"Hey, wake up."


"Seriously, wake up."

Katara burrowed deeper into the crook of Zuko's arm. "No."

"It's almost midnight!"

"s'nothing special about midnight."

He unmuted the small television playing across the room. The sudden noise disoriented Katara, but she quickly processed and realized the countdown to the new year was about to begin.

"s'dumb. My dad always celebrates the New Year on Irish time, at nice, respectable, seven pm, and then we play board games until we pass out."

As someone way too perky on their screen shouted "ten," Zuko pushed Katara up to look in her eyes. "Do you not want to?"

She blinked, bleary from sleep, and shook her head. "I always want to kiss you. But honestly, this whole tradition seems a bit silly for a totally arbitrary date decision-"

He kisses her, softly, as the buzzer sounds, smiling into her lips as she melts into his. It's sleepy, and quiet, and everything their existence together has been once they got a handle on the "together" thing.

She sighs as she sinks back into the crook of his arm. She'll be asleep soon enough, so his picks his book back up.

They say that you have in hand when the New Year comes is what you'll have more of in the coming one - or maybe he just read that online in a cartoon about animals.

Either way, if the new year is full of peace, full of Katara, then he will be most content.

A/N: May you all have peace in the coming year, and deep-abiding joy.