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Home Away From Home:

Ash was busy at work waxing and polishing up her black electric guitar. She never really paid attention to the scuffs and scratches and even when she didn't notice she didn't mind them too much. It was just that there was nothing else she had to do. She practiced her cords at the theater with the rest of the theater group, she was always jotting down notes for possible new songs, and even when she was alone in her apartment she practiced on her guitar for hours at a time.

Thanks to the big concert she had gotten a lot of publicity and even had gigs lined up at local bars and hangouts a few times a week. With Lance out of her life and everything going perfect she couldn't have been happier.

Or so she thought. With a heavy sigh the rockstar cleaned up the wax and rags she was using and put her axe back on it's stand. As she sat on the couch looking at her phone she saw the other slightly sunken in spot on the other side of the furniture. "Ugh!" she groaned as she threw a pillow at it and got off the couch. Even if Lance was out of her life he wasn't out of her memory; and this apartment certainly wasn't helping her forget.

Dress rehearsal was finishing up for the theater group and Buster was going over his notes for everyone's performances and what they did great as well as what they can to improve. "Ash. Ash. Ash!" a shout pulled her from dozing off.

"I lost my microphone!" the tired singer blurted out as her head slipped off its resting point on her hand causing her to jerk awake. She was met with some confused looks from rest of the group except for Mike.

"You stay up past your bedtime princess?" he mocked after a chuckle before leaving since he had gotten his feedback already and said he was late for dinner with his girlfriend.

Buster wasn't mad or even upset in the least, in fact after working with Mrs. Crawley for so long he had a lot of patience with simple thing. "You alright there Ash?" the director asked with a little concern for his rock star performer.

The teen gave her head a shake to wake herself up before responding "Yeah sorry about the Moon, I Just haven't been able to sleep good lately." She finished with a yawn further emphasising her point.

"No worries Ash it's quite alright, try a glass of warm milk next time, always helps me." He said while standing up, even though it doesn't make him that much taller by any means. "Well that's all I got for you guy today, keep up the great work everyone. If you need me I'll be in my office." The director said as he dismissed the group to go take care of director things.

Just as Meena was about to get up however she felt a weight on her leg and looked down to see her sleepy friend snoring lightly using her leg as a pillow. The large mammal looked on for a while before slowly reaching her paw over her friends quills running it down the spines; she didn't know if it was okay to do that but since she was being the pillow she was sure Ash wouldn't mind too much. And besides, the ends of the barbs tickled the thick skin on her paw, up until Gunter called out to her.

"Ash look at you." The male pig's German accent coming through thick at the moment. "Rock star all out of rock." He said commenting on how tired she was.

When his voice suddenly woke her up she jerked her head up again and felt her quills hit something. "What?- Meena I'm sorry are you okay?" She asked as she turned to check on her friend who was pulling a couple barbs from her paw.

"Yeah! I'm okay Ash, see?" the elephant said showing that she was okay after taking out the quills with a slight winch each time. But what she hoped that her friend didn't pick up on was the fact she only got pricked for being too close. But now as a consequence she could feel her face flushing as Ash looked over her paw, she didn't even realize bringing her ears around her cheeks to cover them.

"Why haven't you been able to sleep sweetie?" Rosita asked as she pulled her purse over her shoulder stepping over beside her dance partner and the other two girls. As a mother of twenty five she knew a thing or two about not being able to sleep.

There was no point in hiding it from them since they were like a family to each other, as well as the fact they all knew about what happened with Lance. "I just can't sleep right anymore. My apartment is always empty now and I just can't focus." She sighed, defeat clearly coating her voice. "I've been looking finding a new place because my rent is up this week."

When the Indian elephant heard how sad her friend was her ears perked up and she smiled at the idea of offering that she could stay at her house for a few nights. But then she thought about all the reasons Ash would say no to that idea. "She's a rockstar, and she's so cool. She probably wouldn't even like the thought of having a sleepover." Meena doubted herself in her head causing her ears to close back down and her smile to slip away.

But the others weren't as shy as her and almost all had the same idea. "Well why don't you come stay with me?" Rosita managed to ask first when she cut off Eddie and Gunter who were both excited to hang out with the little rocker.

"Yeah that's a great idea." Johnny jumped in agreeing fully with Rosita, "You could stay with each of us while you look for a new place." The mountain gorilla added onto the idea with a smile.

"Really?" the tired mammal asked unsure if it was really okay. " I don't want to get in your way or anything." She said unsure whether that would be okay with Rosita's family.

"Or you can come stay with me?! It will be like totally spicy no?" Gunter was clearly very excited for this as he was already starting to give a little dance.

Maybe Gunter was going to be an obvious bad choice to room with, Ash thought to herself as she went up to go talk to Mr. Moon. "Hey Moon, you got a minute?" the rocker asked as she knocked on the door to his office before stepping in.

"Sure thing Ash, what can I do for you?" he asked as he put down some rough drafts for the next show's advertisements.

"I was wondering if I could keep my equipment here while I look for a new place?" she brought up the little explanation of why she was moving and how the current plans were to stay with Rosita and her family while she looks for a new place.

Hearing about the vocal artist in a bit of a bind he thought of something, "Well you can stay with me for a while too if you need. You would be able to get into the theater anytime." He invited the younger mammal.

"Wait really? Where do you live?" Ash thought that being able to get into the theater and practice on stage when ever she wanted would be really cool-

"Right here in my office." He cut her thoughts off midway. As he pulled out the draw with his 'bedroom' in it. "See, I never have to leave. You can have one of the practice rooms if you'd like." The koala smiled kindly as he closed his bedroom draw.

Ash went from thinking that Buster was that much cooler than he was to that much lamer than before. "You sound like you need a new apartment more than me Moon. But I think I'll pass." Cringed the songwriter as she headed out of the office closing the door shut behind herself.

It was the next day after rehearsal and Johnny was driving behind Rosita who had Ash and Meena riding with her as they headed to the teen's apartment. Johnny rolled his eyes with a smile when the mother driving slowed down at the yellow light rather than speed up; being the middle of Tuesday there was absolutely no cars around but them. But sitting there behind them he could faintly hear the sound of their three voices all singing the song on the radio before they both went at the green light.

However the next time that he saw Rosita slowing down at the yellow he pulled up in the lane next to her. "Hey Rosita!" he called over the radio in the van. When she turned the radio down they rolled down their windows and each turned to listen to him. "You wanna have some fun?" he had a playful and challenging smirk on his face when he revved the engine to the garage's truck he was driving. He might not have driven for the gang's big heist but he sure has driven before.

"Johnny! That's-"

Rosita was cut off by Ash yelling from behind her. "You're on greaser!" she shouted getting a laugh from Meena and a glare from "Race you to my place!" she shouted so their friend would hear her clearly.

"No we will not missy." The driver scolded her lightly. Although the thought of having fun like she never did in highschool might have been an exciting thought.

"If you win I'll babysit for you Rosita." Johnny goated her knowing full well she would jump at the chance.

Rosita agreed in a heartbeat at that bargain. "Rev you engine Rosita." Meena said from the back seat with a nervous smile. This was also something she had never done, even if her grandpa sped everywhere he went.

"Yeah!" Ash beamed back at her elephant friend not noticing the blush that started to blush when she looked away.

"Like this?" Rosita asked clearly unsure if she was going to do it the right way, she had never revved the engine before like this; and it showed. Instead of simply revving the engine she took off speeding through the red light they were already stopped at. Johnny was just baffled but he gunned it after her anyways racing up to the side of the van.

"So Johnny when are you free?" Rosita asked with a smirk as she blew her ear out off of her face and straightening her shirt. Beside her both Ash and Meena got out looking like they had just gotten off a roller coaster as the smaller girl leaned against the larger one, both of them smiling and giggling with one another.

The gorillas shoulders were slouched and he was shaking his head. "Weren't you the one who wanted to race?" the porcupine joked as she caught her breath.

"Man Rosita you sure must need a babysitter." The young racer sighed as he took his medicine light heatedly. With that the four of them went to Ash's apartment to help pack her things and load them into either the bed of the black truck or into white mini van.

During the whole process Johnny and Meena did most the heavy lifting while the other two packed the stuff in boxes that they had gotten from their houses or borrowed from Buster. All the while Meena was amazed with everything the rocker had in her apartment, and while she didn't take Ash as a messy person being a rockstar came with a certain reputation; and perfectly clean was not part of that.

Now with all the big things packed everyone was helping pack. "Ash where do you want this box of shoes?" Johnny asked as he pulled the box out from under the couch table. He was just about to call for her again when he saw light spilling out from the box. "Ash still has light up shoes-?" the large male asked out loud as he opened the lid. He stopped when he saw that is wasn't shoes inside the box.

"Did you say something Johnny?" the porcupines voice scared him as she walked down the hall.

"Nothin'! Nope! Didn't say anything!" he stammered embarrassed as he shoved the box back where he found it. "What else do you need packed?" the only male in their group asked trying not to make it obvious what he found.

With all the large stereo speakers stored in the Ashes practice room along with the boxes of things she wouldn't be needing while staying with Rosita, Johnny headed home after offering to take Meena back until the other driver insisted it was perfectly fine.

"That sure was a lot of work wasn't it girls?" The mom asked as they also headed out after loading back into her white van.

"Yeah it was, thanks a bunch guys." Ash smiled a sleepy smile. It was definitely a long day for her but it would have been an even longer week without her family's time and help; but now with all the moving done for the most part her much needed hours of sleep were weighing heavy on her eyes as she gave a tired yawn.

Meena would never say anything to her friend about it, but she couldn't help but think how cute the rock star looked as her eyes fluttered shut. The shy singer turned away and was looking out the window enjoying the sight of other animals going throughout their own day, that was until she felt a familiar weight on her side. Looking down caused nothing but a blush burning lightly in the elephants cheeks and a smile to her lips when she saw the rocker once again snoring lightly against her.

Once more she couldn't resist running her paw down the quills being extra careful not to get poked by one this time. It was a strange feeling, but it was also a feeling that gave her goose bumps. The tips of the quills scratched lightly across her tougher skin, it was somewhere between a tickle and tingly all at the same time. "She looks so cute when she's asleep." Rosita's voice pulled her from her thoughts causing her to pull her hand away quickly.

"ye-yeah! She's just so different." Meena stammered and prayed that the mother did not see what she was doing to the rockstar singer; that would have been horribly embarrassing for her. The thought alone was making her cheeks burn red as she hid her face behind her ears.

Rosita, however, did see the blush and she also knew that little and gentle smile that was on Meena's face moments ago; but as a mother she knew it was best not to push the subject…for now.

When Ash woke up she could hear the faint sound of screaming. Her head shot up only to find herself being lightly shaken by Rosita who was scarred by the sudden jolt of movement from the young girl. "Were you having a bad dream sweetie?" she asked as she finished catching her breath.

"I heard screaming and was worried something happened." The now wide awake singer admitted before noticing something important. "Wait where's Meena?" Her eyes looking around seeing no sign of her friend.

"That screaming is just the kids. They must be having fun play." The mother of said kids said like it was nothing that wouldn't happen each and every night. "And I dropped Meena off on the way over, and she wanted me to make sure you get a good night's rest tonight." Rosita wagged a finger at the rocker who had a tendency to be tired as of late, though there was still a smile on her face as she did so.

Grabbing her two luggage cases along with her guitar. When she followed Rosita in she would have been trampled alive if it wasn't for her quills flicking up at the scare from their collective scream then that would have been bad news for everyone in the room, "Twelve kids? That must be crazy." Ash stared in awe at the mob of little piggies as she tried to count them all, but the running and jumping kids made it impossible to keep track of.

"Twelve?" Rosita gave a small giggle at the idea of having so few kids. "No sweetie, we have twenty five." The smile on the mother's face was happy and it made no sense to Ash because she couldn't imagine having any more than five; ever. As the older singer went through naming off the names of all the little ones Ash was only able to keep track of the first three and then Casper, but that was only because he was still darting around the rest of them.

The prickly teen couldn't find the words to describe what she was thinking. "Rosita are you sure it's okay if I stay here?" her voice unsure not only because she didn't want to get in the way of the loving mother, but also she didn't know if she would be able to handle all the kids.

"Of course it's okay Ash, it's what families are for." Rosita smiled genuinely as she put a hooved paw of the others shoulder. "Now come on, let's get dinner going. Kids be washed up in time for dinner." she said as she pointed her finger and sent the mob to rally out of the room.

Not wanting to have her stuff she brought scattered across the house Ash put her stuff in the back corner by the potted plants hoping that it would stay from the kids. She did her best to help Rosita in the kitchen with cooking and getting the table ready, not know much about making a home cooked meal she set the table instead.

As she put down plates and forks along with a glass she got into a rhythm doing so, and that's when she found out it wasn't her rhythm she was working to. But actually it was Rosita's singing that was keeping the rhythm as she chopped the vegetables which Ash followed without knowing. About half an hour later the proud chief had just finished serving up the last of the twenty five plates when she rung the dinner triangle, "Supper time!" she called up the stairs causing an avalanche of little ears flopping around as the piglets ran down to the table.

The young singer couldn't believe all the noise that was coming from them just eating. There was still so much yelling and talking that Ash wasn't sure if any eating going on between the kids. "Here you go sweetie." She heard the mom's voice speaking to her as she offered a plate of food to the younger singer, and together the two of them went to the living room to enjoy light conversation over dinner where it was ever so slightly quieter.

"I don't know how you can do it Rosita. I mean taking care of twenty five kids? And a husband?" she asked astonished as she watched the mama pig checking all the piglet's teeth before letting them up to bed. She knew that even if she tried taking on such a large task that she would not even come doing half as close to a great job as Rosita was doing each and every day.

The older animal could only smile and shrug. "Some days are harder, some days are messier. But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world." For a while they were quiet, Ash merely watching as Rosita give the all clear to most the piggies or turning back a few to finish brushing.

As the last of them finished and went up the stairs one little girl stayed back and poked her head through the bars and gave her mom a kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight mommy." She said sweetly and innocently before scurrying along.

"That's what makes it all worth it." Rosita smiled as she watched her daughter head off to bed. The cuteness was too much for the rocker and while she wasn't usually moved by much seeing how Rosita worked so hard for her family and loved them so much made her eyes watery when the little girl returned all that love. "Now you too missy. You need to brush your teeth." The happy mom said getting a laugh out of Ash.

"Yes mom." The rocker smiled warmly at her as she went to go get her stuff to get ready for bed. If Rosita could do this every day and still come out smiling and loving to both her families then Ash was at least going to try her best with everything too.

Like Ash promised to herself she was trying, and she was trying . In the mornings the kids were loud as they played, ate, and got ready for school. So morning time she couldn't really practice anything besides her finger movements because he couldn't really hear the lyrics or chords she was playing. Then she was able to practice for an hour before Rosita was ready to take the two of them to rehearsal, the drive she didn't mind too much.

But she could only enjoy listening to the singing mom because she never listened to any of that music, and the same could be said for her ride home to her temporary place. However on the first heading back they stopped at a few places collecting ads for apartment places. When they got home however the house was a messy of toys and screams from all the piglets. Dinner time was just as nice as the first night there, but also just as chaotic.

Once the piggies were all asleep thanks to a bedtime story Rosita was leaning up the rest of the house and Ash went to the living room to finally get some good practice in on her new song and try to match her cords up with her lyrics this time. But unfortunately for her not long after starting Norman came home and 'greeted' his wife before joining the rocker in the living room. "Don't mind me, you just keep play." He said tiredly as he sat on the recliner and turned on the tv.

It wasn't that Ash was worried about disrupting him, but now with the mix of various noises coming from both the tv and from the fast asleep husband ash couldn't hear the chords right anymore. "Ugh." She growled as her shoulders slumped down and she glared at Norman snoring over on the couch. "If he's that tired he should go to bed." She grumbled under her breath as she packed her axe into her case knowing she wouldn't be able to get anymore practice done for the night.

"Do you need any help Rosita?" the defeated rocker sighed as she walked into the room she was cleaning in as she was singing to herself.

"Oh no I'm okay sweetie, thank you though." The kind mother smiled lovingly as she piled the toys back into their box in the corner. "You can keep practicing, I know how hard writing your own song must be." Rosita added not wanting to have Ash going out of her way with something that she didn't need to do.

And the mama pig was right, it was hard to write her own song; especially when there was no time to listen to herself think or play. Maybe this wasn't the right place for a rocker girl like her to stay for too long, just because she liked loud music didn't mean she could stay sane in such a loud house; filled with near countless children.

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