Lilo was on the ship with Jumba, Pleakley, Big Bird, Barkley, The Midnight Society, and The Chan Clan.

"So tell us again why you want to go to China Big bird?" Twilight asked.

"Mrs. Chiu has told me about Fenghuang, the bird of China." Big Bird explained, "She's the wisest and most beautiful of them. The Chinese called, "The Empress of the Southern Skies. I've been thinking that everyone in the USA wants to about China and what if I meet that bird."

"So how do we find her?" Betty Ann asked.

"Mrs. Chiu gave me this scroll and a few places that are pictures on here." Big Bird continued."Also, she said that a monkey will give me a clue. They'll also lead me to the treasure hunt. Plus when the sand runs out, the phoenix will disappear."

"I hope you remember to send Snuffy a postcard," Fluttershy suggested. "He's your best friend."

"I'll remember." Big Bird replied

"And thanks for inviting us along Lilo," Henry asked, "We would love to get in touch with our roots."

"Too bad Flip, Nancy, Mimi, and Scooter can't come due to their fundraiser at their school," Anne replied,

"Since you guys are a band," Jumba said to The Chans, "What instruments you play?"

"Henry plays bass and drums, Stanley plays guitar, drums, and trumpet, Suzie plays tambourine and guitar, Alan plays guitar, drums, piano, and oboe, Anne plays bass and tambourine, and Tom plays keyboard, drums, and trombone," Tom explained.

"How about a little song while we head straight for China?" Rainbow asked.

"Sure thing," Suzie said as they got out their instruments.

"What song do you want from us?" Anne asked.

"I Got my eye on you?" Tucker asked.

"Okay," Alan answered.

"Hey babe I got my eye on you and I'm watching your every move." Stanley sang.

"No, not that one," Tucker giggled, "The one in your version"

"Oops," Stanley replied as they started to play.

"Man, Stanley sure is stupid," Iago said.

"Usually he keeps messing things up and comes up with ridiculous disguises," Henry explained.

"I got your cover blown every move you make

When you walk down the street I know every step you take

you can't escape me so why not surrender

Honey, I treat you so warm and tender.

I, I, I, I, I got my eye on you

yes I do

I, I, I, I, I got my eye on you

yes I do

There's no place where you can't hide

cause I won't be satisfied til you

love me too.

I, I, I, I, I got my eye on you

yes I do

I, I, I, I, I got my eye on you

yes, I do" they sang.

As they played their songs. The Celestian Alliance danced to the beat.

Note: While I was looking up Chan Clan songs in high school, I discovered Jem with the same titled song as there, "I got my eye on you"