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Her Forever Home:

Meena and Johnny were hanging out backstage listening to the song Ash had gotten so far. "Well it's a lot better than that first time." Johnny said scratching the back of his head at the bluntness she wanted from them.

"I think you sound good." Meena said in disagreement with the gorilla, "I mean your song, your song sounds good. You do too of course it's just…" she tapered off as she kept glancing at Johnny not wanting to look Ash in they eye because she was starting to blush.

However Ash saw Meena's eyes going back and forth to Johnny while she stammered. But the largest of the three felt the porcupines eyes on her and she panicked. "Oh I think I hear Mr. Moon calling me." She said quickly as she perked her ear up and left without any other explanation.

"You can't tell me she doesn't like you." Ash dryly told Johnny as she stared at him blankly.

Johnny turned around after watching Meena run off, "She said she didn't." he explained to their friend trying not to say too much.

"You can't just ask her! She'll never tell you if you do that." She scoffed at how stupid Johnny was for probably asking the shy singer about her feelings. That was definitely the wrong way to go with it because how shy Meena was.

The two of them stayed in the practice area talking and all the while Meena was just around the corner listening in trying to build up her confidence. But when Mrs Crawley came calling everyone to the front so Buster could give an announcement she had to leave so they didn't know she was right there all along.

"Ash, are you and Johnny heading back to his place?" Meena asked twirling her thumbs as she avoided looking at the smaller mammal directly. Everyone who was there was just doing their own practicing and singing after Buster's announcement.

"Yeah I was just waiting till he was ready to get going." The rocker responded with a nod. She had actually got in a decent amount of practice today and she was tired from it all. A few moments past and Meena hadn't said anything else but Ash could tell there was still something on her mind. "Why what's up?"

Meena told herself to be confident just like her grandpa told her, but this wasn't singing; it was so much harder than just singing. "I-well I thought that maybe…-if you wanted I mean…" the shy elephant stammered as he cheeks reddened. "I was wondering if you wanted to stay with me for a while." She squeaked out quickly.

The porcupine took a moment to think about what she had heard, it came out so fast she wasn't certain. But then it clicked, "Oh I see, you just don't want me staying with Johnny." Ash said with a wide smirk realizing that she was making Meena jealous.

"What? No! I mean yes but- No it's not that! I just-" Meena was stammering her defence and was unable to put the words together. What was making it worse; Ash's smirk was only growing, which made the elephant even more nervous. Meena's ears were almost completely covering her face now and there was nothing she could do to stop her cheeks from blushing.

"It's okay Meena I won't tell him." the rocker smirked. Before Meena could say anything else Ash cut in again. "Would your family be okay with me staying over?" While she wouldn't mind living with the larger singer for a while she wasn't sure if her style of music was going to be okay at their house.

Meena nodded in response. "I asked them about it yesterday and my mom said yes." Her voice was wavering slightly and she was unsure what Ash was going to say.

"Okay. If your mom said it's fine I don't mind." the porcupine said with a smile with perked Meena's ears up. "But would you be able to pick me up from Johnny's? I don't think he should be driving around right now." She said scratching the side of her head between some of her quills.

"Oh yeah! I'll let my mom know!" Meena said happily as she left the small practice rooms headed out to go home.

But she was stopped before she made it out of the doors. "Meena, Meena. Did you ask her?" Johnny's voice stopped her just before she was out the first set of doors.

The elephant singer turned around to see her friend coming up the walkway for the seats. "Yes." She nodded excitedly and eagerly. "She said yes." Johnny could tell she was excited about this.

"Okay you're coming by tonight right?" he asked to make sure that was still the plan. And he got another excited nod in return for his efforts. "Alright, I'll see you tonight." He said as he headed back to get a little bit more practice on the keys.

Johnny was closing up the garage after replacing the tires of the last customer when he heard another car pulling up. "I'm sorry, but I was just closing up." He said turning around only to find Meena waving from the passenger side of the car. "Oh hi Meena." He waved back, "Pull right on in sir." He said guiding her grandpa into the garage.

"And you must be Johnny, good to see you." The older elephant said shaking the gorilla's hand as he got out of the car. Johnny and him talked for a while after Johnny told Meena that Ash was upstairs packing.

Meena knocked on the wall as she came up to Ash in the living room area. "Hey you almost ready?" she smiled seeing her friend putting her clothes into her suitcase.

"Yeah I'm just packing everything up." The rocker said looking back over her shoulder. Doing a quick check she looked around seeing she had all her stuff together and that the room was pretty much back to the way it was. "I think that's everything." She said giving one last look before heading back downstairs with Meena; who just like Johnny took her stuff. 'maybe they really are perfect for eachother.' As though with a smile thinking about how similar Johnny and Meena were sometimes.

Downstairs Meena loaded up the small bags into the trunk of her grandpa's car, but Ash found herself facing a problem once more. Johnny's truck was indeed a bit bigger than she was, but this was ridiculous. "Do you need help getting up?" she heard Johnny chuckle behind her. "I have to help my niece up too." He smirked at the smaller singer.

"I can do it myself." She huffed irritated and embarrassed as she tried to climb up into the back seat. Her arms were struggling to pull her weight up when suddenly she felt large hands slide under her arms lifting her up. "Hey!?" the shock causing her quills to flare slightly.

"It's okay, I'm just giving you a boost." Johnny chuckled as he set her on the seat and handed her the guitar case.

It wasn't seen to either of them, but at the back of the car Meena saw Johnny pick her up smiling; even though Ash had her quills raised she even had a smile too. Watching them both like that made her heart feel heavy and she didn't know why. Slowly her ears wrapped around her cheek and her hands sunk into her pockets, but this time it wasn't because she was embarrassed or scared; they just felt too heavy to hold up anymore. 'Maybe I'm not good enough for-'

Her thought's were interrupted by her grandpa honking the horn. "Meena! Are you going to wait all night? Come on, mama is making pasta!" he shouted back at her from his window. Shaking away those doubtful feelings she put on a fake smile and got into the passenger seat. In moments the gorilla was just a small figure waving in the mirror's reflection.

Pulling up to Meena's house was familiar to well she showed up at Rosita's house for the first day. It was a nice family house but a little smaller without the twenty some kids that were always running around. "It ain't no fancy rock star apartment but you can practice all you like." Grandpa said as he held open the door for Ash.

The first thing Ash realized when she walked in was how big of a mistake this might have been, everything was huge compared to her. The tv looked massive, the remote was bigger than her arms, and even the footrest was almost as tall as her. "Sorry if it's a little cramped, grandpa likes having his recliner." Meena said as she set Ash's bags down in the corner by the coat rack.

Ash looked over at the monstrous piece of furniture, and even then it seems like she could walk around without bumping into things. "No it's more than enough room." She said distracted as she was still taking in her new surroundings. But then a warm scent filled the room, "That smells amazing, what is that?" she asked not noticing before how hungry she was.

"That's dinner sweetie." A loving voice said catching her attention. "Hi sweety you must be Ash, I'm Meena's grandmother." She said holding out her hand.

"Thank you guys for letting me stay here for a while." The smaller mammal smiled up at the elderly female.

"You girls go get ready for dinner now." The grandma said warmly looking between the two performers before heading off back to finish up the garlic bread for the pasta.

Meena led Ash down the hall giving her a quick tour of the house as they went to the bathroom. When they got there was the first time Meena saw the problem that Ash had been seeing this whole time; and it came in the form of seeing Ash looking up at the counter top. "I-I can help you…if you want." She said shyly not knowing if her friend even wanted her help.

And sure enough Ash was a little reluctant to agreeing, but with a blush she asked if Meena could lift her up. Kneeling on top of the counter she made sure to scrub her hands thoroughly after having stayed at Johnny's garage for so long. The smooth soap felt so much better compared to the abrasive grease removal soap that she had been using there.

Once they were done drying off their hands she held her arms out again for Meena to pick her up and set her back on the floor. A blush returning to both of them, Ash for having to be picked up and Meena for holding Ash in her hands like a kid. The rocker's feet were almost on the floor when suddenly, "Hey Meena!" her grandpa shouted as he burst into the doorway.

Him suddenly showing up loudly scared both girls into a scream. Meena pulled Ash back up into her arms and Ash held on out of fear. The sound of the grandpas laughing made them both huff at him irritatedly before the porcupine noticed something, "Where'd you get those?" she asked gesturing to the red glasses he was holding; they looked a lot like-

"I got them from your show." Grandpa chuckled as he pull them off his trunk seeing as they were too small for his head and handed them down to Ash.

For a moment she looked at the red hear glances before giving a small laugh, "You can keep them, they weren't mine anyways." Her statement made the older elephant grin.

"You should take Meena out to steal something with you next time." He said before heading out back to the kitchen not noticing the few quills that were stuck in his coat. Seeing the small spikes made the girls look back at Meena who sure enough had several more quills stuck in her hoody.

Ash looked up nervously to her friend. "I'm sorry, you're not hurt are you?" she asked feeling guilty about it.

"No don't worry I'm okay." She tried to show the small mammal she was okay. The little quills barely managed to poke the clothes she was wearing. "See no harm done." Ash was relieved to hear Meena say that because getting pricked by a quill was not painless; but she guessed it was just Meena's thicker skin that made sure it didn't hurt.

The rocker stepped out following the grandpa back to the kitchen while her host stayed back just a little longer. She was looking from the mirror to the couple of quills she was holding onto, and then the image of Ash crossed her mind bringing a blush to her face.

Just like grandpa had said; dinner was delicious. Even though Rosita cooked every night while Ash was there, she was never going to admit that the past from tonight was better than anything she had there at the pig's household, and boy was she stuffed right now. "Thank you, that was really good." She sighed happily as they all finished up their food.

"Anytime sweetie pie, Grandma and I are more than happy cooking in the kitchen, you just let us know if you want more." Meena's mom said cheerfully. But the portion size she had was already more than enough for the medium sized mammal; even if it was only a small portion for the larger breed.

Ash slid down off the stack of phone books they had gotten for her and grabbed her plate before then sliding down off the chair. She might be small compared to everything around her but that wasn't going to stop her from at least cleaning up her mess a little bit. She always had to clean up the mess that Lance left and she sure wasn't going to leave their house a mess if she could help it.

"Oh, sweetie don't worry about that, we'll take care of the dishes." The grandma said as she saw what Ash was doing. "You can just leave it there on the counter." Knowing she was never going to be able to reach the sink let alone wash her plate, Ash settled for just sliding the dish and her glass onto the counter; even if she had to use her tippy toes to do so.

When Meena finished shortly after her friend she took her stuff over to the sink and gave them all a quick rinse before putting them in the dishwasher for later. "Meena dear, why don't you get the rolling bed ready for Ash?" her mom asked as she gathered up her parents plates and cleaned them off.

As Meena got out the rolling bed Ash went off to get ready for bed herself; and that meant a nice shower to finally get rid of the garage smell once and for all. Luckily enough for her the nobs for the water were low enough for her to reach, but a knock on the door startled her into slipping. "Are you okay!?" Meena worried hearing the stumbling and opened the door to check on her.

There was a few quills going through the curtain and the sounds of Ash struggling to get up off the floor of the tub. "I'm okay!" she shouted over the sound of the water; and her struggles. When she regained her balance she saw the quills poking out of the curtain and pulled them out setting them on the outside as to not get stuck in the drain. "I'm sorry about the curtain." She was so embarrassed; her first night here and she was already ruining things.

"No it's okay it's just a curtain." Meena said hoping that her friend didn't feel too bad, besides she was usually the only one who used this bathroom anyways. "I just came to bring you a towel." She said hiding behind said towel; her friend was showering just on the other side of that thin lining, and that was making her nervous.

"Oh thanks. You can just leave it there for me." Ash responded with a shaky voice. 'Why am I feeling so nervous?' she thought to herself. Just as the elephant was about to leave she remembered something. "Wait Meena…can you give me the soap?...I can't reach it." She said with red cheeks; maybe that's why she was feeling so nervous.

However saying that only made Meena's eyes widen. It clicked in her head that the soap was in the shower…with Ash…without clothes. A red blush spread across her face but she said yes none the less; even if it was very shaky and hesitant. But little by little she reached into the shower and handed down the soap for Ash. The moment that was done she was out of the bathroom in the next moment and back in her room.

The elephant sat there in her room waiting for the redness in her cheeks to slowly fade away. Taking a peek out into the hallway she went back to her bed and pulled out the quills that had gotten stuck in her jacket from Ash's little fright earlier. Thinking back to how her friend always dressed it seemed like she always had quills in her shirt, so with that in mind Meena threaded one quill through each side of her jacket; all the while her blush going away and her lips parting in a smile.

Now Meena was in the shower hoping that the hot water would help sooth her problems away. It wasn't that she was troubled and had any major problems, only minor things really. Such as her friend she had a huge crush on wass sleeping in her room for the next few days or so. Yeah that was a big problem. And right now she wasn't she if the warmth in her cheeks was from the water spraying over her or from the thoughts spinning around in her head.

Without really thinking her lips began to move and her voice began to spill out all around her, and the sound of her beautiful singing echoed in the small room; and unknown to her it slipped under the door and out into the hallway. As Ash was walking past the bathroom heard an angel's voice slipping through the cracks. She stopped in her tracks listening to the gentle song Meena was singing, the little porcupine had heard Meena singing at the theater plenty of times; but right now her voice was stunning.

"Her voice is beautiful isn't it?" she heard a whisper from down the hall causing her to snap her attention behind her. Down the hallways Meena's mom was smiling with a basket of clothes in her arms. "It's okay, I won't tell her you were listening. We all like to hear our baby girl sing." The mother smiled warmly before heading into the wash room to put the clothes in to wash.

For a little while longer Ash sat there next to the door listening to her angel singing without another thought in her mind. That was until the singing slowly faded away and the shower cut off, not wanting to get caught Ash hurried to Meena's room and with a jump crawled onto her roll away bed. She didn't notice the blush on her face but the questioned pulled at her; why was she afraid to get caught?

When Meena came back into her room ready for bed Ash was practicing her cords on her guitar. It wasn't plugged into a speaker so the sound was quiet, but the tones played on the metal wires still sounded amazing to the elephant. And for a little while she listened to the strumming of those wires as she sat in her bed.

Time past and soon enough the little rocker had felt like she practiced enough for tonight and decided to join her friend in getting ready for bed and crawled under her own sheets after setting her instrument in its case and against the side of her bed. "Goodnight Meena." She whispered quietly into the night.

The young elephant couldn't stop her ear from perking up visibly or stop her cheeks from heating up, Meena had never expected to hear the rockstar use her voice so gently. And yet here she was experiencing it first person. "Goodnight Ash." She squeaked shyly in response as a smile spread across her lips and her eyes fluttered shut. And what she never saw was the smile that parted the porcupines lips.

"I'm telling you, she's gonna get Meena out of her shell for good now." Meena's grandpa said in as he crawled into bed with his wife. "I can feel it this time." He chuckled as he told her of the good he was hoping for.

"She's already in a public speaking class Honey, she's coming out on her own already." She responded as she pulled the covers back over herself after they were stolen from her.

The grandma was right; after the big concert Meena made an effort to be more open and talkative. But that was a big goal she set, one even bigger than herself. So to help reach that goal she enrolled in a public speaking class to help get over her nerves. "I know, but she's still having trouble you know that. Maybe they need to go steal something." The idea sounded great in his own head.

However to the older elephant the point wasn't clear. "Steal something? Now why would they go do that?" she questioned him loudy. "You know Meena isn't going to steal from anyone." Her voice slightly irritated at the ludicrous idea.

"I'm just saying." He said defensively as he turned out the light and snuggled close to his wife.

It was morning now and Ash was ripped out of her peaceful dream by the intrusive sun pouring in from the blinds. She groaned as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, this is why she had blackout curtains because she just could no stand this much light this early. However as the small mammal rolled over her eyes caught a glimpse of something glowing in the golden light.

Basking in the morning sun Meena was still fast asleep on her bed, only now with a golden halo that traced the curves of her peaceful figure. Ash couldn't bring herself to look away, she had never thought Meena was ugly or even average looking, but until now she never realized just how beautiful the young elephant was.

Unfortunately for her though, nothing gold can last forever. The sound of footsteps suddenly brought the rock star out of her trance and into a panic. Quickly she spun her blanket over her and buried her head in her pillow just in time for the door to open and those footsteps to enter the room. "Meena, Meena time to get up." She could hear the mom's voice calling the still sleeping singer.

Ash could hear her friend shifting around and raised out of bed with a yawn that she couldn't help but adore. "Morning mama." She said sleepily as she rubbed her eyes awake.

"Why don't you wake your friend up so you girls can eat?" the older mammal asked before heading back out into the kitchen.

Meena stretched a bit longer before actually getting up and out of bed. She looked over her friend lying there on the other side of the room admiring her for just a few moments, it was funny how obvious Ash hated the morning with the way she had the blanket bunched over her head. She was just about to wake Ash up but then she realized, she had never actually woken up one of her friends before. Catching herself in thought she was trying to think what the best way to do this.

Should she just call out her name she thought, "Ash. Ash." She whispered getting no results. Going over to the bed she sat down on the empty section of the bed. But the thing that she didn't think of was how much her weight was going to affect the mattress.

Ash felt Meena lower herself onto her bed after calling her name but she just couldn't find herself to get up, and she didn't know what she was faking being asleep. That was until her friend was fully on the bed and Ash found herself rolled onto the younger girl's lap laying on her back; now she had absolutely no idea what to do.

Meena was frozen in her anxiety after accidently rolling the smaller girl into her lap, she was sure that was not the correct way to wake someone up. But the thought crossed her mind how heavy of a sleeper Ash must have been to not wake up after that, and an idea popped into her head. Whenever she didn't wake up her family always tickled her…so maybe…maybe this was the way to go?

Ash burst into a fit of laughter when her sides were assaulted by her friend. "MEENA STOP I'M AWAKE!" she yelled trying to free herself of her torture. She was extremely ticklish but never had to deal with it because no one ever thought someone like her would be ticklish. She caught her breath after Meena had stopped and that's when both of them realized Ash was still laying in her lap.

"Sorry." Meena squeaked shyly as her friend crawled off and back onto the bed. Both of them with light blushing across their cheeks.

At breakfast everyone was sitting down at the table listening to the news playing on the tv going through the usual traffic and weather stuff. It felt weird to Ash being up this early, or at least being this active anyways. Unfortunately for her it also started to show as she dropped a spoonful of cereal onto her shirt rather than making it to her mouth. As she struggled to reach for the paper towel in the middle of the table she could feel the milk soaking through her shirt.

Sitting across the table from her friend Meena pushed the towel stand closer to the struggling mammal. Luckily for both of them it was just close enough for Ash to reach and clean up the small mess she made of herself. With no more mishaps during breakfast the smaller mammal went for a shower and this time found that Meena had put the soaps down on floor of the tube for she could reach them.

However by the time she got out of the bathroom all dried up and ready she came to find that her friend was gone. "Hey gramps, where'd Meena go?" she said looking round to make sure she hadn't somehow missed her friend.

"She went off to her speech class." He responded as he turned around in his recliner to talk to her.

"Speech class? Why does she have speech class?" Ash asked as she did her best to crawl up onto the couch being careful not to poke her quills into the fabric.

The old elephant gave almost a irritated huff. "She needs to be more confident! She needs to speak up for herself more!" he exclaimed as he shook his can in his grip for emphasis. He had told that same thing to his wife, their daughter, and even Meena.

And now that she was in the class he thought it was all going to go away at once; but so far it did not. From what it sounded like Meena was barely making it through the speech portion of the class while she did fine during the studying and reading portion, but she wasn't going there to learn how to read; she was going there to learn how to be confident. However with her rock star friend staying with them he thought things were going to start looking up; maybe he would ask the small girl to help with this.

"Hey Meena how was your speech class?" Ash questioned when her friend showed up to practice.

"Speech class? Why do you have speech class sweetie?" Rosita asked as everyone was hanging around the practice rooms together.

Her ears started to come up around her face to hide from her friends, she did her best to fight it but being put on the spot was always a challenge for her; especially in front of a group. "I-my grandpa wanted me in them. He said I need to be more confident…" the young singer carried off feeling embarrassed about this problem.

Ash didn't know why but hearing how defeated Meena was hurt her in a way and it made her quills stand on end. The old timer was funny and all but even as Meena's grandpa she couldn't stand the thought of him being pushy like that. "Well I know you can do great." Ash said proudly as she puffed out her chest in believe of her.

"Thanks I hope so." The larger girl sighed. "We just got our last assignment for the class. We have to talk about our idol." The whole time she was walking here from her class she was deep in thought trying to plan out who she would pick or what she would even say; and even now she hadn't thought of anything yet.

Meena and Johnny were sitting out in the stands watching Ash perform her piece and going over the changes with Buster. "So did you two have fun last night?" the gorilla smirked at his friend in the light blue hoodie.

At first she was going to question him, but the look on his face said everything his lips didn't. "No! Why would you think that!?" she hissed with glowing red cheeks as this morning played back in her head.

"Well nothing really, except the quills stuck in your jacket." Johnny pointed at her side causing her to look down.

And sure enough there was two porcupine needles stuck in the same spots she had put them in last night. "I-I put them there." The shy mammal admitted, which came as a surprise to him; but then she gave a defeated sigh. "Johnny I don't think I can do it. She would never like me." Her voice was heavy and low as her thoughts weighed her down.

"Oi, come on don't think like that." His british accent coming out strong as he tried to cheer her up. "Have you even tried telling her?" rather than say anything thought Meena sighed and shook her head. "Well why don't you then? It's the best way to let her know right?" he tried convincing her.

"I-I guess you might be right." Meena stammered trying to think about how she would go about confessing. But little did either of them know, Ash was watching them as she left the stage. For Some reason she couldn't help but feel as if her feet were heavy and her eyes were misty; and she quickly cast that all aside.

Johnny wasn't sure when or why this had started revolving around him; but it did. "Are you sure you don't like Meena?" Ash confronted him backstage almost angrily. When she saw them talking out in the stands she decided that she wanted to know once and for all.

"What? No, no I don't like Meena." The larger mammal said defensively as he put his hands up. "Why do you think I like her?" he then turned the question to her hoping it would give him space to breath.

"Because you are always talking with her and both of you always laugh and smile together. And then whenever I'm around you both get quite." Her voice carried a dangerous vibe with it along with a hint of something more.

However, the rebel knew from experience what that hint was. "Ash do you like Meena?" he asked with a raised brow which stopped her in her tracks.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She huffed, but he didn't say anything in response; he just looked at her until she spoke up again. "I don't know- maybe." This was the first time Ash had been asked about her feelings in a long while; and it was the first time she had even asked herself if she had feelings for her friend. "I'm just afraid she would never like someone like me."

"Why do you think that? You're a great friend to her right? Just talk to her about it." The gorilla told her as he tried his best to play cupid. He had never done this before but was pretty sure he wasn't supposed to tell them how the other felt; but hopefully with this he wouldn't have to.

Ash was sitting on the couch with Meena grandpa and the two of them were arguing about which horror movie was better; the elephant was saying exorcism, while Ash on the other hand…well she had different tastes in movies.

"How is that princess movie a horror movie?" grandpa was just baffled by the crazy rocker sitting next to him. "It's a princess movie for crying out loud." At this point he was beyond confused.

"Its horrifying because that hideous dress she wears! And her singing gives me nightmares!" The young girl complained standing firm in her views.

Just as the grandparent was about to respond the front door opened up and Meena shyly stepped in. "Meena! How did the speech go?!" his voice still energetic from 'talking' with Ash.

Meena froze up for a second being caught off guard by his loudness. "I- I got an A." she said with a wide grin showing the grade report. There were some red markings and comments on different areas of the rubric, but circled at the top was that glorious letter.

"That's great Meena!" Ash was more than happy for her friend. Out of her control her eyes just seemed to sparkle with delight at her friend's achievement.

Seeing the glimmering crystal eyes of the porcupine made the younger mammal flush with embarrassment and nerves. "Th-thanks." She stammered lightly at the compliment and enthusiasm.

"What's all the commotion about dad?" Meena's mom ask as her and the grandma came into the room together.

"Meena passed her class!" exclaimed the very proud grandfather as he showed off the paper he took from the singer.

"Well I think that calls for a celebration, why don't we all sit down for a movie night?" grandma happily suggested. And after a long six minutes the group had finally decided on a movie and were getting seated as Meena brought in a bowl of popcorn; a heft elephant sized bowl of popcorn.

Every Time the bowl was passed around Meena would tip it sideway just enough for Ash to reach an arm over the side and get a pawful for herself to much on. And everything, Meena couldn't help me smile at her small friend as she stuck her tongue out to reach the buttery treat.

One by one the oldest mammal tired out during the second movie and headed off to bed, and before the halfway point it was just Meena and Ash sitting and watching the comedy together. However sure enough that same pattern continued, and just like that Ash drifted off to wonderland curling up against her favorite pillow; Meena's thigh.

For a while the now wide awake singer could only stare shocked at the small figure now drooling on her leg; but she didn't look on in disgust but he looked on in flustered as her idle and crush rested against her. Almost against her will she felt her large grey paw reaching out and brush against the quills.

"Meena, what are you doing?" Ash's bright eyes shot open as she felt her quills hitting each other annoyingly even.

"I- I sorry I didn't-" she pulled away quickly at being caught in the act. It was one thing to have a guilty pleasure and tell someone about it; but to be caught by someone while enjoying your guilty pleasure was by far the worse thing Meena could imagine.

Trying to get away as fast as she could the young elephant starting getting up to run to her room flustered when a firm pair of paws on her leg stopped her. "Meena don't leave. Look it's okay, really." Ash said calming her down and her crystal blue eyes putting her in a trance. And somehow Meena listened and she stopped fighting to get up as she relaxed back down. Observing her friend for a moment Ash laid her head back down on the comfy spot she found on Meena's thigh.

The soulful singer was just perplexed by this, but after a few moments she felt Ash reach a paw over and grab one of her own and pull it to the top of her head and guide it along the spines. "Ash what-"

"If you go this way it feels really nice, but going across them pulls them sideways." She told her before letting go of the larger grey paw. And much to both of their enjoyment, Meena kept brushing her paw down the quills just the way Ash wanted; and the once shy singer couldn't help but smile when Ash nuzzled against her leg.

"Ash would you stay here with us? My family really likes you and they would love to have you around. And…I really like you being here too." The grey mammal's voice was very soft and shy. Even with all the speech classes she had been taking right now her voice and confidence was about to fail her.

The rocker sat up looking at her friend, "okay." She nodded warmly as she hugged Meena as best as she could. "and I like you too." She purred in a whisper in her ear causing the elephant to blush wildly.

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