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Harry James Potter was a very unlucky child. At seven years old, he just hated his life. He lived in a cupboard under the stairs of 4, Privet Drive. His Aunt and Uncle hated him, and his cousin, Dudley, bullied him so much that nobody wanted to be his friend. On the top of all this, he wasn't exactly most brilliant in his studies, and then, he had just turned his teacher's hair blue. Seriously, could his life be any more worse?

He was sitting outside the Headmistress' office, waiting for his Aunt, and then he would go home, do some extra hard chores, have minimum dinner, and go of to sleep. Harry sighed. This wasn't his idea of a perfect day.

Just then, a boy entered the corridor with a woman Harry assumed to be his mother, and sat down on the other end of the bench on which Harry was sitting. He had black hair as well, but they weren't messy like Harry's, instead they were long. His grey eyes were shining brightly, and he was looking around in awe. His face was familiar, Harry concluded, but he couldn't pick how.

He looked at Harry, moved towards him and extended his hand. "Alphard Black." Harry looked at the boy, and in a squeaky voice, said, "Harry Potter."

Alphard smiled and asked, "You study here?" Harry nodded.
"Are the teachers good?" Harry thought about it, and said, "Depends. You are joining this place?"
Alphard nodded.

"Well, then I advise you to not be friends with me." Harry said flatly. He knew the condition of the people who dared to be friendly with him.
Alphard looked at him suspiciously and then asked, "Why?"

Harry shuddered and told him about Dudley and his goons. Alphard listened attentively and finally said, "Well Harry, with me as your friend, believe me he will never bother you again."

Now Harry looked at the boy suspiciously. Shaking his head, he asked, "Why are you here late? This term is almost going to end."

Alphard shrugged and said, "My grandmother died."

"Oh, I am sorry."

Alphard looked at him and said, "Don't be. I am not. She was a witch!"

Little did Harry know, Alphard meant it in both the ways.


Peter R.J.S. Lupin looked at his new guardian, Arabella Figg. She smiled at him, and patted him. He looked at his father, Remus Lupin, who looked at him sadly.
"But why can't I live with you?" He asked, ready to burst into tears. Remus sat down, and said, "It's for your better future, Peter. I..."

"No!" Peter shook away from his father and ran to the room he had been given. Remus looked at Arabella, who smiled kindly at him.

"Don't worry, dear . Just a few days, and he will be fine." Remus nodded. Arabella continued, "You can come anytime, you know."

"Yes Arabella." said Remus, looking towards his son's bedroom door. Shaking his head, he asked, "Doesn't Harry Potter live here too?"

"Oh, yes, just the next street. I babysit him sometimes."

Remus nodded and said, "Well, I hope they became friends." A few days ago, he was planning to adopt Harry as well, but now, he had lost his own son as well. Shaking his head, Remus left the house.


"So you live in the orphanage?" asked Harry, while Alphard nodded. "My mum met with an accident an year ago, and so she sleeps now. My Aunt Andy says she may or may not wake up, but I know she will. I lived with my grandmother for a while, though mum did not want that. By the time the officials came to take me, she was already dead."

Harry did not know whether to laugh or pat his new friend. But he just smiled. Suddenly, Harry aske,d "You said you had a Aunt. Why don't you live with her?"

Alphard shrugged. The door opened, and Petunia Dursley came in. She looked at Harry and said, "You will never behave, will you?"

Harry looked at the floor, as the Headmistress' door opened, and the orphanage's caretaker, Mrs . Brown came out and took Alphard away. As the two new friends parted the ways, Alphard mouthed, 'See you soon' and Harry nodded.


Peter sat on a small bench, eating. The Break was not fun at all. Everybody mad fun of him, because he liked to read books. Was that even a legit reason?!
"Can I sit here?" Peter looked up and saw a messy haired boy, in extra large clothes. He nodded. Sitting down, the boy said,
"Harry Potter."
"Peter Lupin."

The boys shook hands, and went back to their own lunch. As soon as he finished it, Peter took out 'The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe' and started reading. Harry looked at him, as if calculating something. Peter knew that this boy would run away as well. Then Harry said, "Would you lend it to me after you have read it? You can take it home. My aunt won't allow it, and I don't have time there to read it."

Peter looked at him and said, "Um, why not!"

Harry smiled and went back to his food. Peter smiled, happy to have his first friend.


"Alphard!" Alphard looked up to find his teacher glaring at him.

"Yes, Ma'am?" he asked innocently.

"Did you put pins in Dudley's pants?"

"No Ma'am." he answered with a straight face, while Harry snickered. The teacher narrowed her eyes, while Alphard put the best puppy-eyes he could think of.

"Alphard, come, you will now sit between Peter and Harry on the second bench."

Harry looked back, beaming, and Alphard grinned, but at once changed his expression to that of sorrow. He went to his new place, with a downtrodden face. Little did his teacher now that she had just made a Potter, a Black and a Lupin sit together.

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