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Look what Dad just bought!

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Oh ho!

You know, I don't think I've ever been kissed under mistletoe.

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What!? I will fix that at the first opportunity.

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Just two more flights!

Zuko's arrival did not lead to kisses under mistletoe, in part because his plane had a minor attendants-stuck-in-traffic delay, and also because it was three hours from the airport to Katara's family home.

Oh, and Zuko fell asleep on the drive even with Katara enthusiastically singing along to The Decemberists.

Her family quickly packed him off to bed when they landed. The morning was spent with breakfast, learning to place everything, keeping a dog underfoot and utterly charmed, and making coffee despite protests that he's the guest.

When Katara runs out for more groceries, and invites him along, he doesn't think anything of it when she steals a quick kiss in the foyer.

He misses her, missed her, so he steals his own kisses at the store - careful no one can see them and be annoyed.

The next day, the whole family gathers to pick out a tree - except the dog, of course, and Katara almost forgets her gloves, leaving Zuko standing in the foyer confused when she runs off but her grandmother smirks walking out to the car.

Katara appears in a cloud of blue, gloves in hand, and kisses him again in the foyer.

Having already been thoroughly welcomed, he can't help letting slip a, "What was that one for?"

Katara's grin widens. "It's tradition," and her eyes flick upwards.

"The mistletoe has been there the whole time? I got my first mistletoe kiss and didn't even know!"

She kisses him again, and then hurries out the door before Sokka can investigate. Zuko follows at a more sedate pace, keeping his stupid smile to himself. This holiday season will be fantastic, and it's not even Christmas yet.