Hi everybody ! This story is already written and even published but in french. I love challenge, so I decided to try it this time in English. This is a real challenge because I really do not speak English well. I have made a lot of progress to understand it especially through all your fics that I read assiduously but I make many errors of grammar, conjugation, spelling and vocabulary. I really need a beta so if a good soul takes pity on me ... I'm looking for someone who could correct me. I hope that you will still be able to understand and appreciate and that you will be indulgent. I wish you a good reading.

Chapter 1 : Can people really change ?

Veronica was lying on a bed, dressed in a pastel blue overalls and a pale pink tank top, a book of chemistry on the knees. A noisy sound made her jump.

- Missed !

- Lilly ? asked Veronica.

- Nothing, just a roach, answered the other blond.

- He has the right to live.

- Veronica Mars, would you have suddenly become a lawyer of the roaches of Neptune ?

Without making any noise, Lilly knelt on the carpet and seized the beast in her hands. She got up and stretched out next to her best friend, who was lost in her homework on the bed. Discreetly, she put the roach on the shorts of Veronica overalls. With an ingenuous smile, Lilly pressed her head on her arm, closed her eyes and waited. A few seconds later, a blonde screamed, falling from the bed with an abrupt gesture, taking with her the book, her homework and the cooling tea lying on the bedside table.

- Ahhhhhh ! That filthy beast ! One hour of lost work.

An angry Veronica grabed a shoe from the ground and the insect was killed savagely. The second blond, successful, could not help but say :

- Veronica Mars, roach exterminator !

- End of the flashback-

- Missed !

The crowd gathered around the stadium, children ran followed by parents anxious to lose them. The loudspeakers spat out strident comments. Odors of popcorn and hot dog mingled strangely with this memory. Shaking her head and a slight smile on her lips, Veroninca made a second attempt.

A brown and tall man with square shoulders, pushed by the flow of spectators entering through one of the stadium gates, struck a young woman rozen in space with eyes riveted to the ground. At first surprised, he was ready to apologize but recognizing this face, he said :

- Veronica Mars ? New York roach exterminator ?

The blonde raised her head, she replied:

- After having sufficiently exterminated those of neptune, I decided to continue with those of New York.

- Not all of them, I think my parents have escaped your claws.

- And they are not the only ones. Casey Gant, It's good to see you again ! But what are you doing here?

- Luke ! He plays tonight, this is one of his last games for the Mets, he decided to hang up his gloves or I should say his bat. I came to support him.

- Luke, Luke Hadelman ?

- Go pirates !

- I did not even know he was playing here.

- You have not kept close links with Neptune High ?

- Very little. I don't know if you remember Mac and Wallace ?

- Vaguely, we didn't run in the same circles.

- Once a 09er, always a 09er !

- Ah ! The good old days ...

Lost in thought and not knowing what to do with this last reply, Veronica didn't hear her father arrive.

- Casey Gant.

- Mr Mars.

The two men said, shaking hands.

- How is Gant publishing these days?

- Pretty good, a lot of work and travel but the cost is worth it, I'm really happy with my job, now.

- And your parents ?

- They live in San Diego and I'm staying in LA. I pay them an annuity each month and they let me run the business as I see fit. Veronica, we should stay in touch. I stay a week in New York, here is my card call me ... A dinner maybe ?

- I'll think about it.

- Good bye and let's go Dodgers !

- That's not what your T-shirt says, she replied amused.

- Shush ! The T-shirt is for Luke, but my heart stays in LA, call me ! He mimed with a gesture from his hand to his ear, disappearing in the crowd.

- I really like this man, you should call him.

Stunned, Veronica stared at her father, then replied :

- Is there anything in the water of New York or would my father try to push me into the arms of LA's greatest womanizer ?

- Honey, he loves the Dodgers, and people change ...

Arm in arm, father and daughter walked to the stands taking the stairs.

VVO (Veronica voice-over) : Do people really change? Can we really change? The answer seems easy ... Have I changed? I'm not the same anymore, I'm ... wiser, more mature, more thoughtful, more serene, more studious, more attentive, more balanced, more reliable ...

So yes, I've changed a bit. A few years ago, a teacher told me never to use "a bit" in a writing." Do not try to hide , no euphemism, show me yourself !" (Veronica Mars 1.0 of course). Okay, I confess I changed, total U-turn, and without looking into the mirror. But change is for the better, isn't it ?


The next day, in a room at the airport, Keith a suitcase in his hand :

- It was so good to see you again, and thank you for your gift.

- You know me a match between the Mets and the Dodgers ... I just can't help myself.

- Ah! My daughter a New Yorker student, future big firm lawyer. Take care of you, and thank Celine for her "veal blanquette", delicious!

- I certainly will do.

- With a cook like her, I know at least that you will not starve with your nose in your books.

- No risk ! Greet Wallace from me, don't forget to give him his snickersdoodle box, one for him and one for you.

- Goodbye daughter of mine, I love you !

- Love you to dad. I'll miss you. I will try to come for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

- When you want, the sooner the better.

A kiss on the forehead and he is gone. Suddenly he turned and added :

- Call Casey.


A few hours later, in a small apartment.

- Sad and tired?

- I still have a heavy heart when I see him leave, but this week with him ... It was refreshing, It takes little vacation and It's nice to be able to share with him some snatches of my life here. But Mars Investigations needs its leader and money does not grow on trees ... Besides, he thanks you for your blanquette, he is reassured to know that someone is there to feed me.

- Ice-cream ?

- No, thank you, I have eaten enough waiting for you. I expect an Hyperglycemic crisis.

- Then I have what you need!

Her roommate disappeared for a few minutes, then returned with loaded arms.

- Celine, what is this crate?

- A gift from my dear father. Show time : a bottle of "Pomerol", a great red wine, and cheese platter. Veronica, let me introduce you to the french comfort : mister "the camembert au lait cru" from Normandie, "un vieux Lille" in its orange crust, a slice of "morbier" recognizable with its blue ash border.

- And this pyramid ? Veronica interrupted her.

- "Du Valençay", tadam ! Let's not forget the glass of wine and here we are in heaven.

- Your paradise stinks !

- It comes from very far away.

- Talking about that, how did these raw milk cheeses arrive on this continent?

- It's my secret, if I told you I'd have to kill you.

- Do not forget that I was a PI in my crazy youth. I have ways of making you talk mademoiselle Vaquin.

- I can't really picture it ! An intrepid investigator ... you really must take me to Neptune, if Wallace hadn't told me, I wouldn't have believed it.

- Wallace has a big mouth.

- For my greatest pleasure !

- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, stop it, I don't want to hear more.

- Youuuuuuuuuuuu talked about it.

- Yes but figuratively, get me another glass of wine to erase this incestuous vision, he is like my brother.

- Be careful, 13 degrees of alcohol ...

- I'll take a bit of "Valençay", Veronica said imitating the French accent. I appreciate goat cheese eventually.

- There is a French proverb that says "Where the goat is tied, she must graze."

- What does it mean ?

- Veronica, have a little fun ! Since when you haven't had a date ? It's time to get back into the saddle, It's not only studies, appreciate life a little more. I dont't know, with this guy Piz for example, he is good-looking or with another one, whatever ...

- First my father, now you, does I look so desperate?

- Your father wants you to date someone ? Explain ...

- Nothing very important.

- But ...

- Okay, we met this guy at the stadium, a student from high school

- And ?

- He asked me out to dinner.

- Is he hot ?

- Yeah, kind of sort

- And ?

- He is ... charming but ambitious, rich, seducer, smooth talker.

- Perfect !

- Dangerous !

- You hit me on the nerves.

- Sorry ?

- You're appalling and depressing, just ... call him ! What do you have to lose ?

Veronica opened her mouth, closed it, reopened it, closed it again, not a sound came out.

- Exactly ! Nothing ...

- We'll see.

- Now, let's dance !

Celine turned on the radio, and for a few minutes, with the help of alcohol, Veronica forgot and began dancing and singing as in Lilly's time, the two girls laughed and decompressed. Standing on the sofa, the bottle as a microphone, finally the brunette and the blonde decided to take a break. The radio continued to rock the exchanges now more calm and futile, when the following words were heard:

"Holding my breath"

Veronica stood up and turned off the radio.

- You're definitely not a fan of Bonnie DeVille, whenever this song starts you changes station or drop the volume. Too bad, with her last album just released, she is still present in the media.

- I hate the sound of her voice. It's physical, I just can't !

- This girl is a genius, a little tortured for my taste but she is a good singer and composer. And I saw the pictures of her guy, totally HOT! A man like that, she should not be bored, enough to chase her black ideas.

And it was too much, Veronica clenched her jaw, took the direction of her room, made a simple gesture to take leave and slammed the door. She sank down on her bed, heard a simple "good night," the night was going to be long.

VVO (Veronica voice-over) : It's been almost eight years, Veronica, you've changed, you're not this teenager emotionally attached to Logan Echolls, you've got your life, he has his, then chase your memories and move on!


The week passed extremely fast, Veronica had sat for over three hours in the library and was reviewing her courses on intellectual property laws. Looking suddenly at her watch, she filled her bag with the various books and cards that stood on the table and got up to catch a bus as quickly as possible. Installed in a waiting room, she read nonchalantly old magazines. Again, Bonnie DeVille came to disturb her tranquility. Smiling, gorgeous posing on a red carpet on the arm of a seductive Logan Echolls. He had not changed so much, he had lost some roundness of youth, especially on the cheeks but he was still charismatic, muscular, self-assured. "Bonnie DeVille in love and successful" in title.

VVO : Well, I wish you all the happiness of the world.

A doctor interrupted this moment :

- Miss Mars, It's time for your vaccine, follow me, please.

As she walked out of the doctor's office, she walked past the waiting room and the famous photo still laughed at her. Neither one nor two, Veronica grabbed her cell phone and tapped the number that was on a card.

- Casey Gant !

- Hi Casey, It's Veronica.

- Nice to hear you, I waited and I almost lost hope that you call me.

- Sorry, I was busy, if your offer still holds, I would love to dine with you.

- Tonight I can't, I meet a writer whom I have been courting for more than six months. Tomorrow Saturday, I have a party, come with me !

- And what about sunday ?

- Too late, I'll be gone, my plane takes off, accompany me Saturday, we celebrate Luke's departure of the Mets, there will be people you know.

- I don't know if I really want to see them again, my memories of Neptune are not all happy.

- I will be there to support you and it is only one evening, they have matured for the most part and water has flowed under the bridges. You could be pleasantly surprised.

- You'd make a good lawyer.

- I try everything because a beautiful young woman is about to decline my invitation and I will not have the opportunity to see her again for several weeks. So what do you say?

- It's okay, you convinced me.

- Saturday evening 7 pm, dressed to impress. Send me a text message to find out where to pick you up.

- See you Saturday and thank you.

With a smile on her face, but still perplexed about the decision she had just made, Veronica took the bus back to her apartment.

- End of chapter 1 -

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