Takashi was mopping in his room laying on the bed cursing at the world.

Takashi's point of view, so here I am heartbroken. My girlfriend cheated with my former best friend. The two people I cared and trust the most betrayed me and throw me away like fucking trash!"

I growled as I got up and knocked down all the pictures I had of Rei and Hisashi. I growled in rage, I just need to punch something!

So I punched the wall leaving behind a fist shaped imprint.

That is when my dad a grey haired older version of me walked in, still in his business suit. Behind him was my mom I got my hair color form her she always had it down and it was long passed her shoulders and she was in a simple blue dress.

I was tear tears as dad put a hand on my shoulder, "I'm sorry this had to happen to you son."

My mom hugged me and I cried. Later on I found myself at a teen club with my parents they wear trying to cheer me up but out of the corner of my eye I could see them doing out date dance I was more embarrassed then anything.

I then grabbed my cub which was full of alcohol I snuck form the bar it's like the guy wasn't watching. As I drank I felt it kick in almost instantly what the hell was in this stuff, it's powerful unnaturally so.

I felt my vision blur for a moment and turned when I heard a scream it looked like someone was turning inside out and grown an horn and its mouth turned sideways I dropped the cup, "WHAT THE WAS IN THAT DRINK?"

I then spotted my parents like was screaming at it, they didn't have anything to drink, so this is really happening.

All around more people turned into monsters, as the bar tender morphed into a monster as wheel that was covered in black fur, had bat like wings for arms, a face on his chest and three on his head.

Zennon then laughed as he said, "I knew busting the alcohol levels of all of this places drinks would make it easier for my demon tropes to get new bodies!" All his mouths laughed

I looked at my hands panicking as I heard that demons! I held my head it was hurting! As a thought form something else crawled its way into my skull it was the name Amon!

I fell to my knees screaming as I felt like someone was crawling into my brain I then saw one demon take a bite out of my dad's neck killing him his blood was everywhere. My mom was crying as I saw my fingers turn black and scaly.

I'm becoming one of them NO NO! I AM TAKASHI NOT AMON! I'M HUMAN! HUMAN!"

The change then kept happening. My cloths ripped my lower body was covered in scales my toes and heel had talons I had a lizard like tail! Demonic wings popped out of my back! My arms form the elbow down were covered in claws my fingers tipped in claws.

My skin turned pale white, as I gained elbow spikes I held my head as it changed my eyes turned pure golden. My hair and ears merged into a scale like helmet with bat like wings taking the place of my ears, horns then grow.

Under my eyes appeared black lines like tear trails red scare like liens appeared on my chest as I stood up screaming as I held my head!


Change to Mrs. Komuro point of view, I just want to cheer my baby up after a bitch and a bastard hurt him! Now monsters just murdered my husband and my baby boy was turning into one of them!

I've lost everything and soon even my life all thanks to a cheating bitch! REI YOU'RE GOING TO HELL! As I cried I notice the demon that was once my son moving closer he grabbed the two demons in front of my and crushed their skulls with his hands.

The other demons then looked at him as my eyes widen. The demon screamed, "What the hell is wrong with you Amon!"

And I smiled form what happened next, the thing that was once my son growled and said, "I'M NOT AMON! MY NAME IS TAKASHI! AND I AM HUMAN!"

The multifaced boss said, "Amon has been taken over by the human! It's a devilman! Like I didn't see it coming! Attack kill the devil man!"

I cried happily my baby was still my baby boy. I smiled as I cried, He was a monster now all thanks to one cheating bitch, but he is still my son.

Point of view change to third person.

The demons charged at Devilman only for him to slash through them with his claws one with two massive horns tried to head-butt him but Devilman grabbed the demon by the horns and with a twist ripped the head off.

He then ripped the head in half and throw the two horns at other demons' head killing them seconds.

One demon that looked like an armored skeleton lowered his head firing the spikes that made up his Mohawk at Mrs. Komuro and devilman quickly dove in and took the hit and screamed.

Nine spikes were sticking through his gut out his back and the blood covered tips were staring his mother in the face.

Devilman just ripped them out and used them as throwing weapons to impale the heads of other demons.

Devilman roared in rage as the holes in his gut began to close, "STAY AWAY FORM MY MOTHER!" a demon that head a second face on its stomach got up the spike in its skull not effecting it.

As it charged Takashi gave his wings a flap going up before retracting the wings and falling down feet first on the demon his feet smashing through it covering the ground in red blood as he laughed, and spread his wings once more.

Devilman then opened his mouth and breath fire upon the rest of them laughing as they burned tears began to fell form devilman's eyes as he held his head!

Zennon walked over to devilman using his claws to rip apart the injured but not dead demons as he said, "USELESS FOOLS!"

He towered over devilman and said, "I won't let you be a thorn in lady Satan's side!" he then too Smash devilman with double axe handle only for devil man to bend back and side was at a humanly impossible angle to avoid it.

He then straightens up and punched Zennon in the chest face knocking him back away from his mom, "THAT'S FOR MY DAD!"

Mrs. Komuro then said "did it just say lady Satan?" Her eyes widen as she watched her son flap his wings taking to the air and land on a beam connected to the club's roof where he sat like some kind of gargoyle.

Zennon flow up to go after devilman only for devilman to roll while side back and Zennon hit his head on the beams.

Devilman then spread his wings to stop his fall as he breathed fire. Setting the massive beast on fire and making him fall over on the club floor.

Devilman then flow down landing on the thing so hard it made all four of his face throw up blood. Devilman then roared as ripped out the eyes of his chest face and jumped off him he then started to eat them, as he saw Zennon screaming in rage as he tried to get up burnt and bloody.

Devilman then charged and shoved his fist down the chest mouth's mouth where Zennon screamed as Devilman pulled his fist back out within it was guts in one sharp motion Takashi ripped the guts out of Zennon!

Zennon's eyes all of them widened as he said, "mistress Satan I'm sorry but I have failed you!"

Mrs. Komuro's eyes widen, "MISTRESSS SATAN!?"

Devilman then reached in to the mouth face nose and used it to rip the body in half all of it right down the middle.

No more demons where around Devilman fell to his knees laughing madly as his skin returned to its normal color and his face to normal as did his arms, his upper body was human again but the scares on his chest running form where his wings pop out remained. His tail then vanished as the laughter became tears.

He held his head and fell to the ground crying.

His mother then ran over and held him, "It's ok, Mommy's here!"

Takashi's point of view.

I'm crying again why because I now have more pain then betrayal! I saw my father being murdered! I slain demons by becoming one of them! I over powered Amon! I took all he had and made it my own to become a monster among monsters!

Not because I want to avenge my dad, not because I want to protect mom, but because I want to take my rage out on the demons! I slaughtered them all while imaging Hisashi and Rei's faces upon them!

I am not human! I am not Amon! I am Takashi! I am the devilman! I am a monster among Monsters! I am the slayer of Satan's horde!"

I am monster!

The next day I was in my completely human form walking to school that's right I'm still going to school! Why because mom's already lost enough! She wants me to still go I'll go.

I growled when I saw them!

Return to third person point of view.

Hisashi walked up to Takashi and tried to say hi but he walked past him and he went to touch Takashi's shoulder "Man what's wrong with.." Before he could Finish Takashi grabbed his arm and twist it making him fall to his knees in pain. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU JACKASSS! YOU THINK YOU!"

Takashi growled, "you think you can secretly date my girlfriend, I'm sorry now ex-girlfriend, and stay my friend? You both betrayed me so YOU ARE BOTH DEAD TO ME!" he then let go of Hasashi's arm kicked him in the face shocking everyone.

Hisashi got up spatting out his knocked out tooth as Takashi grabbed him by the neck and pinned him to a wall, "the old me is dead and gone thanks to you two! I am a new man born again in hellfire! You want to live you both stay away from me!"

Takashi then looked Hisashi in the eye, Hisashi gasped and shivered the look in the eye he didn't see his old best friend, he didn't see a man, what he saw was a demon!

As a wet spot formed in Hasashi's pants Takashi dropped him and said, "you are a man bitch!" he then saw Rei who was about to yell at him and Takashi slapped her so hard she fell over, "IT GOES DOUBLE FOR YOU! YOU CHEATING WHORE!"

He then growled and continued walking in as some girl fanned herself and said, "I'm so turned on right now it's not even funny!"

Takashi froze and looked at her he knew she was Saeko captain of the kendo club and he blinked and said, "hello?"

Before he could talk to her Takagi ran up and yelled, "WHAT THE HELL HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU!"

Takashi looked her in the eye making her turn pale as he said, "A fucking devil!"

To be continued.