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Chapter 4: Squeal like a pig

"H-hey! M-Myrrha stop it! What's with you?" The little Tenno pleads, powerless to prevent his loins from being plundered.

"For crying out loud, shut up already! You're more of a wimp than I remember." Says the female as her gloved red and white hands touch his crotch.

"I'll, I'll scream for help? T-the others will come and-"

"And what? You think they'll give a shit about this? They won't stop me."


"That's what I thought, now sit that cute little ass of yours on that desk over there. Now!" Myrrha demands while Ren trudges over to the wide and rectangular oak desk and props himself on top as told. She forcibly tears the upper portion of his suit apart to reveal his well-toned torso, but she leaves his lower half intact while Ren whimpers in terror. Her gloves come off and she proceeds to touch his chest and abdomen. The boy's peach skin is caressed by the woman's smooth and brown fingers; he shudders as they run down his torso. The stimulation has proven too overwhelming for the boy's libido and is noted by the massive protrusion on his left leg that almost reaches his knee. Myrrha places one hand on his right thigh and the other outlining his swelling lumber with her hand.

"Typical stubborn Ren, always trying to deny the obvious. The poor thing looks like it's in pain, but don't worry. I'll make the pain go away." Proclaims the woman as she makes sure her black pony tail is fastened properly before going to unzip Ren's lower half with her own teeth. He stares in shock as her blue eyes lock on with his own the whole way down. Ren covers his reddened expression with his cuffed arms as his thick kebob now rests on Myrrha's stunned face. She goes cross-eyed attempting to scan the thick slab of meat laid out from her chin all the way to her forehead and then some.

"W-wow, that's fucking big. Holy shit Ren, I knew you were hung before but now this is just ridiculous!" The female Tenno remarks as his shaft completely covers one of her eyes; his masculine stench tickles her already itching female desire.

"Ah, no don't! Uh! Myrrha please!" Begs the little Tenno as her tongue licks the underside of his fully erect penis. The weight of his tool requires her to use both hands to hold the beast up as her chocolate lips smooch his glans. Ren grabs her black-haired head to stop her, but the concentrated attack on his sensitive crown turns his arms into jelly. Myrrha tastes his salty flesh underneath his foreskin with her tongue and makes loud slobbering sounds as she sucks on his pinkish head. He leans forward to gasp and curse in lust from the fellatio. She moans back in response as she peels his dick hoodie away, allowing the boy's cock head to rub on the roof of her soft palate. The sticky saliva coating his tip and suction from her lips makes his pelvis thrust instinctively.

Myrrha gags as suddenly the little Tenno thrusts inwards more, forcing the female to engulf more of him into her mouth. She gazes at Ren's horny visage as she feels her uvula being crushed and throat expanded at the intruding man flesh entering. Only less than half of his dick managed to stuff itself in her mouth before Myrrha can no longer bear it and begins resisting. Meanwhile, she strokes his shaft and massages his super-sized nuts to further excite him.

Ren is not usually one to finish up so soon, but her technique is too advanced for a boy like him. In just under twenty or so minutes after starting to throw her head back and forth on his meat, Ren gives in to the pleasure. Myrrha can feel the sudden tightening of Ren's balls, his hips pushing in more and his fat Johnson pulsating angrily at her bobbing motions. With a loud wet smack, she parts contact with his dick and puts pressure on the base of his shaft to deny him sweet release.

"Agh! Myrrha that really hurts!"

"Tell me exactly what you wanna do."

"N-no! Please don't make m-me say it! A-anything but that." The boy stutters.

"Beg for it." She decrees while blue balling him most savagely. Ren covers his mouth with his fists while mumbling the response.

"Ugh, real manly there Ren! You disappoint me you know that?"

Myrrha releases her grip. The boy becomes dizzy as his lips part for a moan to escape. His abs clench and hips twitch as Myrrha sucks him dry. She swivels her head on his tip alone while pumping his girth with her hands rapidly as he explodes. Since she is still in her Varida transference suit, she guzzles down his steady flow of thick baby cream to not stain herself. Ren sees her eye balling him hostilely as he pours his cum down her throat, he stares back with a lost expression of fear. She feels his hot stream weaken as his penis stops pulsating. He groans again as Myrrha sucks out the left over sperm directly from his urethra, ensuring not a single drop is wasted.

Her lips and tongue slip off his member to lick the cum off her smeared hands while she enjoys the sight of Ren in his torn-up clothing. His cheeks wet, his face red and body panting hard as he sits motionless.

"Nice, huh squirt? From the way you blew your load I can tell ya liked it a lot. Now clean yourself up, oh and sorry about the suit. I got a little carried away."

"Yes, ma'am." Ren says timidly.

"Aw, c'mon Ren. Don't be like that now. You never cried when I sucked you off back then. Why cry like a little bitch now?" Myrrha indifferently states as the boy removes the destroyed fabric to reveal his full naked body. A bell chime through an intercom signals the end of their encounter as Myrrha gets off her knees.

"Ugh, whatever. When you decide to stop being such a drama queen, come to the atrium in the middle of the ship when you're done. We'll all be waiting."

As she exits through the doorway, she cannot help but stare at him. His plucky attitude and benevolent aura are gone. Seeing nothing but pure defeat in his eyes, she smiles proudly while strutting down the hallway.

Alone now with his thoughts Ren falls into despair, his only solace is that he has found a white robe to cover his nakedness. He transforms it into a toga of sorts to better suit his stature and basks in the soft silkiness of the fabric. Its texture reminds him of his companion's skin and how delicate and gentle the girl's plump flesh was to the touch.

'Nisha. I just left you without saying goodbye. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being so weak.'

Ren leaves the tranquility the room provided him with and finds himself in a long white and metallic blue hallway. It spans in two directions, left and right and has only two other doors in the vicinity. In the spirit of curiosity and out of some fear, he explores the ships interior until he is led to the atrium's main entrance. A large double sliding door splits in two as they boy walks through. Inside is quite a spectacle, the roof of the room is the size of his ship and is lined with reinforced glass to see into the stars above. The room itself is divided into two sections. The upper floor which Ren is on is separated by railing along the entire room in a U-shaped platform ending at the North end, while below him lies the ground level area. A flight of stairs on both ends of the U-shaped floor platform allows for movement between the floors, of course a Warframe could just double jump between sections.

As he looks over the railing he sees the other three Tenno members sitting around Myrrha at a long rectangular silver table among a row of other empty tables (almost like a cafeteria). All of them are wearing their Warframes, the Rhino, the Nyx, the Trinity and Atlas all look up to see Ren walking down the stairs towards them.

"Eh, not much to look at, now is he? I still don't see why we need him Myrrha, honestly." Thor snorts from his Rhino.

"Come on, give the kid a break. You don't even know him Thor." The Trinity Keeva replies.

The Nyx called Banou has no comment.

"Everyone be quiet, it's time to get down to business. And Ren hurry the fuck up, the consoles are gonna have the next patch by the time you get here!" Myrrha commands as the boy runs to the table while clutching his toga. Ren has cleverly double folded the white cloth around his waist and can happily trot without worry of curious eyes.

"So what, you have no Warframe of your own or you just like to run around dressed like a little girl? Eh?" Thor points out as he leans closer to Ren who sits next to him and away from the other females across the table.

"I think you look absolutely adorable, um Ren, was it?" Keeva interjects, while Banou stares curiously.

"Thanks? I guess, but my Warframe is aboard my ship that you guys sorta confiscated? And It's also...in pieces kinda." Ren hesitantly informs the others.

"Ren." Myrrha calls out.


"Shut up."


Myrrha begins to explain what little information she possesses on the latest mission while also avoided mentioning the actual location or purpose. Ren looks at the Atlas with confusion and slight annoyance.

'That dark-skinned lustful bitch acting all calm and collected, pretended like she didn't force herself on me like five minutes ago? I'll show her! I'll make her pay. But, how?'

"Anyway, now that we all understand the assignment at hand, let's get moving. We only have a day before we reach our destination." The squad leader says while scoping out the room diligently.

"Any questions? No? Good, because I don't know jack shit either; so don't bother asking."

"Uh, Myrrha? Where are, we going?" Ren asks.

"To Eris short stuff, the Lotus wouldn't say why for some reason. It's an extermination mission as far as your concerned. The rest of you are dismissed, be ready for tomorrow."

"Wait, what about me?" The boy comes back with a hand raised. Thor chuckles from his seat while Keeva looks on puzzled.

"I said everyone else didn't I fun size? You, have work to do." The Atlas delegates as the two other Warframes stand and walk away.

"What kind of work?" Ren wants to know. Before Myrrha can explain herself, the Nyx joins in the conversation unexpectedly.

"Myrrha, If I may? Allow me to show him around. I believe I have suitable work to keep him busy."

"Hmmm? Permission granted, but that means you'll be in charge of keeping an eye on his dumbass. I hope that's clear, Banou?"

Myrrha gets up and proceeds to the stairs Ren had originally come down from as now only him and the Nyx remain. He tries to make small talk with the girl, but the Nyx places one finger over her mouth area and points to opposite staircase. Her silence as they walk up the steps is troubling and fills Ren's head with suspicion. The Tenno boy is nothing to her and she is nothing to him, so Ren can only wonder as to why she is his escort. Naturally though, Ren takes a moment to ogle her Nyx's behind as it walks ahead of him but does not let eyes linger too long. He has never really had a thing for Warframe flesh, something about it just seemed so unnatural to him.

The pair walks down a few corridors, past some other larger rooms and hallways until eventually reaching an isolated door around a dead-end corner. The room is noticeably far from any other doors, but Ren cannot even peak inside as the Nyx tells him to wait outside while she prepares. The boy leans on a wall; adjusting his make-shift toga and tidying up his brown hair back into a more regal short pompadour to pass the time. He springs to life as the rectangular sliding door opens.

For the first time in Ren's life, he can look down to talk to someone. Standing at only 4'8", a slightly smaller Tenno approaches the boy. Her skin is not dark like Myrrha's; it is just one hue above and appears to be mahogany. As for the girl's build, it is akin to Ren's own and is fit, but tender in appearance. Her hair is a chestnut brown (Ren's is a basic brunette) that is styled back in a long French braid reaching to the end of her torso and goes well with her golden eyes. Ren continues to gawk quite rudely at this little Tenno, examining her features in awe, but her most notable detail makes him step back with unease. It is the girl's face; it is frozen in an expressionless state of despair.

"I wanna say would it kill you to smile, but I think it's a little too late for that." Ren humorously remarks.

"You do not find my visage to be intimidating?" The girl asks.

"What? I mean you're not ugly or anything, in fact you're actually kinda cute- I mean pleasant to look at? Eh, he-he?"

The little Tenno girl in her Koppra suit muses him with a forced smile, but her face remains largely unchanged.

"You are a funny one. I am Banou Shani, pleased to meet you; officially I should add."

"Whoa no need for the formality, you can just call me Ren. So, what's the deal? Am I a prisoner, squad member, pack mule or what?" The boy inquires impatiently while Banou fixes her suit's lower compartment around the waist area. It appears that she wears a belt of sorts due to her suit being one size too big and ultimately it makes it look loose as opposed to the usual skin tight apparel of operators.

"Pardon me, I just need to fasten my hmph! Belt, ergh! There we go. Oh, about your position among us; Myrrha did not specify but you are most certainly not one of us by the way."

"Big whoop! You guys aren't cool enough for me anyway." Ren huffs as the two walk. The girl snickers once more while trying to cover her mouth. The little Tenno tosses irritated glances back at her while they continue their discourse. From their chat, Ren discerns that Banou is not good at idle chatter and is awkward but decisive in her words. He begins to realize a few important details from their time together traversing the insides of The Little Lotus. For one, their squad of Tenno are the only crew aboard the entire ship. Secondly Banou runs a Nyx, so she may have read his mind as Tenno can only block psychic intrusion if they are within a Warframe. Lastly, Ren's ship is well guarded with an encrypted code that every crew member knows of.

As the day progresses, he performs a multitude of odd jobs around the large vessel. From cleaning latrines to fixing lightbulbs; the thrill is boundless and seemingly endless. By 9:00 p.m. Ren is beat and has worked up quite a sweat as the stained toga drips with perspiration. Banou has offered the use of her room to him as a built-in shower lies in a corner. The girl's room is many times larger than Ren's broom closet of a chamber and even her bed is much wider. He does not focus on the intricate details of her personal tastes around the place and takes this time alone to himself to enter her shower. It is tall and cylindrical in shape with frosted glass for maximum privacy. Ren disrobes and lavishes in the cold water splashing all over his warm sweaty body. The sensation gives him goosebumps as he rubs his arms and pushes his brown hair back to enjoy the water against his cheeks. He sighs as his attention turns to a most troublesome area to clean, his large member. The hefty load with its skin around his crown; makes for a rather tiresome battle of scrubbing and hoisting up simultaneously.

"Ugh, it's times like these that I wish I had an extra set of arms. Or you know, a regular sized wang? Nah!"

"Excuse me, Ren? Is everything alright, I just came in to see if you-?" A calm feminine voice calls from behind.

"Shit! Banou? You scared the Void outta me, you didn't even knock! Can't a man get some privacy?" The boy hollers as he soaps up his body and moves under the shower head.

"Sorry, I did not mean to bother you. But would you mind hurrying up, I wish to bathe as well."

"What? I just started though? Why don't you make yourself useful and fetch me some clothes will ya? Oh, and a towel too!" Ren orders.

"I, actually already brought you some clothes and a towel. I am sure you must be hungry also. I will bring dinner for us both, ok?"

"R-really, um? Wow thanks, Banou."

Upon hearing the door open and close, Ren gets down business. He peaks his head out of the sliding shower door to make sure the girl's gone for real and then hurries out wet and nude. The boy is planning on escaping from his little overseer, but first he must acquire that access code to the hangar bay. He dresses himself in the spare suit lying near the shower and eyes the door attentively.

'I'll just force her to give me the codes! It's too bad though, once you get passed her scary looking face; she's really quite nice.'

Some minutes pass as the door to Banou's room reopens and footsteps break the silence. A figure scans the area cautiously, taking note of the empty shower. Before that person can investigate further, Ren drops from above with the cunning swiftness of an elephant. A precise kick stops him mid drop and has him lying on the floor clutching his gut in pain. He looks up to see that it is in fact not Banou. The boy tries desperately to get away as a familiar sense of terror sweeps over him. His eyelids shut tight as he grips his brand-new transference suit at the thighs. A voice calls out to him from behind, it makes his chest feel squeezed and his blood boil. The figure creeps near him, pressing against his back as hands crawl over the boy's abdomen. Ren does answer to his name as the person insists he remains still and complacent. His brown eyes burst open to peer below as a hand fondles his well encased package.

"M-Myrrha! Stop th-that! Banou could c-come back at any moment."

"Oh sweet, useless little Ren. When will you learn your place. As my plaything, you have no right to talk back!" The female growls down to him.

"Ah, enough! Y-you're gonna crush my balls. That hurts! Stop!" Ren cries out.

Another voice emerges amidst the fray as Myrrha covers Ren's mouth and holds his junk hostage to prevent him from fidgeting.

"Myrrha, what is going on here? What are you doing to Ren?" Banou inquires while holding a tray with two plates of food on it.

"Nothing that concerns you. I was just getting acquainted with a former subordinate of mine." Myrrha states as her back obscures the other girl's vision from the perverse act. The commanding Tenno female releases the boy, dropping him to his knees.

"I just wanted to make sure the little brat wasn't giving you any trouble, that's all. I'll take my leave now. Goodnight, Banou." The darker woman proclaims with a sinister smile at the boy.

"Goodnight, Myrrha." The girl says, turning her attention to the Ren as her door closes. She rests the tray on a small white nightstand and moves slowly to Ren. He acknowledges her with a fading smile and thanks her for bringing the meal. The two sit on the bed near one another as the girl presses a button on next to the head of the bed. Ren sinks into the pink covers while he stares at the outlined rectangle on the floor in front of them that lights up blue. The rectangular floor piece levitates off the ground a few feet to reach chest level of the sitting down Tenno. Banou places the plates on the table before them and recites a few prayers before instructing Ren to "dig in". It is roasted runner legs from Earth, served with steaming yellow rice that has bits of vegetables mixed in for good taste. Ren takes little nips at the meat, avoiding the rice.

"You do not like yellow rice, Ren?"

"Huh? No, it's not that, I'm just... not that hungry I guess."

"Well you should eat either way, your belly needs filling after a hard day of labor." The girl says before a spoonful of rice goes past her lips.

"I suppose you're right, but-"

"It is ok Ren. You can stay here tonight if you are worried of Myrrha assaulting you, again." The girl speaks without care as her eyes glance at him briefly. Ren's face grows dark; he twists his head to stare down the girl. He grabs her left wrist with a sturdy force, knocking the utensil from her hand.

"You know, don't you Banou. You read my mind; is that it? You think you understand me, you don't know anything!" He yells with a rattled voice.

"I have seen more than you know and I understand how you must be feeling right now. Alone and afraid as if your entire world has come crashing down on you. It feels hopeless, does it not?"

"What the? Did, Myrrha do something to you too?" Ren questions while dropping her wrist in shock.

"I am broken, just like you." The girl says, rubbing her wrist.

"What! I'm not broken, what do you mean? Tell me, Banou. What do you know..."

She explains to him, all that she has sucked out of his mind. The intimacy between him and Myrrha from the past and the current incidents with her. Ren listens with anxiety and restlessness as she recounts the traumatic experiences. He can no longer bare the recollections and snaps from the vivid imagery. To consul him, she decides to tell Ren of her own history.

Ren begins to regret yelling at her. Banou's experience, it is far worse than his.

"How? How can you pretend like everything is normal?"

"The memories are painful, but I push them away for the preservation of the team. It is the only family I have ever known." The girl mutters with less emotion than before.

"Some family you have... allowing a douchebag like that to have his way with you."

"They do not know about it Ren. It is between me and him, like you and Myrrha."

"Y-you didn't tell the others? Banou, why?" Demands the boy.

"As much as I despise him now, Keeva is too good of a friend to me. She and him are together; I do not wish to ruin their relationship for my sake."

"...And Myrrha? What about her?"

"I admire her skills and ability to lead, but she too sees me as weak. She would only scold me for not standing up for myself."

"Yeah that's just like her."

"I cannot run away. Not like you did."

She has no time to take back those words as the other Tenno pushes her onto her back. Ren holds the girl down by her shoulders while glaring at her dead visage. She tries to wriggle herself free, but her strength is no match for his. This sense of vulnerability and the feeling of a heavy weight on top of her sends the girl into a frenzy. She starts spontaneously shouting and crying while she throws a fit. The boy unhands her after being astonished at this display. Her calm and cool disposition is shattered. The girl rests on the tear stained pink sheets; laying on her side as she mumbles in protest to herself. She is begging, pleading for "him" to stop.

Ren looks at her and coldly says "You're not like me Banou. You're weaker."

He scoops up the bawling female and the two lay back onto the bed. Her resistance is minimal and requests too soft to hear. He rests his head on a pillow as the girl is brought closer to his body. Her warm-brown skin connects with his creamy beige as their cheeks meet. The girl's howling is now a quiet sobbing as she nestles her face in the boy's neck. Ren too becomes tranquil, feeling her beating chest slow down and her body stop shaking. He strokes her long braided pony-tail with his right hand and uses his left hand to caress her back. As the pink sheets cover them, Ren suggests they go to bed.

It eventually dawns on the boy the situation he is in. In bed with a female laying on top of him, it reminds Ren of Nisha. The whole time the boy was trying to suppress his half-solid friend from ruining the special moment. But the image of his curvy Nisha and Banou's bodily warmth agitates his lust to the breaking point.

'Ren what in the Void are you thinking man? Banou needs comforting right now, not a good dicking! Keep it together, think boner killing thoughts. Uh, Captain Vor's face, Alad V's face, um...Hema research?'

As the boy attempts to go flaccid, his dick formulates its own plan. The sheets are wrinkled and stretched as a Ren's tent pitching skills have only improved. It just so happens that his Orthos is right between the girl's crotch and it seems Banou too has taken note. She looks to Ren for an explanation, but he can only avert his eyes in shame. He tells the girl that it is not his intention to take advantage of her in this state and that it would be best if he slept elsewhere.

"No, Ren do not go please! I wish to be held a little while longer."

"W-well it's just that you're r-really attractive and all. I d-don't know if I can control myself, I'm worried I'll end up h-hurting you too." Ren stammers trying to make light of the moment. Banou ignores his warnings and rubs her thighs together on his bulge. With an instinctive twitch, he thrusts his pelvis once with a notable vigor.

"Ren, you are the only person that shares my pain. I beg of you, help me forget if just for this one moment."

The two little Tenno undress and toss their clothes aside. The boy crosses his arms behind his head and spreads his legs to give the girl more leeway. They stare at one another with gleeful expressions as Banou snuggles on Ren's well-defined frame. In turn, he enjoys the sensation of her flesh lathering his body. Of course, he much more enjoys the feeling of her toned thighs and firm vaginal lips pumping him. She stops to flip over so she can grind his penis while also stroking it. Banou comments on Ren's impressive cudgel and shivers at the thought of such a brutal looking weapon entering her body. The boy tells her to relax as his hands grope her little brown gum drops, causing Banou to squirm.

"Does it hurt?" Ren asks concerned.

"N-no it is okay! You can b-be rougher with them if y-you like."

He is taken back by this, expecting her to object further. Ren tilts her chin upwards so their lips can meet and Banou eagerly accepts without any fuss. Their tongues dance in each other's mouths like snakes coiling around their mate. He parts with her to see the girl's plush little hazelnut mouth begging for more. Ren suggest that she kiss something else as he stops her hands that have been rubbing his manhood for some time now. Banou blushes as she gets on all fours over Ren's body, his cock in her face and her pussy in his. Since the girl never got a chance to bath herself due to Myrrha's interruption, she reeks of bodily odor. Her nether region is especially pungent, but it only aggravates Ren's hunger as he inhales the stench of the female. Banou asks that he not sniff her lower parts so closely, but he just gives her cunt a nice slow lick.

The boy then quickly commences work on her pink rabbit hole while also noticing how her pubic hair is almost non-existent. He rests both hands onto her tight rear and pushes it down until he is smothered by her bum. The girl moans noisily, her hands on his thighs and mouth ajar in a dumbfounded look of pleasure. The boy stops lapping up her female nectar to complain of the lack of cock sucking action going on down south. She apologizes through slurred words and a loose tongue. Looking forward, she admires the enormous tool as she pulls back the small bit of dick hoodie left over. Unsure of what exactly to do, the girl simply opens her mouth as wide as possible and takes in as much as she can handle. Banou takes note of Ren's hips moving, his mouth stopping to cuss and penis throbbing to see just how effective her technique is. But the boy is actually flinching and groaning from the pain of her teeth scraping his dickhead and shaft. He hides his discomfort to not make Banou feel bad about her novice skill.

Moments pass as the girl lets herself go completely as Ren's oral session brings her to a climax. She sprinkles his face with her small squirts of vaginal fluids as Ren too feels an overwhelming pleasure unexpectedly. In her orgasmic state, the girl has gone a bit weak in the arms and has swallowed more than half of his penis. Ren cannot indulge in the insane pleasure as he quickly pulls the girl by her braided hair off his penis to prevent her from choking. Coming to her senses, she coughs up a storm as Ren asks if she is alright.

Banou nods with a timid smile and then stares down his throbbing member. The small girl grabs his manhood with both hands, once again she pumps his meat while she squats in front of him. The male Tenno rests on his butt in a pretzel posture and watches the girl's privates with a salivating mouth as it drips. Banou keeps one hand stroking, but moves her other to his tip and fondles the head with her palm to draw his attention.

"You r-really want me that badly, do you not?" Banou says lustfully.

"Well, yeah sort of?" Hesitantly states the boy.

"I have been peering into your thoughts for some time now, since we began."

"Uh, Banou? W-what are you getting at?"

"You are unsatisfied with me."

"N-no Banou that's not true! It's-"

"What you really want, is to push me down and fuck me relentlessly. Is that not right, Ren?" The girl says while starting to move away a bit.

Ren does not let her get too far as he forces Banou onto her back. Once flat against the pink bed, he clasps both her hands with his own and positions himself at her small entrance. From the oral sex, Ren has an idea of how constricting and cramped it will be.

Character POV: Banou

He is not acting as I had expected him too, this is quite a relief I must say. Had he attacked me like in his thoughts, I do not know what I would have done! But he is holding my hands the way lovers do; so he cannot be all that bad. He tells me to spread my legs so he has enough room to move around. That arrogant expression on his face makes my lips quiver in fright; the lower ones that is. On closer inspection, his Trishal is too big for my little garden! I try to rise up slowly, but he gently lays me back down. In my doubt, both my hands escape his grasp and try to grab just below the crown of his penis. His member is lubricated too well from previously as it still parts my vagina open anyway. I whine and wail as his hot flesh progresses deeper; my legs begin to feel weak and my head light.

There is still so much of him that remains outside, but he has already reached my womb. Any more and I will break! I plead to him, but my words pour out like a jumbled mess. My eyes begin burning as I try to push his chest away. But Ren's lips press against my forehead and he promises not to go any deeper. Then, the thrusting begins. He seems to be struggling quite a bit to enter and exit my love canal. He tries to be gentle, but I can see the frustration in his movements. As he swells up with rage, so too does his penis. It is so large that every pulse stretches me out further and it feels like my vagina will take its shape if he leaves it inside any longer. Regardless of his troubles, I am in absolute bliss.

I put my hands on his face and smile to let him know that I appreciate how thoughtful he is being. It must be hard for him to hold back because every so often he pushes into me a little too hard. When he sees me cringe though, he sighs with a vexed look in his eyes. I let out a giggle, not at him, but out of the joy I am feeling right now. I wonder what Ren is thinking? I could take a quick peek into his head, but I am sure he is happy as well.

Character POV: Ren

Who does she think she is mocking me like that! After how considerate and careful I've been with this tight lil'puss, you think she would be more grateful! I keep my mind blank and devoid of thoughts as I pull out of her cautiously. She asks if something is wrong, but I disregard her question by turning her over. I command her to stick her ass out more in the air and keep her face against the bed. I crack my fingers as my right-hand winds up for a swing at that perky brown butt! Right as I reach the point of impact, I slow my hand down to a gradual pat to see Banou shake with a loud yelp. Ha! She gives me this adorable Kubrow pup stare, it drives me mad.

Thanks to her stature I am able to place my hands over her shoulders and onto the bed sheets as I mount Banou like a beast. I sniff the nape of her neck and make her flesh ripple with bumps. All the while this tease has been sliding against the middle of my dangling cock with her dripping backside. I nibble her ear as she wags her small bottom from side to side, swinging my shaft around like a toy. I've had enough of this torment and curve my dick up and back into that tiny wet hole of hers! Its no easier to move around inside her than previously, but this pressure is incredible. I feel like I'll cum any second now!

For some reason I think about that sick fucker raping her in this very same manner. The idea him hurting and using little Banou like that really pisses me off! I'll make sure he gets what's coming to him! In my hateful thoughts, I lose myself for a bit and end up pounding Banou more aggressively than I had planned too. I stare down at her gasping face and she glances up from the corner of her eye with a uneasy smile. That settles it, I won't ever let another man lay on hand on her! She's mine!

Back to the narrator!

The boy thrusts into the girl's rear with great force as she no longer can contain her voice. Her sobbing and moans mixed together does not discourage Ren. His pelvis moves consistently with the same strength as Banou's inner walls convulse once more.

"B-Banou I'm gonna cum!"

"Ah, ngh! Ngh, not i-inside p-please!" The girl cries to him through waterworks. Ren halts his movements and squeezes Banou's chest firmly. He rests his chin on her left shoulder, his cheek pressed against her wet face.

"Sorry but, I've decided that I want you to be my woman!" Ren says with a demanding tone. The girl can only respond with panting and loud puffs of air as her golden eyes lock on with his. She extends her tongue to him; he takes this gesture as confirmation to proceed and kisses her back. Ren grunts as he embraces her tightly, their lips part ways. Banou puts both hands below her navel to feel the final powerful thrust punch into her womanhood. She witnesses Ren's heavy sack tighten, her tummy bulging with his concealed penis. She bites her lower lip as thick and creamy seed pours into her. Her hands rubs the swollen area as it twitches with every pump of Ren's baby pudding saturating her womb to the brim until she can hold no more.

Ren lets out a pleasured sigh as he fills his new mate with his sperm. To his amazement, Banou is not limp from the ordeal. The girl even has the strength to clasp the back of his thighs with her legs, preventing him from leaving her. She does though, fall flat on her cum-filled stomach as Ren's member is left inside her.

"Banou?" Ren asks.

"D-do not take it out y-yet. Please Ren, let us remain c-connected for just a bit more." The girl weakly states.

"Sure, but... you really need a shower stinky! C'mon up you go!"

"W-wait! What are y-you doing! My vagina! Ah!"

Ren hoist the girl up by the grabbing her own thighs. His dick holding her firmly in place, he gets off the bed and takes baby steps to the shower. Puddles of love juices mark their path as they reach the shower, still connected at the groin.

"P-put, p-put me down Ren! I have to, I have to p-p-" The girl stutters, unable to finish her sentence.

"You gotta do what now? Oh!"

Banou lets a stream of urine go all over the shower floor as she covers her face in shame. Ren puts her down and removes his dick, a copious amount of jizz left inside her also leaks out.

"Well look on the bright side, at least we're in the shower already? Ha-ha!" Ren chuckles before a sharp sting burns his cheek. He looks at the girl, her face is watery again with a more pinkish hue as her hand remains steady in front of her. For the remainder of the time, they shower in silence.

As they exit and dry themselves off, Ren looks at Banou as she goes to dress herself. He rushes her before she can turn around to react and sweeps her off the ground. She kicks and flails her arms in protest, but Ren endures it till the bed. He gazes at the upset smaller Tenno in his arms who looks away from him with a guilty expression. Banou wraps her arms around his neck and presses her face against his. The pair are at eye level as the tips of their noses and foreheads touch. Banou speaks with pouting lips and a shy glance away from him.

"S-sorry. I d-did not mean that Ren."

"It's fine, I deserved it. But does this mean that you're mine now?" He responds with a smug smile.

"Stupid! What do you think?"

"Oh you're just so cute! Can we do it again?"

"Absolutely not! P-put me down already!"

Ren plops Banou back onto the bed, after they changed the sticky sheets for new ones of course and cleaned up the plates. Seeing how late it has become and after the intimacy they shared, Ren stays with her. Still nude, the small bed mates cuddle and hug one another. Banou sleeps soundly for the first night since the incident. The boy begins to think about what he has done. He acted in the heat of the moment, but he genuinely does care for the smaller girl. Ren does not want to leave and abandon Banou, but Nisha lingers in his thoughts as well. How can he claim another while his first love is somewhere out there in the vastness of space? Banou begins trembling and making little pained sounds in her slumber. Ren embraces her more securely and puts his lips on her forehead again. Her face becomes peaceful once more and she snuggles under his chin before going still.

Come morning the pair are awoken, not by an alarm, but by someone entering the room. Ren opens his tired eyes to see an unknown female. Banou's face begins to blush as she burrows into Ren's chest to hide. The boy's body becomes stiff as he clutches the girl possessively and listens to the female speak.

"Wow Banou, I didn't think you were so feisty that you'd shag that boy on the first day!" The mysterious female states.

"Oh Keeva! Please do not tell the others, I am begging you!" The little girl in Ren's arms cries out. Before Ren can join in, another figure enters the room. It is a man's voice he recognizes, it is that voice that Banou fears. The man stands beside Keeva, he ignores Ren and focuses in on Banou herself. The small female looks away and simply holds Ren tighter. She cannot address that man directly without her Warframe, the memories coming flooding back into her like needles.


"Y-yes Thor?"

"Care to explain what's going on here? I'm sure Myrrha would love to hear this one."