"Star?... Star?" with his calls being muffled only slightly by the door she understood what he wanted.

"Not now Marco! I just… I need a little bit." her voice was obviously strained, with all that had happened the previous night anyone would be upset. Her mentor, gone; her family history, gone; her biggest enemy; with more power at his hands than he needed. These next few days were going to be rough.

"Alright Star. I'm going to help you get through this. We will figure something out." He knew the situation was near impossible to solve, but he is going to try. He began to head downstairs to get a glass of water before going to his room to try and figure things out.

"How is she?" The loaded question was the one thing he didn't want to hear. Both Jackie and Janna were there still at his home waiting, waiting on an answer he didn't have. "There's no telling. She won't give a straight answer. Not even her own form of a straight answer."

With a hefty sigh Jackie headed towards the door."Okay Marco. I'm going home. Keep an eye on her. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Jackie. Stay safe." Marco was unsure of how the rest of this night was going to go. But that was one thing that he wanted.

Janna's next words were surprising to say the least, "There's more to this than just that bird dude."

"What are you talking about Janna?"

"I mean he isn't the big thing that's bugging her. One thing she kept worrying about was how it was going between you and Jackie. She wouldn't stop focusing or talking about you two. The whole night she was distracted."

"Isn't that how she usually is when I'm not around? Distracted?"

"Not this distracted. But she is driven more often than not. She was worried about you."This made Marco think. He didn't think that Star would be like that. He knew that they were friends. But he didn't expect her to care that much.

"So… That was your whole night pretty much?"

"As much I wish I could say that I heard it all, I didn't. I fell asleep midway through the evening while waiting for Bon Bon to show up."

"Oh you're sooooo helpful. Please enlighten me."

"Sorry dude, I'm not any help in these situations." Quite the enlightenment.

"Just go home Janna." Marco breathed heavily. He walked over to the couch and sat down with his head in his hands. A short day turned long night will lead up to another adventure, he could feel it. With many things that could possibly happen he hoped one thing that could be done was get help. That was when he looked up and saw Star's dimensional scissors on the table. He knew what he had to do tomorrow, with his head held high and new hopes arising he pocketed the scissors and went to bed.