Saturday morning, days after returning to school for their sister Lola, Lori and Lincoln were inside of Vanzilla with Clyde and Carol. "How long until we get to the mall?" Carol asked with curiosity.

"Just a couple of minutes...If the idiot in front of us can hurry up." Lori said, having an annoyed look, honking her horn. "Come on! We have somewhere important to go!" She shouted at the car that was taking its time turning.

While this was happening, Lincoln looked at the viewers. "You may be wondering why Lori, Carol, Clyde and I are in Vanzilla. Well, an hour earlier, Lori suggested to me that we should go on a double date to the mall. You know, me with Carol, and her with Clyde." Just as he stopped the car finally turned with Lori giving a sigh.

"Finally." With that she smiled and stepped on the gas pedal, driving forward. "You're probably asking, "Lincoln what's wrong with your sister? Why does she want to get to the mall quick?" He picks up and points at a magazine. "There's a half-off sale going on at the mall todday. Lori's wants to buy somethings for herself and Carol, not just to wear, but to look nice if we ever go on another date again."

After he finished, the four of them began to drive into the parking lot of the mall before finding spot. "Okay, we're here." After announcing this to Clyde, Lincoln and Carol, the 4 began to unbuckle their seat belts before exiting the Van.

Inside the Mall

After entering, the began to look around noticing there weren't as many people as they were going to expect. "Huh? Usually, there's more people here." Clyde said which was on the other's minds right now as Lincoln shrugged. "I guess there's more people buying stuff at home than just going to the mall."

"That doesn't matter." Lori then holds Clyde's hand and tells him with a grin. "Come on Clyde. Let's go shopping." Clyde blushed a bit and followed Lori with hearts in his eyes. "S-Sure thing Lori." As they walk off Lori looks at Carol and Lincoln. "We'll meet later at the food court. Go and do whatever you're going to do."

Now that it was just them, Lincoln looked up at Carol. "So...Where do you wanna go?" She looks back at him and suggests with a smile. "Let's go to the beach supply store. Just in case we ever go to the beach or something."

"That's a good idea." Lincoln told Carol before they headed their way over to the store nearby. There they began to collect things they were going to need for the beach like sunscreen, beach towels, and a basket cooler for food and beverages. Carol however was planning to more than that.

Spotting swimwear hanging from hangers near a changing room for both males and females, Carol went over and picked out one. After inspecting it, she looked back at Lincoln who was focused on an orange foam noodle and giggled before heading into a changing room with the swimwear she picked.

"Only two dollars? Sweet!" After putting the noodle under his arm, Lincoln noticed Carol was nowhere to be seen. "Carol?" As he looked around he heard her respond. "I'm in the changing room."

Hearing that, Lincoln went over to the said room, passing the curtains that cover the entrance. "Wait in the chair right there, I'll be out soon." As requested Lincoln did that. While sitting there he can hear Carol let out some exciting giggles as she changed into whatever she was putting on. Not long after she spoke.

"Ok, now close your eyes. It's a surprise." Lincoln could only smile, he closed and covered his eyes and waited. "You can open them now." Doing so, Lincoln looked and was suddenly astounded.

Carol stood in front of the door, wearing what looked to be a violet two-piece bikini which she posed in. The top covered the upper part of her torso with the front having a cutout of a heart above her chest while the bottoms covered her pelvis, hugging around her hips, waist, and rear comfortably.

"Well...What do think?" Lincoln only stuttered as his face turned red, earning a warm smile from Carol who took his stuttering and blush as a compliment. She walked up to Lincoln, sitting on one of her knees to his height before whispering. "Later before we meet up with Lori and Clyde, how's about we have a bit of time to ourselves."

She winks at Lincoln who answers. "S-s-sure!" After answering Carol then walked to the changing room to change back into her clothes to buy the bikini. She turned back and told him while holding the door before closing it.

"I'll be right back out."

Meanwhile, Clyde had just finished giving Lori a compliment, which was blushing and stuttering, on the dress she picked out. It was a light-blue color, having small gem-like stars and swirl designs around it from top to bottom, representing sparkling waves and the glimmering night sky.

"I'll be right back." Lori told Clyde as she went to change back into her clothes as well. After waiting, the two went to the front counter to pay for what they're buying and left the dress store with a bag or two full of clothes. "Now, where would you like us to go?"

In response to Lori's question, Clyde looked at the stores nearby and spotted one. "The Bicycle store!" He looks back at his Girlfriend. "If we go on a bicycle ride together you're going to need a helmet for protection." He then added in. "Also, my airhorn and helmet broke a couple of days ago the last time I used my bike."

As they walk towards the store Lori tells him. "That sounds romantic. We can also get water bottles in case it's hot outside." Clyde agrees. "Yeah, I can easily get dehydrated in the heat." Once inside the store, they began making their way to the aisle full of bicycle gear. There they searched for their helmets, water bottles, and airhorn.

"I think I found the perfect helmets for us." Lori said with joy, holding two helmets, one having a sparkling light-blue outer shell with the other having yellow with blue stripes. "Cool. I also found color matching bottles too. Along with the horn."

Clyde presents to Lori the said bottles and horn, showing the two bottles each matching the colors of their helmets, with the horn just being a standard silver with a black ball. "I think that's everything we need."

"Not everything."

Lori picks up two more boxes, both containing safety gear for the knees and elbows. "There's no way I'm going to let us end up with a few scars." After this, they then went and paid for the helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, bottles, and horn before heading out of the store.

"Okay...Is there anywhere else we should go? I'm good with anything." Lori hums before smiling at Clyde. "I think we have everything we need at the moment. Let's go to the food court and meet up with Lincoln and Carol...Whenever they show up." She added in as they walk to the food court.

Minutes Earlier

When Lincoln and Carol left the beach supply store, Lincoln decided they should go to an outdoor store to buy a tent, a sleeping bag large for two, and a lantern in case they ever plan to do a campout. Leaving they headed towards the food court...until Carol spotted one of the many mall bathrooms and remembered what she told Lincoln earlier, causing a smirk to spread across her face.

"Wait a minute!" She grabs Lincoln by his hand. "Huh? Whoa!" Lincoln is then immediately pulled by his date into the nearby bathroom, closing the door right behind them. Inside Carol can be seen turning the lock on the door while her boyfriend tries to figure out how she was able to run into the bathroom at such speed with no signs of exhaustion from pulling him and the stuff they bought.

Putting those thoughts in mind aside he asked her. "What are we doing in the bathroom?" Carol turns to Lincoln and gives a seductive grin. "Remember when I said we should have a bit of time to ourselves?" After asking she began to undo the buttons on her shirt.

"Y-yes." Lincoln answered, having a blush reappear on his face when Carol put her shirt on top of their shopping bags and her bra came to view. "Well..." She let her skirt drop to the ground, unveiling her purple undies. "Now's a perfect time. " She steps out of her shoes, walks over, and brings Lincoln into a french kiss.

While the two started laying on the pearly glossy floor, Carol started taking off Lincoln's clothes until he was only in his underwear. After breaking their kissing session for a breath of air, the two looked back at each other's eyes lovingly. A giggle escaped Carol's lips as she whispered.

"Make your move Lincoln." In response Lincoln nodded and looks down at her bra, motioning his hands behind her back before unclipping the strap and removing her bra, freeing her breasts from containment.

Afterward, Lincoln began caressing Carol's breasts, earning slight pants from the teen. "You've been practicing?" Lincoln hums. "Mm-hm. I wanted this to be romantic for the both of us. I mean, we haven't had our time since it was just us at my house."

"It has been a while-Ah!" Carol was then hit with a pleasant feeling as Lincoln was now rubbing his thumbs against her nipples before pressing them together and sucking on them. "Lincoln..." Carol moaned the Loud's name, squirming as moisture builds up around her inner thighs.

After sucking her nipples, Lincoln unlatched his mouth from her chest and began laying her on the floor, kissing down her belly while grabbing the sides of her undies, pulling it down, exposing her pussy to him. Looking at the sight in front of him.

"I aroused you that much?" Pingrey giggled with a blush appearing on her face. "Perfect." Lincoln then went down and kissed her bottom lips a couple of times before giving them a lick, making Carol shiver at the feeling of his tongue sliding against her pussy, but it didn't take long for Lincoln to start sticking his tongue into her.

This caused Pingrey to let out a moan, each getting a bit louder lick after lick from the Loud who she was holding down to her pelvis. Through her pants and moans, Carol screamed quietly as she could to avoid a commotion outside the bathroom.

"Lincoln!" She suddenly thrusts upwards, pushing Lincoln close to her pussy as she begins cumming, leading to her date to delightfully gulp down the clear sticky goodness. "Ohh..." Carol groaned from her climax.

She looks down at Lincoln and spoke. "I...Never...Came that much before." Curious her boyfriend asks. "Do you have energy for one more round?" Carol cracks a smile and lays Lincoln on the ground. "Yes." She then begins to pull down his underwear.

"It is my turn. And I've been doing a little practice myself." Licking her lips, Carol went down and began stroking his member, even kissing and licking the tip like a popsicle, making him flush and shiver from each kiss and rub. Swiftly, Pingrey put her mouth around and slowly started to suck it.

Lincoln while enjoying the sucking, tells his girlfriend. "You really have been practic-ING!" He shut his mouth, covering it with one hand to avoid shouting while placing the other behind Carol's head as she was now picking up some speed.

After a couple more sucks, Lincoln's mind went blank for a moment, pressing Carol downwards as he cums inside her mouth, which she gladly swallows after each thrust. Removing her mouth, she looks up at him, noticing he was staring up at the ceiling. "That felt great..." Carol was happy about that.

"Thanks. You were delicious."

She laid beside Lincoln, looking at the ceiling too, laying her head next to his as they rest. After what they did to one another they were unable to stand, having little strength to even stand. When about 5 minutes passed, Lincoln looked at Carol and asked.

"Should we go to the food court now?" She hummed, thinking before answering him. "We should, don't want Lori and Clyde to worry about us." It didn't take long for her to get up and help her date up from the bathroom floor. "Here's your clothes."

Lincoln grabs the clothing given to him. "Thank you." He notices her clothes and picks them up before handing them to her. "Here's yours." Carol takes her clothes too. "Thanks." They started zipping, slipping, tying and buttoning on the clothes they have before leaving the bathroom.


In the food court, Lori and Clyde sat together at a booth with a large tray of food in front of them, holding hands as they waited for the two to show up. Looking at her watch before looking back up Lori asked. "Where are they? They should've been here by now."

"We're right here!" They looked and saw Lincoln and Carol approaching the both, waving with smiles. After placing the bags on the side of the booth they sat down with the two. "Sorry if we're late. We got a little stuck at one of the stores."

Carol explained to Lori and Clyde, wrapping her arm around Lincoln's shoulder while he did the same. "Yeah, people were really desperate to buy a pool supplies."

"That's why you're both looking a bit...sweaty?" Clyde pointed out, noticing the slight shine of sweat from the two. "Yeah, it gets really warm when there's people around you."

Lori raises a hand. "Please don't! I don't want to hear anything like that when we're about to eat." She said as she gestures both hands to the tray in front of them, which contains most things that're usually found in food courts, burgers, fries, and all, including some soft drinks. After telling them the two shrugged it off as Lincoln asked curiously.

"So, how are we splitting it?" He and Carol had two separate burgers and a container of French Fries given to them by Clyde. "We decided to just do two burgers and fries for each of us." He then picked up a packet and offered it to them. "Ketchup?" In response, Lincoln gives a nod and grabs the other end of the packet and begins to open it.

Minutes Later

After having a good meal in the food court the four threw out the garbage they had, put the trays back, and began leaving. Exiting the Royal Woods mall while they enter Vanzilla, Carol looks at Lincoln with a smirk and tells him while getting their seatbelts on.

"We really should try doing that again long as the place we're in is nice...and has a lock or somewhere we can stay hidden. Sound good?" Lincoln grins. "Sounds good." after that Lori turned the key in the ignition switch and looks back at the two who were now sharing a kiss, earning her a slight blush.

Lori then felt an unexpected peck on the side of the cheek, being a kiss from her boyfriend, Clyde. She smiled at him as he did the same back, the two of them holding hands while she drives. During this, she asked Carol and Clyde. "Guys...Wanna stay the night at our place? It's been a week or so since we last did that." Waiting for a response Clyde tells her with a smile, pointing his thumb to the back.

"It's a good thing I came prepared." Looking back Lincoln and Carol noticed the medicine and other things his dads gave him before he left home.

"I think I have everything I need to spend the night." Carol answered. "Sweet! Next stop, back home!" With that Lori stepped on the gasp pedal, making the Van move slightly faster to make it back home.

Hours Later

When they made it back to Casa Loud 4 hours away from midnight, letting their parents know about Clyde and Carol spending the night, the 4 began bringing their stuff up to their rooms to either put away or keep at until they're brought home the next morning.

"Today was pretty good," Lincoln began, laying in bed in only his underwear. "Went on a double date, picked certain things from the mall, and not only that, we had some good alone time together in that bathroom." He looks beside his bed at Carol who's going to share the bed with him like Clyde and Lori are doing right now.

She was stripping herself of her clothes until she was in her bra and undies again. "That was good Lincoln." Carol then removed her bra and placed it on top of her folded clothes, making her boyfriend blush and chuckle. "Why did you...?" Carol giggles a bit, noticing he was staring at her chest.

"If you're only going to be in your underwear, then that's all I'm going to be wearing tonight too." She turns off the lights and gets into bed, covering themselves with the blanket before pulling him close with her breasts pressing against his body and legs tangling with his.

Before going to sleep Carol and Lincoln shared one more kiss for the night, nuzzling their heads close to each other with a smile forming on their faces. "Love you Carol."

"I love you too Lincoln. Goodnight." With that, the two began to close their eyes, wrapping their arms around each other, relaxing as they fall asleep together for the rest of the night.