Chapter 112: Galaxy Eyes

Yugo looked at the cards of the fallen academia soldiers that were ground, he gritted his teeth in anger as he looked at the mysterious duelist who defeated them.

"You, why the hell would you do this!?" Yugo yelled.

"That's obvious, they were with Academia my enemy" the duelist said.

"So what just because they are your enemy, doesn't give you the right to just turn them into cards" Yugo said.

"If you do that you're no better then those bastards" Yugo continued saying.

"Exactly if you call yourself a duelist then you should not be using deplorable methods" Jack said.

"Are you from the resistsnce?" Yugo asked the duelist.

"I've heard that the resistance has been wiped out but if your hear then that's a relief" Yugo said.

"A relief?" the duelist repeated.

"Are you just glad to have more prey to hunt?" the duelist asked.

"No we actually came here to help we're your allies" Masumi said.

"I'll be the judge of that" the duelist said

"What" Yugo said.

"They used all kinds of methods to deceive us and hunt us down that's why I decided..." the duelist said before continuing.

"I will determine who is friend or foe through my dueling now prepare yourself" the duelist said.

"Interesting so you won't listen to us through our words fine I'll be your opponent" Masumi said.

"Masumi why would you want to duel him?" Yugo asked the tan skinned girl.

"Its obvious that we can't convince him with our words Yugo so we have no choice but to convince him with our dueling also I may have another motive for this" Masumi said.

"Another motive?" Yugo questioned

"And what would that be?" Jack asked.

"I want to prove to him that fusion summoning isn't bad itself but the people who use it for selfish and evil intentions are the true enemy, I refuse to let the summoning I love so much keep being mistreated like this" Masumi said as she narrowed her eyes at Kaito.

"Masumi" Yugo said he had no idea that she felt so strongly how Academia had used the method she loves so much to hurt innocent people he could understand why she was angry at Academia as well.

"Alright duelist prepare yourself I will show you that we are not the enemy" Masumi said as she activated her duel disk.

"Action field on!" Masumi said.

"Field Magic: Cross Over" Masumi duel disk said as the field started to change and platforms appeared.

"Action field?" the duelist questioned as he looked and saw that the action cards were spread all over the field.

"That's right this is how we Lancers fight" Masumi said.

"Lancers?" the duelist said.

"Normally there a chant that we say before we begin actions duels but I don't think your in the mood to say the chant so lets do this" Masumi said.

"DUEL!" both Masumi and the duelist said at the same time.




"I'll take the first turn" Masumi said.

"I activate the magic card gem knight fusion from my hand" Masumi said as she swiped the card on her duel disk and the card appeared on the field and the duelist had a look of pure fury in his eyes.

"I fuse Gem Knight Tourmaline with my multi gem" Masumi said as her monsters appeared and they went into the air and they started to swril together.

"I fusion summon Gem Knight Seraphinte!" Masumi said as Seraphinte appeared on the field (LV 5:ATK/2300).

"I set one card face down" Masumi said as a card appeared on the field before it disappeared.

"Now that since its my end phase I can special summon multi gem if it was in my graveyard in defense mode" Masumi said multi gem appeared on the field (LV 1: DEF/0).

"When multi gem appears on the field I get to add a gem knight fusion spell card from my deck to my hand" Masumi said as a card ejected from her duel disk and she grabbed it and showed it to the duelist.

"You dare use fusion summon in front of me so you really are from academia" the duelist said.

"I am not from academia I would never use fusion summoning or dueling in general to hurt innocent people and I'm here to show you, you can't target your hatred on fusion summon in general but people who use it to do despicable things.

"Hmph and why should I believe a word you say, I said I would base my decision with my dueling and I already made a decision" the duelist said.

"Action field and fusion summoning there nobody who uses that in Heartland the city where I was born and raised in even if your not from academia you are invaders from other dimension, enemies of heartland" the duelist said.

"Now then its my turn I draw" the duelist said as he drew a card from his deck.

"I summon Chiper Wing" the duelist said as Chiper Wing appeared on the field (*4:ATK/1400).

"Chiper" Yugo said he recognized that monster somehow even though he never seen it before.

"Maybe its from Yuto memories" Yugo thought as Yuto appeared beside him in spirit form.

"When I control a Chiper Wing I can special summon another Chiper Wing from my hand" Kaito said as he swiped a card on his duel disk and another Chiper Wing appeared I'm the field (*4:ATK/1400).

"Two level four monsters" Jack said.

"This is the xyz dimension are you perhaps about to summon that dragon of yours in any case I'm prepared to face it head on" Masumi said.

"Be careful Masumi you can't get overconfident while your dueling Kaito" Yugo said causing Masumi to look at him.

"Huh Kaito that's his name but how the hell did I knew his name" Yugo looked and he saw that Yuto was watching the duel with him in spirit form.

"Yuto do you know this guy?" Yugo asked his xyz counterpart.

"Yes he Kaito a well known duelist in Heartland but his facial expression its different from before" Yuto said.

"But that monsters its definitely his" Yuto continued saying.

"I activate the continuous spell Cipher Interfere from my hand" the duelist now known as Kaito said as his spell card appeared face up on the field.

"When I control two or more Cipher monsters in battle one of their attack points double" Kaito said as Cipher Wing attack points doubled (*4:ATK/1400-2800).

"Battle I attack Seraphinte with my Cipher Wing" Kaito said as Cipher Wing went and rammed into Seraphinte and Masumi monster held Cipher Wing at bay..

"Due to multi gem effect my monster isn't destroyed" Masumi said.

"But you still take the damage" Kaito said Masumi life points decreased (LP 4000-3500).

"Now I use my second Cipher Wing to attack Saraphinte and due to Cipher Interfere its attack points double" Kaito said (*4:ATK/1400-2800).

The second Cipher Wing attacked Seraphinte but due to multi gem it wasn't destroyed but Masumi still took some damage (LP 3500-3000).

"I activate my trap card survivor fusion" Masumi said as her trap card appeared face up on the field.

"If you control two monsters that attacked me this turn, I can switch them over to my side then by banishing two monsters from my deck the monsters I gained are treated as them" Masumi said shocking Kaito.

"What!" Kaito yelled.

"Not bad not only she left Kaito defenseless she can now fusion summon a new monster" Jack said.

"Not only that but she stopped Kaito from xyz summoning at least for a bit" Yugo said.

"I banish Gem Knight Crystal and Gem Knight Sapphire" Masumi said as the Chiper Wing took the image of each night as they went up into the air and started to swirl together creating a new being.

"I fusion summon Gem Knight Zirconia" Masumi said as Zirconia appeared on the field (*8:ATK/2900).

"Tch I place two cards face down and end my turn" Kaito said as two cards appeared on the field and disappeared.

"Masumi has the advantage but Kaito is strong before academia invaded he was expected to become heartland duel champion" Yuto said to Yugo.

"Woah really he must be pretty strong if he was expected to be city top duelist" Yugo said.

"But back then Kaito dueling had more warmth now all I can feel from him is anger" Yuto said.

"Anger" Yugo said.

"Yeah which me wonder what happened to him while I was gone" Yuto said.

"Alright then its my turn now" Masumi said as she drew her card.

"Using Gem Knight fusion from my hand again I fuse Multi Gem and Garnet from my hand in order to fusion summon Gem Knight Citrinte!" Masumi said as Citrinte appeared on the field (*7:ATK/2200).

"She fusion summoned three monsters" Kaito said.

"Back then, Shun Vale and I were learning at one of Heartland duel school Spade and Kaito was the ace of our rival school clover" Yuto said.

"His playstyle was stylish and exciting and he was unmatched at seeing through his opponents strategy.

"Battle Citrinte attack Kaito directly oh and in case you were thinking of activating one of your face downs with Citrinte effect you can't activate any cards or effect until the end of the damage step" Masumi said.

"What" Kaito said as Citrinte struck him down with his sword causing him to fall down to one knee (LP 4000-2200).

"Now Zirconia attack Kaito directly!" Masumi said.

"I activate my trap card Cipher Calling when I'm about to receive a direct attack I can bring back a Cipher monster from my graveyard return Cipher Wing" Kaito said as Cipher Wing returned to the field (*4:ATK/1400).

"Next I activate my trap card Cipher Shield with this my Cipher Monster won't be destroyed by battle" Kaito said as a rainbow shield was up and it blocked Zirconia punch on Cipher Wing (LP 2200-700).

"But how will you escape a third attack Seraphinte attack Kaito directly and end this duel" Masumi said as Seraphinte went and attack Kaito directly, Kaito looked and he saw a card on a platform and he jump toward the platform and we went and picked up the card and looked at it.

"I activate the action spell avoid with this the attack is negated" Kaito said as Cipher Wing dodged the attack.

"I was so close I end my turn Multi Gem returns to the field and I add one Gem Knight Fusion from my graveyard to my hand" Masumi said as he grabbed Gem Knight fusion.

"Masumi has gained the advantage Yugo however" Jack said.

"Yeah Jack I don't think we've seen what Kaito can do so far" Yugo said.

"Yeah Kaito can just summon a monster and he has a chance to xyz summon" Yuto said

"This will be the final turn of this duel prepare yourself" Kaito said.

"Oh you seem quite confident by saying especially with seven hundred life points left" Masumi said.

"Hmph its my turn I draw! Kaito said.

"I summon Cipher Fairy!" Kaito said as he swiped a card on his duel disk and a fairy appeared she was wearing a multi color dress and her wings were multi colored as well and she had long green hair and blue eyes (*4:ATK/1400).

"Two level four monsters are you" Masumi said.

"Who said I was going to use a level four monster" Kaito said.

"What" Masumi said.

"Cipher Fairy effect by paying five hundred life points I can target it and another Cipher Monster on my side of the field and double its level so Cipher Fairy and Wing become level eight" Kaito said.

(*4-8:ATK/1400) (*4-8: ATK/1400).

"They're both level eight now" Jack said.

"I overlay my level eight Cipher Fairy with my level eight Cipher Wing" Kaito said as his monsters turned into beams of light and went inside the portal in the ground.

"Galaxy shining in the darkness" Kaito chanted as the inside the dragons eyes was a galaxy before it disappeared.

"Embody the monster of revenge and become my servant" Kaito said as the dragon wings flickred as it moved it tail.

"I xyz summon descends rank eight Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon!" Kaito said as Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon twirl around and did a roar as his cipher like wings lid up (Rank 8: ATK/300 OVU 2).

"Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon" Yugo said as Jack looked at the dragon and narrowed his eyes.

"I can feel incredible anger coming from that card almost as if Kaito anger possessed it" Yuto said.

"You have no where to run now even if you beg I won't show you any mercy" Kaito said as Masumi narrowed her eyes.

"I must admit you have a impressive dragon however if I can hold on I can beat you next turn" Masumi said.

"There is no next turn!" Kaito yelled causing Masumi to flinch and gasp a bit.

"By using one overlay unit I activate Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon effect Cipher Projection" Kaito said as Cipher Dragon absorbed a overlay unit and fired beams of light from its wings at Multi Gem.

"Once per turn I can take control of one monster that my opponent controls and negate their effects unti the end phase" Kaito said as Multi Gem appeared on Kaito side of the field.

"Additionally multi gem becomes Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon and I switch it to attack mode" Kaito said as multi gem turned into Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon (*1:ATK/3000).

"He has two dragons out on the field now" Yugo said as Yuto and Jack silently watched on.

"Battle I attack with the multi gem treated as Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon at Gem Knight Citrinte and with the continuous spell Cipher Interfere when I control two or more Cipher Monsters one of their attack points double!" Kaito said (*1:ATK/3000-6000).

"Six thousand attack points" Masumi said as she gritted her teeth in frustration.

"Are you ready to repent" Kaito said.

"Cipher Stream of Eradication!" Kaito said as Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon fired off a attack at Citrinte destroying it and causing a huge explosion and knock Masumi back into the air.

"AHHHH!" Masumi yelled as she flew back and landed hard on the ground as her life points hit zero (LP 3500-0).

"No Masumi!" Yugo said as he and Jack went to check up on Masumi.

"You two won't escape either" Kaito said as Jack and Yugo looked at him.

"I'll turn the lot of you into cards right now" Kaito said.

'Thats not going to happen not on my watch" Jack said.

"Yeah I refuse to let anybody be turned into cards my friends the people if heartland and even academia soldiers!" Yugo said as he narrowed his eyes at Kaito.

"Its useless Yugo Kaito will not listen to what you two will have to say" Yuto said as he appeared in spirit form next to Yugo.

"Well if he won't listen then Ill knock some sense into him with this duel if I can show him my thoughts and feelings and beat him then I'm sure a cold hearted person like Kaito will understand Jack take care of Masumi I'll deal with Kaito" Yugo said.

"I understand Yugo you better not loose to him after everything you've been through in the synchro dimension" Jack said as he went to check up on Masumi as Yugo and Kaito starred each down as a intense duel was about to begin between the two of them.

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