Dear Diary I'm on the train.. I sat down in my compartment alone and then *BANG* I was shocked out of my thoughts when two identical ginger boys burst in. Apparently thier names are Fred and George Weasley and thier giant pranksters.. When I told them who I was they were shocked... They started stammering at me asking if I could get them autographs... So okay they want my Dad's autographs this is normal... Right?

But anyway I have friends already.. The only other downside was they asked if I knew Harry which bought tears to my eyes... I tell them I haven't seen him since I was three and that he probably doesn't even remember me.. They both wrapped their arms around me and told me to stick with them I'd be okay... I'll see Harry in a few years.. I can explain our connection we'll see each other every day.. We'll probably get sick of each other

This year will be amazing I'm so glad I found friends to watch my back just the way dad did... I wonder if I just found my Padfoot?

Yours Prankfully and confusedly Rebekah Lupin-Black