Frisk - Thinking/Flashback

[~*~] – time change

"Frisk" - Dialogue

"Frisk"/*Frisk – Chara talking through Frisk/mentally communicating to Frisk

[…] – Chara & Frisk's voice overlapping.


Georg wonders if his teammates know the importance of a plan. Seconds ago, it was a clear five versus five, but now after Jeanne played the white knight, one of them will have to take on two Monsters.

He hides in the fog on the far side. One hand raises a magic circle that's radiating white—a mixture of Norse and Angel magic. He can't help but ponder how jealous his teachers would be to see him perfect their work.

"Ha haha hah ha!" The monsters, except for the short skeleton who's still looking at the fog, turn to look at the giant hero Heracles. His tone is mocking as he takes enjoyment in the creatures' incredulous expression, "Don't give me that face. You're lucky Jeanne was the one who went. She will just kill the three without playing around."

Georg doesn't go out of his way to socialize—except when he has to. But even he can tell the mood changed immediately.

He feels a small nudge in his mind, and he can tell that it's from where he put those three earlier. They're trying to break through? The Magician is surprised they can even attempt that. He puts more concentration on that area to easily stop them, but he can't put any more thought as something huge flashes forward from the monster's side. Then one from the Hero's.

"Heracles, stop!" That's a shout from his leader, and all he can think is:

Does anyone in this group know about teamwork? Granted, they're a recently made group, but he thought there be more professionalism involved. That's why he's hiding and powering a teleportation spell in case fighting these creatures together proved too difficult.

Then the giants clash. The goat creature with the purple cape and golden armor swung his red trident. And Heracles, with a natural strength that matches even the supernatural creatures, punches. Thanks to his Sacred Gear, the ground below them cracks as an explosion covers them.

The one who's launched is…Heracles! He blinks as the muscled Hero flies backwards with a pained look. No longer looking amused. The smoke parts to show that the monster is unharmed, with an expression that's a far cry to the meek smile from before. Those eyes are now cold and narrowed.

Before the monster can get back into his stance, the remaining two heroes are already upon him, about to swing their respective weapons. But are interrupted as white fireballs fly at them at high speeds.

They stop so their weapons can intercept the magic. The goat monster levels his weapon horizontally and slams forward. Their defenses didn't hold as they're pushed several meters back.

Georg quickly looks to the other side to see who casts the spell, and sees the other goat monster with her paw up, and several white fireballs around her and the skeletons. The Fish monster with the eyepatch is already rushing ahead with a spear in her hands and an a sharp-toothed snarl to match.

Heracles has gotten up and made a mad dash towards the trident user. With a growl, he tries punching again, but is interrupted as the fish monster stops with a stomp on the ground and throws her spear. He's forced to guard and the blue flash of explosion stops him on his tracks.

The monster trusts with his trident, but Heracles finally does a smart move and moves a palm forward. When the weapon connects with flesh, another explosion rocks the ground, and the hero skids backwards out of the smoke before jumping back to regroup with the others.

His leader, Cao Cao, has a stern look as his eyes scan the monsters and the fireballs hovering above them. Heracles has his fists up in a boxer pose, an annoyed look on his face. Siegfried is now the only one that looks like he's enjoying this despite being at a disadvantage.

He sees the giant monster tell something to the one next to him, but it's too far to hear, and ended too soon to use a spell to listen in.

The fish monster steps forward and throws another spear. This one explodes on the ground in front of the heroes and covers them in a cloud of dust.

The trident user dashes forward and performs a long swing. One hero pops out of the smoke from the top, and another from the side. The trident impacts something and a powerful gust is unleashed. It pushes the dust away to reveal Heracles with his arms crossed. The side of the trident trying to dig into his flesh, but only managing to draw a thin stream of blood.

Siegfried lands far behind him, and Cao Cao just keeps dashing towards the other monsters.

The fish monster rushes towards the demon swordsman. Their weapons lock briefly, but surprisingly, the thin looking monster pushes Siegfried back a long distance. He barks out a laughter, enjoying this too much. Georg rolls his eyes.

Cao Cao is currently advancing, but even as white fireballs approach him from all angles, he destroys them with a flourish of spins as his golden spear blurs as a golden streak.

He quickly glances to the side and notices the taller skeleton has a raised hand, but it has a nervous—he didn't know skeletons could be expressive—face. It does nothing at the moment.

The fireballs continue to fly around him but all fail, until some start impacting the ground. The cracks created halt him, and he's forced to leap back before the ground explodes.

But in the air he looks back, Georg quickly follows. The fish monster already threw her spear at his leader, but he manages to twist his body fast enough so the spear barely passes by his side. Unfortunately, something the magician barely caught, the giant monster is below him. His trident already in an upward swing and the ground in its path shatters. His leader holds his spear horizontally, but as the weapons clash, two red prongs catch the spear. The monster swings the human backwards to the ground. A white glow surrounds the Hero.

The ground explodes as his body collides. From his guesses, he sinks in about a meter. The monster raises his trident and positions it to stab it downwards.

But a quick flash of holy energy destroys a wider section of the ground, forcing the monster to jump back.

Cao Cao leaps out of the hole and dashes back to the others. The white light that protects him vanishes, and Georg notices a few specks of blood below his lips—likely when he coughed up after the impact. He ducks a slice from the fish monster and reunites with the other Heroes.

Heracles is now rubbing his chest and the trail of blood running down his chin, and if the hole behind him is any indication, he's been punched into the earth.

For a second, Georg reconsiders using the magic circle in his hand, but decides against it…for now.

A wall of white fireballs rush over to them, and all three unleash either a holy wave, a giant explosion from the ground, and a demonic energy slash. It's easy for him to sense that the variation of magic destroys one another.

But before it did, he sees the trident user swing his weapon, and a small tornado of authentic fire is unleashed.

The Heroes can only see it after the first collision ended, and it's Heracles who dashes forward and punches it. The fire rushes to the sides as the brawler's natural magical resistance pushes it away.

When it ends, the grass it gone and the earth is scorched black, and several trees are already crumbling down from the heat.

He can see that the other Heroes are sweating slightly from the sudden heat.

Georg is conflicted. He looks at the magic circle intently. It's clear that on a three vs. three the Heroes are at a disadvantage, proving the monsters have better coordination. Granted, they have yet to use their [Balance Breaker], but how much have the monsters left to reveal? Should I attack? But then he remembers those two skeletons, so there's a good chance they will jump the moment he does.

Then the voice of his leader pulls him out of his thoughts, "You monsters fight well together, but what about your individual strength." Georg can understand that cue. He readies his spell and waits for the best opportunity

Heracles makes a dash and screams in rage. This apparently catches attention of the fire caster as all of them go to him. Then Cao Cao goes after the trident user, and Siegfried dashes over to the blue spear user.

Sets of explosions shakes the earth briefly, even to where Georg is as Heracles is covered in dust. His leader stops and swings. Red and gold connect. And as it looks like the monster is about to push Cao Cao back, he slides back and just dodges the spear. Then with a spin he counterattacks, but it just misses as the monster steps back. This rhythm continues as a flurry of gold and red flies between them.

Further back, he sees Siegfried crossing blades with the monster. The swordsman cackles as he's being pushed back, but then he sidesteps. Their weapons clash again but Georg can see how the swordsman pushes it to the side with expertise. Then again and again, locking her in place.

And out of the dust, Heracles charges out with a wide grin. Only to be met by three normal looking fireballs. He was wrong. The earth shakes more violently than before, and the earth beneath the hero shatters.

Georg pauses, and silently tells himself to be more careful when confronting these creatures.

As he ends his analysis, he sees several bones fly towards the brawler. He raises an eyebrow at the use of such an odd item, it becomes even stranger as they form a dome around the impact zone. Oddly enough it looks sturdy as they are lined row over row.

He looks to the side again, and the only possible culprit is the tall skeleton with its arm extended. Though it still looks unsure, maybe it was talked to into doing it?

Not that it worries the Magician, and just as he expected, the dome explodes outwards as the bones disintegrate. As Heracles gets into his brawler stance, he wears an undaunted toothy grin, sporting no new injury.

Perfect. Cao Cao is (possibly) facing their strongest fighter. Siegfried is holding another opponent, and Heracles didn't take any damage. His magic circle glows brighter before leaving his hands and flying overhead.

He uses his entire focus for precision. It lands on the other side of the battlefield before activating. The magic circle expands on the earth and stops when he resends the signal.

Most of the fighters are standing on it except for his leader and the two goat creatures.

He sees the two monsters staying behind look at the magic circle with confusion. The short skeleton is still looking at the creation of his sacred gear, and the ones fighting pause briefly before the fish monster continues her attack and Cao Cao follows with his.

But it was only a moment later when a white flash took the battlefield. Everyone on the circle were transported into a different area within his artificial dimension.

This is easier to handle. If they had more members, they could've overwhelmed these monsters with numbers, or had they more experience working together, then splitting up wouldn't be necessary. So they're going to count on their individual strength to win.

He would've given Heracles all three magicians to fight, but the power the fire user displayed is not something he will underestimate. He's also interested in studying their brand of magic at his leisure.

His smile drops before he throws himself on the side. A white, giant fireball pushes through the fog without any resistance and the ground explodes when it makes contact.

He rolls to a crouch. His brown cloak flutters from the movement. He stands on his black boots, baggy blue pants, and buttoned shirt of a darker color. Georg fixes his square glasses, which almost fell. His spikey hair is always a mess. He shakes his cloak to get rid of the dirt.

The [Longinus] user doesn't look where the fireball struck, sensing it has vanished. Besides, the female goat is running at him with speed he seen his leader use.

That could be a problem. Tapping into the little light affinity he has is enough to cast a white light on himself and teleport him high in the air. A green magic circle appears under his feet. The wind coming from it keeps him afloat.

With distractions out of the way, he looks at the monster below.

She stops near his last location, paws coated in an inferno. A glare shadowed by an intense hatred makes him sweat.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why. One goat King, this is a female goat, and a goat child… So this is what it feels to earn the ire of a mother.

He would honestly feel bad, but it's just like Cao Cao once said:

Doesn't matter how they look, evil takes all forms and offers anything to make humans their slaves. There's no room for sympathy or doubt.

He uses the smallest trickle of his magic to form the magic circles, and then they absorb a bit of ambient energy—which is stronger than his own-for the actual power in its attack. They all shine their respective element.

His defense is set, and from here he will probe the monster's weaknesses.

A small smile plays on his lips. Defending humanity is a noble goal that Georg respects, but he's also a scholar, and he will make sure every clue and fact he obtains from this is recorded for future generations.

Toriel can remember the time she was this livid. It was when her ex-husband declared war on humanity, and he did so after their two children were killed. Chara by poison they ingested by mistake, and Asriel by human hands.

Back then, she was more in grieve than angry. She loved Chara as much as Asriel, so Asgore declaring death on sight on any human that fell to the underground, was like a betrayal for her.

For that reason…she's going to kill this human first so she can save her children!

She summons over two dozen white fireballs and launches them with a mental command.

The human unleashes his own array of spells.

His own fireball destroys another. A jet of water pushes one back before the flames run out of energy. A wind saw shatters while splitting the fireball in half. Lightning tears another into pieces. A white energy beam hits its target and cancels one another, and a sphere of darkness ravages through one and several others it comes into contact before dissipating.

That's not killing intent, she realizes. Her surviving set of fireballs fly closer to him, Did humans create something similar, or is he using nature's energy in his attacks?

He becomes surrounded by a dark crystal orb, making the first volley of her attacks dissolve. She commands the rest to go overhead and then back in a long arc. A large group in front huddle together, while the rest gather behind as they slow down. Putting a growing distance between the two.

White magic is a canvas, weak but easy to create and change to new color.

The front group changes to orange, so when it collides with the dark energy, it doesn't vanish immediately and instead pushes against the unmoving object. She couldn't hear the cracks, but she could feel it weakening under the assault. As the last ones are about to fade, she changes the second group to yellow, and they speed up abruptly.

They cross the distance in an instant, and the first one that connects causes the pleasant sound of glass shattering. The rest bombard the human inside.


It happens again as the mage is forcefully thrown out of his barrier-

Toriel's eyes widen. In his hand is another magic circle, this one emitting a dark cackle of electricity.

A cyan wall of flame rises in front of her. Its properties offering the best protection against the incoming attack. Despite that, malignant lightning pushes it back as bolts fly off everywhere, tearing through the earth mercilessly and eradicating trees with the touch.

Toriel grits her teeth and has to push her paw against the flames to keep them steady. It might have lasted for two seconds, but she felt her soul energy take a serious drain from maintaining her defense.

So when the attack ended, she strengthens her feet with magic and dashes farther behind into the forest. She hides behind a tree soon after. Toriel knows the foliage won't provide much protection, but she's hoping more to obstruct visibility. And since she's not being attacked, her previous attack must've stunned him long enough for her to hide.

Even so, she lets out a low growl, It's my fault I'm like this. The last one hundred years have not been kind to her. After her self-exile, she neglected her training, only using her magic to set up brain-challenging traps, heal monsters and help with the cooking. It's only because she's a Boss Monster that she hasn't dropped to her knees. Even Royal Guards would last longer than her.

She clenches her fists, and takes a deep breath, then exhales. Then repeats. Before the monsters were locked up, the natural energy wasn't corrupted with malice. Before, she would've recovered her soul power in seconds, but now it's taking longer for her to recover.

Her initial attack was from reckless anger, now she has an idea on how to proceed, but she needs time if she's planning to use red fire.

Pain is something he's quite familiar with. Experiments tend to end in disasters, a new spell tends to misfire due to bad calculations, or in worst cases, explodes in your face, yet, feeling vulnerable is a new one for him.

Under him is a new green magic circle, the steady wind it provides keeps him afloat. His cloak has tears, but its defensive properties are still usable.

What worries him is how the pain makes him feel. There's a hot knot in his chest that he can't explain, and for a brief instant, he felt vulnerable.

Their magic doesn't follow any principle I ever heard of, he looks at the forest below but find no trace of her, and trying to sense her is impossible. Likely from her having such control over it, that she can lower it to the point of nonexistent.

He extends a hand out, and rows upon rows of small magic circles appear around him. He spreads them out and dark electricity surges around them. If her body is as susceptible as her magic, then this will force her out.

A bead of sweat rolls down his forehead, Calm down, she's down there. Any attack she does is one I will see. It's embarrassing he's having this much trouble. He might not be at the level of Cao Cao and Siegfried, but he's fully capable of handling Ultimate Class Devils, and this one has yet to show a power output that matches them.

His senses are instantly overtaken by a massive power spike. He shakily turns his head in its direction, and he can tell he missed seeing it. Because miles ahead, a section of the forest has been destroyed, and within the destroyed area, there's an ice dome that's crumbling down. That's where I teleported the others. A grave thought passes his mind, How is Jeanne doing?

And under the covers of the trees, Toriel whispers a thank you.

A red flame ignites on her paw. Then she fires it to the sides. It flies around the trees without ever losing speed.

It's at this moment when Georg's eyes snap back to the forest below. His gaze moving fast to track the object moving at high-speeds.

He fires several lightning bolts. Each explosion sends dust and debris everywhere, but the power source evades them all, then it finally comes out of the woodworks and towards him. It's a small red fireball that is packed with condensed power, Too dangerous.

He fires several bolts in hopes to swarm it and detonate it before they get too close. So it confuses him when the attack dissolves into thin air before his own reach him.

He can't ponder why as the air becomes heated with raw energy.

Yellow and cyan fireballs materialize all around him and more spawn in moments. With a mental command, the magic circles form a makeshift dome around him before fire starts raining down on him.

The yellow fire approaches quickly, but those are easily destroyed. It's the cyan ones that approach closer. It wasn't a problem the first seconds, then they started coming in clusters. They push the lightning back and allow the yellow fire to break one of his magic circles. And from there others shortly follow.

A white light surrounds him as he's readying a teleportation. If his life wasn't in danger, he would marvel at the beauty that is invading the surrounding area with your own magic to shorten the distance of attack.

He teleports before the last of his defense crumbles. After he reappears, another magic circle manifests under his feet.

He gasps. Despite teleporting a half-a-mile away for safety, he can tell the yellow flames have crossed three-fourths of that. She sensed where I was teleporting to!

With no options, he drops to one knee and covers himself fully with his cloak. The sigils inside shining blue as the cloak's shield grew stronger. A moment later, the explosions release a blinding light as more join.

It quickly ends, and reveals his cloak now sporting large tears. He raises to his feet, and what he first sees are the two fireballs approaching from the forest ahead.

His eyes narrow, I won't be ridiculed because of some unknown magic. A bright light shrouds his hand as he extends it, and a large magic circle appears in front. A green and purple light emitting in harmony.

Even if the fireballs dodge, the monster should still get affected by the explosion, and her concentration broken.

Imbued with dark properties, a giant wind spear is shot out, and he can sense one of the fireballs slowing down significantly. The first one meets his spell, and much to his surprise and chagrin, the power of his spell starts shooting randomly to the sides as the fireball punctures through.

He shudders as he remembers how the pain made him feel vulnerable. Georg increases the power output despite his magic reserves draining faster.

The explosion is a violent storm of red fire that pushes the dark winds back, nearly destroying his magic circle. Even though it should've destroyed it, he can sense the other fireball flying through the explosion. His analytical mind suggestion it's probably very resistant due to the first needing a larger amount of his magic to destroy it.

The part of his mind responsible for self-preservation, has to halt his attack, and quickly rearrange its matrices of his spell for another purpose. A crystal black shield is formed, the energy it held is now to defend one side. Unlike the dome that was more spread, this one is stronger.

Confident it will hold, he prepares another magic circle in his hand. The fire storm clears, and the fireball is about to hit-

Its path changes drastically into a curve. From the corner in his eyes, he sees a yellow streak moving behind him. The magic in his hand vanishes to reform behind as a hastily made shield.

Unseen by him, the moment the yellow fireball is aligned with his back, the thin layers dissolves to reveal the red fireball. Without any speed lost, it shot forward and struck the barrier.

There was no heat, but the fire tore to him like sharp saw blades and blunt force that tore through his barrier and the last moment reinforcement of his cloak. He should be thankful that the pain was so great that his body became numb to it.

A firestorm grows to engulf Georg and vast amount of space around him, but around two seconds, his body is thrown from the side while dipping down in an arc.

A magic circle appears below him, doing a great job in slowing his descend to a stop with a soft but strong gust.

His cloak is now in tatters. It slips off his shoulders. Thin, streams of blood travel down his bare back, and gashes on his arms. His buttoned shirt now looks like straps of fabrics with torn edges and holes. His pants can still be recognized as an article of clothing, but it's slowly being stained by blood.

I got lucky. Had that spell reached him, he would've died. Had the shockwave not threw him out of danger as quick as it did, then the fire would've torn him limb by limb.

He tries rolling onto his stomach, but can't move himself.

Toriel on the other hand, is leaning against the tree for full support. Her panting is slow and heavy, more importantly, she's recovering, and there're still something she can still do.

She raises her paw, and Georg's eyes snap into focus at the air. White flames ignite into existence, and the human can only think bitterly, Residue magic, so simple yet so effective. I could make it better.

As the fireballs shoot, he can hear the earth shake. Which messes with the caster as the attack halts. Then a shockwave rocks the artificial space.


The King is keeping a hardened gaze on his enemy unlike before where he would bend his head to avoid eye contact. Now he's facing a young adult, not a kid…meaning he has to kill again, and yet, he fully embraced it after those words left the human's lips.

His red trident cuts through the air to counter every strike from the hero. Sparks fly with every encounter as both try to find an opening.

Asgore admits he might've been too hasty sending his ex-wife to fight the hidden mage, but none of the four humans that showed themselves looked responsible for creating the fog. The magic circle that teleported three of his people somewhere else is his only lead. With any luck, the mage's defeat might lift the fog so they can check the safety of their children and Dr. Alphys.

His trident radiates in response to his emotions. Their clashes appear even in strength. The human is pushed back, but he doesn't look worried. Cao Cao bends his legs so the red trident passes above him. He swings, but interrupts his own attack to jump back before a fire pillar erupted under him.

With a mental command, the fire forms into a sphere about his size and the King shoots it with a thought.

The targeted Hero doesn't blink even as a heat wave washes over him. In one moment his spear is held diagonally, then the next he cuts the fireball vertically in one quick motion.

But the sight of the big monster rushing head on, with its eyes flashing an eerie orange and cyan is enough for a short surprise.

The monster stops when in range and both swing their weapons.

His golden spear moves to meet with…an orange trident. What shocks him is that the monster's weapon phases through his. If that wasn't enough, the golden blade misses as it was meant to deviate, and the trident approaches his body.

He takes an instinctive step back to avoid it despite being futile, and the weapon connects with his body…but phases through as well.

Cao Cao gasps in shock. His mind is occupied trying to comprehend how their magic works. It's only because of honed instincts that his hands move to position his weapon as a shield, his legs bend and tenses to handle the blow.

This time it's glowing cyan, and it phases through the weapon. The slice meant for his thighs pass harmlessly. But why? His mind finally catches up and repositions his spear for the next attack.

It's back to glowing orange, and what Cao Cao doesn't know about the monsters are their color attacks. Most prominently the orange and cyan attacks; the basic functions of the former only work against people who stay still, and the basic applications of the latter only works on a moving target.

So when the orange attack connects with the unmoving spear, the shockwave sends Cao Cao flying. His feet grind against the earth to the point they start sinking. He stabs the bud of his spear to the ground and tightens his grip.

His muscles aren't burning by the end of it, but they are a bit stiff. His instincts kick in, and he has to acknowledge the monster's speed, for he's in front of him with his trident raised.

Asgore's downward swing is sidestepped, but shatters the earth and releases a wave of fire. This forces Cao Cao to jump back, and as he's about to land, Asgore has already rushed at him with his spear ready to attack.

But the holder of the [True Longinus] isn't playing defense any longer. The back end of his spear extends at a blinding speed, hitting the ground behind him to propel him forward. With a grin, he bends his leg and knees Asgore in the snout.

He soars over the goat monster before the end of his spear retracts. The momentum has him sliding when he lands, and he uses it to spin and ready his stance.

Asgore has one paw over his snout, and when he removes it, Cao Cao raises an eyebrow. Instead of blood, he sees dust. He shakes his confusion off as the boss monster gets ready to attack again.

"You're one of the strangest creatures I've ever seen."

The King tightens his grip and a scowl is starting to form. *Sigh* His anger is removed for disappointment. "I hoped by now humans would've been more understanding. Or perhaps it's just you and your group that stayed the same?"

The human smirks, and a tone of amusement in his voice, "Me and my group are solely responsible for eliminating threats normal humans can't handle. We understand who our enemies are."

Asgore shakes his head, and the pity in his eyes grade on Cao Cao's nerves. The emotion doesn't cross his features before the Monster speaks, "No, your people attacked mine when we haven't done harm. That's not understanding. It's anger and prejudice." Those words are like a knife through the Monster's soul.

As a King, he doesn't regret giving his people hope when the news of his kid's deaths brought sorrow and depression on them. As a husband, he wished he found another way so his wife didn't leave him, and he can't help but imagine how betrayed Chara would be. He sometimes dreamed of Asriel screaming at him—his son was quite attached to Chara.

Even when their entire race was first sealed, many of them were still alive. Gerson, Grillby, his wife and he helped with building a new civilization. It was slow, and not perfect, but it was better than the last one-hundred years—those kids might've survive and lived peacefully in the underground if he hadn't declared war on humanity.

His head bows, so his hair obscures his view. Cao Cao would've attacked, but his honed instincts tell him that the monster isn't defenseless.

As for Asgore, he remembers how he gave Frisk that knife to fight, and the necklace to magically defend themselves. At the time he was already too tired. To the point were he was willing to let Frisk kill him if they had the strength.

"…If," he starts, "I offer myself as a prisoner, would you be willing to have faith in the rest of my race and let them go?"

Seconds pass, the Hero shows a frown but only that, "…If you drop your weapon and lie on the ground, that would be a good start."

The tone of his voice didn't betray him, but because Monster's bodies are made of magic, they're fully attuned to their souls. With that, picking up traces of emotions are one of their specialties. Which is why Monsters are susceptible to killing intent, specifically the weaker ones.

It's easy for him to interpret his feelings to know that Cao Cao will kill him the chance he gets. He wishes to smile bitterly or bark out a laugh, but he doesn't have the energy for that, Is this what waits for us in the human town? Why did we even come to the surface if nothing has changed?

Then it happened, a power signature he's acquainted with.

Asgore and Cao Cao look to the side, and despite knowing it's several miles away, they're still able to see a white dome of energy rising. It vanishes a second later.

The Hero looks where the power source was with a guarded expression, but inside he's trying to remember if he sensed this level of power, and the answer is no. The grip on his weapon tightens.

The Monster King watched it with awe in his eyes. When it vanishes, he remembers his need to breathe. Why am I doubting when others are putting in more effort than me? The grip on his trident softens, but it's still strong, If Toriel were here, she would've punched me, and for good reason.

He redirects his gaze onto the human. Who glares at him.

Asgore's eyes no longer hold the same hatred as before, there's a fire in them that makes him look more alive than before. The air around him vibrates, If-when I survive, I have to apologize to Toriel and the kids.

Red fire spouts on his body. It rages as if gusts continuously feed into it. Asgore can feel a great deal of pressure on his body. He feels his energy draining fast, and while he can recover faster with his 'fire' purifying the air, it's not enough to compensate. I wasn't planning on this lasting either. He remembers the blonde knight was gone for quite a while.

Cao Cao regards the Monster, and after considering it, a holy light is emitting from his spear. "You monsters seem to have your own surprises, but us Heroes are much the same: [Balance Breaker]!" A holy white light envelopes him. After it fades, seven orbs of light float behind him. "I will show you the best humanity has to offer."

"I've already seen the best of humanity, and that's not from you." Asgore counters immediately. His lips curve into a smile.

The only sign that it grates him is how his expression tightens. Cao Cao trusts his spear to unleash a pillar of light. Asgore does the same but summons a white fireball as huge as him.

The ground shakes upon the clash. Asgore dashes forward as a red flash and appears next to the human. The red prongs are thrust towards his arm, but the human cancels his attack and throws himself into a roll, leaving behind the orbs.

When the Longinus user ends on his knee, the monster king is already upon him swinging the blunt side of his trident.

{Atsusa Ratana} The hero speaks these words without fear before he vanishes, and Asgore's weapon just ends up pushing a large amount of air.

Cao Cao reappears where he previously was. He looks to the side to see a close representation of a dragon's breath heading towards him. He smirks. {Mala Ratana}.

An orb intercepts before it glows enough to cover the attack. He watches with a glint in his eye as the attack is redirected towards the Monster.

Asgore turns, and his eyes widen. He dissipates it with a mental command-it doesn't. It flies closer, but when it's about ten feet, he swings and cuts through it.

Only for the sharp end of the spear to extend through it and stab him in the chest. He gasps, the air forcefully leaves him as he feels his magic drain faster to protect him.

He skids back several meters. Asgore grits his teeth and with a fist, punches it on the staff. It grates on the fire as it reaches his shoulder. Light gathers on the blade and it pushes stronger against his magic. He closes his eyes as the pain as the strain to keep that magic up gets to him.

The red fire decreases to a thin layer, and the spear punctures into his shoulder. His eyes shoot open, a pained realization settles on him as Cao Cao smirks, "First Blood."

White light radiates strongly to cover the King briefly. He's nearly thrown to his knees from the explosion. Shards of golds, pieces of purple cloth and dust flies to all sides.

The spear retracts to its normal length, and takes a moment to admire his work.

Asgore is gritting his teeth. Part of his shoulder is gone, but his arm is still usable. Dust flows about from the wound.

Cao Cao may have seen the dust flowing from his snout, but seeing it in greater amount is still surprising. He sees the monster taking his posture, while he does the same. The wound isn't an assured victory, but he's still proud to have done the first serious damage.

Knowing that the injury will get worse if not treated, Asgore releases the energy he's been storing. The fire around him picks up on intensity again, and on his shoulder the fire turns green for a second. The missing pieces of his shoulder are restored, but now his fur is coated in dust.

Cao Cao frowns, So Fallen Angels are not the only ones that can heal in a fight. One of his orbs light up.

{Kahabatei Ratana} A sphere moves between the two fighters. It shines, and in front forms a humanoid figure of light with a full body armor and a spear in its hands. Then another appears, and another. Until about a hundred of them surrounds him.

Asgore wastes no time to charge magic into his trident. It prompts the soldiers to act. Most run, ready to impale him from all sides, and some jump to stab him from the top.

But the King has already raised his weapon. He slams the bud onto the ground with a force enough to cause cracks.

He becomes the epicenter of a red firestorm. The earth is grinded to dust then pushed down. He hears the tearing of metal all around (assuming they're from the soldiers), some closer than the rest. Asgore adds more energy to ensure all of them are destroyed.

He stops seconds later, and the once green field is now littered with rubble and cracks. But he doesn't see the human.

A shadow looms on him. He barely turns his head before another orb flies in front of him. He attacks it.

{Chatsuka Ratana}

He feels the air shift unnaturally, and his weapon crumbles into red dust.

Asgore's eyes widen. When he hears metal cutting air, he raises one forearm to shield himself.

Holy and fire clash violently. The former forms a barrier around its user, and its light gains almost a blind intensity. The latter grows into an inferno, determination feeding into the flames, but it lessens with every passing moment as the white light grows.

Asgore feels the flames being pushed apart. His armor offers less protection. He tightens his other fist, and most of the red flames quickly gather around it before he punches the holy aura.

The explosion that follows can be described as blinding and deafening.

Asgore is shot towards the ground. Fissures are formed, the earth caves in under the pressure, and the Boss Monster bites his lower lip to stop shouting in pain. His armor absorbs most of the damage but it cracks in several places.

Cao Cao is send flying upwards. He grits his teeth while wincing in pain.

{Hatsutei Ratana} One of his spheres touches him, and he starts slowing down till he's just floating in the air. His arms shake. That last explosion affected his arms the most, but nothing he can't shrug off in a few seconds. Oddly enough his chest hurts for a moment. He stares down at the monster that's getting on his feet. Unlike normal humans, his eyes are more than capable of seeing the dust flowing out of his injury, and the thin layer of fire around him turns green briefly, closing the wound on his arm as before.

His expression furrows, and tries to remember if he ever read about a creature that resembles the one he's facing. He shakes his head to get rid of needless thoughts. That's more of Georg's area of expertise.

He sends an orb towards the ground, and within seconds he teleports. The monster jumped to ground level.

Both stare down at each other, but it's the Monster that's panting, and the fire around him grows but not with the same power as before.

But before Cao Cao could charge against his weaponless opponent, Asgore materializes another trident.

A small smirk plays on the Hero's lips, The most noteworthy battles are never easy.

They rush at each other, and their clash of holy and determination trying to overpower the other, but that ends as the entire earth shakes and a white explosion follows.


Undyne isn't furious, she's livid! Earth explodes and trees shatter every time she swings her blue spear. To make matters worse, the swordsman that could belong in one of Alphys' documentaries is still grinning.

Despite every time their weapons clash, she pushes him back several meters.

She knows she left the skeleton brothers behind, but Sans is there, and Papyrus isn't weak despite his cheerful demeanor. So the fish monster isn't worried. No, she has other things to worry about: Alphys and the two children. The former is a brilliant scientist but not a fighter. While the latter are two children! She knows Frisk can stall with their dodging. But for how long? And she knows the kid is a great talker since they managed to befriend every monster they faced—including her. But this people didn't care what the kid had to say and went straight to attack! This is the kind of humans Undyne has been training to fight against.

He uses his sword as a shield—its dark blade looks too big to be carrying in his hands. Yet he manages it. A red glow surrounds it and leaves a streak of light every time it moves. The cross-guard is wide and has a curved form.

Her weapon once again loses shape as it connects, and the swordsman's back connects with a tree. It nearly topples over, most of its roots forced to be uprooted, and its bark falls over from the multiple cracks.

"Ha hah ha ha!"

Undyne growls at the audacity of the human. He doesn't even look like he's in pain!

She rushes forward, and in a beat she's in front of him to stab, but he rolls to the side.

Her weapon goes through the tree with no resistance. She swings her arm to free it and destroys a good portion of the tree.

The human jumped back the moment he could and creates distance.

She growls. Dozens of spears form around her, all lined up and aiming at him.

At this, he grins. "Now you're making this interesting!" He sheathes his sword and gets a hold of another. "Don't disappoint."

She sends all the spears. A gust rises the moment they're shot, leaving behind a trail of light from their speed.

He swings his new sword. [Tyrfing], his voice echoes with some unknown power. Power emanates from the sword, and a flash of dark light is followed by an explosion that shakes the earth.

Undyne maintains her balance, and when the unnatural light fades, she isn't surprised by the destruction.

A cracked rocky terrain takes most of the space between them. Only the trees from the edges remain, but they have trails of smoke where several of their parts disintegrated.

And there's that sword of his. The only way to describe it is that it was made from an onyx slab. It's the size of a broadsword and double edged. A dark light around it pulses like a heartbeat. Undyne feels that killing intent trying to crumble her soul, but a roar of defiance echoes through her being.

She grits her sharp teeth as a faint breeze surrounds her. Her spear turns from blue to cyan before she rears it back. One leg back and she throws it with a greater strength than before.

But the silver swordsman doesn't look worried. He swings his sword with the speed to slash it.

The black light is challenged by cyan. They flash brighter before exploding. Georg is pushed back, and winces as his chest tightens in a painful knot, but it quickly passes.

His smile vanishes as a puzzled look emerge, only for it to be forgotten as the fish warrior is upon him.

She lunges with another cyan spear and he meets it with his sword. The demon sword nearly flew off his grasp. His feet dig into the ground as the weapons push closer to his chest.

Georg knew she was new spear is giving her a boost of some kind. No matter how much he tries to push forward, it's like trying to move a mountain.

And that's fine for him.

As he's being pushed back, a hole underneath his arm is ripped out. Another arm, but covered in silver scales. Instead of fingers, three draconic claws quickly grip another handle, [Nothung].

Undyne can be brash and aggressive on a lot of her actions, but a gut feeling tells her to Dodge! Bits of earth shatter as she jumps back with all her might, and a dark blade flashes into existence.

Only when she lands does she appraise the new weapon. It looks thin compared to the one of rocky appearance. It's one-edged, possesses no cross-guard, and its onyx surface gleams with every movement.

Something feels off. She looks around but sees nothing out of the ordinary, then she looks down at her spear. "What the hell!" Or what's left of her spear.

The upper part has been cut, very close to her hand too. But what left her dumbfounded is that it cut through cyan magic without any resistance.

"Haha ha hah!" She's brought out of her stupor, and sees him wearing a prideful smirk. "If the power of [Tyrfing] isn't enough, then [Nothung's] sharpness would do the trick."

That tone and his relaxed attitude are grinding her nerves. The shatters the spear in her iron grip, and creates a blue one. "Stop hiding behind your swords and fight!"

"Then start being a challenge."

That does it! "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" The wind around her picks up as she raises her spear to point at the heavens. A wall of spears manifests behind her, a layer of wind growing around them.

He looks at the so-called threat with amusement. "Can you do more?"

She yells through gritted fangs. "You asked for it!" Dozens more start appearing, but instead of collecting on the wall, they slowly encircle the human. About halfway, fewer start appearing. The strain of summoning so many at once causes her to sweat, and her soul starts feeling fragile from spreading her magic thin, but she doesn't relent.

Through the fire the strain is causing her body, another one burns in her soul. The creation of her spears picks up. Their sharp end aiming at him from all angles.

"Hey!" His gaze wanders back to hers. Her spear turns green, and she swings it to unleash an energy slash.

He lets go of his two-handed style to unsheathe a different sword. Its blade is a polished silver with a white shine, and its silver cross-guard is covered in several runes.

The swordsman swings when it's in reach, but his attack phases through. "Huh?" His eyebrows raise as it passes through his waist with no effect-

An odd feeling pulls at his chest, so when he looks down, the bizarre sight of a cartoonish green heart.

Before he could contemplate on this, Undyne's yell reminds him of his situation. "Face it head on!"

She swings her lone spear and prompts the others to fire.

For every spear shot, another replaces it, and the wind screeches from the culmination of all the weapons.

And at the center, the silver swordsman becomes a whirlwind with his two demon and one holy blades.

It's a cacophony of noises, and as the hero soon discovers, he's stuck in one spot but otherwise is able to turn. He doesn't have time to question what type of curse or spell it may be or be skewered from all sides.

Seconds tick to almost thirty, any surviving trees has been destroyed, and craters start forming from the continuous assault. Undyne feels the wellspring of power beginning to fade, and once again musters her willpower to continue.

With her attention diverted, she doesn't see her spear gain a red tint, and most importantly, a single white bead of sweat rolls down her cheek.

Amongst the blue spears, yellow ones spawn.

The hero notices this, but he awaits it in anticipation. Not a single spear has touched him, and when one of them is in range, he attacks it like the rest, but as he's about to split it in half, it darts around him in a flash.

His eyes widen, realizing the attack is now on his back. He makes the harshest spin, letting the yellow spear scrape across the back of his blazer. His swords continue to destroy spears, but the sudden movement leaves him exposed for one spear to strike him behind his leg.

It shatters, and his pants has a new hole with blood slowly seeping out from the cut skin. If not for the magic protecting his clothing, his leg would've been skewered.

Another second and another volley of spears are cut down. He sees another yellow spear approaching from his left, so this time he swings on his opposite side, and destroys it as it after it reappears. But his rhythm goes off as another yellow spear repositions itself, now aiming for his hip.

He dodges instinctively by doing a sharp twist, but instead blue spears attack his shoulder, back and wrist.

He corrects his form and resumes his defense. But his eyes catch sight of more yellow spears approaching, and the green soul still remains.

A savage grin takes over. His clothes rip again, and another draconic arm comes out. Faster than before, he pulls out a new demonic sword, [Balmung].

A hurricane comes out to life, shredding to pieces all spears caught in its current.

Seeing how this form of attack is not working, Undyne stops creating more, and almost instantly her being is starting to fill with unfiltered energy. With every breath, a small gust surrounds her. The lance she's holding faintly pulses red like a heartbeat and her lone eye starts shining that color.

The violent winds around the hero start dying down, and there he stands with an all too eager grin. Parts of his clothes are torn with blood seeping out.

In his new hand is a new sword: the blade itself resembles to a fencing sword, with its cross-guard traveling in an arc to connect with the pommel.

"That was something else. I'm quite used to explosive arrows, but yours are the most unique I faced. It's a real shame you aren't a swordsman, otherwise I would be enjoying myself a lot more."

She readies her stance. "I don't need a sword to take down a wannabe hero!"

He lets out a bark of laughter. "That's rich coming from a monster. But at least it's different from the usual banter of pleading for their lives. It gets more annoying when they try to offer me something, be it money, power, even women at some point, thinking it might work."

Undyne was about to snarl back a reply, but stops as his soul turns from green to his natural color: yellow. The trait of justice. A wannabe hero with a justice soul…damn irony.

What's more, its shine isn't as strong as the one Asgore kept under the castle, and that was from a little kid of all things! With no outside interaction, the soul return inside him.

"So you call yourself a hero?" Those words feel like acid in her mouth.

"It's what I was created for," he says while shrugging. "And Cao Cao said that if I stayed as one, I will live through the challenges my ancestor once did."

That answer irks her. "So you're just doing this so you can kill people?"

"All I'm doing is fulfilling my duties as a hero and eradicating evil. If I can enjoy it while doing so, then it's all the better." He ends it with a tone of pride.

"What kind of poor excuse is that!?" He raises an eyebrow at her outburst. "You attack us because you think we're evil!? What kind of hero does that!? A Fake one, that's who!" A memory pops in the forefront of her mind.

She's back in her full armored suit, running on a cliffside while throwing dozens of spears at a kid dashing over a wooden pathway.

She can taste hypocrisy in her lips, and it's worse than Papyrus' spaghetti.

At least his smile has dimmed down, and there's an undertone of anger in his voice. "What would you know? Don't tell me you fancy yourself as a hero?"

She can't help but grin. He looks even more upset. "Fancy? I'm one! Because only a true hero will admit when they made a mistake, which is more what I can say about a phony like yourself!" If it wasn't for Frisk, she would still view all humans as her enemies, but now she knows some humans are ok.

He didn't seem to take in too kindly her outburst, because two more draconic arms pop out. With his human arms, that's a total of six arms, and for reasons Undyne can't understand, his presence as well as the swords, just increased.

He unsheathes the remaining two. The double-edged with a blood-red aura, and his last one [Dáinsleif]: its blade appears crocked in form, and has several spikes protruding out. It's cross-guard has the form of twisted roots with thorns covering the lower part of the blade. The cold mist surrounding it gives Undyne a basic idea of what that blade is.

"If I can, I usually play around because just killing you monsters has become boring. That's why I limit the strength of [Twice Critical], so congratulations, no other monster has made me want to kill them so badly as you right now, [Gram]."

A fiery red aura encircles the double-edged sword. This one sword easily dwarves the presence of the rest. Its killing intent is nothing like before. It feels like fangs are sinking all around Undyne's body, attempting to tear her apart in a slow and agonizing manner.

And the same burning presence inside her lets her push through the feeling. She clenches her grip on her spear that's nearly fully red at this point.

He swings that sword at a speed Undyne could barely catch.

And what comes out is a tidal wave of darkness and blood-red mixed together. It reaches wide enough to destroy the trees that her spears and his explosions didn't destroy, and before it touches the ground, it starts melting under the raw energy radiating out of it. Even before it got too close to Undyne, she can feel its acidic energy around her.

It only got worse when she had to confront it. Her battle cry got swallowed by the storm. Her spear, now a red beacon, is thrust with all her might.

The fierce wind is like a whiplash on her face. She's steadily pushed back, before she forcefully digs her feet in the ground. Now cracks appear beneath her from the force trying to push her back. Her arms not faring better as her skin starts turning into specks of dust.

But Undyne won't give up. She will hold her ground! Despite her body feeling like it will crumble, I'm not losing to this lame excuse of a hero! She feels her spear cracking under the pressure. DAMMIT!

But at the end, it's not her willpower that gives in, but the amount of power she can control. The malicious energy slowly closes around her-

NO! But her soul refuses to crumble. Even when the abyss of darkness stares at her face-

Undyne is standing in one of the many large caverns of Waterfall. She's in her full armor suit but with a large cut from her shoulder to her hip. Dust floating out as the attack dug deep into her skin.

"You'll destroy them all won't you?" she asks with a grim tone at the child—if they can even be called that.

The 'child' looks at them with an amused smile, the layers of dust clinging to them like a second skin.

"Monsters…Humans…Everyone… Everyone's hopes. Everyone's dreams. Vanquished in an instant," Undyne says through gritted fangs. Her body starts to break down.

"But I WON'T let you do that." Even if her body breaks, her soul will refuse to follow.

Now more than ever, Undyne feels it is the time to prove that her King didn't make a mistake when naming her captain. Because if she doesn't kill them—or it since no being should enjoy murdering this much-or stall it, then Alphys won't have the time to evacuate the civilians, and Asgore won't obtain the seventh soul before this creature kills the rest of their kind. She feels the weight of the situation upon her, but also what it represents. "Right now, everyone in this world…I can feel their hearts beating as one." Fighting through the pain, she grins at them, and a new feeling builds inside her. "And we all have ONE goal."

The wind starts howling, and she's at the center. "To defeat YOU." It's at this moment that the 'child's' image glitches like static, and for a brief second is replaced by a paler skin with rosy cheeks. Where their eyes should be is now hollowed with a black void in them, and ink trailing down like tears. Then finally with that twisted visage of a smile.

But she won't be perturbed. "Human. No, WHATEVER you are. For the sake of the whole world…I, UNDYNE, will strike you down!"

Her indominable determination finally takes form.

And everything falls into place. If the black mass of energy is a tornado, then the white light that surrounds her is a hurricane.

A white light pierces through the darkness. The silver swordsman first watches in confusion, then shock as a white dome cuts through [Gram's] attack.

He flips his grip on [Dáinsleif] and stabs it on the ground. Ice turns to glaciers that converge all around him as protection. It holds against whatever power the light is made of.

Inside he sees his defense quaver. Yet, he isn't afraid. Facing overwhelming power is something he's accustomed to. Back in his first months starting as a lone hero, or more specifically after he's escaped his prison from the church, everything was a challenge. He survived on his own, fought unsupervised against stray devils, weak to ones that reached High Class through skill, and mastering the weapons the church gave him. The last few months have been the most exciting after he joined Cao Cao's group: a new cast of enemies ready to be cut down, and finally he's getting the chance to become a Hero before he dies in a decade or so.

Once the monster's lightshow faded, he allows the ice to start crumbling.

Whatever remained of the previous scenery, it is truly gone. Now it's just a flattened rocky field for the two fighters.

Speaking of which, the sight of his opponent is the most peculiar he's ever seen.

A full suit of dark-silver armor has formed around her. The most special additions would be the two steel plates hanging on the side of her thighs. Her shoulder guard is in the form of three long spikes with a slight curve upwards. White gloves that almost extends to her elbows holds a spiritual radiance that makes them seem blessed in some kind, and on its side there's a small red heart emblem. But the most eye-catching would be the red heart emblem on her chest plate. For him, it's almost like a coat of arms of some kind, but he can't fathom the idea as to what.

The monster wears no helmet, which makes her more intimidating. The yellow around her eyes is still present, but now there's a red glint in the center he's certain that it wasn't there before, and her eye that was covered by an eyepatch is gone. And from the hollow appearance of the eye socket, a white light flashes out with the form of a spear. That previous scowl has formed into a calm, sharp grin.

He grins back, forgetting his previous anger at the prospect of fighting a powerful monster. Before he was having fun, confident the monster couldn't harm him in any significant way, but now her presence is comparable to the few Ultimate Class Devils he's fought.

There's only one way to greet an opponent like this. "My name is Siegfried. Genetic descendant of Sigurd, and wielder of the sacred gear [Twice Critical]!" This causes the monster's grin to drift downwards and furrow her eyebrows. He chuckles. "It's respectful for heroes to share their names. Or were your previous words a bluff?"

"…Oh, I will tell you." There's a low growl in her voice. Her hands come together, and a blue spear comes to life. "But I will do it at the very end, because the last words I want you to hear, will be my name!"

A thunderclap of a storm surrounds her as a predatory grin takes over. A vast expanse of earth behind her explodes as she performs a single leap. Her spear's edge aimed for the swordsman's chest as she vanishes from his sight with her speed.

But Siegfried has already positioned [Dáinsleif] the moment her energy skyrocketed. With its blade aimed at the ground, a small glacier is created from the frostbite mist it emits.

It won't stop her, but will deter her. The glacier starts splitting in half right before he can sidestep, but somehow he manages as the monster emerges from his side.

A few ice shards cut into his skin and clothes. The roaring storm threatens to sweep him off his feet and trap him in its razor wind. That fanged smile would intimidate even a dragon—he should know, he faced one with Jeanne.

Yet, he wouldn't change this moment for anything in the world. For him, this is what a hero lives for. Facing impossible odds.

He swings [Gram] and [Nothung] on both sides. The former for its power and the latter for its cutting prowess. If she somehow manages to block both, Siegfried can always stab with [Tyrfing] and [Balmung].

But that never happens for she swings, striking against [Gram]. He reels back immediately. His arm nearly pop out of its socket. He's forced to push with [Nothung] or get a deep gash on his chest.

He isn't able to do much as he's literally thrown backwards. His holy sword and [Tyrfing] punctures the ground and he uses it to slow to a stop.

Siegfried looks up, and sees the monster has leapt at him again. The explosion of wind is lesser than before, so he's able to react fast enough. With two demonic swords parallel with each other and pointing forward, a massive spear of wind is fired with a coat of subzero mist.

Undyne doesn't attempt to dodge it, and thrusts with her spear to tear it apart. It works. The wind around her protects her as the ground around her is torn by sharp gusts and coated in heavy layers ice. In consequence her momentum is halted.

Much to her chagrin, she's forced to take step after step, fighting against the opposing wind as she picks up her speed.

But by then Siegfried is ready. With the demonic blade still in the ground, a dark light flows in.

Undyne and a wide field around her is covered by a pillar of corrupted light. Only then does the swordsman allow himself to be thrown back by his own wind.

The light dies a second later, leaving behind a deep crater with its edges releasing smoke.

When Siegfried stops, he charges up [Gram], and its blade starts to get shrouded in dark and red aura.

From the dark pit of the crater, a roar of wind shatters the earth around it. Undyne shots out, landing on solid ground with a heavy *thunk*.

Now the wind around her is a hue of shiny red. With one hand up to neck level, the wind coalesces on her open palm. She grasps a silver thread and wills it into something akin to a bulkier spear with twice the length. Her grip only covers more than half the staff, and a miniature storm threatens to cut loose and tear the entire forest, but she smirks without a hint of fear.

Undyne moves one leg forward, and moves back her hand, ready to throw. Siegfried widens his stance, and bends his legs to better handle the upcoming explosion. [Gram] has already been pulled back for a full swing. The demonic energy on the blade extends around his body, overwhelming the presence of his other blades. The earth below him starts rumbling.

With both warriors staring down at each other, the tension is palpable. The air around them becomes denser with their respective magic.

Razor winds overflow from Undyne's spear, and the light around Siegfried starts darkening as if it's being absorbed. When these two opposing forces interact, cracks start appearing between them. Then a fissure erupts as the magical pressure fight for supremacy.

This does raise a question for Siegfried. Is this strength her own? He saw no special relic on her person, and definitely not a sacred gear, so his thoughts drift to her probably been blessed by a god. That idea is shot down for in all their fight, her magic doesn't have that feel of divinity like Cao Cao's spear. Nor is it demonic or holy. It feels more…down to earth—the only words his mind can conjure.

His smile turns bitter. I can't believe this, I'm jealous of a monster. Histories of heroes are usually accompanied by a legendary weapon of some kind. Like his leader and his golden spear, and then other Heroes like Georg uses magic circles and runes to make up the difference in raw power. But in this case, It's all coming from her.

"Hey, Hero." Power is laced in her words. He hears them with ease despite the howling winds around her. "You wanted to know my name?" Her lone eye shines a brilliant red. "Well…here it is!"

A flare of competitiveness is in his chest. "My NAME." His grip tightens in anticipation. "IS." They swing. "UNDYYYYYYNE!"

Those words are drowned with the collision. The power of her determination set on fighting evil and injustice is against the strongest demonic power bent on destruction. Red and black lightning lash out as the very earth trembles. Dark light on one side and ferocious red winds on the other, but that changes in an instant.

A white light starts breaking through both attacks, causing both warriors to look at it with confusion. Then it absorbs both attacks and expands alarmingly.

Undyne crosses her arms in front of her and another red tornado surrounds her. Siegfried is protected by a dark cocoon from the power of his demonic swords.

They're both engulfed in it, and it expands much farther than the damaged area of their fight. A massive shockwave uproots all trees it touches, and flings them at dangerous speeds while the earth in the artificial plane starts to crack.

Trees are torn apart and thrown haphazardly. Earthquakes destroy areas the shockwave didn't reach, wiping anything that resembled a peaceful forest.

Fights transpiring will shape the future. Powerful magic is being cast; top Longinus and sacred gears with subspecies balance breakers were up against magic from a species of monster that hasn't been seen for over a millennia.

A glorious battle indeed.

A battle that Heracles isn't a part of! His fist connect with a battered tree that's on top of him. His sacred gear sets off an explosion that shatters it into smoking pieces, but that still doesn't fix the situation he's in.

He's lying face down on the ground, not because he was injured or tripped, but because of the skeletons' magic. His entire body is coated in blue. Blue bones that penetrated his flesh without drawing blood or causing pain, and nearly forty to fifty are stabbed around his body. And a weird cartoonish blue heart is on his chest—the last time he checked before being slammed into the ground via magic-altering gravity.

And what's worse for the hero, the tall lanky skeleton had been going on about mercy, how humans and monsters can be friends if both try hard enough, and how anger can be used more constructively in the kitchen using Undyne's patented culinary cuisine—like he cares. But as it stands, he was unable to do much but listen. Using his [Balance Breaker] was useless as the missiles got intercepted by bones.

Several meters ahead is a dome composed of bones, but now it's full of cracks from the explosion. A second later it disintegrates into nothingness. And there stood the two skeletons that are now the ire of the hero.

The taller one's eye sockets furrow—how? The hero has no idea—and looks at the shorter one with worry. "SANS, I THINK WE SHOULD CHECK ON UNDYNE. NOT THAT I DOUBT HER STRENGTH, BUT I THINK SHE WAS TOO CLOSE TO THAT EXPLOSION."

The shorter skeleton raises his head at him. The only indication he's paying attention since he has his hoodie up. "Meh, it's Undyne we're talking about. She's probably on her way here, dragging the other guy by the foot or something."


"Well..." His head shifts to the downed hero. "I guess you can go and check on her. I can keep our pal here entertained with my humerus jokes." The skeleton's head tilts to the head, and for whatever reason, Heracles feels like he has just been winked at.

"SANS!" The surprisingly expressive skeleton glares at the smaller one. "THIS IS SERIOUS!" Concern moves over his features. "AT FIRST I WASN'T WORRIED BECAUSE I HAD FAITH IN MY FRIENDS, BUT WHILE I STILL DO, I FEEL IT WAS A MISTAKE NOT TO GO TO THEM SOONER."

If Heracles had to choose between being unconscious and bloodied, or listening to them, he'll choose the former.

It's then he notices something from the sides. He grins. "Don't think you can relax." Both of their gazes are on him. "Your weird magic saved you this time. So what? No fights are the same!" They look at the sides, catching sight of the fog closing in on him. "Next time we will be having real fun."

The fog engulfs him, darkening his features before fading to reveal him gone.

"And that's that," Sans says with a casual tone. "Maybe now would be a good time to check on Undyne."

"YEAH," Papyrus speaks in a downcast tone.

His brother looks up. "Hey chin up. Next time we see him, you might turn him into a friend."

"YEAH!" Cheer returns to his voice. "YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT BROTHER." He strikes a pose: a fist on his chest, another on his hip bone, his scarf flutters despite the lack of wind. "I SHOULDN'T WAVER JUST BECAUSE I FAILED ONCE. ON OUR NEXT ENCOUNTER, I WILL TRY A DIFFERENT APPROACH AND ACQUIRE HIS FRIENDSHIP!" He leaves his pose and proceeds to run while mindful of the scattered broken wood and broken field. "I WILL CHECK ON UNDYNE. AND SANS, DON'T GET INTO ANY TROUBLE!"

Many think it would be irresponsible for Papyrus to leave Sans alone, or vice-versa. The former knows his brother can get in or out of any situation, and the latter has a promise to keep.

Sans sighs in relief. "Sorry, paps, but trouble is exactly where I'm headed." He removes his hoodie to reveal his left eye socket, an eye that's flashing cyan and yellow.

He blinks out of existence and reappears at the 'edge' created by the fog. He peers into it, and just like before, it's a jigsaw puzzle with multiple paths branching out, crisscrossing with one another in either twisted or straight turns. Sans sees the end where he wants to be, but not the path that leads him there.

Not the most complicated thing I've ever done. The machine underneath his house is proof of that. The skeleton proceeds to walk without a second thought.

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