Hello there!

It's been so long! I hope you all been good and somehow manage to survive Covid (I have no idea how I did...) but I've been busy with studying 3d Animation as well just starting a job so I've been a bit out of it since my last major update. Sorry for the long disappearing act, but I'm keen to get back into writing again as well as finish some one-shot of my favorite Fandoms.

So my plan is to write as much as I can each week between work and study, and update you guys whenever a chapter is finish and proofed-read by myself. I want this activity to be a fun outlet among my busy lifestyle of work, study, 3D practice, social life, etc. So sorry if you expect weekly updates or whatever, but thats unlikely to happen unless I get a burst of writing done.

I'll be working on finishing my Miraculous fanfic, Break it Down, Butterfly, which feels a bit weird as I started it before we learned the Peacock's power, so its kinda of my own version of Miraculous now. I'll also be rereading The Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: The Rise, as its been so long since my last update that I feel that I've forgotten some plot hooks, so I'll be editing from the start and rereleasing as a multi-series, so Jack's first adventure with Hiccup at the beginning will be its own book followed by another book with Merida. Along with theses' updates, I'm planning to write some shorts that I'll use as writing-breaks between Fanfictions and as a writing exercise.

So recap;

I'm Alive!

Working on finishing Break it Down, Butterfly and rereleasing The Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: The Riseas a series of books instead of one large book.

I'll be writing a bunch of mini-shorts or oneshots for fun so keep an eye out for those

I'll updating whenever I finish a chapter, there is no release dates for updates.

Keen to get back into writing and hear from all of you. Thank you for all your support during theses past few years, even if it was just a comment, I love reading each one!