Poker night

A/N Todays Chapter Guest Stars England

England as on his way over to America's house with unease. His little brother had invited him over to play cards. Which would seem harmless enough except that at times America Could be a total card shark at times. England was also nervous because It was Halloween and He and America had a long standing history of trying to scare each other on this Day.

One year America had A party in sleepy Hallow New York and had Germany dress up as a very convincing Headless Horsman costume. America Went as far to make it look like some of the Nations lost their heads.

England retaliated the next Year by turning Everyone into their Halloween costume. This backfired because one of America's Producers used it the fallowing year as a plot to an episode of his tv show.

The year after that America Threw a Halloween party At the Stanly Hotel in Colorado. Can you say Shining Reenactments.

This year England And America called a truffes because they had too much going on. England opened the door to find America and Canada sitting at the table with four spectral figures. Upon looking closely England realized they were four of Americas President's not only that they were four of America's Dead presidents. The four figures were Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, And Teddy Roosevelt Specifically.

England looked At America galvanized. "We agreed No pranks this year,"

"Actually Iggy This is my regular game."

Canada looked at America. "You didn't Tell him?"

"Must have Slipped my mind." America Shrugged.

England Sat down as Canada Dealt him in .

The group talked for a while as England lost some Hands to Washington. After A while England asked a question that was on his mind. "Has your current boss know about this?"

America looked at England. "No He would freak."

Canada looked at the ghosts. "You thinking what I'm thinking ?"

Five minutes latter America's boss could be heard screaming from the other side of DC.