-With the ever-present fear of Nidus overpowering him, Ren can't afford to delay any longer. But time's run out for the young Tenno and he must return to Regor emptyhanded.

Side note: Well it's been edited out now but, I am surprised nobody caught that major timeline blunder at the very beginning of chapter 15... ugh, so embarrassing!

Important note: I'm gonna be using informal contractions from now on as everything sounded ten times smoother than any previous chapters I've written. Pretty straight forward, but if you're unsure then here ya go.

Example. Do not (don't) or cannot (can't)

Chapter 18: Where The Sky Hangs

His stomach felt queasy as he raised his head. Ren hugged the wall at his left for support, watching the pink Nyx gently take the frightened babe in her arms. The little Tenno steps forward while clutching his gut, stopping at the barking order from his spouse.

"Do not take another step, or you will regret it!"

"Banou, I know this seems bad, but there's a good explanation for all this."

The psionic Warframe hides the wee tot from view, facing her back towards him. "Ren, I need to know right now. Are you with the Tenno, or are you against us?"

"I don't know what you've been told but-"

"Are you with us, or against us? Answer the question. Please…"

He looks at the Nyx with a stern expression and utters the words "I am. I'm with you."

The air is thick with tension and the sounds of Kashvi begging to be let down so that she may run to her father. Banou just stares at this young Tenno who she has pledged her heart and soul to. Her brain surges with thoughts of betrayal, treason against the Tenno and everything they have sworn to uphold and protect. If Ren cannot safeguard those values, what hope is there for him as a husband and a father? What hope is there for his sanity, and for the curse that grows within him? Minds she can read, but the future is never guaranteed.

Banou lowers her arms to let the frustrated babe scramble towards the other Tenno. Her sweeps the toddler off her feet and cherishes their moment with many kisses and one long embrace. He holds his child tightly and thanks Banou for trusting him. The Nyx user gives a sigh and tells him that she'll take the chance if it means keeping their daughter happy. But this minor skirmish aboard the Little Lotus was merely the calm before the storm, they're not in the clear just yet. Coming from around doorway with heavy footsteps, is Nisha in her clunky suit of Grineer armor.

The black and orange clad Grineer informs them of a small strike team that just popped up on the radar. There are two destroyers accompanied by a sizable squadron of several dozen fighters closing in fast.

"Then we should go." Banou suggests to the two. "After what we just did, there is no way they will stop with only Ren."

Nisha leads them out of the room and down a hallway. "Can we not try reasoning? This is clearly a misunderstanding! I thought the Tenno were known for their diplomacy? After all, who are those three to come here and demand we hand over Kashvi? It was self-defense!"

"They won't see it that way guys." Ren joins in. "He's not gonna quit till either me or him is dead."

Nisha's glowing faceplate and Banou's blank Warframe look at Ren for some sort of answer, to which he is reluctant to respond. It makes no difference as another voice enters the worried conversation from a sudden transmission. All three of their communication nodules buzz as the captain of the ship has returned and she is less then pleased.

"Hey pipsqueak, ya mind telling me why the section five security guys are requesting to board my ship and take everyone including myself into custody? What the fuck did ya do? Are ya going rogue on me?"

"Myrrha? Uh, it's sorta of a funny story really, but I ran into Zed and now he wants me, um, dead?"

"Zed, huh? It's been a while." Myrrha pauses for a second before continuing. "I wouldn't blame him for wanting to see ya fry, but what's this gotta do with the Lotus. I checked the Mastery registration system and it says you're wanted for conspiracy and treason."

"Myrrha, please… you know me better than anyone else. You gotta back me up on this one!"

"I've got every reason to just hand your ass over in cuffs and be on my way, you know that shorty?" The captain says while taking a glance at the incoming Tenno ships from the bridge. "You might be a little good for nothing runt, but you're no traitor."


"Just make sure this time you come back when I say so, got it?"

Ren sends his regards as they head for the hanger bay. Myrrha says the best she can do is create a diversion and give them an opening back down to Earth. From there, the captain explains that it would be best if all of them laid low for a while and severed all communications with anyone affiliated with the Tenno. Ren agrees, as does Nisha and Banou who can come to no other alternative that doesn't involve them getting arrested or another pointless squabble.

They enter a small, non-combative civilian class cruiser which the crew keeps on hand in case an emergency arises and their Lisets are unavailable. Though traveling as slow as can be, the little quadrangular ship is equipped with radar jammers to fly past large enemy vessels unseen. As for the squadron of Tenno fighters, the captain has a surprise in store for them.

"Myrrha, wh-what are you doing? You're gonna let them take you in? Just like that?" The boy yells from the cruiser descending into the exit shaft of the ship's underbelly.

"I know people on the inside Ren, I'll be fine. It's all part of my plan."

"But what about Keeva and Freya?" The little Tenno asks.

"I'm relaying a message to them of the situation. If they play their parts right, they should meet up with you guys in a few days. And if there's no surprises on my end, so will I."

Before the little Tenno or the others aboard the civilian cruiser can say another word, a large and elliptical flare flashes ahead at the bow of the ship. Myrrha's voice rings one last time as she yells for them to kick it into high-gear. Another equally wide burst of light fills the space near the first and Ren soon recognizes the familiar blinding arura. He gives Kashvi to her biological mother and mans the helm to engage the thrusters to max. Banou and Nisha see a third boom of white light and realize what Myrrha's doing.

The several dozen fighters are not harmed in anyway, but they are left floating in the dead of space. A final explosion occurs right at the Little Lotus' starboard and renders the mighty destroyer herself immobile. The two destroyers halt some few hundred miles from the visible target and address the situation. The suspects have engaged them but neither ship is authorized to use deadly force, because Myrrha simply deployed four electromagnetic pulse charges and nothing more. Since the Little Lotus disabled herself in the process and their officers took no casualties, they are forced to proceed with the arrest via standard protocol.

The escaping Tenno are luckily too far to have felt the effects of the concentrated EMP blasts and have made progress into Earth's troposphere. Ren reclines in his seat, mulling over the selfless risk their captain took. No doubt she will be stripped of her position as squad leader, so why did she take such a gamble on his part? The young Tenno looks back at his passengers curiously and then to the many clouds hugging the ship as it slips through them.

'Great, now I owe Myrrha a favor too!'

It is mid-day when the fleeing trio and babe touch-down on the coastal region of Eidolon, next to the SeaSide Ruin. His wives ask him of their destination, exiting the craft and gazing around at the unpopulated wilderness and vast ocean. Ren enlightens them on a mutual friend of his that has a remote outpost hidden beyond the prying eyes of any Tenno or prowling Grineer bandits. It should be mentioned that with the fall of the Grineer empire, much of the region encompassing Cetus is occupied by marauding hordes of the Grineer's remnants, still fighting and pillaging. With no unifying force to guide them, they have become more ruthless and attack regardless of provocation from any resisting locals.

Ren brings everyone to the concealed entrance of the undersea lab, which purposely appears corroded and ancient. The hanging foliage, patches of moss and rust rumble with the splitting of the massive doors.

They are greeted by the barrel of an Argonak rifle and an its Drekar armored Grineer wielder. The soldier is tall enough to rival Nisha and approaches with two shield carrying brethren at his side.

"Tyl Regor has been expecting you, young Tenno."

"Tyl Regor?" Both females shout in unison.

Ren stops them from going any further. "I know what you guys are thinking, but it's okay. He's changed, sort of… maybe… I'm not really sure! But what's important right now is that he's our best bet at laying low."

Banou is quicker to accept this statement than Nisha is. The female Grineer had only met Tyl twice during some abrupt and secret meetings between him and Tul'Ruk. The power-hungry brother of Sargus thought Regor could outfit him with better modifications. The scientist though, was less than compliant and stated that augmentations were leading the Grineer to their downfall. He believed genetic enhancements would save them from the cloning decay syndrome.

In those short meetings, Nisha witnessed some of his experiments on humans, Grineer, Corpus and even Infested alike. And while she still held resentment for the Tenno back then, live dissections made her very uneasy. Watching yourself get gutted would make anyone squirm, Grineer or not.

The group is led down the same path Ren was given when he first arrived and they soon plunge into the deep. The ride seems shorter than he remembers, they reach the bottom in minutes. The Nyx tightens her hold on the toddler as Nisha eyes the incoming Enforcers. From the middle of the Grineer soldiers, that large domed helmet and disproportionate eyes of the scientists come strolling over.

"Ren! So good to see you again! I'm very glad yo- um, you all, made it here in one piece?"

"Yeah, no kidding. The Tenno police almost had us."

Regor creeps over to the pink polka dotted Warframe and is confused by the tiny bundle shying away from him. "Huh, is this it? Ren I told you the subject needed to be on the cellular level, this won't do at all!"

"Wh-what is he talking about Ren?" Banou demands after stepping back from the inquisitive researcher.

"It's just a little deal between me and him, nothing big r-really." The little Tenno notes nervously.

Regor speaks up slightly annoyed. "Oh it better be nothing big, Tenno! And it better be inside one of these two! Where is my egg, Ren? Did you think I would forget?"

Nisha looks anxiously at the Enforcers around them to note that they are completely surrounded. Banou asks Ren once more what Tyl Regor wants and that the boy needs to respond if he wants to maintain her trust. Regor too waits eagerly for an answer as his men close in behind him. Ren decides he needs to come clean, there is already too much at risk to make any more mistakes at this point.

He tells both his spouses exactly what the Grineer geneticist wants, no twisting the truth. Banou is appalled as is Nisha who can't find the words to express her concern. Ren half expects a disciplinary lecture from his little lady about tampering with life or a scolding from his big Grineer momma for striking a deal with such a well-known madman. The girls do neither, their uneasy silence provoking a baffled stare from Ren. Banou begins first, quickly followed up by Nisha.

"As much I fear the outcome, I am more afraid of what will happen to you if we do nothing Ren."

"Banou is right. Your affliction has only gotten worse and if there is a chance to save you, then we should consider it."

Tyl Regor clasps his metal mitts together, tilting his head in an excited manner. "Aw, isn't that nice of them to care for your well-being Ren? You wouldn't want to upset them with your, untimely demise at the hands of this plague? Now would you?"

Ren shakes his head, peeking up at his daughter before Regor continues.

"A wise choice Tenno. Come along now, there is work to be done and I have been more than patient for too long!"

The group is escorted by the big cheese himself and a few Enforcers for good measure. They travel to an unused portion of the sea lab reserved for housing troops, a barracks of sorts. It's here that their host tells them of his hospitality extending for only twenty-four hours from now. By then he anticipates his research material to be ready for harvesting and not a moment sooner. He does make an obvious note that anything from Nisha would be useless, since she is a Grineer after all. And as he goes to leave them to it when Ren stops him just outside the room.

"Uh, Tyl wait!"

"If this about lunch and dinner then you're gonna have to be patient yourself Tenno. Training these prototypes to cook a decent meal is harder than I thought."

"Huh? No, it's not about that." Ren makes sure the circular door shuts behind them. "My Grineer wife, Nisha, she actually can't have kids…"

"Oh, what a pity. But not surprising."

"I was wondering if we could up the ante? Maybe you could work your magic on her too?"

Regor sighs in annoyance. "It's science, not magic! And that would be asking for another favor, which requires another form of payment. And we both know there's nothing you have left that I wa-"

"Hm?" The young Tenno raises a brow.

"On second thought… yes that could work… it would be perfect actually! Ren, why don't you return to your women and let me take care of some arrangements. I'll be back tomorrow with a new proposition. Of course, our original agreement still stands. Don't forget that."

"Uh, okay? Oh hold on! One last thing. Where's Sudo?"

Tyl says his cephalon has been assisting him in monitoring his data banks and has proven herself quite useful in smoothing out some bumps in his work. The Grineer does not utter another word and leaves Ren with that. He can only hope that whatever Tyl wants from their second bargain won't be anything too demanding.

The oval entrance splits to let Ren back in the barracks and he stumbles upon his family out and about in their casual apparels. Already ruining a cot with her ample backside, is Nisha dressed in some kind of skin tight apparel he's unfamiliar with. In her lap is their tiny child nestled against her chest and demanding comfort through pitiful whines. He looks to the other side of the small room to spot Banou in her usual pink Koppra suit. She's on her back, staring at the ceiling with her deadpan expression. Her cheek comes to rest on her cot's pillow and she notices Ren watching her.

She outstretches her hands, beckoning him to approach. Nisha's emerald eyes track her small husband's movements to the other folding bed as she strokes Kashvi's small, unkempt hair. Ren takes seat at the bottom of the cot and starts removing Banou's footwear to reveal her dainty feet.

"I don't remember asking for a foot massage?" She announces back while rubbing his thigh.

"And who said you were getting one anyway?"

Ren caresses from her toe to the sole of her foot and then gently past her ankle. "Banou, I'm sorry to drag you guys into this. I just didn't know what else to do."

"It is fine Ren, really. Though I would rather not lose a potential brother or sister for Kashvi, it cannot be helped."

"P-potential? You wanted more k-kids?"

"Of course!" Her face has become tense. "Ren? You do not?"

"I guess I'm still hung up about what you said before we had Kashvi. This world really is a scary place, huh?"

"It is true that I was afraid back then, but after she was born there was this inexplicable happiness inside me. Our daughter gave me something special, do you know that it is?"

She grabs him by the collar to push her lips near his ear and she says "Hope… when I look into her little eyes I see the endless possibilities of a solar system free from this constant struggle for power."

Ren is at a loss for words, her statement could not be any more precise in describing his own sentiments for their child. If his wife is willing to partake in this experiment for the chance at saving him from total madness, then who's he to deny her that wish?

Forgetting about their audience, the young father pulls his little lady's lips to his own. Banou is still conscious enough at their lack of privacy to place her hands on his chest in an attempt to pry her eager hubby away. His tongue slithers into her mouth and she feels the strength in her muscles betraying her reason. The two small Tenno would have kicked things up a notch were it not for an even tinier Tenno interrupting them. Ren parts from Banou at the urgent pulling on his leg at the diminutive hands of their babe.

"No!" The tiny tot shouts, her face twisted into a flustered frown. "Papa, I want kisses too!"

"But baby, I always give you kisses, don't I?"

"I want those kisses!"

Ren hoists his rambunctious toddler who giggles excitedly, believing her father to have succumbed to her will. She goes in for her smooch when the young Tenno turns to one cheek at the last second. Kashvi is infuriated by the sudden deception and prepares to throw a mean tantrum. She is shocked to find her mother Banou stealing her from Ren and placing her on the ground. Her little body is spun around so that her baby butt can be lightly thwacked.

"Do not test me young lady! Go back to Nisha right now and behave yourself! Go!"

Kashvi's lips begin to quiver as she waddles away. She bursts into a full blown sob halfway there and is picked up by her smiling mother Nisha. The large Grineer cradles her tenderly, attempting to stifling her laughter at the whole display. Banou gives her friend a signal and the bigger mother carries her sniffling bundle out the room.

Meanwhile, Ren is flabbergasted at the scene that just played out before his very eyes. How long has this been going on for? Has Banou always been so strict towards his little girl? He supposes that motherhood must have something to do with it and gazes nervously at his darker skinned lover.

"Really? Not you too Banou? What's with you guys and hitting my little princess?"

She squints her eyes and puts a finger to his nose. "She racks disciprine!"

"Nu-uh! She no rack disciprine! You rack disciprine!"

The couple's serious expressions melt into a fit of laughter as they tumble around in what little space the cot offers. Ren ends up pinned beneath Banou as she straddles her man and grinds herself on his swelling bulge. Her hands come onto his torso and start undressing him from the neck down. He just palms her womanly chest bumps before doing the same. Banou comments on how she wishes they were bigger for him, while Ren jokingly wishing he was smaller for her.

Her golden orbs instantly flicker at his comment. She lays herself on his chest and nips at his neck. Her lips plant themselves above his collar bone and work their way up to his jawline. He tries to return the favor, but she moans in protest while avoiding his lips. She rubs her lithe legs and crotch back and forth on the throbbing outline of his manhood. Seeing Ren twisting and turning pleases her and has her female bits moistening for him. But the little Tenno's tight pants turn into a prison for his growing member's size. The pain eventually becomes too much.

His little wife can't bear his anguished squirming any longer and crawls down to ease his discomfort. The massive organ springs free and bounces in the air before coming to rest just a whiff from her button nose. She grabs his length with both hands, presses the shaft to her cheek and inhales that musk deeply.

"It smells Ren! Do you not…" She takes another long sniff, shuddering at the scent of her male. "…bathe yourself p-properly!"

"S-sorry, it's just been crazy these last couple of days and- ah! Banou? H-hey, easy there!"

Her lips are secured on the fat midsection of his cock, she sinks her teeth into the rigid meat for a delicate nibbling. She frowns at his tender touch on her chestnut hair and bites him again. Ren's whole body is stiff with anxiety as he realizes his dick is being held hostage. Another nip has the young father cringing and begging his little lady to calm down. He asks what has brought about this aggressive response, to which Banou answers after a tug at his foreskin.

"Ren, it has been so long… forgive my naughty behavior…" She blushes while gingerly smooching his shaft.

"Oh Banou! I m-missed you too!"

Ren rotates his face to look off the cot, ignoring the powerful urge to manhandle her tiny mouth on his fat rod. She's being such a slutty tease with those silky lips and she knows it.

The young mother takes his knob out of her tight, puckered maw to give the throbbing forearm sized meat pillar an unforgiving lick from head to sack. Her small hands roughly stroke his aching lust, milking a thick dollop of pre-cum. She drools on his glans and begins coating the entire dick in her spit, all the way down to the base. That nasty slick sound of her pumping hands has Ren groaning and thrusting lightly in her grasp.

Banou removes her sticky palms from his phallus to unbuckle his pants around his ankles. She twists around, dropping her knees on either side of his torso and telling her hubby to do the same for her lower half. Ren discards the rest of her transference suit, sliding her pink striped panties off nice and slow.

Once the playing field has been evened, Banou gets right to work. She forces herself to swallow nearly half his thick length as it burrows into her esophagus. Ren curls his abdomen and reflexively throbs his cock, amazed at how much she's improved. Her braided ponytail dangles off her shoulder due to her wild head bobbing. She's trying her hardest to stifle her gagging and keep her tears from seeping down her cheeks. But Ren notices, and he's not happy.

"Banou, y-you don't have to, aw geez! Push yourself so, ah! So hard, dammit!"

She stops to glance back at him. A single teardrop escapes while she cracks a smile with her cock stuffed lips. Banou knows how much Ren hates making her cry for any reason and acts quickly before he decides to put an end to their foreplay. She slams her groin onto his face, leaking her womanly dew all over his nose and mouth.

And she dared to say his dick smelled? Her little cunny stinks like a Kavat in heat. If Banou wants to be stubborn and disregard his concerns for her then so be it. He'll play her game.

His dick hungry female gives a muffled yelp at an electrical shock of bliss shooting up her spine. Her hubby's tongue is jammed in her velvety folds and swirling around wildly. His hands grapple her cute and perky caramel butt from underneath her. He guides her hips, greasing up his face with that lil'snatch and slurping at her dribbling juices.

Banou doesn't relent either, choking and pushing herself farther. His salty cock never tasted this good! But maybe it's not the flavor, but the texture instead? The way his thick slab of meat fills her mouth and how her tongue can feel every pulse of blood coursing through his veins. She wants to taste his bitter seed, to have that man-porridge oozing down her throat.

Banou is taken back to her objective by Ren's gentle suckling on her lady-bean. She relinquishes control of his fat rod to wail euphorically on his duo of smooth cum orbs. Ren pauses to snicker, he's more than well-acquainted with his wife's sensitive clit and is careful to not send her overboard just yet.

"R-Ren?" Her panting voice catches his attention.

"Yeah baby? W-what's wrong?"

"I cannot w-wait anymore."

"Ha-ha-ha, yeah. Me neither."

He asks his woman if she'd like to take the initiative this time seeing as how strong she started. Banou shakes her noggin negatively as she falls on her back and spreads her legs. She whimpers something faint that her hubby ignores due to his thumbs stretching her pussy open.

Ren says she has the most beautiful pink flower he's ever seen and licks it one last time. The young husband kneels in front of her split thighs and readies his lubed-up cock for penetration. That's when Banou calls his name, covering her small A-cup breasts with her curled fists.

"This might sound s-strange, but could we hold hands before, connecting?"

"Why? Is that gonna make your pussy tighter for me?"

Banou's creamy light brown skin flushes red as she fights the urge to slap her thick-headed lover. "Idiot! You know why…"

"Awww, I was just kidding Banou! I'd love to."

Annoyed, the small girl playfully slaps his tight butt. Ren sees that his wife is getting more in tune with her desires as the second spank lingers until it's a full-on groping. Having the tables turned on him is actually quite pleasant, but he removes that pesky hand to complete their lover's embrace.

Ren announces his intrusion into her depths while his woman tenses her muscles impatiently. Banou cries out at how forcefully his thick cock breaks in her neglected vagina. Her husband shows no signs of letting up, nor slowing and the young female Tenno knows exactly why. Even after the birth of her first child, the two haven't made love since Banou left for the Martian campaign months ago. Her innards are as tight as ever. Not to mention, Ren's got his own pent up frustration after waking up several days later in Regor's lab. His two grapefruits sway heavily between his legs and he's shooting more pre-seminal fluid than usual.

Ren doesn't want a repeat of his mind-controlled episode, but it's been so long since he's felt such compression massaging his manhood. He tells Banou to brace herself as his tinier spouse looks nervously at the rising mound in her gut.

"Banou! I'm gonna have to g-get a little rough, can you bear with me for a few s-seconds?"

"A-ah! Yeah! Go as hard as you want!"

Despite her brave words, Ren can't do that to the mother of his child. He does however, begin rather brutishly with his burly cock prying her little coochie apart. His thrusts aren't fast, but the strength behind them rocks the cot.

Banou wails at every plunge and exhales at every withdrawal. Her clasped hands squeeze his palms harder with each thrust. And unlike Nisha, he's discovered that Banou loves getting her womb's squishy button smashed. His huge dick pushes her pussy walls open just enough to tap her cervix and make his little wife scream. Her face contorts into a pained scowl and Ren knows he's gone as deep as she can handle.

Banou looks down at their crotches, to the usual sight of more than half his length outside and unattended. She dwells on the image of how happy Ren must be when he's hitting Nisha's fat ass from behind and wonders if she could handle another inch or two. That's when she hears the strained growl from above and the fair skinned boy kisses her sweetly. She shrieks in ecstasy as his already big dick swells inside her aching womanhood. He shoves himself harder against her dead end, breaking their sloppy tongue wrestle and pressing his forehead on hers.

"Fuck!" Ren angrily groans, clenching his teeth.

"I-I am sorry, I kn-know you want to g-go deeper, but I cannot-"

"Banou! Your p-pussy's the best! Please, Ugh! Don't tell Nisha!"

His wife's entire face goes pink as her slit becomes tighter than Ren's ever felt. His girth gets trapped at her baby-room, her silky hole closing in from all directions. This insane cock grip of hers is too dangerous and Ren is fully aware. He lets go of her hands and dents the cot around his twitching woman with his balled-up fists. His back straightens and his muscles flex as Banou's hands curl once more near her sides. Her eyes look dreamy and her mouth hangs open through her intervals of bleating gasps.

"Ah… ah… uh…a-ah… ah!"

Ren's face goes sour. He bites his tongue as his bulging eyes scan her body. If he had lost control in that instant when her pussy became a literal cock-sleeve, he's not sure what he would've done to her. Ren waits until Banou returns from her orgasmic high and her eyes narrow onto his own.

Her dandelion's start leaking as she bawls just like her daughter. She goes through the same exact routine after they had pregnant sex for the first time. Ren didn't want to take any chances with his unborn child and so, Banou was the only one who came during that bedtime rumble. Though the next morning he did receive the best head she's ever given, his wife couldn't shake the guilt of using him.

Banou snivels an apology, wrapping her arms around him and crying into his neck. But Ren doesn't say anything and instead gives a long, vexed exhale of breath. He's tired of having to calm his little drama queen down, and just wants what any other good husband would in his position. To bust a fat nut inside his wife and make her a mommy, again.

Banou rests stupefied as she watches Ren hump her gently. He must be taking into account her recovering sensitivity. His face is still in a pout so he must be fed up with her self-loathing attitude. She decides to stay quiet with her wobbly grin and holds him close. Ren's lips come next to her elated expression and he softly whispers his oncoming ejaculation to her.

His manhood thrusts sluggishly and without any real strength. His orgasm is another story though. The spilling plethora of hot cum makes the small girl whine as his cock thickens and deflates with each spurt. Ren pulls out of her gaping cunt to slide his prick between their stomachs, letting himself collapse onto Banou. Their sweaty, warm bodies lay panting on one another for almost a minute before the silence is broken by his sandy skinned lover.

"Oh Ren, I p-promise I will work hard to g-give your, endowment, the w-woman it deserves." She beams happily to him.

"You think I didn't enjoy that?" That subtle hint of irritation in his tone evolves into anger.

"My love? Wh-what's wrong?"

"Turn around and get on your knees. I'm gonna make sure this tight little pussy understands just how much my cock loves it!"

Banou doesn't hesitate to shift under him as she grabs onto the single pillow provided and buries her mouth in it. There's no fooling around when Ren gets like this. She stares at the wall ahead, wincing at swift thrust of his big cock sliding back into dripping cunny. Banou knows her hubby well and keeps her back curved at a nice angle to accentuate her small, peach-round butt. It's a small booty, not the bounciest or the thickest, but it's Banou's booty and Ren loves it.

His palms lay flat on the cot around her ribs as his lean chest hovers over her smooth, brown back. He hits her pussy a little rougher than what she's gotten used to, but nothing that would make her protest in agony. Ren lowers himself to her scalp and breathes in the natural scent of his woman. Banou squeals happily like a child into the pillow, relishing every second of his romantic gesture. Then she goes right back to her lewd moaning, keeping her bum perky for his energetic thrusts.

Ren slips one of his hands beneath her to fondle her itty-bitty titty, to which Banou looks back in disappointment. He pinches her erect, brown nub and pulsates his fat dick to shut her mouth before she can speak. But Banou's feeling especially naughty and tells Ren not to waste his time on her small, unattractive breasts. She then does a goofy, bimbo laugh when Ren palms both her meager chest mounds. He squishes them till Banou squeaks just the way he likes and returns his focus to fucking some confidence into his adorable wife.

His engorged penis bends upwards to stuff her pussy, the feeling makes Ren grunt in pleasure. Banou too enjoys how he scrapes her innards at this angle, her folds undulate rapidly around his burning meat. He switches from groping to hugging his woman and pressing her back tightly to his chest. To compensate for their proximity, Ren's third limb goes deeper than he intended and Banou gnaws the pillow to yell. She withstands his final womb pounding jabs to reward her him for holding back before. His cock explodes another viscid load of baby-batter, the mere strength of his creamy filling brings Banou to another orgasm as well.

His dick pops out to throb against her sperm leaking hole. Ren stays floating above her as she wiggles her butt against him. He cups a handful of one ass cheek and looks his tired spouse in the eyes.

"Do you… do you believe me now?" Ren says, struggling to catch a breather.

"Yes, y-yes I believe you." She rolls on her back to face him. Her hands skim his facial features "Ren?"


"After all this is over, I want another baby."

"Me too." He agrees.

"Three or four?"


"I hope they are triplets."


Q & A: To Sirmandokarla and/or guest

-1. Well, the characters are all flawed personality wise as that's sorta the way I intended for them to be. But is Ren himself a rapist? Yeah you could argue that and it would be a totally viable claim from the things he's done. But the further you read and the more you learn about his character, especially in later chapters, you'll find out why he's become the sort of arrogant and often abusive douchebag that he is.

- 2. Freya got away with it because Banou felt Ren's session with her was more than enough retribution. Though I never directly mention this in the story at any point, it can be assumed by Banou never bringing the subject to light again.

- 3. Okay you caught me on my hypocrisy about Ren, but hey, slip-ups happen. What can you do?

- 4. Ren's a walking sperm bank with a ridiculously huge cock for his height, and your main gripe is the health risks of going from bootyhole to coochie? Interesting…