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Four years later

"Alphard! Harry! Peter!"

"Oops!" Three voices echoed at once, and the three menaces turned to find their teacher, Mrs . White staring at them angrily. The three looked at each other and gulped.

"Up! Now! We are going to the headmistress!" The three left their farewell Prank bag in the dark corridor and followed their teacher. She kept muttering something, in which the boys caught, 'worst boys ever', 'never had such problem', 'so young' and 'such a big mischief makers'.

She knocked on the door as Mrs . Clay, the headmistress said, "Come in."

Mrs . White opened the door and led the three boys inside.

"Headmistress, these three were doing something in the 1st grade corridor, and I saw a bag. They have left it there as for now."

Mrs . Clay looked at them from her spectacles, as Alphard smirked, Peter tried to hide his smile and Harry kept a neutral face. She looked up to the teacher and said, "Thank you Mrs . White. I will take care of them now."

She nodded and left, leaving the three boys alone with the headmistress. She sat back and asked, "So, boys. What have you done now?"

"We are innocent!"
"We were just talking!"

BOMB! An explosion was heard and a loud scream followed. The three looked at each other with a smile, and Mrs . Clay said, "So I am to believe that that is nothing?"

The three looked at each other and Alphard said, "Well….You know us Mary."

Mrs . Clay smiled at the use of her first name, and asked, "Well, what should we do with you?"

Harry shifted and said, "Well, everything's fair in love and war."

"And which is this Mr . Potter?"

"Love for you and war for the others." Replied Peter, and Mrs . Clay smiled. Finally, she said, "Nevertheless, you have earned punishment since this is your last year and I don't want this school's name to go down just because three disobedient students have decided to spoil its name."

"But…" Before Alphard could finish, he earned a smack from both Peter and Harry on his head. Mrs . Clay continued, "You'll come here during the summer break to write a few lines."

The three looked at her, horrified. Their eyes were ready to come out, when Peter finally opened his mouth, "But…"

"No buts, Mr . Lupin. I will send a special note to all your guardians. You'll be expected to come here for three weeks from the end of the school, each day writing a few lines that I will give you especially." She said as she kept writing. She handed them each a note, and they left. This was oing to be an interesting summer


"Great!" said Alphard looking at the piece of paper, walking out of school with his two best friends. Peter looked at him with the look of 'It's your fault. Harry said, "I agree. Uncle Vernon is not going to like this!"

"Well, at least he doesn't lock you in the cupboard anymore."

After Harry had befriended the two, Harry had been shifted to Dudley's second room. Harry could swear that a tall man with an equally long white beard had something to do with this, but Peter had shook his head so much that Alphard had said that it might come off.

"Well, if he did, his reputation might come down." Said Harry smirking. Shaking his head Alphard said, "Mr . Black would like to end this discussion and ask Mr . Lupin how was his birthday."

Peter rolled his eyes at his friend's antics, while Harry laughed. This method of conversation was used by the three often just to irritate each other or play the fool.

Peter said, "Mr . Lupin would like to say that he loved the cookies Mr . Potter had made for him," Harry bowed, "was given a cat by Mrs . Figg with words that 'you'll need it soon' which Mr. Lupin does not understand and highly doubt and a package from Mr . Lupin senior, who has asked Mr . Lupin not to open till he reaches his school. However, Mr . Lupin is extremely sad that Mr . Black has not given him any presents."

"But I got you a gift!" protested Alphard.

Harry looked at his friend and asked, "Are you sure Alphie? You often do start things and forget to take them to their destination."

Alphard hit his head and said, "I am so sorry! Please come to the orphanage, I have packed it, it is just in my drawer."

Harry was laughing while Peter was giving him a look of 'seriously?'

Before either could respond, Alphard grabbed them and led them to the orphanage, ignoring the cries of "I have to read a book!" and "I have to do some chores!"

As they reached the place between Wisteria Walk, where Peter lived and Privet Drive, where Harry lived, they were greeted by a cheerful, 44 year old Mrs . Brown.

"Hello! What are my musketeers up to today?" she asked looking at them. Alphard handed him the note, and reading it, she said, "So I take that the prank was successful?"

"Not totally," said Harry, "But we managed to create the chaos."

"Thanks for the supplies though." Piped in Peter. Mrs . Brown smiled and said, "Any time dear. Now go, I will take this to your Aunt's notice."

Alphard mock saluted her, which she acknowledged with a nod. He paraded in front, followed by Harry who did the same and Peter who kept muttering something like, 'Why did I become their friends?'

As they reached Alphard's room, he ran to the drawer of his dresser and took out a neatly wrapped package.

"Wow, you've improved from last year." Commented Peter, on which Alphard puffed his chest. Peter opened the package, and his mouth fell open.

A hardbound edition of an ancient epic was shining brightly in Peter's hands.

Alphard was jumping as his two friends looked at the book. Finally, he asked, "Well, do you like it?"

"Like it?" asked Harry "He loves it! He has been asking for this since forever!"

"But this must be expensive!" said Peter. Harry said, "A great way to say thanks!"

"My Aunt is willing to spend on me." Said Alphard smirking.

"I don't know what to say." Peter looked at the book again. Harry said "Um, I think a Thank you would suffice?"

Alphard high-fived Harry and Peter unlike other times, beamed and without rolling his eyes, said, "Thank you."



In a window-lit room, in the first fortnight of July, three children sat and wrote lines. A certain teacher was sitting, reading paper. As soon as they finished, she sent them to the Headmistress' office.

Peter knocked on the door, and Mrs . Clay said, "Come in."

The three entered, only to find another woman sitting there.

She was old, most probably as old as Mrs . Clay, in her fifties. She wore a robe, and her hair was tied in a bun. Her eyes looked at them through the spectacles, and she smiled. Mrs . Clay said, "I'll leave you here, Ms . McGonagall. Though I must mention that these three are an invitation to trouble."

Minerva McGonagall smiled and said, "I am used to such students." She said in a Scottish accent.

The headmistress left, leaving the three and McGonagall alone in the room. She took three letters, and gave it to each one of them. The three took their respective letters and as they read it, McGonagall stood up to go and sit at the Headmistress' chair.

As they finished reading their letters, Alphard looked at her skeptically and asked, "Is this is a joke?"

"I can assure you Mr . Black it is not."

Peter re-read the letter and asked, "You are the deputy headmistress of this place?"

McGonagall nodded. Harry kept reading the letter again and again. Finally he said, "My uncle says that there is no such thing as magic."

"Well, I assure you Mr . Potter, there is."

"Can you demonstrate?" asked Harry, hoping it was true.

"Very well." McGonagall took out her wand, and waving on a small paper, turned it into a chair. Alphard's mouth fell open, Peter was calculating, and Harry's eyes were ready to come out of their socket and pop with the glasses. McGonagall turned it back, and with the same expressions, they turned to McGonagall.

Finally, Peter said, "I thank you Ma'am, but I am not rich enough to attend this school."

Harry nodded and said, "My uncle would never pay for me to study wizardry."

Alphard finally closed his mouth and then said, "I doubt if my Aunt would give this much money. I live an orphanage."

Now McGonagall looked at them skeptically and asked, "So you are saying that you do not know anything about your families?"

The three looked at each other, clueless.

"Your parents?"

Harry said, "Mine died in a car crash Ma'am."

"A CAR CRASH!" McGonagall shouted, and Harry stepped back, trying to us Peter as a shield. "PREPOSTEROUS! It would take more than a simple car crash to kill Lily and James Potter! And I highly doubt if James had even seen a car, or that Lily had one! Who told you such stories?"

Harry said, "My Aunt."

"Well then I need to have a long talk with Petunia Evans!"

"But Ma'am, what do you mean about our families?" asked Alphard. McGonagall calmed down and resuming her previous demeanor, said, "The Black and Potter families are one of the richest families in the wizarding world. You are the heirs to the riches left by your families. And your mother, Mr . Black, has even left her riches, mainly of the McKinnon family, to you as well. As far as Mr . Lupin is concerned, your parents have chipped in from the day you were born. In case it does not add up, Hogwarts has special treasury for such people."

There was pin drop silence, till peter asked, "My father knows about this?"

"Well, of course. I have had the pleasure to teach Remus Lupin, and he was in my house as well. And Dorcas Meadows was a student of mine as well, though never good in Transfiguration."

Peter did not actually understand, what she was talking about but was glad to hear something new about his mother.

"Hasn't he told you anything about it?"

"I have not seen him in four years ma'am, we have only talked through letters and a few phone calls."

"Ah, the legislation." She said to herself, but Peter heard her nevertheless. He longed to ask more, but knew that it was better to leave it.

"Well, now I think I need to talk to certain Dursleys. Could you be kind enough to lead me Mr . Potter?"

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