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Mabel's eyesight had finally returned, only to see the most miserable sight that in no way could she have imagined. It was like a waiting room at the doctor's office and a prison had fused together. Drab grey was painted on the walls, simple square windows were placed at perfect intervals to let the curious eye see nothing but a cloudy day. Low and angular tables sat in between the uncomfortable couches. There was absolutely nothing to do either. No magazines, flowers, or lamps to turn on or off. She finally pulled herself off the couch only to feel cold concrete. This definitely had to be punishment.

A pleasant voice interrupted the silence, "Departed 294651849653781, your examination request has been processed and accepted. Please go to room 784." A shadowy figure stood and walked down the long hall to their destination.

Mabel looked down to see her hands were see-through and colorless. The same went for her sweater and skirt. Everyone around her wore clothes from every era; togas,elegant dresses, animal skins, and hospital gowns. "Excuse me," She asked the knight right next to her, "Where am I?"

He gave a bored expression, "Inbetween."

"Inbetween? What's that?"

"The place in between life and afterlife. Inbetween. It's boring to wait here."

Mabel's curiosity peaked, "How long have you been here?"

"Forever. I've watched people who've died after me leave and I don't get to go?!" His voice filled with fury while his face remained blank.

Another spirit spoke, this time a girl in sweats and a crop top, "That's because you didn't sign up for a meeting you moron!" Sighing she turned to Mabel, "You have to go to the front desk and ask for a meeting." She pointed to the unoccupied desk with a sign that read: SIGNUP HERE

"That makes sense, thanks." Mabel stood up and walked over. It wasn't empty like she

first thought, instead there was a guy with the most tanned and toned body she had ever seen flipping through a book. "Um, hello?"

Scowling he looked up at her, his tall ears cocked in curiosity or annoyance. "What? I'm trying to pass the eternities with a completely inaccurate book about myself." Mabel's eyes caught the title of the book: The Kane Chronicles. Sounded like something Dipper would-. Her cheek felt wet and the dog-man gave a panicked look. "Oh shit. Okay look, I'll help you I guess. The name's Anubis. What's yours?"

She wiped her eyes, "S-sorry. My name's Mabel, Mabel Pines."

Oh Dipper, I miss you.

Don't think like that. What if he showed up?

He typed something into the computer and looked back up, "Alright then Mabel, here's your ticket. And please don't tell my boss that I was slacking."

"Promise." She winked and sat down.

At least I stopped crying.

After what I did? There's no way.

Just smile okay?

Another beep sounded and instead of the pleasant voice, a more panicked and masculine voice sounded.

"Calling all security and stuff to the courtroom! Seriously, we need some help in here!" The voice grew muffled as the speaker turned away from the mic, "Wait, I'm supposed to say a special code?! Dammit Persephone, why don't you tell me these things?!" Loudly and angrily he called, "CODE 34! CODE 34! ALTHOUGH WHY SOMETHING THIS MAJOR WAS THOUGHT OF AFTER 33 OTHER THINGS IS BEYOND ME!"

Anubis sighed and pulled his book back out. "I swear Hades does this every day."

A door slammed open and a wild woman ran out, "Anubis! Let's go!"

"Why would I do that Mania?" He rolled his eyes.

"Code. 34. 34! You dumbass!" Her curls were flying everywhere, "34 means that we have a problematic one! Come on!" She grabbed his arm and ran down the hall and inside a room with a steel door.

"Code 34?" Mabel looked down at her ticket, it read: 3469747639648392 and nothing else. Deciding to nap through the long wait, Mabel's eyes fluttered shut.

This sucks. I hate waiting.

It's my fault I'm here. Maybe if I had just never-

No! Stop that! I hate guilt-tripping too!

Mabel's vision drifted in and out, sometimes it was dark and sometimes she could see fuzzy shapes that made weird noises. All she really wanted to do was sleep but if she closed her eyes, they wouldn't. Instead, Mabel was forced to watch nothing or… something.

Eventually, this passed and she could finally see what that something was. A small room decorated in pleasant colors and soft edges with an angular woman seated at the desk in front of her. She looked up and tucked her curly hair behind her ear, "Oh, you're up, that's good. We need to quickly do this meeting. I have to be at the courtroom in about… 15 minutes."

"Uhh, okay. What's this about?" She sat down in one of the plush yellow chairs.

"Your life sweetie. So let's talk."

"Why would I do that? It's weird!"

She pulled off her glasses and stared deep into Mabel's own. "Trust me, this is much easier than tearing you open with a scythe and watching your memories." She clicked something on the computer screen and poised her elegant hands over the keyboard, "Mabel Pines, born August 31st 1999, died August 31 2012."

Mabel didn't know what to think. She had died on her birthday, the one she had looked forward to so much. "I-I-I don't think that I should do this."

"Hon you have to, it's protocol. Once we go through this life, we can decide what kind of place your soul can go for rest."

Mabel finally gave in and turned her attention to a video on the monitor. It was when she was born, now she was going to preschool, her 8th birthday, on and on. Finally she watched herself arrive at Gravity Falls. She met Wendy and Soos, made new friends, and dealt with Gideon, all over again. "I remember this! We were at Pacifica's family's party and Grenda got a boyfriend! Oh and we were kinda turned into wood but details, right?"

The woman smiled and wrote down a few more notes before pausing the video, "Do you want me to explain all of this?"

"Yes please."

"Well alright then. I'm a shinigami, and it's my job to 'reap' souls and judge them." Gesturing to the screen she continued, "You may have died early but your life was kind and enjoyable. Which is good news for you." She watched Mabel grow nervous at this and sighed, "Sadly, there is quite the controversy over your final days. So after this session, I will have to take you to the courtroom."

Mabel's mind returned to Anubis and, what was her name? Mania? Those two running to a room in a panic meant something. "You mean the one with the Code 34?" She asked.

"Sorry sweetheart, but that's the one." Checking her watch she sighed another time, "I think we need to go." She stood up, revealing an elegant but outdated suit and tie."Come on then, we can't be late for this." Mabel followed her down the hall, her dejected footsteps mere paces behind the click of the shinigami's heels.

Standing in front of the steel door, Mabel did her best to control her panicked thoughts.

Your best isn't going to be good enough.

What makes you say that?

What about home? You haven't even bothered to try and care them, huh?

I-I-... It's… I don't want to-

THINK ABOUT IT. FACE IT. They could be dying or worse Mabel.

Why do you even care?!

I have my reasons. But apparently you don't.

Well I care!

Sure you do. What if Dipper died and joined you?

I would… hate him for... doing that to me.

See? We're making progress now. Keep thinking Mabel, do it before you can no longer.

What does that even mean?!

Not now. The important thing is you. What happened? What could have happened back then?

I-I don't know! I can't remember!

So it's started. Give me a moment, I can kickstart you again.


Just ignore me for now. Pay attention to what's in front of you.

Mabel's attention snapped back to the dark courtroom, the only source of light was the dying fire of the torches lining the wall. Hooded figures sat in wait for the events to come, all eyes on a chained figure in a sort of bowed position.

An angry red eye glared at her with interest, "W̼͉̫̺̻e͍͉͍̰ͅḽ̱̠l͚̳̪̭ ̻̯͙̭̺̠̥̞w͙̯̺̬͚e͈̗̭͎͚ͅl̰͔̰̙͉ͅͅl̦͇̩̫̗̠,̥̣͈ ̥̞͇͙n͓̲̜͔̬̮̺͇i̤͚c̙͉͈̜͈e̻͍͓͇̬͖ ̗͙̤̰̭̝̺ͅt̲͕̞o̟ͅ ̳̠͓̻̤s̗̟̯̗͍͈̣e̪͚̭̱̳͙e͔͉̭͕̦̻̥̬ ̺̪̦̱̗̞̮y̱̜̬̖o̮͉͖͖̫̫ṳ ͇͓̝S̥̻̬̰̲͖̼̻h͙o͈̱͎̘̣͕͓o̗̤̳̫̻ͅt̻̺̫̰̙̜̫ͅi͓̜n͚̞͍͙̝̩̞g̹̺͔̪͉ ̭̖͖͓͉S̝̥͕̹̘̜̼ͅt̬̩͇̼a̲̠̞̳͎̝r̺.̹"


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