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Maple Syrup Makes Me feel Better

America was not having a good time. His boss was driving him crazy the other nations were on his case and his paper work was piling up. He hadn't slept well in three days and Russia was being well Russia. America was for lack of A better word stressed. He was glad that he had a Sunday to sleep in. Therefore, he was a little surprised to hear someone in his kitchen around 9:30 AM.

Canada was in in his brother's kitchen making pancakes. He could tell his brother was stressed so he wanted to do something nice for him. He had used the key America had given him to enter the house and he was now currently, making breakfast for he and his brother. Canada was just putting the pancakes on the table when As America entered the room.

"Hi bro did we have plans I forgot about?" America was rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"No, you just seemed stressed out lately and I wanted to check on you." Canada handed his brother a cup of coffee. "I made breakfast and I thought we could talk."

America looked at the table and saw pancakes, chopped Apples, Canadian Bacon and real maple syrup. America then shook his head but smiled. "You and your syrup."

"Well Maple Syrup makes me feel better and you have been going through a lot lately." The two brothers sat down at the table. Canada passed America the pancakes. "So, what are you going to do about your current problems Al?"

America began to pour syrup on his pancakes before handing the jug to Canada. "Well I called Japan and New Zealand and I'm going to see if we can get Twitter to crash. We are calling it operation Flipping the Bird."

Canada tried not to laugh as America took his first bite of pancakes. He then watched as for the first time in a while America smiled.

"Hay Bro."

Canada looked up. "Yes Al?"

"Thank you."

Canada looked confused. "For what?"


Canada gave his brother A hug. "How about some Hokey?"

"You're on."

An: Someone supposedly managed to crash the internet in New Zeeland last year.