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Chapter 1: Switched

"Yeah that was awesome dad!" a boy who was about seven years old yelled as he stood up from his seat. "Yuya I know that you're excited that your father won but get down before you hurt yourself a blonde haired women said next to the boy as she forced him to sit back in his seat. "Sorry mom" the boy now known as Yuya said "I was just so excited at how dad managed to win duel using his entertainment dueling style and look he got the entire crowd cheering for him" Yuya said as he looked at his mom. Yoko smiled at her son excitement she couldn't really blame him Yusho was a amazing duelist and entertainer the way that he was able to connect and unite the crowd was amazing. In fact that was one of the main reasons why she fell in love with him in the first place.

Yoko then ruffled Yuya's green and red haired "I know that Yuya come on lets go backstage and see your dad" Yoko said. "Okay!" Yuya said with a smile after that Yuya and Yoko stood up and started to make their way back stage in the dueling arena. After about a minute or two Yuya and Yoko made their way to Yusho's dressing room and both of them noticed Yusho just coming out of the dressing room. "Dad!" Yuya yelled as he ran up and hugged his dad "hey Yuya did you enjoy the show" Yusho said as he hugged his son back. Yuya looked up at his father and said "I sure did you were awesome out there you're the greatest entertainment duelist I ever seen" Yuya declared.

Yusho chuckled "come now son there are better duelists out there and besides one day you will probably surpass even me" Yusho said with modesty. "Really you really think so?" Yuya said as he asked his dad Yusho nodded "I know so son" he said then he looked at Yoko who was walking over to the father and son pair. "You were fantasic as always honey" Yoko said as she walked over to her husband and gave him a kiss on the cheek "thanks dear I was just trying to entertain the crowd so that way everyone can have fun it doesn't matter to me if I win or lose" Yusho said. "Well regardless of the outcome I'm proud of you why don't we head back home and have a celebration dinner.

"Sounds good to me" Yusho said with a smile "awesome do you think Yuzu would like to come over too?" Yuya asked as he and his parents started to make their way out of the stadium. "I don't think so son I think Shuzo had some work to do at the Yu Show Duel School but I promise you and Yuzu can play with each other tomorrow" Yusho said to his son. "Oh alright then" Yuya said with a small smile, the Sakaki family made their way out of the stadium and headed straight towards their car and got inside it with Yusho driving. After about thirty minutes of driving the family made their way to their house "I'll go start preparing dinner and Yuya make sure you finish your homework ok you know you have school first thing in the morning" Yoko said.

Yuya sighed he didn't really want to do his homework but if he complain his mother would give him a glare that said there wasn't any room to argue with her. He then sighed "ok mom I'll try to finish before dinner time" Yuya said as he then started to go upstairs and make his way into his room so he can get started on his homework and finish it. "You want me to help you prepare dinner?" Yusho asked his wife but Yoko just shook her head "no you just relax dear I'll take care of the rest you just finished defending your title after all" Yoko said. "Ok if you say so then I'll just relax until dinner ready" Yusho said as he took off his hat and put it down on the table and sat down on the couch and turned on the tv.

Yoko meanwhile started to make her way into the kitchen and started to prepare dinner for herself and her family. After about a couple of hours Yoko had finished making dinner and started to fix Yuya and Yusho plate and put them down on the table in the dining room "Yuya, Yusho dinner's ready!" Yoko called out to her husband and son. Yusho was the first to make it to the dining room and Yuya who dropped down onto the fire pole followed him not too long after. The two then sat down and noticed that Yoko had made some steak, mash potatoes and salad "wow this looks delicious mom" Yuya said. "I agree Yoko this looks great" Yusho said agreeing with his son. "Thank you boys" Yoko said as she sat down with her food in hand.

"Yuya did you finish your homework?" Yoko said looking at her son "yeah I did mom no need to worry" Yuya said with a smile. "good now let's eat then" Yoko said after she said that she along with Yuya and Yusho began eating their food and just like they said the food tasted great as always "man that was great as always Yoko your cooking hit the spot as always" Yusho said finishing his meal "yeah mom your food is awesome" Yuya said agreeing with his father "thank you boys I'm glad you enjoy the food" Yoko said as she stood up and picked up everybody plate and went back into the kitchen. Yuya then turned to his dad "hey dad how about we have a duel me and you please?" Yusho smiled "sure son I wouldn't mind dueling you come on lets go to the living room" Yusho said as he and Yuya left the dining room and went straight into the living room.

The two of them then sat on the floor on the opposite side of the table and got their decks out "get ready dad because I'm going all out today" Yuya said as he drew his five cards. "I wouldn't have it any other way son" Yusho said as he drew his five cards as well "now let's duel!" both Yuya and Yusho said. Sadly for Yuya he couldn't beat Yusho not even once every time he loose he would ask for a rematch but it always ended up in defeat Yuya was a bit sad by that but overall he was having fun. "Aw man I lost again" Yuya groaned Yusho chuckled "don't worry Yuya like I said you're going to beat me one of these days your getting better son just keep on improving and you will be a great duelist in no time" Yusho said with a smile and looked at the clock in his living room and noticed it was pretty late. "Alright Yuya it's time for bed" Yusho said.

"Awww man" Yuya said as he whined "sorry kiddo but you got to go to school tomorrow can't have you sleeping in class now can we" Yusho said. "Yeah your right dad" Yuya said "well I guess I better get ready for bed night dad" Yuya said. "Goodnight son" Yusho replied "night mom" Yuya yelled to his mother who was in the kitchen "goodnight dear" Yoko replied. After that Yuya then started to make his way upstairs and headed straight into his room with his deck in hand. Once he got inside his room Yuya changed out of his clothes and started to put on his PJ's which where green and white. Yuya then started turned his lights off and got in his bed and closed his eyes. "Aww tomorrow going to be a great day I can't wait to hang out with Yuzu" Yuya said with a smile and started to go to sleep.

But suddenly he opened his eyes and saw a very bright glow "huh what is that?" Yuya said as he sat up and see where the glow was coming from. He then looked at his right and saw that the glow was coming from his deck "what's going on?" Yuya asked as he got up from his bed and walked over to his desk where his deck was sitting Yuya then pulled a card out of the deck and noticed that his Odd-Eyes Dragon card was glowing "Odd-Eyes why are you glowing" Yuya wondered Odd-Eyes continued to glow brighter and brighter until Yuya couldn't see anymore "what's going on mom! dad!" Yuya started to yell but it was already too late as the bright light covered up Yuya entirely and he disappeared along with his deck leaving no trace behind him.

Meanwhile in the city of the synchro dimension a young boy with blue and yellow hair who looked exactly liked Yuya had just went inside his room at the orphanage where he currently lives at as far he could remember since he doesn't really remember what his parents looks like. But he didn't really think about it all that much as long as he had Rin, sensei and the others he doesn't really care what his parents look like and why they abandoned him. Besides one day he was going to be a great duelist and take him and Rin out of the commons so that they can live together in the tops and hopefully change this corrupted society in this city. "But first I got to keep pushing myself I have to get stronger if I want to reach my goals" the Yuya look alike then yawned "but first time to hit the hay I'm tired" after he said that the blue haired boy then turned off the lights and was about to go to bed.

But before he could do that he saw a glow coming out of his pocket "huh" the boy said as he took his deck out of his pocket and saw and took a card out of it. "Huh Clear Wing?" the boy asked as he looked at his Clear Wing Synchro Dragon card and saw it was the cause of the glow. Why the hell are you glowing the boy then noticed that Clear Wing was glowing brighter and brighter "huh what's going on I can't see Ahhhh!" the boy yelled then the bright light engulfed him in the same manner as Yuya and soon the boy room was empty and he disappeared without a trace.

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