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~ 2 years ago ~

It was a quiet and peaceful night, and the sky was full of bright shining stars. Everyone was in their home, sleeping in their nice warm beds and dreaming into a world of wonder.

However, it was not all that was dreaming away in the beautiful quiet and peaceful night. On top of the Tokyo Tower, was a girl sitting and admiring the stars in the dark night sky, but she was not alone because right behind her was a boy standing and looking at her quietly.

The girl had purple eyes and long purple that went to the middle of her back, while the boy had blue eyes and his long blue hair that was set up in a little ponytail.

"Isn't it just beautiful, it kind of remind me of home, but I guess it's kind of the same no matter where you are." she broke the silence as she continues to look at the stars in the sky, but she also knew that he was listing even if she didn't turn to look at him.

"Is that the reason we are out here, to look at the stars? I hope you are well aware that we could have seen them very well without the need of coming all the way up here." The boy answered her as he walked closer and sat down beside her to look over the city.

"That is true, we could have seen them nearly anywhere, but not only do we have the best view from here, but it's also high enough so the no one will be able to see us, not to mention that it's also is dark enough that we will be able to do anything without getting seen." she explained to him.

The boy sighed as he looked at her. The clock had to be somewhere after midnight and both of them had school in the morning, but the chance of him getting her to go back with him right at the moment was not very likely, not to mention that he wasn't sure that leaving her here all alone would be a good idea either.

He continues to look over the city, and he had to say that she was right, this kind of reminds him of their old home as well, but that was maybe that's why she loved just sitting up here when they got the chance to. He looked over at her and saw that she just was staring out at some old empty building that was under demolition, and suddenly he got an idea.

"You know, that's a really old place and it's not even connected to the city, that's maybe why they are planning to demolition it to the ground…" He hinted her.

She looked over at him, before looking at the demolition side, and she smiled, "are you thinking what I thinking?" she asked him still smiling.

"Well it is a nice night and I think a bit of training wouldn't really hurt anyone, not to mention that the building is both a good part away from rest of the city and they are planning to demolition it anyhow … so what do you say? You want to do some nightly training" He stood up and helped her stand up as well.

She just continued smiling and just said, "and here I thought you would never ask." with that said they jumped down from the tower and both landed gradually of a top of the house below, making no sound as they both ran and jumped from building to building.

It's didn't talk long for them to get the old and empty building, they were now standing on the roof, facing one another with smile, then they took a lighting stand and both at the same time yelled "DEACTIVATE"

A light that formed around them, it disappeared as fast as it appeared, but the boy and the girl were not the same as before.

The girl's long purple hair was now white with pink at the end, and her eyes had turned a beautiful cherry blossom pink color, but that was not all, because she also now had fox ears that were white with pink at the end with a matching big and fuzzy white with pink at the ends fox tail. The boy's hair was now a darker shade of blue and was made out of small real life snakes, his eyes were now like a snake's but in a darker shade of blue like his hair, he also now had blue snake scales on both his face and arms.

Their clothes didn't change though as they still were standing in the same fighting stand, still smiling showing their fangs at each other.

"Ready to have some serious fun?" The girl asked as her tail swayed behind her.

"I thought you would never ask," the boy said, copying her from earlier, and that was the last words that were spoken between them before the "training's fight" officially began.

As soon as they started, they didn't stop till either one of them lost, they didn't have more energy to fight or … they had done too much destroyed at the training's ground … normally it would be the last one of the three options that would make them stop their training, and let's just say that this time was no different.

Their fight didn't last were long because after a few hand to hand combat moves, they could feel the building shack and soon fell to the ground, but they made sure to jump on it before that happened.

"Ups, we seem to have done it again" The girl smiled, as she couldn't help but laugh as they saw the building fall the ground.

"Well, think about it this way, we just made the human's job a lot easier. Now they don't have to worry about destroying it" The boy said smiling as well, he too couldn't help but laugh as well, they knew this would happen because that's what always happens when they had their "training's fight"

"Well we should probably get going now before anyone see us, I mean I'm pretty sure someone did hear a building this big suddenly fall to the ground all at once" After he said that, they could hear voices not too far from them.

They both looked at one another and it looked like they read each other's thoughts because suddenly they said at the same time "activate" with that said the bright light once again appeared and disappeared, and the girl and the boy once again were in their human form.

The boy grape hold of the girl's hand and then ran over and hid behind one of the big trees, so they weren't seen, she had her back against his chest as he had his arms around her, to make sure that they could hide behind the big tree. He soon let go, when they were sure it was safe, and then they began to run deeper into the forest, hand in hand.

They continued to run until they came to a lake, there they saw a beautiful sight of the cherry blossom trees that surrounded the lake, the lake also had red and pink rose bushes that were planted right under the cherry blossom trees.

"Wow" that was the only word she could think of saying as she looked at the lake, it was one of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights she yet has seen.

"I take it that you like it, I have been think of taking you here for some time now, but I never seemed to could find the right time to do so" the boy explained as his let go of her hand, so that he could go and pick one of the red roses from one the rose bushes. He then turned to her and handed her the flower.

"Here you go, the flower the holds the same beauty as it's owners name"

The girl giggled a little as she took the flower, "What a gentlemen, when did you become so romantic all of a sudden?" She put the red rose in her long purple hair.

"I simply telling you the truth, after all, it kind of is your name isn't it Rosaline? Not to mention that fact that I do call you Rose instead of Rosaline," He said smiling.

"It really sweet of you to do this Nagisa, I haven't seen something like this since back then," She said as she once again took his hand, as they both sat down near the lake water, just looking at it as the moon reflected itself in the dark blue water.

They were just sitting there in silence for what felt like years, but it didn't hold forever as Rosaline decide to break it "… Thank you bring me here, it's really relaxing and really a sight to look at! I know that I have been quite stubborn lately about getting out late at night so that we could go star gazing at the tower… I guess I really do miss our old home … even with all the time that has gone by."

Nagisa looked at her before he looked down at their hands "I know how you feel about it because I feel the same. That's why I wanted you to see this place with me. I want you to remember that I would always be here with you, no matter what … just like we promised, and that's a promise that's never going to change"