AND WE ARE DONE! thankyou so much to everyone who took the time to read/ review etc. It was honestly so much fun to write. Also i just couldn't resist ending it like that ;) Until next time xxxx

Nick left the club a half hour after he didn't get a text back from Jess.

Creeping through the doors of his mum's house, he scanned the living room for her but he couldn't see her. He knew it was dumb, what he had sent her. She was just trying to have some fun but of course he had to stick his big foot in it and make it all about how he wasn't good enough for her.

Bonnie was quick to notice Nick's return. In all honesty, she had been waiting for it since the moment she saw Jess's mood change.

Nick avoided the suspicious looks he was getting as he made his way upstairs, clearing his throat and mentally rehearsing what he was going to say to her.

"Jess…" His voice was barely above a whisper as he pushed the door open.

"Jess." He repeated a little louder and more stressed out when he looked around the room to see her bag had gone and her charger was gone and, who was he kidding, her whole aura had left the room.

Turning around to see his mum standing at the door behind him, the worry started to set in.

"Ma, please tell me she hasn't left?" His voice was weak and pleading and it broke his mum's heart to see what the two of them did to each other.

"I'll tell you where she is Nick. But you gotta promise me something –" Bonnie was interrupted by a very distressed yet confident sounding Nick.

"Ma, I swear, I'm gonna tell her. I'm gonna tell her everything." Bonnie nodded with a soft smile as she pulled him in for a hug.

"Oh and Nick?" She pulled back and reached into her pocket.

"Take this. Maybe not tonight, but soon, okay?" She handed him a little navy box and rubbed her hand down his cheek.

He starred down towards the box for a moment before looking back up to his mum.

"I promise, ma." He leaned in and kissed her cheek before heading off down the stairs.

"And Nick…" He turned around again, thinking what else could she possibly have for him.

"She's at Joey's place on the corner… You know, in case you wanted to actually find her?"

He decided that running was his best form of transport, seeing as the hotel wasn't far down the street and also that he truly did feel like he was the star of a real life romantic comedy.

By the time he reached the old building, his hair was even messier than before and his navy button up was looking all ragged and untucked from his pants. Definitely a rom com, he thought as he straightened his collar and walked inside to the reception desk.

Jess was wrapped in the way-too-clean-to-be-comfortable sheets with her headphones blaring Taylor Swift at an unhealthily loud volume.

Between her iPod and the sound of her sobbing, she failed to hear her phone ringing until it was on its last ring. Noting Nick's name on the screen she quickly accepted the call, giving in to that last glimmer of hope that he was going to tell her what was on his mind.

She held the phone to her ear hesitantly but he wasn't talking to her, he was having a conversation with someone else.

"Look I've tried to call her, see, she's not picking up. Please, please just let me fucking go up there." His voice sounded so desperate and it killed her to hear it, but she couldn't hang up now.

"Sir, I'm sorry but you're going to have to wait till the morning. Ms Day is due to check out at 9am so maybe stop by then."

She heard him take a deep breath and recollect himself before he tried with the lady at the desk one more time.

"I gotta tell my bestfriend I'm in love with her." His voice sounded defeated and her sobs got louder at the silence that followed.

That was it. That was all she needed to hear.

Hanging up the phone she ran to the balcony of her room, perfect timing as she saw him leaving the building.

"Nick!" She cried and he froze instantly. Turning to look a couple of floors up where she stood looking as fragile as him.

"Jess, how did you..?"

"Just wait there ok?" They both yelled in synchronisation.

Nick sprinted straight passed the reception desk and into an open elevator, completely ignoring the concerned yelling coming from the receptionist.

Frantically pressing the down arrow a few stories above was Jess, begging the button as if that was going to make it move quicker.

Suddenly, the doors opened and a silence fell upon the both of them.

"Hey Miller…" Jess finally pent up the courage to speak.

"Hey." Nick couldn't help the smile that came over his lips as he stepped outside of the elevator towards her.

"I'm really sorry, Jess." Was the only words he could spit out as he took in her tear covered face.

A smile fell on her lips as she let out sigh.

"Seriously, Jess, I'm the worst man alive and I know you deserve so much bet-"

"Nick!" Jess was quick to cut him off. "I swear to God, I can't take this crap anymore. Tell me you love me right now." The pain she was feeling was being poured into every word and it was breaking him down faster and faster everytime.

"Jessica Day –" Nick took a deep breath as a rush of courage took over him. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her and there seemed to be only one way. "Will you marry me?"

"What?" Jess's whole face changed as she stared at him in complete shock.

"Oh yeh, sorry.. hang on." He reached into his pocket as he went down onto one knee.

"Jess, I have loved you since the minute you walked through those stupid doors. And it sounds dumb and cliché and so NOT Nick Miller, but if there is one thing I have never been more sure of, it's that I want to spend the rest of my life with you." His voice was shaky with nerves but he knew he was doing the right thing so it didn't stop him.

Her hands shot to her face as her pyjama clad body seemed to shrink in size.

"Jess…" He stood up and pulled her hands from her face. "I'm SO sorry, Jess, I just, I don't know…" He began to fumble with words until her eyes met him and she started nodding like a crazy person.

"I love you so much, Nick Miller and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."