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Summery: This is a series of lists on how to either deal with or annoying Sheldon

Annoying Sheldon Couper

1. Make it impossible to sit in his spot (Examples: Take the cushion, block the couch or sit in it yourself.)

2. Help Amy and Lenard find the loop holes in the Relationship and Roommate agreement

3. Move things in the apartment exactly ΒΌ of an inch and see how long it takes him to notice. ( he is extremely obsessive compulsive he will notice) A.N I mean nothing against people with OCD bugging Sheldon would just be funny.

4. Take away all his superhero T-shirts and replace them with sports t-shirts.

5. Point out despite Sheldon's own belief his friends work is actually more important than his because a. it has been proven and b. he actually needs their equipment or research to prove his own theory's.

6. Change things on a whim like on Chinese night come back with pizza or Thai food.

7. Purposely spoil the ending to whatever superhero or sci-fi movie Sheldon hasn't seen yet.

8. Get him band from Comic con for life

9. Make it impossible for him to finish anything.

10. Hack his computer

11. If he protests call his mother