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Chapter 19: Now the real fight begins!

The door to their cozy barracks swirled open as Ren's post-coitus nap was interrupted by Nisha barging in hours later. He groggily arose, pushing aside the blanket Banou draped over him before leaving. Ren's glad he remembered to put on pants at least, because his daughter comes waddling from her mother's arms at full speed.

She climbs the cot and hops into the covers to wrap her little arms tightly around her father's waist. The wee babe takes the time to admire his well-trimmed physique, nuzzling his abdomen and calling out to him. She sounds distraught, taking rapid glances at her approaching Grineer momma.

"Papa, I didn't m-mean it I swear!" Kashvi snivels with watery eyes.

"Didn't mean what, sweetie?"

But Kashvi can't bring herself to speak when Nisha looms so closely overhead and whimpers into Ren's chest. The little Tenno shoots a stern frown at his woman.

"Nisha, did you hit her? I thought we talked about this?"

"If anyone is doing the hitting then you should be talking to Kashvi."

"What?" Ren shifts a confused expression to the trembling form of his child as she glances up. "Baby? Did you hit mama?"

"Yes, she did!" The riled up Grineer mother barks.

Kashvi sobs a response, admitting to the heinous crime of bopping Nisha's nose.

"But why?" Ren asks, clearly perplexed.

"She kept pestering me about feeding her. You know, as in b-breastfeeding…"

"Dammit woman! It's your job to feed my baby! Why else do you think we got married? For your personality? No! It's cuz the rest of cows on the farm were all sold out!"

"Ren! You little runt!"

And just in that moment, Banou returned with some interesting developments. Though perhaps, not as interesting as what's going on in their quarters. She walks in on Ren dying from laughter while staving off a furious Nisha with playful swats. In the midst of their jarring exchange is Kashvi bawling and apologizing without direction. Banou pops up between the scuffling couple, annoyed that they were ignoring their daughter's emotional distress.

A flustered Nisha and a giddy Ren try to explain the situation, but Banou isn't in the mood to hear excuses. She takes Kashvi in arms and rubs her forehead on the sniffling tot's own. The mother and daughter pair head out the room as she beckons them to follow.

Ren races to put on the torso segment of his Zariman when Nisha sends her wide hips swinging into him. The little Tenno goes flying into a spare bunk bed as his tall Grineer spouse gives a triumphant chuckle on her departure. With a pouting growl, he scrambles after her. Nisha just finishes jogging up to Banou and Kashvi when Ren catches the tall Grineer.

He's got his arms around her hips, attempting to wedge himself in her big caboose as she struggles to shake him off. Banou knows what will come next, and unlike Nisha, nothing inappropriate flies when Kashvi's around.

"Ren. If I have to turn around and break you two up, so help me…" The small girl doesn't shout or make a particularly mean scowl, but Banou's threats have never been empty.

"What? Why only me?"

"Because you are always the one instigating the problem, that is why."

Nisha snickers with a prosthetic hand covering her mouth, to which Ren moves in to cop a handful of her immense rear. He quickly scampers over next to Banou and asks to hold his wee little one. Banou sighs and relinquishes the feisty babe to her father. She snuggles under his chin, whining to him about her empty belly. Ren says they're generous host should be preparing dinner soon. He sends a questioning glance to Kashvi's biological mother who nods in affirmation.

The four of them reach the observatory that they had initially passed upon entering this section of the sea lab. They spot Regor with two of his Enforcers staring through the vast ocean blue via a large window. He turns to greet his guests and focuses his attention on Ren after pleasantries are out of the way.

"You couldn't have come at a more opportune time Ren. I have an experiment that needs taking care of."

"I thought all the details were final, what's this about?" Ren inquires while caressing Kashvi's back.

"I'll admit that this test run's gonna satisfy my curiosity, but it's mostly for your benefit I assure you. Come, walk with me and I'll explain." Tyl eyes Banou and Nisha for a second and points to them. "Sorry Ren, but this isn't something they need to hear."

The little Tenno runs back to put a resistant Kashvi in Nisha's arms, before asking them to stay put and enjoy the scenery. Ren is escorted by the two stocky Enforcers and gives his wives one last look of fleeting regret.

They travel through a different hallway then the large, spacious one they used to enter this wing. The path leads them to a narrow bridge hanging over a deep ravine in the ocean floor, a dark abyss waits below. Ren breaks his gaze away from the bottomless pit to walk next to the Grineer researcher. Tyl doesn't waste any time and gets right down to the point. He says he's made some interesting discoveries while studying his Excalibur and the infected weapons/equipment. It seems the suit is partially alive, possessing enough influence to be considered an organism in a very loose sense. But the parasitic nature of the Infested Warframe demands a compatible host in order to function.

The Warframe, which Tyl is dubbing Nidus, has an artificial brain composed of organic matter from externally consumed organisms. Ren doesn't recall chowing down on anybody recently, but then again he doesn't really have any memory of even becoming the aberrant they're talking about. Tyl continues to elaborate on how the newly formed Nidus cells have completed taken over the original Excalibur's biological makeup and it's this assimilation that allows it to maintain its normal outwards appearance.

But Ren doesn't care about the science behind Nidus, he just wants to know if there's a cure for his affliction. Tyl peers into the reinforced glass archway above before giving a response.

"Oh but you should care, because curing you is no longer an option. At least not in the traditional sense anyway."

"Whaddya mean? Can't you just make some sort of concoction to get that shit outta my system?" Ren's anxious voice echoes throughout the quiet bridge.

"No. I've concluded that the dormant state Nidus remains in makes testing impossible. The cells are essentially dead and are therefore unreactive. I need them to be alive Ren, so I can see what makes them tick."

"I don't think I like where this is going…"

The little Tenno asks what would happen if he tried using a different Warframe. Tyl says he should expect similar results since Nidus now resonates with him on a mental level as well as physical. Any other Warframe would just end up corrupted and eventually blossom into some other horribly corrupted pile of Infestation. Ren proposes destroying Nidus once and for all.

Regor wags a disapproving robotic finger at him and says that's a bad idea. His Infested Warframe is acting as a barrier for his own state of mind, limiting the amount of influence it can exert on the user. If the suit were suddenly destroyed, then…

"Then what? Is my head gonna explode?" Ren asks.

"Possibly, who knows? This is all just speculation from the results I've gathered. My most reasonable hypothesis is geared towards you losing your sanity and your own flesh and blood becoming the new vessel for Nidus. It's ironic really. The same Transference ability that permits you to control your Warframe is the same link that Nidus is using to stay connected with you."

"What if I severed that link?"

"Hmmm? Sever the link… it's not impossible, but you understand the implications of course?" They stop at huge circular door that one of the Enforcers bypasses with an access code. Tyl turns to face Ren who exhales deeply while eyeballing the floor.

"You'd never be able to use a Warframe ever again."

"But it's possible right? I mean, if I did that, would I be free?"

Tyl doesn't answer his question directly. The odd teal colored Grineer hobbles ahead and simply tells Ren that should it come down to where there's no longer any other options left, then they can try.

As for the real reason he was called to follow, Tyl simply wants Ren to run a mission in his Infested Warframe. Ren is dubious for good reason, but he's told that the Grineer geneticist has been working on some suppressants that in theory should keep his mind in check. Tyl notes once again, that because of the inactive state of the Infested organism, the only guaranteed effect of his drug is a mild neurotoxin that renders the Warframe immobile should Ren lose control.

His assignment however, has some unusual parameters. There's no killing of any kind, in fact, there won't be much need for any weapons either. Ren assumes it's an espionage related task, but Tyl says it'll be unlike any mission his Lotus ever gave.

The little Tenno proceeds onward into the unknown portion of the sea lab as directed by his accompanying Enforcers. Taking a good look at his entourage, their armor is highly reminiscent of the Grustrag Three's design. A bulky torso piece, with slim looking limbs and a heavy collar shields most of the head, but whose helmet resembles a Manic's faceplate instead. They go as far as they've been instructed and the two trailing behind bring into view Ren's Infested Warframe levitating on a portable pedestal.

In that guttural tone all Grineer are known for, the soldiers tell him their queen is staying in her personal quarters at the very end of this wing. Ren does find it strange that they would refer to Sela by her previous title despite the obvious dissolution of her reign and vast legions. Whether Regor plans to use his perfected breed to usher in a new era for the Grineer is uncertain, but he is aware that just as many loyalists are still out there waiting for her return. The possibilities linger in his thoughts before being dispelled and his eyes settle themselves on his Excalibur.

Cautiously, the Enforcers retreat and initiate a lockdown, sealing that section of the underwater base off entirely from the main stronghold. Ren's corporeal body turns ethereal as he becomes one with his Warframe. Immediately, his conscious is attacked by the awakening Nidus. Its thoughts are, in the best description possible, primitive. But Ren still lacks the mental prowess to resist the temptation of letting his mind be swept away. Tyl expected such an outcome and thus, equipped the morphing Excalibur with an apparatus that prevents complete Transference. This unfortunately means Ren can't utilize his Warframes abilities, just the physical talents of his newly transformed Nidus. And physical attributes are all the support he'll need for this one.

His hands smack onto the floor as he curves his neck upwards to release a chilling howl. His Banshee wail reverberates throughout the halls until the echo of his call responds. The Excalibur's flesh is soon covered in cracks that emit a pink light from within. In a bright flash of color, the Warframe's body is transformed into a twisted mess of Infested that is Nidus. He leaps forth on all fours like some beast before breaking into a full-on sprint. His objective is within sight, and judging from the sizable door, the lavish Kuva tapestries, this must be the room in question. The locked door wouldn't be too hard to hack, but a primal thought in Ren's mind has the Infested Warframe prying the entrance by force.

He takes a quick peek around at the luxurious and regal chamber. A queen-sized bed fit for a whole family to lay upon is accompanied by numerous cushions surrounding it. Several pieces of pricy furniture are complimented by bits of Grineer paraphernalia on the walls. Behind the bed is a huge oval window that peers into the vast blue sea. And at the very center of it all, is the enormous mountain of Grineer woman herself, Sela Ver'Koom.

The stunned former ruler is garbed in a single, thin crimson cloth. It's sleeveless and forms a thick cloak that displays only her pale visage and nothing more. There appears to be black insignias of Kuva origin, but her ample body stretches the clothing too much for any clarity. It also seems that Sela has taken a liking to walking as she now has on a pair of heavy duty reinforced Grineer shins and feet to support her gargantuan body.

She sees Nidus crouching with his various segments of carapace flapping excitedly, he's producing an ominous clicking sound. Sela doesn't seem terrified, though there's a hint worry at the sight of such an Infested monstrosity in her presence. That worry is soon dispelled, another sensation begins to boil inside her. The mature Grineer female just stares while clutching her robes. Her pale cheeks, decorated by fleshy symbols, flushes a deep crimson that matches her attire.

It must be the peculiar odor permeating the room, of which the perpetrator is none other than Ren himself. He can feel the pheromones being emitted from his form, but their chemical properties have no effects on him. For Sela and any other people within 10 meters of the effective range, it's a natural and very potent airborne aphrodisiac. Once inside the body, it wracks the target of strength and rationality while greatly boosting their libido.

"What is g-going on here! I told that buffoon Regor to b-bring me Ren!" Sela growls while shambling awkwardly around a wooden, ebony table. "That imbecile cannot do anything right! And you, begone you corrupted waste of flesh!"

Nidus doesn't take too kindly to her words as the Infested Warframe dashes behind her, easily evading her sluggish lunge. Part instinct and part reflex, he took hold of the drowsy Grineer giant and tightly embraced her back to his chest. Even with the added height bonus a Warframe gives, Ren's six-foot stature is still overshadowed by Sela's eight-feet of solid woman.

"Agh! Grotesque beast! Unhand me at o-once!"

Nidus just warbles a response and digs his fingers into her soft flesh. One of his clawed hands rakes across her chest, tearing the fabric to let some of her white orbs free of that tight cloth. His other hand palms the slight pudginess of her belly and kneads it like dough. Sela gasps in disbelief at the familiar, burning mass pushing itself against her butt.

"How d-dare you! I am no one's plaything, now let me g-go or you will regret this!"

Something about her empty promises has his distended Warframe's breeding tool throbbing. He grinds the organ up and down her massive buns, relishing the pleasure as if it were his own. Ren is somewhat glad that it's not since Nidus is packing one rather brutal looking cock. The shaft is considerably more veiny than his, appearing to have a whole extra inch of circumference. And where Ren's was on par in length with his forearm, this thing looks like it could dangle past his kneecaps. The sheath from which this absurd prick came from, releases a pair of ripe testicles swollen with cum.

Sela's wobbling legs give out as Nidus eases the heavy female to the floor. She lays helplessly on her side, her sopping wet groin seeping juices through her robe. Her exposed breast lactates small droplets of sweet chest syrup while her other mammoth tit bleeds through the crimson fabric. Her cowl slides off to reveal her trimmed, shoulder length ginger locks and bright gilded eyes. The fire in her loins has left her practically immobile as she does nothing to stop Nidus from crawling on top.

"Leave me be you m-monster…" Her weak, raspy voice says.

He rips the remainder of her chest cloth to grab hold of those milky-white, ginormous breasts and slides his aching member between them. Straddling her torso, the Infested Warframe squishes her cockpillows together and starts thrusting. Sela just watches with her dreamy gaze as his cumbersome meat pole pops out her cleavage before disappearing. His glans pokes her chin with each hump, leaving a slimy trail of precum from her lower jaw to her bosom. He does seem to be struggling with her huge breasts and can't seem to keep the mountains of jello wrapped neatly around his raging length.

Sela groans in vexation before using her forearms to squash her titties into a more stable cock-sleeve. Nidus utters a pleasured growl, resuming his spastic plunging motions that result in more nuisances for the former queen. She turns to one cheek only to be jabbed by his goo dripping tip until both sides of her face reek of his masculine odor.

"You v-vile beast… finish already!"

Another pleased series of clicks escape Nidus, he thrusts into her milk leaking tits without care. Sela becomes fed up with his constant prodding and gives in. She parts her thick lips to catch his oddly shaped glans in her maw. The spiky ridge of his crown is strange but for some reason, she can't help but slide her tongue all over that bulbous cockhead.

Nidus bucks like crazy, squeezing her globes through his elated thrusting and causing milk to sprinkle from her fat nipples. Sela looks at the infernal male Warframe with furrowed brows atop her frustrated frown. The bombastic Grineer hates not having any ounce of control or authority, and she certainly doesn't appreciate her breasts getting treated like toys for his amusement. Unknown to her though, the little Tenno controlling the horny Warframe is melting from how unbelievably elastic and warm those mega-melons are. Is it because the tables have turned for once, or the fact that Nisha has made tittyfucks something of a rarity since Kashvi was born? Either way, his building orgasm speaks for itself.

"Horrid c-creature! Hurry up and cum!"

'Don't worry Sela, I got a nice big load coming right up!' Ren shouts to himself, careful to maintain his identity a secret.

Sela puckers her kisser around his invading tip as his thrusts slow in speed and become more drawn out. He gropes and tugs at her jiggling breasts, his cock twitching in anticipation. She continues to give him that annoyed glare while her big bimbo lips slobber on his bumpy-edged knob. Nidus can't resist her expert pole polishing skills any longer and lets out a euphoric roar.

But Sela isn't fond of messy facials and forms an airtight seal around his pulsating tip. He ejaculates steady ropes of white glob that's thicker than anything she's ever swallowed. It pours into her maw like pudding, yet it tastes absolutely vile and bitter. She chugs his sperm as fast as she can. The sticky and lumpy texture nearly has it getting stuck in her throat. When he's just about done, his cock pops off her lips to let her savor the leftover protein shake sloshing around in her mouth. Nidus grips his phallus to squeeze one last glop of nut onto her milk tanks with a sigh of relief.

"You damned-" Sela pauses to guzzle more spunk. "-beast! Forcing me to swallow so much of your seed… your thick, creamy seed."

'Still got some spirit left in there, huh? Let's see you talk after I make that stubborn cunt of yours mine again!'

Ren doesn't feel the usual cost of his vim and vigor ebbing from his body, if anything, he feels hornier than when he first began. His Warframe's cock aches for more, his balls still bear the heft of all that sperm stored in them. But there's one more crucial detail that he's overlooked, and that's his strength.

Sela tries to inch herself backwards while covering her bare chest. She is too slow and too weary from the powerful pheromones he's releasing to effectively make her getaway. Nidus casually strolls next to her with his big dick leading the way and crouches down to capture his victim.

The Grineer milf doesn't bother putting up any sort of resistance as Nidus slings her over his shoulder like some Neanderthal claiming his prize. He carries the near one-ton woman towards her queen-sized bed, digging his hand up her robes along the way. His claws gently slide into her sex to gage her readiness and discovers no trace of any undies. And judging from the heat and viscous girl-goo coating his fingers, she's more than ready for him.

"Release m-me you monster…"

Nidus shrugs and plops the enormous Grineer female onto the crimson mattress. He gives a distinctive chortle mixed with a resonating hiss upon seeing Sela land flat on her back, legs spread.

"No… my b-body is not a toy…" Her lazy voice pleads, but to no avail.

Hopping onto the bed, he tears her red robe up the middle to leave that nude snatch in the open. Her ginger hair looks wild and erotic as it rests above her enflamed vulva. The pink hue of her fattened pussy lips drool with female fluids, she must be at her limit as well.

Nidus grabs his cunt-crushing cudgel and kneels between those thick thighs of hers. He guides his bestial member to her puffy slit when her left hand covers her entrance and literally cockblocks him. With half of his conscious consumed by the irrational urge to breed, he's pounding that pussy whether she wants it or not. He uses his tip, whose shape is more blunt and wide in comparison to a human's, to scoop her guarding hand away.

He sees Sela trying to cover herself up once more and forces the head of his cock faster than the fatigued giant can move. Her lubed up hole accepts his invasion without fuss as the owner lets out a startled gasp. She stammers some pointless threat that Nidus interrupts by filling the rest of her moist canal with his meat. His weighty shaft collides with her babydoor and is pleased by its vacant status. Ren cusses in his head at the sensation of his monstrous rod being squeezed from every direction. The tightness of Sela's loins is foreign to him, he was always a few inches too small to completely bottom out in her mature womanhood. But now her pussy is the one that's having trouble accommodating him. And he can't get enough of that feeling, this empowerment and dominance won't be brief like those moments years ago. This time he gets to be in control, and it's going to be permanent.

Sela slanders him with more awful names in the hopes that she can delay that big dick from ramming her plump pussy. She puts her hands on his chest, but they have no strength to hold anything back and merely rest on his pectorals. Nidus takes his own mitts and wraps his arms around each thigh to use them for control.

"Beast… you abominable beast… s-stop it… enough…"

'Sorry Sela, but your fat pussy's perfect for my fat cock. There's not another woman in this entire system big enough to handle this now.' Ren says to himself, not yet ready to reveal his identity.

"So big… you will r-ruin me!"

Sela skims her lust ridden eyes down the muscular Warframe's abdominals to see that arm-thick babymaker stretching her mature cunt as if were brand new again. It retracts covered in a sheen of their mixed fluids and then slams back inside, causing the large milf to wince from the force. He hammers that pussy, etching the bumpy texture of his phallus into her vaginal walls. In response, her womanhood ripples across his length. Nidus hovers over her torso, panting and snarling over his plump female.

Her resisting arms are now laid out at her sides as he bends her fat thighs further back to get his pelvis closer. The Infested Warframe hilts himself in her snatch, heavy balls slapping her ass and abs hitting that soft belly. Sela doesn't want to admit it, but the feeling of his hard musculature overlapping her pudgy figure is simply divine. The way his strong hands haul her hips down so his burly cock can smash her innards, has her pussy sopping wet. She cries out at every far reaching thrust that shakes the bed and causes her whole body to wobble.

He grunts like animal as his movements quicken and become more unrelenting. Sela whimpers, asking him to slow down. Nidus doesn't falter in his vigorous pounding and feels himself nearing the end. Ren can sense the pleasure encroaching as well as if were his own flesh pulsating with life. The boy has his Warframe lift that voluptuous goddess off the bed and strains himself to maintain her in the air while she's pounded nonstop.

"By the Void… show mercy…" The heavy Grineer begs, held in the air like the limp ragdoll that she has become.

"Fuck! Here's your mercy, you fat sow!" In his blissful final strokes, Ren unintentionally shouts his words aloud.

Slamming her plump bottom half on his groin, her huge breasts devour the Warframe's head in their softness. Sela is too enraptured by her oncoming orgasm to respond properly and instead, gives a lengthy moan. Her vagina's undulations tighten her cunt into a nice sleeve for Nidus as his cock engorges to blast her full of cum.

He takes his chubby milf and drops her back onto the bed. Nidus burrows into her pussy till his tip is crushing her cervix and his huge balls are all that remain outside. His arms straighten against the bed as he arches his muscular back and his scrotum tightens. Hot sperm floods her insides, pouring into her pussy and drowning her womb. The Infested Warframe gets in a few more humps to milk out the rest of his thick load.

"So much seed..." Sela whines, recovering from her euphoric high.

Nidus emits a steady rumble to signal his content and pulls his jizz glistening cock from her jizz vomiting cunt. His organ lays on her plump mound, flaccid yet still long and thick. In a matter of seconds, it regains the energy it lost and appears perfectly solid with no signs of going soft any time soon. Sela sees that meat pole ready for more and recoils in fright.

"Alright Nidus." Ren says openly once more. "I think it's time for the big reveal."

"Wh-what?" The confused Grineer looks up just in time to see that little runt separate from the Infested flesh.

Fully materialized outside of Nidus, Ren prepares to make his dramatic reveal when the intense pain of his own throbbing manhood brings the young Tenno to his knees. His Warframe stares silently at his user gripping his bulge to soothe his yearning need. Sela however, begins putting the puzzle pieces together while sneaking quick peeks at the two huge dicks before her. She rises to her rump and uses the soiled crimson covers to create some bit of modesty on her shapely curves.

Ren ignores his erection long enough to give the vexed Grineer bombshell some sort of rational explanation. The reason behind all this wasn't just so Ren could make Sela squeal for once, it was actually to prove Tyl Regor's research was a success. The Grineer scientists had noted that Nidus could be controlled externally if the user were to somehow overpower the Infested madness with a more influential desire. And in Ren's case, nothing proves more powerful than the need to get his rocks off.

The Tenno and scientist were lucky that the Infested Warframe's biology contained a reproductive organ for which to carry out these lewd tests. It also was established that Nidus possesses some amount of self-awareness, but not enough to be considered sentient. It seems the joy of busting a good nut leaves the Infested puppet rather docile, if not remarkably obedient. Tyl says that for the moment, this should allow Ren to use Nidus without fear of losing his mind. And so, this brings the confused Sela to her original thought, why did he attack her all of a sudden?

"He's a big boy with some big needs, so naturally, he needs a big girl." Ren exclaims, motioning to the Warframe's girth. "...Also, Tyl's not happy about all this unnecessary spending since he rescued you. This is sorta your way of paying him back he said."

"Paying him back? I am his queen! He should be grateful that I honor this cliché, pathetic excuse for a research facility with my magnificent presence! He will regret this! And as for you, do not think I was not listening earlier. What was it that you said before, something about me being a fat sow?"

"Uh-oh! Sela, I can explain!"

Sela crawls towards him, her lewd flesh jiggling in her movements. "No need, I understand perfectly!"

"N-Nidus, do something!"

By Ren's command, the Infested Warframe prepares to defend its operator. Nidus freezes and is unable to act further as Sela puts the squeeze on his third leg. He drops to his knees, arms hanging at his sides while she strokes him vigorously. Sela turns to the little Tenno and strikes him with that predatory gaze he's all too familiar with.

"Here I was ready to beat you senseless for what you two did, but hearing you talk like that… goodness, it truly has been too long since my little runt called me such names! I wish to hear it more!"

"Huh? S-Sela? Hey!"

"Oh Ren!" The colossal woman shouts while squeezing the life out of the young Tenno.

She falls forward and pins him beneath the weight of her plump body and gigantic milk tanks. Sela showers him with smacks from her thick lips all over his face. The huge milf doesn't even realize the rigid outline of his cock is grinding into her soft tummy or that his hands are sinking in those marshmallow breasts of hers. Ren had almost forgotten that by the final weeks of his enslavement under the once proud Elder Queen of the Grineer, the dynamics of their relationship shifted greatly. She ruled from her throne while became the unspoken king of the bedroom.

Now she is reminding her tiny lover of just how much she missed him. And while he'd love to try spit roasting her fat ass with Nidus, his assignment is unfortunately completed. He gives her big lips a parting smooch before having his Warframe pull her off.

"Dear, what is wrong?"

"Sorry Sela, but I've gotta back to Tyl and report all this."

She looks disappointed before noticing the throbbing lust Nidus is nestling between her big white cheeks. "I see, but do you think your big, strong Warframe here could keep me company just a little longer?"

Ren rolls his eyes and says he's hers until he comes back. By his will, Nidus throws her greedy, fat ass onto the bed for another good dicking. The little Tenno takes one look back to see Sela giggling stupidly as he bends her over and smacks his turgid length on each of those white buns. Odd, he always thought he'd be jealous in sharing some booty, but Nidus is merely doing as instructed. Besides, Sela doesn't mind and neither should Ren. At least it's consensual this time, sort of.

The boy leaves the room as it fills with the sounds of slapping flesh once more. Ren is somewhat taken back when the lockdown is lifted in the narrow bridge from Sela's quarters, and an entire squadron of Enforcers sits ready to fire. They calm upon seeing his non-corrupted, diminutive stature and allow him to pass.

Ren can hear their relieved sighs as he passes and watches them slump against the rounded glass walls to relax. It doesn't seem like they were all too happy for a fight, how unusual for Grineer. He quickly gets going and finds Tyl back in the observatory, sitting alone on a long, curving couch. The Grineer perks up at seeing Ren alive and still sane. He has many questions to ask, and also a new mission to give.

Q & A: To Black Doberman:

-Truth be told, my sense of direction for story telling is atrocious, mediocre at best. But that's not what I'm creating here, the plot was never supposed to be the main attraction. And though at times I wish this could have just been a serious fic with some romantic elements thrown in to spice things up, it's not and it never can be. It's a smut and that's the dark, sticky route I've chosen, whether for better or worse (probably for worse). Perhaps someday I'll have another go at Warframe with a genuinely meaningful adventure of heroism and drama, but for now this perverted tale's got a another chapter or two that needs squeezing out before it gets a much needed break.