowly on the letter, I could've done something,,,, we could've done something, I fell on my knees, blinded by my own tears, the pill long forgotten, I couldn't think properly, her words flying through my mind, "if u dare not take it, I will never forgive u"

I looked at the pill in the box, "live your life for both of us," how could I? Knowing that she sacrificed her life for mine, how could I live? "I will always be your be your Watson" Watson never left Holmes, it was Irene who did,

"Aishiteru Kudo-kun"

No Haibara, I want to hear those words from Ur mouth.

"You'll always be Sherlock Holmes to me"

And there is no case Holmes can't solve, I thought as I stood up, my mind much clearer than before, this is when I noticed the faint smell of alcohol coming from the letter, Haibara doesn't drink, so the paper must be placed somewhere full of alcohol, I checked the box and inside it carved in small letters in the bottom right of the box were the words, "Sakamoto's Wood House And Appliances, Tokyo" I grinned, if my deductions are write this place must be in the industrial area, near the alcohol factories so it means that their hideout is somewhere there, I rushed towards hakase's house, as my computer was currently not working, after explaining everything to hakase, I ran towards haibara's pc, PLEASE INSERT PASSWORD was what greeted me, damn it, I clicked on hint, which read, "a creamy eye, in silver chest, lies beneath the salty depth", what the hell, I couldn't get it, a creamy eye, does it even exist, I clicked once again in hint, which now read, "Kudo-kun stop messing with my computer, unlike the last time I won't forgive you again,"

That's so Haibara like, I thought, last time I opened her computer when it didn't have a password, she didn't talk to me for a week! Until I gave her a pearl necklace, only then she forgave me, wait pearl! That's it, a creamy eye, it refers to a pearl, silver chest must be the shell in which it is placed and salty depths must mean the sea! I typed the word pearl, PASSWORD ACCEPTED, score! I opened the computer and searched for sakamoto's wood house, and as expected it was in the isolated area, also known as the black land, and there were many alcohol factories near it too, so that must be their territory which we are going to invade, I then called Jodie-sensei and Hattori, the FBI and the police all were present at my home,, planning for the big raid. It was the battle of the year, we all knew the risk, but we still were ready.

The battle was supposed to be the next day, the FBI explained the plan, and we were supposed to go in teams, team A was supposed to be at the roofs of the nearby building, as they were the snipers, in the lead of Akai. Team B with Jodie-sensei and Megure-keibu were supposed to enter the main building, Team C with Camel and Agent Black were supposed to raid the warehouses, and lastly me and hattori, were supposed to look for Haibara.

The next day we were all present at the dawn on the expected place, revising the plan once more.

"Jodie-sensei, where do you think they are holding Miyano?" I who had become shinichi, thanks to the antidote said.

"In the head quarter," replied Akai, with a cigarette between his fingers, "that would be the most secure building"

"But how would we find that building" Heiji asked curiously,

"That," Agent Black said, "depends on many factors, such as the building which is protected greatly, and no matter what they won't let us in it"

"So ya' sayin that we have to enter the building we are not suppose ta enter"

"Exactly, now teams take your position, this battle is a matter of life and death, if we succeeded tonight, Japan would be secured, but if we lost the battle, we won't ever be able to win again,, many of u will be injured tonight and some even may lose their lives, but in the sake of the country. We soldiers were born to serve, born to protect our country, and born to die!" Megure-keibu started his speech, "No matter what happens, you should not look back, no matter if someone is being tortured or even being killed, you should not look back because the ones who look back are the ones who become stones, just like in Medusa's story. So my brave soldiers, the fate of Japan is in your hands, let's fight this battle with full zeal and zest!"

"Yeah!" they all shouted,

"And remember, united we stand-" Agent Black said,

"Divided we fall!" they all shouted in unison, and ran to their respective positions. In a matter of times, the bullets started to rain everywhere, shouts of cries could be heard, bombs blasted in many places, it was a nightmare, a hell like situation. Heiji and Shinichi avoided many bullets, and shot many more.

"Where do you think you're going, brat" Vodka was standing behind them,

"Go save your girl Kudo" Heiji said as he stepped forward, "This guy's mine"

"Are you sure hattori?"

"Yeah! Now go!" just as shinichi ran away,

"Bring it on ya bustard!" Heiji said as he begins his fight with Vodka. Meanwhile Shinichi ran searching for his building, when a bullet nearly hit him, he turned around to see a man lying on the floor, shinichi looked up to see Akai far on a building, he gave him a silent thanks, and ran forward before coming face to face with a guy,

"High School Detective Kudo Shinichi" the man said, "We let you live, and you come to die, ever heard of me? They call me Rum" the man charged towards shinichi and before he could do something, someone kicked Rum's gun away, this time it was bourbon,

"Why don't you fight with someone of your age?" he said as he launched a punch which the man easily dodged, bourbon was the best in hand to hand combat, so shinichi didn't need to worry much about you, suddenly there were cries everywhere and people were running, he looked back to see a building on fire, and right there his instincts told him where shiho is, he saw Gin coming out of that building and his suspicions were confirmed, Akai was now on grounds, probably for his prey, he and Gin started to settle their own matters, while shinichi ran into the open hands of the flames, the building was totally on fire, so he couldn't breathe properly,

"Shiho!" he coughed, but still ran to the second floor, crashing every door in the hope of seeing the auburn girl,, finally a door was locked, and it seemed as the fire started from that room, it was as if digging your own grave by entering that room, but the thought of Shiho being in there, he kicked the door with his super powered shoes, crashing it and letting a blast of fire escape, he looked around, and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw a woman of his age, dresses in black, with blood coming out of each part of her body, the hem of her dress was on fire, it was the worst scene anyone could ever witness, he ran towards the girl, "Shiho!" he shouted as he crouched down beside her, she was in the worst condition, barely recognizable, he would kill them for doing this, he definitely would, he clenched his fist, he touched her gently, she stirred as if scared of his touch, "Hey hey its alright, it's me,, you'll be fine" he said gently, but he didn't know if he was telling her this or himself,

"Kudo-kun" she coughed,

"Don't talk, let's get you out of here" he said as he stood,

"No, don't, just leave" she said between her coughs, "Save yourself, there still is time"

"Stupid, I am not gonna leave you behind" he said as he first put out the fire on her dress, "Why?" she asked weakly,

"Because Aishiteru shiho," he said without looking at her and picked her up, "I cannot live without my Watson and Irene" he covered her with his jacket and ran out of the room, it was hard to see, let alone breathe, "Kudo-kun you-" "If you die right now Shiho,, I swear I'm gonna kill you" he interrupted her, dashing down the stairs,, it was a miracle that they got out alive, a bit burned but alive.


When shiho became conscious, she was at the hospital, oh how she hated that place, she felt a pressure on her left side and glanced over to see Shinichi sleeping with his head on his hands, she smiled, so it wasn't a dream, it had been a long time she had seen him,, her body was in severe pain, but she still shook the detective,

"Tantei-san" her voice was dry, but the detective heard her anyway,

"What!" he shot his head up, and couldn't believe his eyes,

"You were drooling" she smirked,

He opened his mouth to give a retort but closed it again, while shaking his head with a grin on his face, "Welcome back! Shiho" it was weird hearing him call that, but it felt secure, and great,

"Missed me that much" she was still smirking and he was giving her his million dollars grin, "More than you can imagine"

"Really, how long was I asleep?"

"2 months 15 days" he said without blinking,

"You've been keeping count?"

"Every single second,"

"Great, you've finally found your brain?"

"You can say so" he shrugged,

"Ah le le, is the detective giving up?"

"To you I am" he smirked

"Shut up Kudo!" she laughed

"I really love being with you" he said after a moment,

"We're never separating again" She said as she gave him her brightest smile, the one that could even put the sun to shame, and that they, Shinichi and Shiho both found their true happiness.


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