Chapter 113: Merciless Hunter

Yugo turned and looked and glared at Kaito "nobody is getting turned into cards on my watch again, Jack and Masumi, the people that are left here in Heartland, and even the Academia soldiers" Yugo said to Kaito.

Yuto appeared beside Yugo in sprit form "it's useless Yugo, Kaito isn't going to listen to what you have to say" Yuto said.

"Fine then if he won't understand through words, then I'll make him understand through a duel just the way I like it" Yugo said.

"After what happened back in the city with my duel with Jack, I know that I can put my feelings and words through dueling even good old Kaito will understand" Yugo said as he punched the front palm of his hand.

"You know my name?, so you are from Academia" Kaito said.

"You got it all wrong pal, I'm not from Academia" Yugo said.

"I know that Academia has put a bounty on my head...I've turned many of their soldiers into cards it's a given" Kaito said to Yugo.

"But you've turned so many times more people into cards, that's why I swore if you turned a hundred of my friends into cards I'll make a thousand Academia soldiers meet the same fate and you will soon join that number" Kaito said as he activated his duel disk.

"Are you ready to repent" Kaito said to Yugo.

"I'm not repenting anything pal I only wanted to talk to you but if it's a duel you want then it's a duel your going to get" Yugo said as he activated is duel disk.

"Field Magic: Crossover" Yugo said as the field magic had activated.

"Talk is pointless, academia only deserves death" Kaito said as the action cards spread all over the field.

"DUEL!" both Yugo and Kaito said at the same time.

YUGO LP: 4000


KAITO LP: 4000

"I'll go first I summon Cipher Wing from my hand" Kaito said as he swiped the card on to his duel disk and Cipher Wing appeared on the field (*4: ATK/1400)

"When I control a Cipher Wing, I can special summon another Cipher Wing from my hand" Kaito said as he swiped another Cipher Wing card onto his duel disk (*4:ATK/1400).

"He has two Chiper Wings out on the field already" Masumi said.

"Yes it seems like he is not holding back here on his first turn so what are you going to do, Yugo?" Jack said as he crossed his arms and looked on at the duel.

"Next I activate the magic card Double Exposure from my hand and double the level of my Cipher Wings" Kaito said as he swiped the card on his duel disk and his Cipher Wings level doubled (x2 *4-8:ATK/1400)

"Here it comes" Masumi said as Jack and Yugo calmly stared at Kaito.

"I overlay my two Cipher Wings" Kaito said as his two monsters turned into beams of light and went inside a galaxy portal.

"Galaxy shining in the darkness" Kaito said as a galaxy was formed in the dragon eyes "embody the demon of revenge and become my servant" Kaito chanted as the dragon activated its wings and swung its tail.

"I xyz summon descend now rank eight Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon!" Kaito yelled as Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon swung around and activated it's wings as it appeared on the field (Rank 8: ATK/3000 OVU:2).

"Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" Masumi said as she looked at the monster that defeated her in her duel with Kaito.

"So he gotten his ace out on the first turn not too bad" Jack said.

"I set one card face down and end my turn" Kaito said as he swiped a card face down on his duel disk and the card appeared face down on the field before disappearing.

Yuto then appeared right next to Yugo in sprit form "Yugo it's true you were able to talk to Jack Atlas with your dueling even I will admit those feelings has effected me as well, but that was because Jack was aiming for the same goal as you" Yuto said to his synchro counterpart.

"What do you mean Yuto?" Yugo said as he looked at his xyz counterpart.

"I'm saying that both you and Jack were wishing for peace for the city since after all it use to be your old home" Yuto said as he looked at Kaito.

"But right now Kaito is ruled by his hatred, he's a wild beast who bares his fangs at everything in his way you can't speak to him" Yuto said.

"Your clearly underestimating me Yuto I can knock sense into him without any problems, don't you believe that as well?" Yugo said to his xyz counterpart.

"I'm sure you remember what you said to me and besides this guy is from the xyz dimension the same as you I'm sure that he is tired of all of this pointless fighting as well" Yugo said to Yugo.

"It's my turn!" Yugo yelled as he drew a card.

"With the scale two Speedroid Graceful Kid and the scale eight Speedroid Harmony Angel I set the pendulum scale!" Yugo said as he swiped two cards on the side of his duel disk and a young machine like boy with blue hair and blue eyes appeared in one blue pillar of light and a female who had green hair and was wearing a green dress with green machine wings appeared in another blue pillar of light in another blue pillar of light with its scale number on the blue pillar.

"With this I'm able to special summon monsters between three through seven" Yugo said as Kaito merely looked on.

"Swing Pendulum of the soul, draw an arc of light across the either I pendulum summon come forth my monsters!" Yugo said as a portal opened up and three pillars of light had came out.

"Speedroid Horse Stilts" Yugo said as Horse Stilts appeared on the field (*4:ATK/1100) "the tuner monster Speedroid Tri-Eye Dice" Yugo said as Tri-Eyed Dice appeared on the field (*3: ATK/300) "and finally Speedroid Ratchet Knight" Yugo said as a white machine like knight appeared on the field. (*5: ATK/2000).

"Now I tune my level four Horse Stilts with my level three Tri-Eye Dice" Yugo said as Tri-Eye Dice turned into three dots of lights that expanded into rings and Horse Stilts went through the rings.

"Spread your beautiful and brave wings and shoot through your enemies at the speed of light" Yugo chanted as a beam of light went through the rings "I synchro summon come forth level seven Clear Wing Synchro Dragon!" Yugo yelled as Clear Wing Synchro Dragon braced his arms and roared as it appeared on the field (*7: ATK/2500).

"Battle Clear Wing Synchro Dragon attack Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" Yugo said as Clear Wing flew into the air and created a green tornado wave around itself to attack Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon.

"At this moment I activate Speedroid Ratchet Knight effect when a synchro monster I have on the field enters the battle phase it gains the attack points of Ratchet Knight until the end phase" Yugo said as Clear Wing attack points increased (*7: ATK/2500-4500).

"Not too bad Yugo Clear Wing attack points are now higher then Galaxy Eyes" Jack said.

"Lets hope that Yugo manages to destroy his dragon" Masumi said.

"How do you like my dueling Kaito, get ready because I'm putting everything I have through this attack go Clear Wing Helldi-" Yugo started to say but Kaito interrupted him.

"Double Exposure allows me to select a single monster once per turn and makes it the same name of a monster on the same side of the field, I select Speedroid Ratchet Knight and make its name Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" Kaito said as Ratchet Knight turned into Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.

"What" Yugo said.

"There are two Clear Wings out on the field" Masumi said.

Jack narrowed his eyes as he was wondering what Kaito was planning to do.

"I activate the trap card double censorship" Kaito said as his trap card flip face up on the field "once per turn, if an attacking monster is not the only one with its name on the field the attack is negated" Kaito said as Clear Wing blew past Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon.

"Damn it" Yugo cursed

"So that's why he made Yugo's monster another Clear Wing" Jack said as Yuto simply closed his eyes.

"At this moment Ratchet Knight effect ends and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon attack returns to normal (*7: ATK/4500-2500).

"I end my turn" Yugo said.

"He synchro summoned Clear Wing and increased its attack points with Ratchet Knight, there really wasn't any mistakes in Yugo's strategy" Masumi said.

"Yes but for him to being able to force Yugo into not doing anything, it shows that Kaito is a powerful duelist not to mention he knows how to counter Pendulum Summon" Jack said.

"Your mistake was fighting me after I already fought her" Kaito said.

"What the hell do you mean?" Yugo asked.

"Once I see the abilities of an opponent, I never forget them" Kaito said.

"That Pendulum Summon is a method that special summons multiple monsters and that your lot's strategy is to use them in a combo...I knew that from fighting the girl earlier, Once I know my enemy strategy, it becomes clear what actions I should take to counter it just like what I did right now" Kaito said.

"Damn it, this is my fault thanks to my duel Kaito knows how to counter Pendulum Summoning" Masumi said as she grit her teeth in frustration.

"I've seen through your dueling that's why you will never ever be able to defeat me" Kaito said.

"Oh really not if I have anything to say about that" Yugo said.

"My turn!" Kaito said as he drew a card from his deck.

"I use one overlay unit to activate Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon's monster effect" Kaito said as his dragon absorbed an overlay unit and sent out a beam of light at Ratchet Knight "Chiper Projection" Kaito said.

"Once per turn, I can take control of one monster my opponent controls with its effect negated until the end phase I take control of Ratchet Knight and it is now treated as Galaxy-Eyes Chiper Dragon" Kaito said as Ratchet Knight appeared on Kaito side and turned into Galaxy-Eyes Chiper Dragon (*5:ATK/2000-3000).

"Tch damn it all" Yugo said in frustration

"And I activate the continuous magic chiper interfere from my hand" Kaito said as he swiped the card on his duel disk.

"Battle I attack your Clear Wing Synchro Dragon with turned Ratchet Knight with my new Galaxy-Eyes" Kaito said.

"This is bad Yugo needs to do something fast" Masumi said

"I activate Speedroid Graceful Kid effect once per turn if I have a synchro monster on the field I can negate its destruction" Yugo said.

"With this Yugo is able to at least save Clear Wing from being destroyed but-" Yuto said.

"Futile resistance now that I control two Cipher Dragons, due to the effect of the continuous magic Cipher Interference their attack points is doubled during the battle phase get him Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" Kaito said.

"You won't get huge damage on me that easily" Yugo said as he was running trying to get an action card.

"Chiper Stream of Eradication" Kaito said as Yugo grab an action card and activated it.

"I activate the action card half reduction" Yugo said as he activated the action card "with this the damage I would have received is cut in half" Yugo said as he braced himself from the impact and Clear Wing took the attack head on as his life points decreased (LP 4000-2100).

"Yugo" Jack said as he looked at Yugo.

"Action cards can be used not only for offense but defense as well then, no matter I will defeat you with my dueling alone, your miracle will only happen once I attack Clear Wing Synchro Dragon with my other Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon Cipher Stream of Eradication" Kaito said as his dragon launched an attack at Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.

"I activate Speedroid Harmony Angel effect when a synchro monster on my field is being attacked the damage I receive is reduced to zero" Yugo said as Harmony Angle glowed as Clear Wing stood its ground and blocked the attack from Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon.

Kaito grunted "with the battle ending, Cipher Interference ends as well" Kaito said as his dragon attack points return to normal (*5: ATK/3000-2000)

"I set one card face down and end my turn" Kaito said as he swiped a card face down on his duel disk and a card appeared face down on the field before vanishing.

"A this moment Ratchet Knight that was now Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon will return to its owner as normal but I will find a way to destroy your monsters those will be your final moments" Kaito said as Yugo glared at him.

"He strong, like mega strong not only that but he can easily see through his opponents strategy, I guess you were right Yuto" Yugo said as Yuto appeared before Yugo in sprit form.

"Not only that but his skills are keener then before too, it's like an aura that will slice through anything that gets close to it right now no amount of talk will reach Kaito" Yuto said.

"That's why I'm going to get through with him with my dueling it's my turn!" Yugo said as he drew from his deck and he saw what he needed to draw "alright" Yugo said.

"Has Yugo found a card he needs to get himself out of this" Masumi said.

"I activate card of sanctity with this we both draw until we have six cards in our hands" Yugo said as he and Kaito drew until they had sixth cards in their hands.

"Now I pendulum summon come forth my monsters!" Yugo said as a portal opened up and two beams of light came out of the field and one monster that came out of the field was a large machine like dragon that was green and white in color "Speedroid Dragonroid" Yugo said as Dragonroid appeared on the field (*7: ATK/2400).

A mechanical fairy type monster appeared on the field "Speerdoid Receiver Fairy" Yugo said as Receiver Fairy appeared on the field (*4: ATK/1500).

"I activate Dragonbot effect once per turn I change this monster type from machine to dragon until the end phase" Yugo said as Dragonbot glowed green and activated its effect.

"With this you have two level sevens dragons" Yuto said as Kaito looked on.

"Watch this Yuto with one of my strongest monsters I'll knock some sense into Kaito" Yugo said.

"I overlay my level seven Clear Wing Synchro Dragon with my level seven Speedroid Dragonbot" Yugo said as his monsters turned into green beams of light and went into the portal on the ground and Kaito widen his eyes in shocked at what Yugo was about to do.

"Dragon who has the power of the king, take to the skies and eradicate our enemies who dare oppose us I xyz summon" Yugo chanted "come forth rank seven dragon that seek destruction and rage the supreme black dragon Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon!" Yugo said as Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon roared as it appared on the field (Rank 7: ATK/3000 OVU:2).

"A new dragon and with xyz summoning just who is this man" Kaito said.

"I activate Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon effect by using one overlay unit I can choose to negate either your spell traps or monster effects until the end of this turn and I choose traps" Yugo said causing Kaito to grit his teeth in frustration.

"Battle Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon attack Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon!" Yugo yelled as Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon flew into the air and turned around and created a green and purple whirlwind around itself.

"Both dragons have three thousand attack points is he aiming for a draw?" Masumi said.

"No I'm sure Yugo must have some sort of plan" Jack said.

"Your right Jack when a monster summoned using Speedroid Dragonbot as material battles another dragon type monster its attack points double" Yugo said as Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon attack points increase (Rank 7: ATK/3000-6000 OVU 1).

"Alright now Yugo can destroy his dragon" Masumi said but Kaito jumped on a blue pillar getting a card before going back to its spot and activating the card.

"I activate the action card miracle with this my Galaxy-Eyes isn't destroyed and the damage I receive is cut in half" Kaito said as Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon held its ground creating a shock wave that Kaito braced himself as his life points decreased (LP 4000-2500).

"So he managed to save his dragon" Jack said.

"Even with all of that he still has his dragon out on the field, Yugo needs to be careful here" Masumi said as Yugo and Yuto looked at Kaito.

"My strike still wasn't enough damn what else can I do to convince him" Yugo said.

"Speerdoid Receiver Fairy effect" Yuto said.

"What" Yugo said.

"Just do it already this is your only chance to use" Yuto said to his synchro counterpart.

"I activate Speedroid Receiver Fairy effect if I have another Speedroid Monster on the field I can make it's level between one through four I make Ratchet Knight a level four monster" Yugo said as Ratchet Knight was now a level four (*5-4: ATK/2000).

"Two level four monsters is he going to Xyz Summon again" Kaito thought,

"There isn't even a shred of kindness in Kaito dueling anymore he being driven by hatred" Yuto said.

"I came this far hoping he would cool off but-" Yugo said.

"Kaito heart is still closed off" Yuto said.

"Yuto it just like you said the reason why we were able to unite the city together because Jack and I shared the same goal and we were both born in the city but I knew that...I knew that I can't do anything by myself" Yugo said.

"I feel powerless as well right now with our power what is the right strategy to open Kaito heart, is there a strategy that will even serve that will knock on the door of his closed heart" Yuto said.

"Yuto" Yugo said.

"This is the answer I found" Yuto said.

"I overlay the level four Speedroid Receiver Fairy and Speedroid Ratchet Knight" Yugo said as he and Yuto raised their arms up and both monsters turned into purple beams and went into the portal.

"Fangs of pitch black darkness rise against the foolish oppression" Yugo chanted as a purple dragon tail curved upwards as it stretch its claws "descend now" Yugo said as the dragon raised it's head.

"I xyz summon!" Yugo and Yuto said at the same time.

"Come forth rank four Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!" Yugo and Yuto shouted as Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon twirl around and roared as it appeared behind Yugo and Yuto next to Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon.

"Th-this is it can't be" Kaito said.

"That's right it's me Kaito, if you see my monster Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon you should remember...there's no way you forgotten the countless times Shun and I battled you at the duel school' Yuto said.

"Why, why do you have that monster you defeated Yuto and stole it you-" Kaito said but a beam of light engufled Yugo and stood in front of his place was Yuto in the flesh.

"What Yuto...was I dueling you the whole time" Kaito said.

"No you weren't" a female voice said.

"The person you were dueling was Yugo my comrade" Shun said as he and Vale appeared with two adults who was wearing lab coats along with two children and Yugo saw that one man had grey spiky hair and had bangs to the side and the woman had a curvy figure and she had long green hair and green eyes. Yugo looked at the two and he couldn't help but feel those two are familiar somehow and two of them looked at Yuto for a bit and they for a moment had a look of sadness in their eyes before the man said something to the woman.

"Shun, Vale" Kaito said.

"Shun, Vale" Masumi said with a smile as she was happy to see Shun and Vale again.

"Kaito please you don't have to fight alone anymore, Shun and Vale gathered some people that can help us" the man said.

"Not to mention three of them every comrade we can get precious so it's a blessing" the boy said.

"Comrade" Kaito said as he looked at Jack and Masumi and at Yuto he then thought back to Yugo as well.

"Do you doubt me, you don't have to worry Yugo the guy you were dueling hates this dimension war just as much as you do and wants to stop academia tyranny I was convinced of that during our fights in the synchro dimension" Shun said.

"Synchro Dimension" Kaito said

"Come on Kaito will you believe in Yugo already after all his last name is Sakaki after all" Vale said.

"Sakaki" Kaito said as he widen his eyes.

"Kaito just come back to us, what would your fa-

"Shut up! I already told you I'm through working with all of you!" Kaito said as he swiped a card on his duel disk and Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon glowed brightly the light covering the area and once the light disappeared Kaito was gone.

"Kaito" Yugo said as he appeared next to Yuto in sprit form.

"Kaito vanished" Masumi said.

"Kaito" Yuto said as he was worried about his friend and comrade and was wondering what they can do to save him from his own hatred.

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