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Snow rushed down to meet the ground, the winds howling angrily through the trees and over the lake, which was frozen solid. Jamie huddled his hands under his armpits as he starred up into the storm, his breath turning to mist in front of him.

Cupping his hands to his mouth he shouted. "Jack! Jack, I know you're there! Come down already!" He muttered something under his breath, the cold had numbed his being a long time ago.

A snow ball hit him from behind, followed by a laughter. Jamie whined, turning around to face the winter spirit.

"Really Jack? Now? Its freezing!"

The winter spirit grinned a wild grin, testing his newly formed snowball in his pale hand. "I told you to wear warm cloths this weekend. And a snowball fight in a storm is, fun! You can be stealthy and sneak behind others and attack them unaware, just like I did to you!" Jack laughed tossing the snowball in the air, but toppled over as a lone snowball pelted him from behind.

Looking behind him Jack's surprise face turned into a huge grin as Sophie, Jamie's seven-year-old sister readied another snowball. "Yeah, it's on!" Jack quickly created a new snowball and pelted Sophie in snowballs, her screams of laughter was muffled under the snow. She threw her second snowball but failed epically and it split open as it hit the ground.

"Sophie, what are you doing here? Ma told you to stay indoors." Jamie told her off as she wiped the snow off her. She glared at her bigger brother and crossed her arms.

"That didn't stop you."

"Give her a break Jamie." Jack landed softly between the two, smiling. "Don't be a party pooper."

"Yeah, party pooper." Sophie added, teasingly.

Jamie eyes narrowed, smiling slowly. "Oh, I show you a party pooper." He launched forward, grabbing a handful of snow, and dumped it in her hoody and pulled it over her head, Sophie screeching from the cold. Jack called the winds to him and blew the freshly fallen snow over the two. The two laughed, and quickly creating snowballs and threw them towards Jack.

Jack ducked under the thrown balls and laughed, his blue eyes sparkling. He twirled his staff over the ground, creating new snowball for the two kids and skated around the two siblings, throwing his own snowballs, and dodging theirs.

The snowball fight lasted long into the storm, until the two humans slumped down into the snow, exhausted, causing Jack to whine. "Jack, we can't keep going. I'm beat."

"Yeah, we're not immortals." Sophie added, her eyes still sparkling from all the fun.

"Ok, fine." Jack muttered and then perked up and created a throne out of ice in front of the two, and sat down with one leg over the arm of the throne. "At least we had fun!"

"Yeah, though, ma is going to kill us." Jamie groaned, dropping his brown hair back into the snow.

Jack smiled cheekily. "I've died already, and it turned out alright."

Jamie and Sophie chuffed at that, their smiles slowly dying as weariness started to show. Jack glanced above them, and mentally calmed the storm around them. Slowly the clouds parted, and slowly showed the face of the moon shinning down. Jack beamed when he saw it, and he felt the Man in the Moon's stare.

He frowned, his smile slipping. Something was wrong.

"Guys, you should get home." Jack told them without looking. They nodded behind him and pushed themselves up.

"Thanks Jack for tonight. It was really fun!" Sophie thanked him and quickly ran into the forest, but Jamie hesitated when he saw how tense Jack was.

"Jack? Is everything ok?"

Jack glanced towards him, shrugging. "Dunno. Probably Guardian business." Jamie nodded with a weary smile and followed his sister and left Jack to stare at the moon.

A rumble behind him cause Jack to look, and a hole opened up in the ground and a giant rabbit head popped up, glaring around till he saw Jack, his glare brightening.

"Oh, come on mate! Why do you have to make it so cold?" Bunny asked angrily, hopping out of his hole. Jack turned to face the follow Guardian.

"Hey ya, Kangaroo. What's got your ears in a knot?" He grinned cheekily as the Easter Bunny growled at him.

"North wants us in the North Pole… another cold place. Like right now." Bunny gestured to his bunny-hole, and Jack wallowed over and glanced down the hole.

"Oh no… not the 'bunny hole'. It's awful." He said with fake horror, which went unnoticed by the giant bunny. Grinning wildly, he placed a paw on Jack's shoulder.

"I'll try to make it as smooth as silk, mate."

Jack looked up him. "Really, Bunny? You would? Oh, that means so much to me-" Jack reached out to the rabbit, attempting to give him a hug but the rabbit quickly pushed Jack in the hole and followed behind him. The hole closed above them, and Bunny made sure to create the worst loopy-loops and drops that he could create, Jack squealing ahead of him.

The tunnel swerved upwards, sending Jack up and out of the tunnel and into the air in the Globe Room at the North Pole. The wind caught Jack and slowly drifted him down beside Bunny, who looked chuffed with himself.

"Was that smooth enough for ya, Jack?"

"That was… Awesome! The loops were my favourite part of the journey!" Jack said bouncing excitedly, and Bunny sighed, face-palming.

"Why did I even try, mate?"

"Jack!" A voice called out, and Toothiana rushed to him and hung off him from his neck. "It's good to see you again Jack!"

"You too, Tooth-" He was cut off as the Tooth Fairy pulled his lips apart.

"Shut up Jack! So I can have a look. Ah, they still white as ever! What type of toothpaste do you use, I need to get it into mass production."

Jack chuckled, pulling Tooth finger's out of his mouth. "It's all naturel Tooth."

Bunny groaned at that and Tooth stared dreamily at Jack's white pearl teeth. A giant of a man, wearing a red coat with fur trim that covered his large round body strode towards them, with two yetis behind him. A small golden man floated beside him, and both looking concerned. Even the yetis behind them.

The golden man glanced up at Jack and waved, rushing towards him, and landed in front of him.

"Hello Sandy. How are you?" Jack kneeled, and Sandman quickly conjured images above his hair and Jack smiled. "That's great Sandy."

"Jack…" Jack glanced up at Santa Claus, pushing himself up with his staff. "Thank you for coming Jack, Bunny. Tooth, I apologize for calling you out of you're busy schedule." North apologized, scratching his large beard.

Toothiana floated towards him, her wings flapping rapidly like a humming bird. "It's alright North, my fairies are still working on collecting the teeth-" Tooth started, but froze and quickly turned to her fairies, which looked like mini-versions of herself and started chatting rapidly to them. After giving them instructions she turned back to North. "Sorry. What did you want to see us about North?"

"Yeah, there's loads of eggs to paint for Easter. There more eggs than your lame presents, mate." Bunny pointed out, causing Santa to roll his eyes.

"There might be more eggs, Bunny, but-" He started but Sandy lifted a bell out under his pocket, a gift from North last Christmas, and rang it furiously as he glared at North and Bunny, a tired expression written on his face. The two glanced at their small friend, and North nodded at him.

"Thank you, Sandy. I called you here today, for a special reason."

"North, what's wrong?" Tooth asked worriedly, noticing North's slight hesitation.

Jack glanced at North, chuckling. "Whatever it was, it wasn't me. The only thing I did was freezing the stable."

North's eyes narrowed, pointing at him slowly. "That… was you?" Jack chuckled nervously, shrugging.

"North mate… What's wrong?" Bunny asked, rolling his eyeballs.

"A World Jumper has been stolen." North stated simply, and the two other Guardians stared at him. "How?" Tooth asked, fluting towards him.

"A better question is… who?" Bunny asked, glaring at him. "One of the other spirits?"

Sandy lifted his hand up, black sand smuggling it. Dream dust above his head formed an image of a tall, lean figure.

"Pitch Black? How?" Tooth asked worriedly. "I thought he was too weak."

"How is Pitch out of the shadows?" Jack asked, flexing his fingers around his staff. "He was defeated."

"I don't know." North admitted, pulling a cookie under his coat and nibbled it and scrunched his face. "This cookie is bad. Who made naughty cookies?"

"North…" Jack asked, getting the large Russian attention. "What's a Jumping thingy?"

"A World Jumper, Jack, not a Jumping thingy." The Russian muttered as he lead the Guardians down a well-lit tunnel under North's workshop. "It's a device that Manny gave us in our early days as Guardians. It allow us to open portal to other worlds, where we could spread our dreams and hopes where they had little."

"Other worlds? Like, other worlds?" Jack asked. The five guardians reached the end of the tunnel, where a wooden door was jammed shut, with locking mechanisms and knobs.

North sighed, twisting the knobs. The locking mechanisms started to move, slowly unlocking the door.

"Yes Jack, other worlds. Our world isn't the only world. There's are many worlds full of wonders and memories, all waiting to be unlocked. Unfortunately, they were also full of dangers." He pushed the door open to reveal a round room with mirrors at different angles aligning the walls, a short pillar implanted in the middle the room. Above the pillar was a round shaft, and Jack could hear the cold winds high above them through it. To the side a extinguished torch was fixed into the wall.

"Unfortunately, the torch was extinguished a while back, so he was able to come through the shadows." North explained as the other Guardian's filled the room, Sandy glaring silently at the black sand that was scattered around the floor like spilt salt. The five spirits surrounded the bare pillar, where the device once sat.

"Why would he want it?"

Bunny puffed, crossing his long furry arms, and scowled at Jack. "That's easy, mate. Fear. Some of those other worlds has some truly scary things."

"And people are terrified of things they can't understand." Tooth said, flapping around the empty pillar to fly beside Jack as she explained. "Imagine a small village, that is suddenly attacked by monsters of legends, or a fleet attacked by sea monsters. That's why we closed the portals. Because if Pitch had the World Jumper, he could bring an army of dragons to a world of peaceful fairies maybe, terrifying them."

"At the time, our world wasn't ready for forces like that to appear." North said. "And they will never really will be. That's why we closed the portals. It was too dangerous to leave portal's open where anything could enter or leave into another world."

"Ok, so just I can understand this." Jack held his hand out, thinking. "What you're saying is, there's other worlds out there. Could there be a world, I don't know…? Where I'm king?"

"Is that the only thing you got out of that?" Bunny growled, pulling his boomerang out and pointed it at Jack. "Listen close Frosty. Pitch Black is out there, havocking other worlds and gaining strength while you're wondering if you're king in another world?!"

"Bunny! Wait!" Tooth rushed in front the giant rabbit, trying to calming him.

Rays of soft light shone down the shaft above the pillar causing everyone peer up it and they saw the face of the moon, looked down at them.

"Manny…" North welcomed the guardian, and Manny's light expanded and shone on one of the mirrors. An image of Pitch formed on the mirror with a small orb in his hand, a portal swirling behind him.

"Pitch has already opened a portal." Tooth fluttered to mirror and Manny made Pitch's head nod.

"Well that's that then." Bunny muttered angrily. "We can't follow him now can we." He said simply not as a question.

The image of Pitch faded and was replaced with an image of Jack, causing Jake to gape. "Is that what I look like?" He asked, as he fixed his hair and smiled, nodding. Bunny rolled his eyes.

The image of Jack smiled, moving his hand towards the mirror which held a similar orb to the one Pitch had before. Tooth gasped and shot back behind North as Jack's hand phased out the mirror, his hand holding the orb tightly.

North eyes shone and he quickly moved to the mirror to grab the orb. The hand retreated, orb in hand. North looked puzzledly at the image of Jack who grinned cheekily, surprisingly similar to the real thing.

"Jack Frost." Manny whispered through the mirror. Everyone glanced to Jack, who stared at the mirror before stepping up to it. North moved back, still puzzled and watched.

Jack stood in front of the mirror, and his reflection hand moved out again and dropped the orb in Jack's waiting hand. Frost crept up around the orb as he tightened his fingers around it.

"You must go alone Jack." The reflection spoke softly, Jack looked up at him in surprise.


"The others must stay and protect this world. You must stop Pitch before he destroys the dreams of all the children of all the worlds." Manny whispered to him, before his light retreated, leaving the Guardians alone.

"Jack?" North asked, stepping next to the teenager. "What did he say?"

Jack turned to face him. "He said I need to go alone. I think this is a, replica of the World Jumper?"

North nodded, his brows furrowed. "Yah, it's a replica. I thought there was only one…"

"Why only you, Frosty?" Bunny asked, his arms crossed again.

"We need to stay." Tooth told Bunny, and then fluttered to next to Jack. "To protect this one, right Jack?" Jack nodded, smiling and Tooth drew close to him and hugged him tightly. "Be careful Jack." She whispered in his ear.

"But that's no fun…" He teased, only to be punched in the arm. He stepped back, holding his bruised arm. "Ow! What was that for?"

"I mean it Jack. If you die, we'll be weaker and won't be able to keep Pitch back. So be careful." She scolded him.

"And while you're away, I'll make sure the kids are having fun." North rubbed his hands gleefully, eyes sparkling. "Mother Nature can keep the storms running while you're out too."

"At least she doesn't over freeze the place." Bunny muttered.

"Thanks North." Jack said, but then was taken back as a small fairy fluttered in front of his face. The small fairy chattered rapidly in his face.

"Baby Tooth! What are you doing?" Tooth asked, cupping the little fairy in her hands gently. Baby Tooth twittered quickly to her, and both fairies glanced to Jack expectantly.

"Jack? Do you mind her coming with you?" Tooth asked, Baby Tooth leaned toward Jack hopefully in Tooth's hands.

"Do want to come Baby Tooth?" The fairy nodded eagerly. "Ok, sure. It'll be fun!" Jack laughed as Baby Tooth rushed to him, rubbing herself against his cheek. "I'll enjoy a familiar face."

Tooth watched worriedly. "Take care of her Jack."

"Don't worry, I will." Jack said as she snuggled herself in his hoodie, and glanced over his shoulder at her mistress, quickly comforting her. Tooth smiled at her as Jack glance down at the silver orb then to North, puzzled.

"Hey North?" North raised his eyebrows, humming. "How does this work?"

"Oh! You throw it, and it'll throw you into the next world next to ours." He answered, shrugging nervously. Bunny groaned, as Tooth visibly shivered.

"Ugh, I hated that world." Bunny muttered to Tooth. She nodded, sending another worried glance at Baby Tooth.

"The portal will close behind when you passed through it…" North continued to explain it to him. "And be careful, you don't know where it will portal you to."

Jack nodded, smiling. Glancing over his shoulder, Baby Tooth squealed.

"Ready Baby Tooth? Let's go!" Jack threw the silver orb into the mirror, and a portal appeared swirling before them. Jack laughed as he stepped back for a run up and then jumped through with the wind behind him. Jack yelled as snowflakes twirling behind him and lights flashed past him. And Finally, he launched through the portal, wind still behind him and sent him smashing into a trunk.

Baby Tooth squealed and fluttered out of his hoodie as Jack dropped back, the wind dying as he groaned. The portal shut with a snap behind him and the World Jumper dropped from where the portal was, landing softly in the grass. The wind helped Jack back onto his feet and Jack leaned against his staff, his free hand rubbing his forehead.

"Ouch… ok, no fly through portals. Lesson learnt." He grumbled and glanced around him at the forest before grabbing the orb. "Where are we Baby Tooth?"

The little fairy shrugged, fluttering around him before flying up above the trees. Jack twirled his staff and followed her, the large pine trees falling behind him. Popping above the trees Jack glanced around at the rough terrain, and the mountains behind the forest.

"Huh… I thought other worlds would look more… different." Jack shrugged, the wind feeling cold in his face. "I would say we're up in the northern region. Nearly winter!" Jack shouted excitedly, sniffing the air.

Baby Tooth twittered curiously, fluttering to him. Jack glance to the small feathery Fairy and held his hand out for her to land on it.

"Smell the wind Baby Tooth! It's in the air! I can feel it!" Jack heaved a large air full of air, Baby Tooth mimicking him.

A dark beast rushed past him causing the two stumble on the wind, dropping them a few feet as more large beasts flew past. Jack stared at them fearfully as Baby Tooth flew into his pocket in his jumper.

"Fire, breathing…. Dragons…"

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