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It had been an hour that he had been examined by the Autobots, and the Decepticons had made their displeasure very apparent.

By a very irritated Sam Witwicky.

"It should be done now Sam, you can go home now, if you do want to" Ratchet gave a nod and left Sam to his own devices, which meant the Cons'.

"Bee, I'm tired, can I go home now?" Bee' came forward, plucked Sam off the berth and transformed with Sam inside and drove off out of the base.

The base location was not even compromised as the Autobots had Sam promise to close his eyes when he left base, allowing the Cons' no sight of where they are till they at least reach home.

"Bumblebee, thanks for sending me home okay? Bye!" as Bee' drove off.

Upon entering the house he was bombarded with questions from none other than Judy and Ron Witwicky.

"Sam! I heard from the principle that you beat up Trent. Why?" She had asked and Sam sweated.

They didn't know his condition yet so now he is in deep trouble.

The glare from his dad isn't very helpful.

"I raised you to be a good man, why punch someone?" She asked again, and the Cons' suddenly gave some choices for him to take.

"Tell her its your bully and you decided to fight back!" Shockwave told Sam, and he recited it.

"Well, I don't like you doing that Sammy-kins, so please stop okay?" with that she left for the kitchen.

Ron came forward with glare still intact when it turned into a grin.

"Decided to become a man yep? Good!" He walked away with Sam confused.

"Okay guys, I have to know you guys won't do that again." Sam as worried by how much control he lost when Trent struck.

He didn't want to do that again.

Also is he getting taller?

"Is this you guys doing?" Sam asked, equally perplexed at how he had gained some inches from the past days.

"It shouldn't be, as we are simple prisoners." Starscream snarky response.

"It is not possible that simply hosting a spark means genetic reconfiguration, it might be that but we must wait further." Shockwave responded, then the hum of Soundwave thinking and telepathically influencing the technology in the room.

Soundwave after a few months in Sam's head had found out he could still affect tech to a degree.

"Okay, I'm tired, and I want to sleep. If, by any chance you take over I'm telling the Bots'.

"Fine…" It was Megatron.

At the next day Sam was more shocked now.

He had disregarded how his eyes colored brown and a bit rusty, now he can't deny it.

His eyes glowed red.

Rusty red, almost undistinguishable from brown.

But it glowed.

Quickly calling Bumblebee he needed to head for the base.

"It is worrying, the genetics of your body is changing." Ratchet had surmised from scans, the genetic sequence of the previous scan and the current scan had changed so much.

The worried pacing of Bumblebee and the others are making Sam stressed.

"It seems hosting several sparks does have a profound effect on the human genetics hosting them." Ratchet then prodded him with a thingy.

Optimus chose this time to face up.

"Sam, do not worry as we are doing what we can to figure this out, the Matrix is pulsing to not worry, but I cannot do so." Optimus then gave an assuring nod to him.

"Sam, I need to talk to Ratchet." Shockwave asked.

"Ratchet, Shockwave wants to talk to you." Sam said, and waited for the nod.

He did.

With that Sam reluctantly faded into the background, only allowing Shockwave to surface.

Glowing red eyes snapped open.

Sam woke up groggy, his throat sore from probably too much talking.

"Sam, I have discussed with Ratchet, the changes seem to take the route of the most prominent 'genetic' we have. Your height seems to be taken from Megatron himself, as he is the tallest here." Shockwave explained everything to Sam, at how the changes will progress.

"So, what will change with me?" Sam asked, dreading the answer.

"For starters, Megatron had given his height, probably his frame as well, which means you would be getting big." Megatron interfered.

"You've been getting bolder too, seems my personality is rubbing off you."

A bit of anger pulled through and Sam mentally slapped him.


Realizing what he had done, he apologized, reluctantly.

"Starscream's pride, great…" Megatron sighed.

An indignant "HEY!" from the aforementioned broke the discussion.

"As I said, Starscream might give you flexibility, as most Vosian do have, and I would give you better mental functionality. Logically you would be the smartest human on the planet, as your processing centers and logic centers will be modified by my 'genetics'." Shockwave continued on.

"From Barricade you might be getting his strength, by how he seems to flaunt it. Soundwave is a telepath, your mental capacity will be augmented. Frenzy and Ravage, their speed and agility."

"Yeah! We are fast!" Ravage and Frenzy ran around his head. He could feel it.

"Okay, I might get that, and also I seem to remember that personality thing. I don't want to be a Decepticon." Sam remarked.

"Why? You do make a good Decepticon now." Megatron said, obviously coaxing him.

"Nope. By thought and what Shockwave said I will make use of them, but I won't use them to do evil. I want to be an Autobot."

Groans of misery and some disgust were heard.

"Autoscums, even after months in here I still can't stand them" Starscream then went on a tirade.

"Sam, do shut Starscream up" Shockwave asked him.

And without a conscious thought Sam made Starscream mute.

Without giving Sam to hear his thoughts, Shockwave thought.

"It seems the change has sped up…"

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I can see Megatron's personality there!

"Shut UP!"