THIS STORY IS UNDERGOING MAJOR REWRITE, mainly because I lost my previous version and I had some plot holes that popped up. But expect an update soon. In the meantime, enjoy this little extra to disguise this little author's note:


A young boy tensed at the voice. He slowly turned from where he was reading to find two other boys standing behind him. A malicious glint could be seen in their eyes as they stared at the young boy's back.

"What'd ya think yer doin'?"


The boys smiled.

"Jus' readin', 'uh," they grabbed one of the boy's wings, "An' why d'ya think a Faunus like you can be in a place like this?"

The young boy squeaked in pain, glaring with utter loathing at the two boys, though his bangs covered his eyes, shadowing his face. The boys continued to harass him until one of the caretakers were alerted and came to break them up. He was taken to the infirmary to fix up his wings and patch up his other cuts and bruises. Once he was free to leave, he bumped into a much younger boy, with orange hair. The orange-haired boy quickly let out an apology and left, leaving the other boy confused, though he quickly shook it off and went back on his way. Little did they know that this was going to be the beginning of a wonderful friendship and brotherhood.