Sean POV

He didn't mean to watch them. Really. He had come into the rehearsal space to practice this routine he had in his head that was begging to get out when he saw her.

He rarely got to see Camille dance alone, she was always with the crew or Moose, and he was blown away. She was graceful and powerful at once, lost to the music. As the melody shifted his eyebrow quirked, Hawthorne Heights? He knew she had eclectic tastes, but he had no idea it included such heavy music. He couldn't stop watching, invested in seeing what she did with such different music styles.

He was blown away as she transitioned from blunt hip hop moves into a pirouette and a graceful ballet routine. He had never seen anyone make the contrast of such delicate moves with such unforgiving music. As his eyes followed her on a leaping pass, he saw Moose.

He saw how his eyes never left the focused dancer. As quietly as he could, he slipped his phone up and caught a picture of Camille mid leap and Moose in awe. It was in that moment he understood. While he had never watched her dance alone, he always knew she could dance. Today, he witnessed more than that. She couldn't dance, she is dance. It's what kept his eyes glued to her. It's what kept Moose, the incredible dancing Moose, so enthralled with watching her. She embodied everything they fought for.

As he saw Moose slowly step out into the space, he watched as Camille pulled out of a turn and into a high leap, caught by Moose who picked up where she left off, spinning her around as they landed. Following her lead, they shifted back into a hard hitting hip hop routine.

Backing quietly out of the space, he bumped into Andie who was smirking at him.

"They're incredible to watch, aren't they?" She whispered.

"You knew?"

"Of course I knew," she smirked, "but it's about time you caught on. They're a movement by themselves, but they're a force when they're together"

He froze thinking about it before speaking, "Did you just quite Fabolous to me?"