Chalcedonia hummed as she went through her Waterbending forms, her attention split between the sensations wafting off of her apprentice and making sure that the element remained under her control. Speaking of my apprentice… she smiled, dismissing her connection to the water surrounding her as Emphira walked in, with any trace of emotional turmoil disappearing as she sat down. "I sense that all is well." The Homeworld royal snickered, to which she received a halfhearted scoff as they fell into a bout of silence. "Doesn't it concern you that my entire existence is going to be sacrificed?" the brunette growled, her sudden flare-up managing to light a candle across the room before it went out again. "Honestly Emilyn, we've been through this." The former Sith Lady sighed as she rolled her shoulders, unfazed by the show of power. "Your purpose isn't meant to be delineated as a sacrifice." Seating herself in the midst of the water, she waited for the girl to process the statement. "Then why does it feel like one?" came the heated retort before all was silent.

"There are other ways for the young Tano to access her full power." She shrugged, lazily skimming the water's surface with her fingers. "But I doubt you'd be willing to hear them." The century-old Guardian watched her Master for a while before leaning forward in anticipation. "Try me…" the tattoo artist goaded with a smile. "Would you be interested in fusing with her?" blinking in astonishment, the play-teen hummed in thought before deciding to leave. "Would you rather live on borrowed time?" the Bending Sifu inquired vaguely, to which she rolled her eyes. "Of course not." She replied in a huff, turning to face the now standing pinkette. "Well then, the choice is yours: you can either live through her or die because of her." Furrowing her brow, the chocolate-haired powerhouse nodded in understanding before getting up to leave.