Happy Birthday Mr. Holmes - IA

Thank you Miss Adler - SH

Did that pathologist of yours already congratulate you too? - IA

I don't think that this is of any concern to you -SH

Have you told her? - IA

Told her what exactly? Could you please be more specific otherwise my time will be wasted - SH

My question regarded your undeniable feelings for Miss Hooper - IA

There are none as far as I know - SH

Well Mr. Holmes I have to inform you that there are. You may be able to fool that little doctor of yours but I am not as easily led astray - IA

I consider myself married to my work - SH

And yet you consult her in times of need. Mr. Holmes...I am quite astonished that despite your high intellect, you also pride yourself on, still keeps you from seeing the matters of your very own heart - IA

Miss Adler...I kindly remind you not to get too full of yourself. Love is a chemical defect found on the losing side. - SH

Have you ever imagined what she might look like underneath all of those horrid layers of clothing she is so fond of wearing? It's an armor Mr. Holmes...she showed you her womanly side, didn't she? She showed everyone and you were so caught, blinded by something you claim could never rule your head, when you missed one big detail in your deduction about her present...that it was meant for you - IA

Despite my rather well built skills I sometimes and on very rare occasions miss one minor detail in my deductions but they are still accurate nonetheless. I was right that she had love on her mind when she wrapped the gift -SH

You are a very stubborn and lovesick fool, Mr. Holmes. I salute to this woman who is able to keep up with you. She seems to be gifted with one crucial ability we both do not behold despite our high mental capacities and wit - IA

And this gift is what exactly Miss Adler? Solving riddles never was an enjoyable activity of mine - SH

Emotional intelligence Mr. Holmes. She possesses emotional intelligence. She was the first and probably only person who really saw you and noticed the weakness you try so hard to bury...the sentiment. She is your weakness, Mr. Holmes. You are a captive. Held prisoner in the big, loyal and forgiving heart of hers. -IA

Miss Adler I am afraid that you are misled in your analysis abut my sentiments regarding Miss Hooper. They are mainly on a friendly basis - SH

Mr. Holmes you quite literally trusted her with your life. I hardly believe that I am mislead or mistaken in that matter. I may also point out your uneasiness towards her choices in terms of her companions in love...-IA

I merely wanted her to save time and spare her the pain of breaking up. I can't have her looming around, whining about her lost love interests. I worked hard to turn her into a reliable associate - SH

Oh Mr. Holmes...kiss her already you brilliant fool. You make remarks about her lips so they must be quite an interest of yours right? - IA

They are not - SH

Yet you seem to notice the lack of lipstick - IA

Hardly observing - SH

I dare you to consult an experiment - IA

I don't play games nor i consult experiments that obviously seem to lack basic theory - SH

So you're afraid that she will deny you? - IA

That's it you insufferable woman! So be it! The game is on! - SH

Good luck Mr. Holmes - IA