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[{Sacred gears}]

"" speech

'' thought

[] attacks

Chapter 1:

Natsu and Mystogan restored to hand to hand combat after Anima starts taking magic from Mystogan's magical items. Then Natsu starts reciting the Fairy Tail farewell ceremony and Mystogan finishes for him, then he collapses to look like he lost the match. Anima starts to absorb the magic from the people with magic power to send Natsu and the others to their world.

But Natsu caught himself flying in a place where there is nothing.

"Where am I?, am I dead or did I go somewhere else?" Natsu wondered.

"Wendy, Lucy anyone?" Natsu called out to his friends, but no one answered.

'That's strange!' Natsu thought.

"If you think that's strange, then you are wrong kid." Said a voice.

He turned around and his jaw dropped as he saw a big red dragon with yellow eyes and a horn on his nose.

"A big dragon, even bigger than Igneel!" Natsu shocked.

"Of course, I am the strongest being in this universe." The red dragon said proudly.

"Universe, what do you mean by that." Asked Natsu curiously.

"Are you stupid or something?" The red dragon said in anger.

"Hey, who are you calling stupid lizard, [Fire Dragon Roar]." Natsu said angrily attacking the dragon.

"Lizard, I am a dragon for my sake." The dragon replied with anger.

Then Natsu stopped in his tracks and his fire washed away.

"What, I can't move!" Natsu shouted, trying to move but no avail.

"Now you see brat." The red dragon said with a smirk.

"How can you stop without touching me." Natsu said with shock.

"I told you I am the strongest being brat." The red dragon replied with a grin.

"Wow, you are really strong, but I am not gonna give up." Natsu said with determination.

'Hmmm, this boy can change the world if he wants.' The dragon thought.

"Listen boy, I will explain to you about this universe." The red dragon said seriously.

After receiving a nod the dragon began to explain the history of DxD universe and how it works.

3 hours later

"Now, did you understand brat." The dragon said in a serious tone.

"Yes." Natsu replied while having a headache.

"Good, I never thought you are so stupid." The dragon said grinning.

"Hey, I am not stupid you lizard." Natsu shouted angrily.

"I am not a lizard brat, I have a name you know." The dragon replied with equal anger.

"Yeah, I know your name the Great Red Lizard hahahahahaha." Natsu laughed.

"Are you mocking me brat." The dragon shouted with flaring his aura.

"Wow, your a-aura is so powerful I never knew someone has this kind of aura." Natsu said with difficulty.

"Of course I am powerful, like I told you I am the strongest being in this universe, They call me the Dragon of Apocalypse and The Red Dragon God Emperor known as Great Red." Great Red introduced himself.

"God dream, illusion." Natsu said confused.

"Yes, I am the representative of Dreams and I am on top of the 10 strongest beings, no one can match me in this spot except for the Apocalyptic Beast." Said Great Red with smile.

"So there is two strongest beings and you are one of them, then where is the other being?" Said Natsu with a curiosity.

"He is sealed, but if he is free then we will both fight and that will destroy the world." Replied Great Red sourly.

"I get it." Said Natsu in understanding.

"Anyway, i will send you to the earth." Said Great Red emotionlessly.

"Oh, thanks my friends sure are worried." Said Natsu happy to see his friends.

Then Great Red told Natsu that he will send to the earth in DxD universe and there is another Nastu he made in his place and no one of his friends suspected it.

"What are you kidding me?" Natsu shouted angrily.

"No." a simple answer came from the Apocalypse Dragon.

"But why?" Asked Natsu confused and sad.

"Because this world has strong opponents aside from myself stronger than those in your world, and since you love challenges then this is your opportunity." Explained Great Red trying to change his mind.

"Really?" Said Natsu Excited.

"Of course." Said Great Red simply.

"Then will I go back after this?" Natsu asked hopefully.

"No." bluntly said Great Red.

"Damn it." Natsu cursed.

"But, there will be a surprise." Said Great Red with a grin.

"Really, tell me." Said Natsu with a gleam in his eyes.

"It's surprise, you will know it by then." The Dragon said destroying his hopes.

"Ok." Natsu said.

"Then I will drop you somewhere and you are on your on own, but I will be watching you." Said Great Red smirking.

"Right, I am all fired up." Natsu said happily.

Then Great Red opened a rift in the space and throw him through it and closed it.

"Good luck brat, I can wait to see how you do hahahahahaha." Said Great Red while laughing.

Now how our dragon slayer will fare in a world filled with Devils, Angels and Fallen.

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