A seventeen-year-old Ahsoka blinked as she stepped out of the shower stall, casually regarding her half-naked Master leaning over the sink to wash his face. It's just another day in the life of Ahsoka Tano. She sighed inwardly as she pulled a towel to her with the Force, nonchalantly wrapping it around her before walking around Anakin. "Good morning, Skyguy." She sang, taking her toothbrush as she squirted some toothpaste on it. The brunet dropped the cloth from his face as he turned to regard her with a smile, moving aside so that she could brush her teeth. "Good morning, Snips."

Despite the year away, the two Jedi quickly relapsed into their normal routine and had become more than comfortable with one another's presence. If anything, the time apart had established an even closer bond between them. After the High Council had allowed the Togruta to return to the Order with all her positions restored, she had personally denied the request to become a Jedi Knight so that she could remain by Anakin's side as his Padawan. Once they had left the Council chambers, the brunet had taken it upon himself to reintroduce her to the Five-Oh-One battalion and the new troopers that had joined them.

The five months following her return were spent in meditation, planetary excursions, sparring and testing out her new lightsabers. The only person that she had yet to see was Padmé and the young Knight was a little nervous about their meeting. After all, no one was aware of her pregnancy or her true relationship with him. "Master?" came the unusually quiet tone of his apprentice, causing him to look up from the drawer where he had been looking for his undertunic. "You seem troubled, and not your 'We're needed by the Council and we're late' troubled either." Plastering a smile on his face, he skillfully masked his surprise at being read so easily. "Get dressed, Snips. We're going to pay Padmé a visit." A brilliant smile illuminated her face as she skipped off to do just that.