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It had been a couple of days since Raichi's practice game against the first-string team and he was starting to find a place in this club. Currently it was night time, practice had ended not long ago and Raichi had stepped out of his room with his bat to do some practice swings and the image training that he'd done for a good chunk of his life. As he made his way to the field, where he felt he got the best images, he looked back on the past couple of days.

After the Coach had led him to his room he found he would be rooming with the guy who had been catching in the game.

Jellal was his name, he'd learned that he was also the captain of the team. He'd been excited to learn that Jellal was not only the captain but the cleanup as well.

He had also met his other roommate a muscular boy with pink hair that was slightly taller than him, Natsu Dragneel. He was the shortstop if Raichi recalled correctly. He and the second baseman made some great plays together. When he was told that Natsu was also a freshman like him, he went nuts! He had stars in his eyes as he met both roommates.

As the days went on he had met more people, by the present time he had met most, if not all, of the first string.

Word had also spread of the monstrous first year that hit a bullet of a homerun. Kids from the general studies, kids from other sports clubs, and by word of Mira/Erza, the Girls baseball team heard of it.

Though no one knew who it was, they hadn't gotten a name. Well Mira and Erza had but they hadn't mentioned it to the other girls.

Anyways. His achievement was made known campus-wide and weren't limited to just the students! Some of the staff had heard it too, and the ones that were interested in the baseball club were hopeful of the new season. The whole school knew they had a very good baseball team, a national caliber team. The boys had gone to nationals last year but ultimately lost and while the girls couldn't quite make that stage, they were still a team of great strength and go the the regional finals every year.

So to hear that a first year was able to score a 3 run homer was absurd, blasphemous even, to say the least.

However, that was in the past now, and the team while they were completely shocked when it happened filed it away and kept it as a memory. Freed too had done that same thing.

At first he was quite depressed seeing his pitch absolutely destroyed but the day after the game he had met Raichi, and the freshman had nothing but praise for him. Raich told him about how his pitch was amazing and that he'd love to bat against him again.

Freed while surprised and slightly flustered at the praise thanked him and used his defeat as motivation to get better at his pitching.

He had thought that even if he had no speed or power then control was the way to go and that he could forgo speed and power in favor of control. This experience as well as some well placed advice from the coach helped rectify that mistake

"While you're breaking balls are impressive, top notch even. You mustn't forget that what brings those to life is your fastball." HC Laxus had told Freed.

It was heard too, earlier in the day he had seen Freed pitching with more passion and power than he last saw him. If they played again, it'd be a whole new pitcher. The thought excited Raichi to no ends.

Raichi broke from his thoughts as he stepped onto the field. He had changed out of his baseball uniform before coming out here and wore a red shirt, with black sweatpants, and his black cleats. He had nothing with him other than his trusty, old, Money Tree bat.

Raichi stepped into the batter's box and bent into his form. He faced the pitcher's mound and simply stared for awhile, coming up with a pitch that would be impossible to hit.

Unknown to him he had a visitor.


Coach Takashima Rei had been walking back to the girls dorm when she had come across a young man walking on the field. Though the lights were not on, the moon served up a nice helping of visibility.

"No one should be out here right now, not even the lights are on. Who could be out here?" She thought curiously.

Slowly and quietly she advanced hoping to see who was on the field this late.

"Todoroki Raichi… We meet again. He must have been out here for awhile, he's dripping sweat." Rei was beginning to think that there was something she needed from the boy. However those were thoughts for another time. She sat back content to watch what seemed to be image training.


Raichi had been swinging imaginary pitches for about 40 minutes now. He was starting to get tired but he wouldn't have it another way. The pitches he imagined were superb and exciting. He could only hope that he could play against some pitchers like this in real life.

He bit his bottom lip In concentration and held a serious expression. Before slowly a pitcher formed on the mound. He wound up and threw his pitch.

A slider that breaks right before his eyes, Raichi swung, and the imaginary sound of a ball hitting his bat rang out.

A new pitcher appeared, he wound up and threw his pitch.

A cutter that the broke right into his chest, another swing, and other imaginary crack of the ball hitting his bat.

Next a knuckleball that fell like a leaf.

And then a forkball ball that dropped to the ground.

And finally a 160 km/h (Roughly 100 mph, like 99.7 or something) fastball

Raichi recalled a time when he was a kid swinging under a bridge. His dad was with him at the time, he remembered what he said


It was nighttime in the area and given the place they lived there were some questionable people out. Raichi's dad had a lot of debt so they never had a lot of money and had to live right on the edge of the red light district. Not the ideal place to raise a kid but as long as he had his bat Raichi would sleep anywhere

At this time a little Raichi and his dad could be seen under a bridge. Raichi standing with his bat swinging, while his father laid on his side watching with a sleepy expression.

Raichi's dad yawned and addressed his son.

"Uaah, that's no good Raichi, you're just swinging the bat. I can't see what type of pitch you're hittin'. You won't get any money for food that way."

The 8 year old Raichi paid him no mind and kept swinging. Sweat dropped down his face and arms and his expression a bit frustrated for a child.

Raizou sighed and once again addressed his son.

"Raichi, do you know what a 160 Kmh feels like?"

"It's super fast, like a bullet train"

That got his attention, he stopped swinging and gave his dad a look.

"A bullet train..?" He thought

He imagined a bullet train flying by him at speeds he couldn't fathom.

"The swing needed to hit that needs to be at least as fast as sound-no maybe even light speed." Raizou smirked seeing he got his son's attention.

"Sound? Light?" The boy said with an awed expression


"Light speed…" He muttered as he let his excitement seep out in the form of his red aura.

Back by the buildings Rei had heard his mumbling

"Light speed? What's he talking about?" She thought confused.

Instead of a pitcher Raichi envisioned the bullet train racing its way to him.

His body flexed in preparation, and his right lifted and took a small but powerful step.

As the train neared it shrunk into a small baseball sized beam, and raced its way to Raichi.

As it reached him, he put his foot down, rotated his hips and swung his bat at a speed that was hard for Rei to keep up with.

The sound and wind he generated with that one swing left the female head coach wordless, she could hardly process what happened

"Su-such a swing" she thought in awe

She stared at his form, still the same after the finished swing, body twisted and bat behind his head with both hands on it.

He brought it back to his face and have a grin, satisfied with how it felt.

"What monstrous pitchers he must imagine" Rei thought. Suddenly she was given a spark of inspiration and had an idea formulate in her mind, maybe Laxus would let her use him for the girls team? She let him use Erza against his batters and help out his pitchers, so he owed her one.

And it's not like they wouldn't get anything out of it. Raichi would get to hit all the pitches he wanted tomorrow and against one of the best pitcher/catcher combo in the nation, among both boys and girls.

Erza threw abnormally strong and Mira was able to bring out her full potential. Truly a one of a kind pair. So he would gain that experience. Not to mention the fire he could light under the rest of her team that hasn't seen his batting.

Yes, Takashima Rei had just worked out a great plan in preparation for the upcoming game. Pleased with her critical thinking she set off to find Laxus to negotiate the lending of one Todoroki Raichi.


It was now about 10:30 in the PM and Raichi was headed back to his dorm. He'd taken another shower before going back seeing as he sweat a lot after his individual swing session.

On his way back he found a fruit vending machine. Being the guy he his he bought three bananas. A happy expression made its way to his face as they were vended.

"There we go. One for me, myself, and I" and told himself as he undid the first peel and took a bite. Ahh true bliss, this is what one must feel when they eat bananas. At least, that's what Raichi thought.

As he reached the dorm room, the door itself was suddenly thrown open by none other than the pink haired Natsu. Having not seeing his room mate since practice, he did the only sensible thing someone would do.

"Raichi you bastard! Where ya been?!" He yelled as he dragged him into a headlock. Raichi having his face stuffed with a banana couldn't reply and only looked up like deer caught in headlights.

Natsu saw the two extra bananas his roommate had and assumed that they were for him. Being the hothead he is he grabbed both bananas and let them drop into his mouth finishing with a burp

he rubbed his belly.

"Haha! Those were some good bananas, you shoulda grabbed one Jellal!" Natsu shouted not noticing the despaired expression on Raichi's face.

"...M-my banana" he silently mourned.

Jellal looked up from his book at Natsu. The boy was a ball of energy and didn't seem to have an off switch.

"I-uhh, don't really like bananas" he said before going back to his book. Why couldn't he have been roomed with his brothers? Though Raichi was endlessly loud like Natsu, when he got hyped up he was just as loud as Natsu. He settled for his misery and hid behind his book.

Neither noticed Raichi standing up with a look of comical rage on his face. They only noticed something when his red aura released itself in full.

"My Banana" he growled out.

Both boys backed up and tried to shield themselves from his aura.

"O-Oi, Raichi put your aura away!" Natsu shouted

Raichi tackled Natsu and put him a wrestling hold pulling his legs back.

"Oi, that hurts you fuck!" Natsu yelled as he reversed the hold and put Raichi in a headlock.

"Ba-BANANA" Raichi got out as he escaped the hold and picked Natsu up on his shoulders

"You guys! Quit it!" Jellal shouted

"Why can't you guys just go to sleep!" He yelled trying to intervene.

"NATSU! SHUT YER DAMN FACE YA IDIOT" A rough voice yelled through the walls.

From atop Raichis shoulders Natsu let out his own flame-like aura loose.

"HUH?! COME SAY THAT TO MY FACE GAJEEL!" Natsu shouted back


"HELL YEA?!" Natsu

"BANANA" Raichi


Before there antics could continue a very pissed off Laxus Dreyar kick in the door of room 14 (the room Raichi, Natsu, and Jellal are in)


Raichi dropped Natsu immediately, who had gotten up as soon as he hit the ground, they all straightened up and saluted him

"YE-YES GENERAL" The four yelled in unison


Needless to say the surrounding dorms had something to laugh at and some gossip to spread.

'Twas just another night at the Vermillion academy boys dorms.


Next Day

It was currently Sunday and the boys baseball club had earned a day off from practice, well except Raichi. HC Laxus had told him to go to the baseball field where a friend he had would pick him up. Apparently they had asked for him specifically he wasn't quite sure why or for what purpose. It had to be for baseball though, he was instructed to bring his bat and where his cleats.

So he found himself in his training gear which consisted of a white T with the the school name "Vermillion" written in cursive don't colored red and matching white pants. He had black socks that reached up to shin level. All in all, he look pretty typical as a baseball player.

He didn't know how long he'd be waiting so he thought he'd kill some time swinging his bat. He took his form and gave his bat a mighty swing.


"What a wonderful swing, what pitch was it that you just hit?" A mature feminine voice questioned.

Raichi turned to the voice and blushed. Whenever he wasn't in a game or anything he reverted to his shy timid self. It didn't help that this women was extremely attractive. She wore a women's business suit, with a skirt and glasses lay upon her face. A small smirk in place

"Ah that one was a curve. Who… Are you?" he said meekly

"Oh excuse me for that, I am Takashima Rei, I've come to take you to the baseball field on the other side of the campus." She smiled at him

His eyes lit up, this pretty lady was ganna take him to the baseball field? He didn't think pretty girls liked baseball too much. He was truly inexperienced with baseball.

"Ohh, you'll take me to the fields Rei-Chan?!" Raichi shouted excitedly. Rei smirked at his response. Rei-chan? She'd allow it. For now.

"Yes I'd like to ask your help with another team, you'll get some fielding practice, and get to bat against all available pitchers."

Raichi got stars in his eyes at her words. All the pitchers available?! He'd get to bat all of their best pitches?! What a great day, nothing could ruin this. Except maybe Natsu, bastard always ate his bananas.

"Rei-chan is amazing! Super amazing!" Raichi yelled excited.

"Hm, but of course. I'll tell you what Rai-chan." She started. Raichi blushed at the nickname, the only ones the called him that were those scantily clad women that worked near his house. But that's beside the point, he leaned in curiously to here what she had to say"

"If you do well I'll let you hit against the ace, a nationally recognized ace. You'd like that right? There's a wicked fastball and some extraordinary breaking balls."

Raichi couldn't help but shake in excitement. A pitcher of national level that would mean one of the best in the country it was everything he could dream

"Nationally…" He whispered. Rei saw him shaking in excitement.

"Now. I wanna bat now!" Raichi exclaimed in excitement, hopefully this pitcher could live up to his hype, if not they'd pay for it with pride.

Rei smiled and patted his shoulder.

"Alright then let's be on our way!" She led him to the girls baseball field by the girls dorm.

The school had a total of 3 fields, each dorm had a baseball field near it for each team's practice use.

The final field was behind the school where practice, early tournament games, or regular season games were held. Vermillion was the district stadium so all regular season games were held here for both boys and girls baseball clubs. Just like the Orlando High Sabertooths had the district basketball gym, Vermillion had the baseball field.

The district council provided the resources and money for it so the school director OK'ed it to be built years ago. Back when the HC Laxus was still a student here was when it first built. Since then it had seen countless games and plays. It was quite the sight.

"Wooooah" Raichi had no words for it as they passed it. And Rei had given him a brief breakdown about it.

"I'm glad I came to a school like this" he said to himself but loud enough for Rei to hear.

"We are too Raichi, hopefully you can be our secret weapon this year" Rei thought

"Alright! Enough about this, we are just about to the field, when we get there I want you to start warming up while we wait for the players to arrive, it shouldn't be too long" Rei instructed as she looked at her watch.

"Okay!" Raichi responded as they came open the other field.

As he entered the field he saw a sign on it that read "Vermillion Academy Girls Baseball club"

Raichi stared at it confused, he hadn't expected this to be a girls team, well he really thought that girls played softball. But if there were girls that could play baseball that was even more amazing.

"Are you disappointed? That it's a girls club, I mean" Rei asked with her eyes hidden behind a glare of light reflected from her glasses. Her tone was unreadable

Raichi looked back at her and gained an excited grin.

"Not really, baseball is baseball. And if what you said about the pitcher being one of the best in the nation is true, then she must be good!" Raichi told her, a massive breaking his face.

Rei smiled at his answer, truly a kindred spirit. 'Baseball is baseball, huh? What a baseball freak', she thought.

"Go get to warming up Rai-chan" she told him softly

"Sure!" He said making his way onto the field.


Raichi begun his warm up by running around the field a couple of times. Once done with that he grabbed his bat and started doing some stretches, he'd rather not pull something when he swung. He was a power hitter so if he didn't take the proper steps he could really hurt himself.

He walked himself across the field to the 'away' dugout and let Rei observe him and wait for the other team in the 'home' dugout.

He put his bat behind his back horizontally hold it in place with his forearms by keeping his elbow bent at 90 degrees. He then did what looked to be a lunge, his right knee just above the ground while his left foot was firmly planted on the ground. Once his position was set he twisted his torso to the left and began stretching his lower back.

After he was satisfied he switch his legs around and this time twisted right. This was the scene multiple members of the Girls Baseball club saw as they entered the field

"Hey coach, who's that kid?" A petite girl with blue hair asked the head coach

"Oh Levy, he'll be helping us out today. Make sure you properly introduce yourself when everybody arrives." Rei told the newly introduced Levy.

The small blue haired girl is actually the starting first Basewoman. Don't let her small size fool you, she's quick to react when a ball comes her way! She was currently a sophomore and girlfriend of Gajeel.

"Yea sure, you didn't really answer my question though" Levy made sure she kept that last part to herself.

"His stretches are thorough I'm surprised he can stretch like that without being told too" another voice made itself known. This voice belonged to yet another blue haired girl.

"Juvia too? I didn't notice you walk in, did you both come together?" Rei inquired

Juvia, was indeed the cousin of Levy. She was a good looking young women with pale skin, long wavy blue hair pulled into a ponytail. She had rather large assets, not that they could really be seen with her restricting sports bra and baseball uniform. Aside from her appearance, Juvia played the right field and she was damn good at it too.

"Yes coach we came together so did most of the starters" Juvia stated with a sweat drop as she threw her thumb back gesturing to the rest of the squad.

Rei took a look and did see that most of them were there. She scratched her cheek and greeted the girls.

"Alright girls! Go get warmed up and make sure you have a partner help you stretch properly. I'd rather none of you get injured with the regular season coming up!"

"Coach! who's the boy at the away dugout?" a purple haired youth pointed to him, drawing everyone else's attention to the opposite dugout.

'Todoroki Raichi?' Three girls thought together

Rei looked out and noticed Raichi had finished his stretching and was getting ready to do some practice swings.

"I've brought him here to help prepare us for our first opponents, Mikazuchi high. For now don't worry about him and focus on your warm ups, I'll introduce you all later!"

The girls all nodded and started to talk amongst themselves about Mikazuchi High. They were a strong team with a strong lineup, their ace pitcher Kagura was particularly strong.

"What are you waiting for?! Go! Go! Go!" Rei encouraged her team.

"Yes ma'am!" They all shouted in unison as they ran out onto the field to start their warm ups and rituals.


It had been awhile since the team started warming up, Raichi himself was already thoroughly warmed up and he was getting anxious to play.

He had observed the girls' play and recognized two girls from when he was playing the first-string team. The red-haired one who Natsu had referred to as 'Boss', Natsu had made sure to fill him in on this women when he asked about her. She was crazy strong, crazy angry, and crazy good at baseball. If he remembered correctly he said her name was Erza Scarlet.

The other one, a white haired beauty he remembered seeing was also with 'boss' was also here. He blushed as he ran his eyes over her form, he had asked Natsu about her as well and had learned her name was Mirajane Strauss. Coincidentally, or not, elder sister of Elfman the 5 batter in the boys lineup. He had also been told that she too had extraordinary baseball insight and prowess.

As for the rest he supposed he'd just have to meet them later on. Getting up he made his way over to where Rei was.

"Rei-Chan, when are we ganna start you said I could hit off your pitchers right? Right?!" He said with a giddy expression.

Rei look over and smiled at his eagerness. 'He's like a baby that just learned what baseball is' she thought to herself.

"As a matter of fact we're just about to start, let me grab the girls." She told him. Rei walked to the side of the first base foul line and pulled out a whistle.


The sound of her whistle reached all there ears. And stopped all their actions, the girls immediately jogged over and lined up on the foul line.

"Alright girls I think you've warmed up enough. And it would seem introductions are in order." Rei patted Raichi on the back motioning him forward.

"This is Todoroki Raichi, today our 4 pitchers will pitch to him and aim to get a him out, weather it be a strikeout, a pop fly catch, or a throw to base to get him out. We'll also have some seniors here to bat with him as well." She introduced Raichi and gave a brief overview of what practice would be.

"I have complete confidence in our batting lineup, each and every one of you has the ability to score points. Our offense is already flawless!" She complemented her team, after all, credit is due where credit is deserved right? "Our defense, however, is lacking! Too many balls get through the infield and when they get out field we haven't the correct communication and thus give up runs." She scolded.

"It's not that you guys are bad" she thought, "you just need to have better chemistry" she finished. This was mostly a new team, most of the fielders were seniors that had graduated. With the exception of Cana, Mira, Erza, and two others, about half of the starters were new to the first string! Being such a new team they lacked the dynamic to simply click together like a team should. Individually they were more than qualified to start at any school in the country they just lacked the basic belief in their teammates to look out for them.

"Hopefully this will bring them closer to that click" Rei and finished her explanation. "Now seeing as Rai-chan has never met you, please introduce yourselves to him. Give your name, position, year and batting order. In that Order, Go!" She commanded

Raichi looked at Rei in awe, "aw-awesome, Rei-Chan is super awesome!"

"If that's the case then I will start off, My name is Erza Scarlet, I'm a pitcher, a third year, and bat forth. It's a pleasure to meet you, Todoroki Raichi." She smiled

Raichi looked at her and everything Natsu told him went through his head, "She's not so bad, she seems nice!"

"You too, boss!" Raichi greeted back with a grin. Last time he had seen Erza her hair was down but in preparation for practice she had it in a ponytail

"B-boss?! Damn you Natsuuuu!" Erza thought as multiple tick marks cover her face and a menacing aura surrounded her.

Elsewhere, the pink haired Natsu shivered as he read his manga.

Raichi backed up at the aura she put off, "it's a ruse! She's really like he said!" Raichi thought in fear.

The rest of the girls were doing everything they could to hold in there laughter.

"Coach Rei, please excuse me a moment" Erza ground out.

Raichi had his jaw dropped and sweat poured down his face as he looked between Erza and 'Rei-chan' as he'd come to know her. "C-Coach? If she's the boss of boss, what does that make her" he thought

He gasped as he came to a realization while looking at Rei, he knew what she was, who she was.

"Bi-Big Boss!" He gasped out

This time the girls couldn't keep their laughter inside. "Puahaha!" Most if not all of them had a hard time breathing.

Mira herself had erupted into a fit of giggles "pufufufu"

Cana was rolling on the floor. And could not contain herself.

Rei kept her smile and pushed up her glasses, though as she did so multiple tick marks appeared upon her head and a murderous aura rolled off her in waves

"Who are you calling 'Big Boss'?!" She asked in a sickly sweet tone. "Next intro!" She called out

Gathering herself the next girl stepped forward, "I suppose I'm next. I'm Mirajane Strauss, I'm a catcher, a third year as well, and bat third. Nice to meetcha" she said with a warm smile

Raichi bowed his head slightly with a blush on his face "Hello, senpai" he greeted timidly. When Raichi had first seen her spectating she had a her bangs held up with a hair tie in some odd front ponytail, currently though it was all pulled back into a regular one.

Mira giggled a bit before the next person introduced themselves. "Your wild kid! Anyways, I'm Cana Alberona, I play shortstop, I'm a second year, and bat fifth. Let's get along" she said with a friendly voice

"Yes!" Raichi greeted back still having a small blush, Cana was quite pretty herself

"Oh! I'm Levy Mcgarden, I play first base, I'm a second year, and I bat second. Nice to meet ya" Levy introduced

Raichi nodded back to her

"Ummm.. I'm Juvia Lockster, I play right field, I am also a second year, I bat seventh." Juvia was a timid girl around people she didn't know, a lot like Raichi in that regard.

"Let's get along!" Raichi stated with a grin. Juvia nodded back slightly flustered and let the next person start their intro.

"I'm Laki Olietta, I play center field, I'm a second year and I bat sixth. Don't underestimate us girls or you'll regret it!" Laki Stated, she was a bit of a feminist, and she hated to be looked down upon because of her gender.

Raichi let a vicious grin make its way to his face. "Wouldn't dream of it!" He replied

"Actually I think it best we don't underestimate him" the girls that had seen his batting thought.

"I'm Natsume Dragneel! I play third base, as well as pitcher! I'm a third year and bat first. I'll strike you out swinging!" She finished. Wait, Dragneel? Is she related to Natsu by any chance? He never mentioned anything about her.

Natsume Dragneel was about the same height as Natsu and had the same pink hair as him only hers was longer and held in a small ponytail. She had average sized breasts but her butt had a lot to offer. Though her face Has more feminine than Natsu's the resemblance was definitely there. They had to be related. Natsume also happened to be one of the last remaining starters from last year

"Are you Natsu's sister by any chance? I only ask cause he's my roommate" Raichi asked curiously

"Yea, twerps my little brother." She answered. Raichi nodded.

The next introduction began "I'm Bisca Mullen, I play left field and am a relief pitcher, i too am a third year, and I bat eighth. I hope you can help us out!" She said with a welcoming smile on her face

Bisca was a girl of average height with green hair, "all of them have odd hair colors, I wonder if they dye it?" She was fairly buxom and had a pretty face with red lipstick. Bisca actually had a massive crush on Alzack the boys clubs Ace. Little did she know, he did too.

Raichi smiled too and nodded

"Hello, I'm Lucy Heartfilia, I play second base, I'm a second year, and I bat ninth. Let's get along!" She greeted

This girl, Lucy, had the biggest boobs Raichi had ever seen, that was quite an achievement given where he lived. Though Raichi wasn't much of a pervert he was still a 15 year old boy. To go along with it she had a pretty face framed by blond hair. She had had an on/off relationship with Loke for the two years they were at this school, but everyone could tell they really cared for eachother. Lucy was also the last remaining starter from last year.

"Hm. My name is Evergreen. I'm a relief pitcher, I'm a second year, I don't have a batting order so I just hit whenever I'm called in." She was very frank with Raichi but he didn't dwell on it.

Evergreen was decently tall, taller than him at least. She had a fairly voluptuous figure that was well hidden behind her uniform and brown hair. Evergreen had 'secret' thing going on with Elfman, but if asked about she would surely deny. Her pretty face had glasses, not unlike Rei-chan. They looked related in someway, they shared some facial features.

Raichi's eyes darted back and forth between the two trying to decipher what he thought to be true.

Rei seeing him smiled and confirmed his beliefs

"Evergreen is the daughter of my sister, she is my niece, now introduce yourself. It's only fair given they gave you a good introduction." she urged him.

Raichi nodded and took one step forward.

"My name is Todoroki Raichi, I wanna play third base, and I wanna bat first for every game! I'm a first year! Please take care of me Senpai!" Raichi bowed.

The girls nodded their head at his introduction, but his bat order clearly confused the three whom had seen the practice game. He could definitely be the cleanup so why bat first? Raichi though, wasn't done yet.

"However" he continued the girls regained their focus and listened "I'll blow all your pitches away"(insert gnarly guitar here) he stated with a mad grin, his body gaining a red outline from his barely concealed excitement.

The four pitchers widened their eyes

"You punk, I'll put you in your place" Natsume

"I'm not so easy to hit off of" Bisca

"Interesting, I'll give you nothing less than my best" Erza

"You little brat" Evergreen

"Isn't he underestimating our pitchers, he is only a first right?" Lucy whispered to her close friend Cana. Cana looked at her partner in the mound and close friend and chuckled.

"I wouldn't be so sure Lucy, let's wait until he steps in the batter's box" Lucy had a bead of sweat drip down her face at the sudden intense atmosphere.

"Hey, hey don't start the party without us. Aren't you the one that asked for our help Coach Rei?" a new voice asked. Their attention was brought to the sudden sound

"Ultear, and you've brought the rest of your squad with you it would seem! Perfect timing we were just about to start." Rei addressed the new person and group it looked to be a group of 9 people.

The first was a beautiful woman with black hair, and a knockout body. This was Ultear Milkovich, she was a second year in the college division and the former cleanup for the High School crew. Currently she was the Cleanup for the college team, she was the undisputed cleanup at Vermillion.

Next to her was her younger sister, Meredy Milkovich. She was one year younger and a first year in the college division, she hit fifth for high school and currently hits second in college. Meredy has dark pink, wavy hair, in a pony tail. She too had quite the voluminous body.

To Ultear's other side was a girl with short blond hair down to her shoulders, this was Ashley Heartfilia, older sister of Lucy heartfilia. Ashley was a second year in the college division with Ultear. In high school she batted third and currently she still bats third.

"Nee-sama!" Lucy exclaimed. "Why are you here?!" She shouted

"Jeez Lucy, shut your trap" Ashley replied "I'm here to help you practice you dolt!" She said as she put a pinky in her ear

"Nee-sama, please be more ladylike!" "Cheh, whatever" this is how their conversations normally went.

Those present currently sweat dropped at the relationship.

The rest of the people were other graduates from the High School team that were on the college team, though most were second-string and had some time on their hands. That being the case, they voluntarily came to help their younger class-women out.

But to get back on track let's continue with the rest.

The rest of the college team went to set up in the dugout while the three previously mentioned girls walked to the coaches side.

"Girls" Rei addressed the High School team, "I'm sure you know who these three are and if not you at least know Meredy from last year!"

"Your senpai have graciously taken time out of their day to come help you train! Take this opportunity and use it as your stepping stone to greatness. Raise your standard of play and become the champions I know you can be!" She spoke with passion trying to fire up her squad.

She was successful but at the same time she unintentionally, or was it, lit a fire under the other girls, one boy, asses.

Ultear smirked

Meredy looked serious

Ashley gave a shit eating grin

And Raichi had his aura spilling off him his eyes glowing red in excitement. And started laughing

"Kahahahahaha! Kahahahahahahaha! Hahaha!

The three college students finally took notice of the scarred first year, and blinked a couple of times.

"C-Cuuuute!" Ultear exclaimed with stars in her eyes as she hugged the little first year into her soft bosom. Raichis laugh was cut off by the sudden stuffing his face received, not that he was complaining.

His muffled laughter continued on though. "Who's this little monkey?" Ashley asked, Meredy too was curious as to who the boy was.

"Todoroki Raichi, a first year, he'll be playing with you guys today against our starters. He's playing third base and will bat forth for you" Rei explained with a smirk.

The three of them shrugged they didn't really care if he played with them or not. Conveniently, they didn't have a third baseman anyway. The third that they had bailed on them right before. He'd just better not drag them down, at least that's what Ashley and Meredy thought. Ultear didn't care if this cute little monkey had never played baseball in his life.

"Whatever he'd better pull his weight" Ashley said

"I don't think you'll be disappointed" Rei responded with a smirk "you can sort out who will bat first among you three. But first listen while I explain how this will work"

"Okay girls and boy everybody listen up, this is how everything will work. We'll be playing a full nine inning game practice game-" "Will there be extra innings?" Cana asked/interrupted

"I was getting to that." Que sheepish expression from Cana. "Anyhow, yes this will have extra innings. There will be no ties!" They were a bit confused by it until one of the girls spoke up.

"Does that mean we'll be going all nine or more innings? seeing as we don't have the rest of the team here?" Levy asked

Realization hit them after that question was asked.

"Yes" was the simple reply.

"Coach we don't have that kinda energy!" The girls shouted

"The point of this practice game is to gain as much experience and skills as we can at fielding! This will be your true test girls! Weather or not you can pass will determine where you stand!" She finished

"Practice makes permanent girls" she recited "you get the best practice when you're dead tired, make good habits then and you will succeed" she coached

"Decide amongst yourselves who you'll send up to bat, and before I forget. There's something in it for the winner." Rei said

The girls formed a huddle and conferred with one another about who would be the fourth batter. They wanted to win this, not just because there was a prize but because of pride. This was the chance they could show how good they'd become, how good they could become.

They'd show to their Coach, their senpai, and that bratty first year that they had what it takes to be champions.

Mira walked over as captain and told her coach the decision, "We choose to keep the current batting order that we have" she spoke with certainty. She had complete faith in their decision

"And why is that?" Coach questioned. Mira looked on with a serious face "Natsume is the fastest here, her speed on par with Jets. When she gets on base she puts a lot of pressure on the pitcher, and there's no one better than her at stealing bases. To add to that, her batting style gets everyone fired up. She's the ultimate lead off batter." She finished with a smile. Though Natsume wasn't the only reason they kept the order the same they all felt that the current order gave them the best use of their batters.

"She and her brother are so alike" Mira said to herself about Natsume. Rei nodded and concurred with the diversion, "I agree with you, she would have been my choice too. The current lineup let's you bat to the fullest" Rei smiled

"I don't expect you to be able to control everybody in this club, there are just way too many and you've got your hands full with the first string girls. They all have a personality. But what I do expect is for you to lead with your play and habits. So far you've done a stellar job. Your growing into your roll well, Captain." Rei complemented Mira on her efforts thus far

Mira's eyes lit up at the praise, she was under a lot of stress as the new captain but to be recognized by Coach, and someone she looked up to was a huge deal for her. "Thank you!" She beamed as she walked away, slightly more fired up than before.

"Alright! Here's how the pitching will work I'll start with Evergreen and move to Bisca, then Natsume, and close out with Erza! Any objections?" Not one

"Good, now let me introduce you to today's umpire, AC Gildarts Clive of the Boys club offered his services as an umpire this game, please give him a proper thanks!" I'm the crowd Cana suddenly tried to make herself less visible

"Cana! My only daughter! I'm sorry I don't get to see you play often!" Gildarts lunged at her. In return he got the end of her metal bat. "I'm tryin' to get myself together here old man!" She said

Though secretly, she was glad he could watch her. Gildarts knew she thought this too and simply gave her some space. And moved his focus to another person. A certain female coach in particular.

Gildarts slicked his hair back and approached her, "So Rei-chan, how's about me and you-" "No." Was her instant rejection.

Gildarts remained frozen as Rei walked away from him and his broken heart.

"Kaha. Kahahahah. Hahahaha" Gildarts new that annoying laugh. He turned around and saw that first year from the practice game. They had been introduced not long ago when Laxus told Raichi to practice with the first string.

If Gildarts was honest he rather liked the kid he was like a monkey version of Natsu. But at the moment this monkey was laughing at him

"Hah, L-Lieutenant was re-" before he could finish that sentence Gildarts gave him a karate chop on the head

"Natsu, damn it, stop giving people stupid nicknames and spreading it around!"

"Don't call me Lieutenant! You idiot, shouldn't you be getting your gear ready" he yelled at the boy as he chased him up and down the third base foul line.

The rest of the away team sweat dropped at the scene. "Oi monkey! Get your ass in here and get ready!" Ashley called out from the dugout

From across the field Mira watched and giggled to herself. He was certainly silly, but she knew that under that soft boyishness of his, lay a monster.

And today her team would face that monster. The monster known only as: Todoroki Raichi

For now she would put that out of her mind and focus on getting herself ready. Mira put on her catcher's gear and headed out to the field with the rest of her teammates. As everyone got in position Mira went up to the pitcher's mound where Evergreen stood getting herself ready.

"How are you feeling today?" Mira asked. Evergreen wasn't a very consistent pitcher but when she was hot she was on absolute fire. Her pitch style was aggressively pitching to the ins and outs of the batters box. She didn't have very many breaking balls, if anything they were moving fast balls. She could throw a sinker though, that was her finisher and they'd have to use that as their biggest weapon.

"I'm feeling good today, my shoulder feels warm but not hot. As a matter of fact I feel excellent" she said as she rotated her shoulder. Mira smiled and placed the ball in Evers mitt. "Good, let's have a good start shall we?" Mira encourage as she walked to her place by the umpire. As she crouched down the first batter walked up in the form of Meredy.

"How's she feeling today?." Meredy ask with a smirk as she got comfortable and adjusted her guards and helmet. Her tone was mocking, she knew what Evergreens weakness was. How could she not? She had helped coach her through the fickleness of her talent coming and going. Not only that but once she was hit, it was hard for Ever to keep her composure.

Mira smiled though it was far from friendly. "How's your form? Still swinging early?" Mira countered. Meredy was indeed a good batter by any standard, however, she had the habit of jumping the gun and constantly got jammed on easy pitches by swinging to early.

Meredy finally settled into her stance and eyed the pitcher her smirk never leaving her face. Mira was ganna play it cautiously so she signed a fastball low and outside. "I don't care if it's a ball just give it to me here" Mira set herself up for that catch as Ever nodded the signal.

Ever swung her left leg up, just about belly button height and pushed forward with her back leg to begin her weight transfer. She took a mighty step, slapping her left foot down, toes pointed toward Mira. Whipping her arm around, she let the ball fly.


The sound of the ball landing in the mitt signaled the end of the pitches path. "STRIKE" The ump called out.

Meredy didn't bat an eye at that pitch, was she aiming for a certain pitch or just trying to see if there was any difference in her pitch from last year? Such thoughts crossed Mira's mind as she tried to come up with a battle plan.

Mira stood up and threw the ball back the ever green "Nice ball!" She told her.

Mira crouched back down and got ready for the second pitch. Since Meredy was a lefty batter maybe a crossfire would be effective here. Mira gave the signal and positioned herself inside.

Ever got the sign and nodded, she went through her wind up and let-a-rip.

"I'm not the same as I used to be"

Meredy brought her foot forward and used it to give the rest of her body momentum as she swung her bat forward.



Ever let out a breath at the call, the ball had been a laser to the fence just past the third base dugout.

"I'm a whole new player" Meredy breathed out

Mira looked at her in surprise, she could hit an inside pitch that hard? Looks like they had other batters besides Todoroki Raichi to look out for. This was getting interesting, Mira smirked.

Mira grabbed a new ball from the umpire and threw it back to the pitcher and nodded to her with a smile. "That was a good pitch, she's got herself cornered" was the unspoken message. Ever nodded and caught the ball.

"You're right" Mira replied to Meredy "This time you swung late" she said with a smirk. Meredy herself had a smirk but her face and body were noticeably more tense.


From the dug out both Ultear and Ashley sighed, "Still so young" Ultear said. Ashley couldn't help but agree, Meredy got too riled up and frustrated in the box. That's why she always ended up swinging early. Too tense and trying to put power she didn't need into it. She'd need a lesson later, Ultear noted.

"I guess we gotta hand it to the High Schoolers though, it's not easy to Meredy so riled up" Ashley said. Ultear nodded and have two small claps for them, credit was owed where credit was due.

"If anything I'd credit Mira with it more than anybody, don't let her kind face fool you. She's a bit of a demon" Ultear smirked

Ashley agreed, and made her way to the on deck circle to prepare herself.

Raichi sat silently, banana in hand, observing the first pitcher he'd go up against. Was this the nationally acclaimed pitcher? She was starting right? So she had to be some kind of good right? Raichi patiently waited to see the next pitch the more he could imagine it the better.

"Oi! Freshman! You stole my banana, you dick!"

These college girls certainly had a colorful vocab


Back on the field Mira had already decided the finishing pitch. They would end this now in three straight pitches and give themselves some momentum going into the next batter.

Mira crouched down ready to give her signal "We'll end her here and now with a sinker on the inside. She'll swing at it no matter what, even if it's a ball, so just keep it low" Mira thought as she finished her sign

Ever nodded and adjusted her grip on the ball in her glove. She started her wind up and threw to ball.

It's straight down the middle!

"You think I won't hit that?!" Meredy screamed in her head.

Meredy took her stepped and gave a mighty swing


"Wh-what?" Meredy was confused she was sure she hit that…

"STRIIIKE, BATTER OUT" Gildarts yelled

Mira sat in her crouched position with the caught ball. "Nice ball" she said to herself.

Evers teammates cheered her on for her strikeout, the support of her team warming her heart, Ever was ready for the next batter.


With the college students plus one freshmen, Meredy walked back with her head down, she wasn't sad or anything just embarrassed. She really wanted to show her old team how much she improved since they last saw her. As it would turn out they showed her that they improved.

Meredy picked her head up and smiled at the new Team. "So, how was it? That pitch?" Ashley asked her.

"It was a pitch full of spirit, it was extraordinary." She replied. "From what we saw here the drop was intense, forker or sinker?"

"It felt more like a sinker, I doubt they'll give you much of those anymore though." Meredy said

"Wooaah, who'd a thunk that High School girl could throw such a good sinker" one the girls in the dugout said

"Mira is smart enough to keep you on your toes, she'll hit you with it when you least expect it. I don't think we should swing at anything that could resemble it, completely forget about the sinker from now on" Ultear coached to what she'd like to call her team.

"Yes ma'am" both Ashley and Meredy agreed, as did the rest of the girls in the dugout. Ultear wanted to be a coach or trainer after college so whenever she got the chance to take control, she took it as a way to hone her leadership skills. The girls in the dug out obviously trusted her judgement, she wasn't the captain of the college team for nothing after all.

"Oi first year what do you think!" Ashley called out the monkey like boy.

Raichi was still watching the field where he just witnessed the sinker. "Amazing.. Amazing! I wanna hit that pitch! I really wanna hit it!" He yelled

The other three sweat dropped, "This guy, was he not listening at all?" They all thought.

"Are you listening you idiot?! Forget the sinker! Forget it!" one of the others scolded

Raichi stared at her, "but I wanna hit it!" He said back. The unnamed college girl had a vein bursting out of her head

Ashley brushed it off and made her way to the batter's box. The kid could do whatever he wanted. Ashley took her practice swings then stepped into her box. She was a righty batter, unlike her pink haired teammate.

She stepped inside the box and started taking her stance. Slightly bent over the plate, and picked her hands up to eat height. Her knees were bent, both facing the plate to give her a good center of gravity. And while her right foot was planted firmly, her left foot was slightly elevated resting on its toes.

"You sure got her good, ey' Mira?"

"I don't know what you're talking about" Mira smiled as she decided on the best pitch. She knew Ashley was an aggressive batter from the time she had seen her play in High School.

"She'll definitely swing at the first pitch so let's see if we can jam her up for an easy out. There's no need to rush, it's still the first inning. Give her a shootball, high and into her chest" Mira finished her sign and set up

Ever nodded and took a breath she wound up she took her long step and swung her arm down hard giving the ball it's necessary spin to break.

Ashley had decided to swing no matter what, as long as it didn't look like a sinker, so that's exactly what she did.

"GO TO HELL!" She swung her bat.

She did not expect for it break the inside

"Shit, a cutter?! When the hell did she learn that?"


The ball popped up to the shortstop

On the field the players sweat dropped and Lucy was embarrassed at her sister's exclamation. On the sidelines Erza and Rei chuckled at her.

"Got it!" Cana called out. And true to her word she did catch it. "OUUUT". Mira stood up and held her fingers in a 'rock n roll' sign "Two outs girls, twoo outs!"

"Cheh, stupid, good for nothing, bastard." She said to her bat. Gildarts sweat dropped as he heard her "Oi Oi, it's not that bats fault" he defended.


When she made her back into the dugout, her teammates avoided her. An angry Ashley was a bad Ashley. The angry female dropped her bat into its holder and went to sit down.

"Hahaha Ashley nice try!" Ultear laughed it off as she went up to bat.

Raichi being the kind guy he is offered her a banana he wasn't eating. He shoved it close to her face and she backed up a bit, surprised at the sudden closeness of said fruit. She looked at him then snatched the banana and put him in a headlock

"You ain't so bad monkey boy!" She told him "shanks" he said with his mouth full. "Don't speak with your mouth full, it's gross" Raichi nodded



Mira was happy that they had gotten through the first two batters unscathed. But looking over she saw that this is where the battle started. In her eyes sight was the squad's former cleanup hitter, Ultear Milkovich. She was known as 'The Undisputed Cleanup' for a reason. Her batting talent was unmatched. Even amongst the boys she stood head and shoulders above them. And hearing her practice swings just a few meters away from her had her body shivering.

She made eye contact with Ultear and the older woman smirked. They both new that if they wanted to make it out unscathed they'd best tread carefully.

A big hit in this situation would completely kill their momentum.

With Ultear up to bat, things were just getting started.


I know right now a lot of it is borrowed scenes and dialog but I'm trying to work myself into it and get a feel for really making this my own style. If you don't like that I'm sorry, pls be a bit patient! Eventually I'll be able to find my own sense of writing!

As for the attempt of humor, I hope some of you find it amusing, for now most of it is from Ace of the Diamond. The humor in that shoe absolutely killed lol. So I thought I'd try to incorporate some of it in. Sorry if you're not really feeling it, if you have any suggestions I am willing to give em' a look!

Anyway, in case it was hard to follow.

Here's a recap of the current girls team in batting order. It'll be name (position) year.

Natsume Dragneel (Third base/Pitcher) 3

Levy Mcgarden (First base) 2

Mirajane Strauss (Catcher) 3

Erza Scarlet (Pitcher) 3

Cana Alberona (Shortstop) 2

Laki Olietta (Center Field) 2

Juvia Lockster (Right field) 2

Bisca Mullen (Left Field/Pitcher) 3

Lucy Heartfilia (Second base) 2

Evergreen (Relief pitcher) 2

Lots of sophomores huh? It's a young team and they still don't have the communication and trust they need to be successful yet. Rei is hoping this little practice will help them understand how talented they all are as individuals and as a team. Thus, letting them able to put faith in one another and leaving them with reliable teammates.

As for Evergreen, she doesn't really have a batting number since pitcher is the only position she can play effectively she mostly waits in the dug out until she is needed.

As for the whole rest of the team, I know I'm missing 10. They have there own separate training with the assistant coach, I'm also having some trouble getting players. So once again if you have ANY suggestions pls let me know. Preferably someone of the fairy tail guild or someone with no affiliation, like I did with Jellal. This sister or brother of a player will work too. So if you have anything don't be afraid to tell me!

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And before I forget here are the Seniors plus Raichi

Meredy Milkovich (pitcher) College Freshman

Ashley Heartfilia (shortstop) College Sophomore

Ultear Milkovich (catcher) College sophomore

Todoroki Raichi (Third Base) HighSchool Freshman

Batters 5-9 are nameless they probably won't show up ever again.

Also! The reason I'm doing last names first for the non-fairy tail characters is because of a difference in culture. Fairy tail universe is very different than the Japan setting that Ace of the Diamond has. So I'll just say that Raichi is basically a foreigner. The way I was introduced to Raichi was a super gnarly scene when he hit a homer off Manaka in ep31. To me his name sounds more menacing as "Todoroki Raichi" rather than "Raichi Todoroki"

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