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Prologue – The Shard

The Allspark.

Always the Allspark.

The only easiest way to create more cybertronians, and he destroyed it.

Well, not really.

Sam had used the Allspark to destroy Megatron, only for it to show up in his jacket in pieces. A single shard, and it led to the revival of Megatron.

Now Sam had his own shard, one that made his home appliance Minicons and is very dangerous in itself.

Running into the forest was a bad idea.

Well he had to, considering that every Con known to Earth was chasing him for that specific Shard.

"GIVE US THE SHARD!" roared Megatron stomping over organic nuisances called the BUSH.

"NEVER!" Sam hastened his feet, swiftly swerving past the huge servos of Barricade.

Oh he had learned some cybertronian biology, like how their spark is their very soul.

Back to the current situation, Sam had hastened his feet, but in doing so had made his pace unstable, which means Karma is going to trip him.

But not now, as Sam took a big stick of a fallen tree and forcefully smacked it into the face of Ravage.

Now with Ravage he knew Soundwave is nearby, and with Soundwave is more minicons like Frenzy.

His assumptions were true as a long cable almost,


caught him but he swiftly jumped over it.

They started to smash through trees to reach him.

"Why do they want the shard so much, its not like it can create big cybertronians anymore"

That made his long lasting mistake apparent as he tripped on a uprooted root, slamming face first into the gravel and dirt.

When he was disoriented, he felt something, and it was,


That was when he realized that the Allspark shard's sharp point had embedded itself deep into his body.

Even worse, all the Decepticons including Starscream had surrounded him.

Worst of all, he had ran away with the Autobots far behind, how, he didn't know.

And the feeling of floating hit him as Megatron had picked him up with his digits, as if holding him in his servos were too disgusting.

"Well well, little squishy fell down hard hmm? That's too bad, now, Sam Witwicky?" the smug (ugly) face of Megatron with his deep blood red optics stared at him.

"If you guys think you can take the shard, think again"

It might had been the blood loss making him delirious, but he didn't care, the adrenaline in his body was all time high.

That was when he felt it, a soothing heat from where the shard lodged itself deep into him, causing him to sigh in relief.

"Whats making you feel good human, when your death is near?"

"I don't know, just felt good… Haha"

Then the brightest flash of blue white light engulfed his vision, but he can still somewhat see these balls of light, the sparks of the Decepticons.

Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Barricade, Shockwave, Frenzy and Ravage, he could see their sparks.

One by one they started to disappear, but he felt as if something was shoved into his being, overfilling him as he felt too full. He felt like bursting.

He realized, their sparks is being absorbed into himself...

He started panicking, trashing about the void of light.

His hand stopped responding to him, jerking as if it had a mind of its own, next his legs, and his body all of it stopped responding, jerking in a manner that shows discomfort and confusion.

Then he blacked out.

Heya ChronoSeth here I'm sorry for posting a rewrite of Mind Games by District X since it was left all abandoned by the writer or something. I decided to write a new one that is more logical and realistic or something. Not that I don't like Mind Games but I like the fact that the Cons can modify his genetics. Now Sam Witwicky will be transformed, and it may or may not spell his downfall.