As some of you requested, here's the second chapter about Frank and Sarah.

Chapter 2

Frank Pontipee held the rope tight in his hands, as the wild black mustang ran around in circles, trying to break away from him. The stallion bucked, kicked, and violently attacked the corral fences. Despite this, Frank managed to have control over the aggressive animal, and continued lunging him.

Frank knew that taming horses was not an easy job in fact, most of his brothers avoided it. A week ago, Ephraim had caught this black stallion together with Daniel in the mountains. After seeing how wild and aggressive the animal was, Ben decided that keeping him on the farm was way too dangerous. He had already injured Caleb, Daniel and Gideon. But Frank volunteered to tame the mustang quite eagerly. Though, Benjamin disapproved of the idea, he couldn't say no to his younger brother. He knew that arguing with Frank would be pointless. In some way, the second youngest Pontipee resembled the stallion. Both hot headed, wild, reckless, and impulsive, as thunder over the land.

The horse ran around in circles, but stopped the violence and started listening to Frank's orders. He slowed down and started trotting. Frank smirked, delighted with no time, he would climb the animal's back and ride him like no other. He could already see the shocked faces of Benjamin, Caleb, Gideon, Dan, and Ephraim, when they'd find out how he had tamed the horse.

It was getting windy and cold, but both Frank and the stallion were hot inside. Several emotions running in their minds.

As the animal calmed down a bit, he automatically trotted in circles while Frank's mind wondered off. Sarah...

Again and again, Sarah. She had so much power over was crazy!

Ever since, the girl had pulled that unexpected stunt on him, Frank wished to speak with her. Or at least just see her beautiful face. He made her get away with everything. Only Sarah could call him Frankincense, insult him, and prank him harshly, and get away with it.

He knew that she was hurt, upset, and angry even. But what could he say to her? Most of the girls probably expected an apology from the boys...but Frank didn't want to lie. He couldn't fake an apology to the woman of his dreams. He honestly, was not sorry at all! Frank and his brothers were unfairly banished from town, because almost everyone blamed them for the barn-raising disaster, when it was other way around! The local boys had been openly jealous of the brothers ever since the young ladies showed interest in them. It was their fault that he couldn't court Sarah properly. Frank was innocent...maybe kidnapping her was not the smartest plan...but what else could he do? He loved Sarah and wanted to marry her. The townsfolk had driven the brothers to abduct the girls. He didn't want to scare Sarah like that...however, there simply wasn't another option.

He could go and apologize to the girl...that wouldn't be honest though. Frank hated to admit it...but he was not sorry. He was not sorry that Sarah was stuck on the farm with him, he was not sorry that he had kissed her against her will, he was not sorry that he had knocked out her suitor Carl, he was not sorry that he had caused an avalanche to block the pass, and most importantly, he was not sorry that he had abducted her.

As Frank was still thinking about these things, the stallion unexpectedly started running wildly again. He violently kicked the fence with his legs and dangerously reared up. Frank lost control over the animal, the rope slipped from his fingers, and he fell down on the snowy ground. Seeing this as an advantage, the unleashed mustang angrily charged towards him. It was over...Frank had lost the battle, he was completely at the stallion's mercy. Frank shut his eyes tight, waiting to be trampled under the animal's hooves. But suddenly, someone pushed him up. Frank opened his eyes and saw his two brothers Daniel and Ephraim come to his aid. Ephraim had caught the mustang with the rope, while Daniel helped Frank up on his feet.

"Whaa... easy there boy! Easy." Ephraim told the horse, trying to calm him down.

"Frank, you alright?" Daniel asked his brother and helped him up.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Frank shrugged trying to keep his cool, but clearly he was still bit shocked.

"I don't think you realize how dangerous this is." Daniel said and led Frank away from the corral. By now, Ephraim had managed to calm the animal down and walked him in circles.

"Relax. I'm alright!" Frank snapped, clearly irritated.

Caleb approached his three younger brothers to find out what all the commotion was about.

"What's going on?" He inquired.

Frank rolled his eyes, Daniel was about to make a reply, but Ephraim cut in as he continued lunging the horse, who was now very calm and quietly obeyed Ephraim's orders. "Our little Frank here, almost got himself killed."

"Oh shut up Eph!" Frank exclaimed angrily and made an advance towards the fence, but Daniel stopped him gently. "Hey, I don't think that's a good idea, after what happened."

"What happened?" Caleb demanded, still not sure what was up with his brothers.

Daniel looked at Frank and bit his bottom lip. "Well, the mustang got really aggressive and almost trampled Frank." He said quietly.

"What?!" Caleb cried out. "Are you out of your mind, Frank?" He questioned the second youngest Pontipee. "What were you thinking? Are you hurt?"

"Don't be such a drama king! ...nothing happened! And no! I'm not hurt!" Frank answered furiously.

Caleb stared at him for a minute, and then turned his attention towards Ephraim, who was busy taming the stallion. Surprisingly the horse was calmer, nicer, and less anxious than before. "Eph, sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, he's calmer now. Just few more minutes and I'll take him to the stable." Ephraim answered softly to his brother, but his gaze was fixed at the mustang.

Caleb nodded and looked back at the two brothers standing outside the corral. "Dan, you stay here, in case Ephraim needs your help. Frank, you come and follow me."

Both Caleb and Frank slowly made their way towards the chicken coop. "Honestly, Caleb don't panic. I'm alright! No need to tell this to Ben. These things happen." Frank said after few minutes of silence.

"Frank, I do believe that horse has a potential, and once broken he'll make a wonderful companion" Caleb started with an ease.

"Exactly!" Frank agreed anxiously.

"However, I don't really think that you're the right person to train him."

"Why not?" Frank looked at his brother questionably.

"Because Frank." Caleb stopped walking and directly spoke to him. "Don't you get it? You two are alike. You both need someone of opposite personality to tame you and calm you down. Didn't you see how obedient the stallion became with Ephraim? It's because Ephraim's tolerant, silent, solemn, and most importantly, the exact opposite of you!"

"But I wa-" Frank started, but was interrupted immediately.

"No buts! You yourself know that I'm right."

Frank sighed annoyed, while Caleb stood firm in his decision. "If you want us to keep that horse, you'll stay away from him. I'm sure Eph will take good care of him and shape that wild animal up, in no time. So I'm not worried about that. Do you know what I'm worried about though?"

Frank shook his head.

"You." Caleb answered. "I'm worried about you, brother."

"Don't be worried, Caleb. And drop that big brother act. That's Ben's job, now that Adam's gone."

Caleb smiled at his foolish and reckless little brother. "You're wrong! I'm your older brother and I care about you. This has nothing to do with Ben or Adam. You know, sometimes you gotta think before you speak, baby brother." Caleb said the last sentence to irritate Frank cause everyone knew that he disliked being called 'little', 'baby' and so on.

Frank did not make a reply, but annoyance was clearly written all over his face.

"Just like Ephraim is the right man to tame that wild also have that particular person who will calm you down."

"Oh really?" Frank answered irritated and rolled his eyes.

"Really... Sarah. That girl is the exact opposite of you." Caleb answered softly.

Frank looked at his brother surprised and sense of realisation washed over him.

"We all know how much you love her. So my brotherly advice to you is that you should win her heart. Stop chasing animals and focusing on other things. Just stop! Go after your girl." With that, Caleb turned and went away, leaving Frank in his thoughts.

The next morning, Caleb ordered Frank to do the shoveling by the house and instructed him to linger and stay as close to the windows as possible. Hoping that the girls, especially Sarah would notice Frank outside, and he'd have a chance to speak with her. Shoveling was always big part of the Pontipees' chores, since it was winter and snowed almost everyday, the boys had to clear the way for everyone. Ephraim continued working with the stallion and to Frank's surprise, the animal was becoming more and more tame and obedient.

Frank was disappointed with himself. He hated doing such boring jobs, but still there was hope that maybe somehow Sarah would see him. Then again, even though Caleb sometimes seemed like a know-it-all, he really did have a point this time. Caleb had a gentle way to make Frank open his eyes and realize lot of things. Six born of the Pontipee brothers smiled to himself. Even when Frank was very little and often misbehaved, Adam and Ben spanked him. While Caleb always talked with him kindly and gently. Nothing had changed.

Frank was a very impatient person and naturally, he was already tired of waiting. It seemed like he'd been shoveling forever. It was pathetic...Ben and Gideon walked by and raised their eyebrows at him, not sure why he was taking such a long time.

"Frank, you done yet?" Ben asked.

"Almost." Frank answered, but kept his gaze down.

"It's not a brain surgery! Hurry up, I need you to go hunting with Dan, this afternoon." Benjamin told him and turned to Gideon.

As soon as the two were out of sight, Frank rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. Typical Benjamin, trying to boss everyone around. However, it was too much already. He'd been standing by the house almost an hour. "This was a dumb idea!" Frank thought to himself and gave up.

As he was turning away, he heard the door burst open and two cheerful voices followed afterwards. Frank quickly grabbed the shovel again and tried to look busy. He gazed up and saw Dorcas and Ruth who were sweeping the light snow from the porch. The girls were too concentrated in their little chat and hardly noticed him.

He looked down again to mind his business, but decided to listen to their conversation. Maybe he would hear something about Sarah.

"You shouldn't risk like that, honey." Ruth warned. "If Milly finds out about this, you two will be in big trouble."

"Don't worry. I'm sure Milly won't mind." Dorcas answered confidently. "Besides, Benjamin and I aren't doing anything wrong. We're simply just friendly."

Frank raised his eyebrows. What on earth was this girl talking about? She had forgiven Ben? His older brother had some explaining to do!

The two young women stopped talking, and became all of a sudden really quiet. When Frank lifted his head, he realized that the girls had seen him.

"Good morning, Frank." Dorcas spoke up.

Frank smiled uncomfortably. "Morning, ladies."

"How are you, this morning?" Dorcas asked with a mischievous expression.

"Fine. Thank you."

Ruth whispered something in Dorcas' ear and turned to him. "We should go inside now."

"Oh no, wait!" Frank called. "I uh.. would really appreciate if you girls could tell me how Sarah's doing."

Dorcas was about to open her mouth and say something, when Ruth nudged her. The two quickly went inside, without responding him and closed the door.

Frank shook his head and turned towards the barn. "Yep, definitely a dumb idea!" He said loudly.

"Hello Frank." Suddenly he heard a very familiar voice.

He turned around and saw beautiful Sarah standing in front of him. She descended the porch stairs and came bit closer to him. Her long brown hair was draped around her slender shoulders, she had a green coat on, and her cheeks were already flushed with cold air. Frank knew that it had nothing to do with cold, she was obviously shy. Sarah tried hard to not look into his eyes.

"Sarah, I'm so glad to see you." He said at last.

"You are?" She asked surprised. "I thought you'd be mad at me, because of the prank."

"Mad at you?" Frank asked with a grin. "No, never!"

That caused a small smile on Sarah's face, but she was still distant and tried to avoid his gaze.

"But I must admit, that was quite naughty of you." He added with a laugh.

They stared at one another for few minutes, and Frank wished more than anything to cover her with kisses.

"Frank, you don't want to tell me anything?" Sarah broke the silence.

That caught him off guard. "Yeah, sure. Of course I do." Frank agreed and took a deep breath.

"I know that you're still very uspet with me, but I really hope that once you'll get to know this place...and me. You'll change your mind." He said confidently.

Sarah looked at him in disbelief. This definitely was not what she wanted to hear from Frank Pontipee right now.

"I don't understand." She blurted out dumbfounded. "Aren't you gonna apologize for what you did?"

Frank sighed. "Look Sarah, I know exactly what you want to hear from me, but I can't lie to you." As he said this he neared her and came really close to her. Sarah felt nervous, when she saw his confident advance towards her and took a step back.

"I can't say I'm sorry, when I'm not."

Frank continued walking towards her, while Sarah went up the wooden porch stairs, trying desperately to avoid his gaze.

"What?" She asked quietly.

Frank followed her up and soon enough, Sarah found herself trapped when she hit the door with her back, while Frank came so close to her, that their faces were few inches away from one another.

He looked at her lips, while Sarah tried to escape his deep and confident stare. It was too late now and almost impossible. She was pressed against the door and she simply couldn't move forward, because Frank was standing right in front of her.

"That's right, Sarah." He said with a rusty voice. "I'm not sorry that I've met you, I'm not sorry for beating up those clowns at the barn-rasin', I'm not sorry that I kissed you and carried you off that night. And even now, I'm not sorry for wanting to kiss you again and again."

"Stop...Frank." Sarah begged, as he placed his hands on the door to trap her. Her heart was beating so fast, and she was afraid to do something that she'd regret forever. But how could she lie to herself? At least Frank was honest with her. She also wanted to kiss him...

"No, Sarah. If loving you makes me selfish, then so be it! I'll be selfish!"

Sarah locked eyes with him. "Frank, please don't do this to me."

"Why not?" He asked as small tears filled his eyes. "Why are you afraid to admit that you love me, just as much as I love you? Why Sarah?... Why?"

"Just leave...please, just leave." Sarah begged with her watery eyes. Frank was right! She was very afraid. She'd been confused about her feelings for so long. She couldn't concentrate when Frank was so close to her. All she could think about was that kiss...

"I hate myself, whenever I remember how upset you're with me. I have nightmares about you leaving me for Carly or whatever his name is." Frank confessed as a small tear rolled down his cheek.

"Frank, don't make this so difficult. Please, let me go." Sarah answered with tears herself.

"Don't leave me like this...kiss me. I beg you Sarah, kiss me just one last time."

And with that, the two lips came closer and closer, and soon enough slammed against one another. Sarah didn't care what was right or wrong anymore. She wrapped her arms Frank's neck and kissed him passionately. It was so deep, so emotional, and passionate. And just like that they both forgot...their misery, fear, anger, frustration, and hurt.

Frank kissed her on the lips, neck, forehead, cheeks, and buried his face in her hair."I love you." He whispered.

When the two finally broke apart, the cabin door opened.

"Sarah, what's taking you so long, darling?" Ruth asked bit confused, when she saw the two at the porch. "It's getting so windy and cold."

"I'm coming." Sarah answered quietly, and continued looking at Frank. "Goodbye." She told him and followed Ruth inside.

Frank took a deep breath and kept watching the cabin. Oh how he wished to be with her forever! Why was love consuming him so much?

With a heavy sigh, the second youngest Pontipee turned towards his brothers and joined them for chores.

The next day, Frank rose very earlier in the morning. His brothers were still sleeping and resting in the barn. The second youngest Pontipee made his way towards the frozen lake that was located on the edge of the ranch. It was quiet, peaceful, calm and relaxing. It was always Frank's favorite place to go when he wanted to be alone and by himself.

He thought back at Sarah, and how she had wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him closer to her. How passionately they had kissed. And this time she was kissing him back too.

Caleb was right! Sarah made him feel so peaceful and calm. He could really relax with her and be himself. Frank wasn't ashamed of his nickname with her, he wasn't temperamental, or overly agressive. He needed her so much. Her opposite personality suited his reckless spirit. Frank shut his eyes when he remembered that he had told Sarah that he wasn't sorry. It wasn't entirely true. He was sorry that he had scared her, he was sorry that he couldn't win her heart, he was sorry that the only way to be with her was to abduct her. Frank was sorry that he messed up yet again yesterday. Instead of apologizing to her rationally, he let his emotions lead the way. Had he lost Sarah? New questions came into his mind and he started regretting lots of things that he had told Sarah the other day. But once he remembered their passionate and fiery moment, he couldn't help but smile. No, Frank would never ever forget that day. Never!

"She changes you..." He heard his brother's smooth voice. Caleb came up to him and sat closer.

When he saw his younger brother's shocked look he grinned. "...for better."

"Good morning to you too, Caleb." Frank said with laugh. "How you know that I saw Sarah yesterday?"

"I noticed how differently you behaved that evening. You were so much calmer and much more relaxed. You were at ease, brother. It wasn't hard to figure it out." Caleb answered with a small smile.

"I love her so much. I still want to win her heart." Frank admitted.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Caleb asked suddenly. "Give her a peace offering and start a new chapter."

With that, Caleb got up and left his little brother in his thoughts.

"I can't believe it." Frank gasped when he saw Ephraim demonstrating his skills and riding the the wild stallion. "He did it."

"Yes." Daniel agreed happily. "You know, once you tame him he makes a wonderful companion."

The horse cantered calmly, as the Pontipee boys watched this sight from the fence. "You go Eph!" Ben exclaimed, the others cheered and whistled.

Frank was truly happy that things turned out fine for the wild young mustang. They would keep him on the farm. So what if he wasn't the one who train him? Maybe all of this was true...maybe he and the stallion were very much alike and needed their opposites to tame them.

Suddenly, Frank was struck with a creative idea. He could only hope that it would make his beautiful Sarah happy.

A week later.

"Hurry, girls. It's so cold!" Liza practically squealed as she, together with Dorcas and Sarah went out to bring in the firewood.

They quickly grabbed the handful of wood from the stock and turned back running towards the house. The snow fell hard, the days were getting colder and colder.

The girls almost go to the door, when they heard someone's voice. "Sarah!"

Dorcas, Liza, and Sarah turned around to see Frank Pontipee, who was wearing a huge smile on his face, and kept gazing at Sarah.

Sarah in turn lowered her eyes to hide her embarrassment and shyness. Dorcas giggled and opened her mouth to tease her, but Liza caught her by hand and dragged her. "We'll be inside, Sarah. Don't stay out for too long." She warned and together with Dorcas entered the cabin.

"What is it, Frank?" Sarah asked, after the two girls went inside.

Frank walked closer to her with a gentle smile. "Do you have a minute? I'd like to speak with you."

Sarah nodded and descended the porch stairs. "Yes, we should talk."

"After everything that happened with us, I-" Frank started.

"Look Frank," Sarah interrupted.

"Let me try and get this out." Frank said anxiously, which quieted Sarah. "I thought about lot of things over the week, and I realized how genuinely sorry I am. I've been trying to justify myself... but all for nothin'." He took Sarah's right hand with his left. "The truth is, I really do wish there was another way for us to be together. I love you so much and I know that you feel the same way."

"Oh Frank, I...uh. I care about you too." Sarah managed to say. "But I need time to figure things out on my own."

"Of course! You have plenty of time, Sarah." Frank answered with a grin. "I just want you to give me another chance. Cause you change me for a better person. I realize how selfish this sounds, but I just can't live without you."

"Frank..." Sarah started quietly.

"Please, don't say anything." Frank cut in eagerly. "Just think about it."

Sarah stared at him for a minute and then slowly nodded. "Alright."

"Also, accept this peace offering from me." Frank took out a pretty seashell bracelet and put it in Sarah's palm.

Sarah's eyes widened. "Oh, it's beautiful. make this?" She asked.

Frank laughed, happy to see that she had indeed liked the gift. "Yes, I uh... have been collecting seashells ever since I was a small boy. I remember when Pa used to take us fishin'...I'd always gather pretty rocks and shells. I use to make them for Ma." He added the last sentence with a sad and far off expression.

"I love it." Sarah smiled. "Could you help me put it on, maybe?"

"Oh sure." Frank answered and gladly assisted the girl of his dreams. "Perfect." He said.

"Thank you, Frank! I really love it!" Sarah exclaimed once more and embraced him close. Frank wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her in a hug."I love you too, Frank." She suddenly whispered in his ear, and after breaking away, ran up the wooden proch stairs. Frank looked at her in disbelief and surprise. She finally confessed her feelings for him? With a one last smile, Sarah blushed hard and entered the house.

Frank was on cloud nine. He joyfully raced back to continue his daily farm work. In the evening, he brought hay to then wild and now tame stallion who was named Buck by Daniel, in honor of Pa Pontipee's polamino horse. "Hey buddy! How's it going?" Buck neighed in delight. "You look great bud!" Frank exclaimed and started brushing the horse's long mane. "You do realize that we've been both tamed by our exact opposites, right?" Buck gently lowered his head. "Aww buddy, I hardly recognize you. You've gone soft...but then again, so have I." Frank chuckled slightly. "You know, I'm starting to believe that you and I both, will have a very exciting Spring. Don't you think?" The horse nodded in response. "Smart boy!" Frank exclaimed and after spending time with the animal, returned to his chores.

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