Hey guys! I realized there are no DBZ/Aladdin crossovers on here, so I decided to write my own, so here you go!

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Chapter 1: Arrivals

Aladdin's POV

Wow. That's my wife in there. Holding our newborn princess.

"Hello, Papa," said Jasmine as I entered the room.

"Hello yourself, Mama," I said as I leaned down, slid my arm between her shoulders and the pillow behind her, and gently pulled her toward me. I rested my cheek against her head as she leaned against my chest and me we gazed at our daughter.

She was perfect. Ten fingers on two hands on two arms. She had my nose and Jasmine's eyes, but they were a darker brown than either of ours. A tuft of dark chocolate hair lay on top of her head. I saw a brown tail start to snake its way out of the blanket she was wrapped in.

"A tail?" I said in mock surprise, "I wonder which one of us that's from." I smiled.

She leaned away and turned her head toward me. "Aladdin," she playfully narrowed her eyes. "You know perfectly well who gave her that tail!"

I put up my hands in defeat, smirked, laughed nervously, and said, "OK, OK, heh, you're right, heh heh." After that, we resumed our pose and our gaze.

"Congratulations," I said as I stoked her shoulder that was furthest from me. "I am so proud of you," I whispered and kissed her temple.

She giggled blissfully and said, "You played a big part in the making of this little one, if I remember correctly." She sighed and said, "She needs a name. Any ideas?"

"Well, I think I remember my dad told me my mother's name was Miriam."

My wife furrowed her brows. After a pause, she said, "No, I want something original." I was stumped. She thought some more and said, "What about Alamine? Half of both of our names."

"That's perfect. Welcome to the world, Alamine. I love you, Jasmine."

She turned her head toward me, said, "I love you too, Aladdin," and we kissed each other on the lips.

We turned back toward our daughter and looked on with awe as she cooed.

On the outskirts of Agrabah:


Somewhere northwest of the city limits, a spherical object fell out of the sky at a great velocity. As it fell, it looked like a shooting star. Bright streaks trailed it as it sped through the atmosphere. It landed with a thud, followed closely by a sonic boom, in a sand dune. The object was a metallic sphere with a hatch in one side. The hatch was hinged at the bottom and had a red-tinted dome-like window at eye level for someone sitting inside.

The hatch opened and a man with a black Mohawk and black sunglasses stepped out. His sunglasses were made to work like a scouter. He had a diagonal scar on his right cheek that ran from just under the outer corner of his right eye to a spot on his cheek that was even with a spot directly under his pointed nose. He wore a black spandex bodysuit under white chest armor with wide yellow shoulder straps and a yellow protective area over the stomach. He had white gloves with a cuff that slightly belled out around his wrist and extended two inches up his arm. His boots were like those of a certain Saiyan prince with a yellow toe. Around his waist was a furry belt. Hanging around his waist were three yellow pads. One pad was hanging over his groin and the other two were hanging over the sides of each of his thighs. He was a Saiyan, and his name was Celeron.

The Saiyan looked around and tapped a button on the side of his glasses. "Hn," he grunted indignantly. From the low power levels Celeron detected, he could tell that the mission his sibling and that low-level, Kakarot, was sent on so long ago was a total failure. So this is Earth. The average power level is a measly 12! I can't understand why the mission failed! What a disgrace! He thought. [Pitiful,] he said aloud to himself. Now to find my missing relative. He pushed a button on his scouter-glasses. The model he had could hone in on any unique energy 'fingerprint' that was programed into it. Bingo. His glasses indicated that the energy signature he was looking for was in the direction of the palace. Ready or not here I come. He levitated, put his arms to his sides, and took of toward the palace.

Well, that's a start. You'll find out who the Saiyan of Agrabah is in the next chapter. Just so you know, the '–mine' in 'Alamine' is pronounced like 'mean'. Let me know what you think in the reviews! Sailor Dragonball 87 says!