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A few moments went by before she let go of him, she dried the remaining tears from her eyes and was trying not ruin her makeup, that she had forgotten to take off when she came home, and now her face probably looked awful. As she was about to go to the bathroom to clean herself up a little before she would try and help Nagisa coming up with a new plan for how they fix their little problem.

It took some time, but they finally come up with something that they could agree on. The plan was to sneak into the laboratory, and into the control room so that Nagisa could take control over the secretary cameras and make sure to turn dem off this time so that Rosaline could then try to find the machine to find out how to make it work and fix them both… okay, so the plan was very simple and hopefully, it would work without much problem...they hoped.

Well…. There was one problem and that being that they both still had to go to school. Rosaline suggested that they should just use make-up to cover up Nagisa's snake scales and use something to cover the small snakes on top of his head. As for Rosaline, she decided to try and hide her tail under a dress and hide her fox ears under her hair. People change their looks all the time, and it's not like she hasn't tried to change her hair before in her modeling career.

As they agreed to call it a night, Rosaline went back to her room, so that she could rest up for tomorrow. However, as she walked into the room, her eyes went striated to her phone that was still laying on her bed, it was once again blinking, telling her that she once again had a message waiting for her… but for some reason, she could not help but feel like something was wrong.

And as soon as she looked, she was meet with another message from the anonymous person, but this time the message wasn't as clear as the others:

You two may feel alone and not know where you're going, but just remember that we always will be there to help guide you. Always remember your home and the life you once had there.

Without knowing it, she nearly dropped her phone on the floor, as she wasn't sure what in the world she was supposed to think about this message or the person that had sent it. She was so confused that she without thinking about she wrote back to them asking:

"Who are you?"

When the message was sent, she finally snapped back to reality and saw what she had done… WHY IN THE WORLD HAD SHE WORTE BACK?!

She didn't understand why she suddenly had written back to a person that not only seem to know a thing about her that he or she shouldn't know about, and now are trying to make her feel better?! Rosaline suddenly began to feel very tired from all excitement that had happened today.

However, suddenly she once again hears her phone receiving a message. Rosaline, for as curious as she was, she just put her phone on her nightstand and went to get ready for bed. She wasn't in the mood for worrying about this person anymore today, but she also had the feeling that they wouldn't really answer her question.

As she was ready for bed for the night, she stopped and stood before her mirror, as she stood there she once again activated her Geass. As she looked at it again, it's was like it had none of the beauty she saw the first time she found out that she got it.

She sighed tired and deactivated her Geass before she went to bed. She didn't take to long before falling asleep, too tired from today's events.

Nagisa, on the other hand, didn't fell asleep so fast as Rosaline. He was standing in guest bedroom by the window. He was feeding the small snakes while looking out the window, thinking of what to do with tomorrow.

He still remembers when the class first was met with Koro-sensei, it took the class some time to get used to having an octopus for a teacher. He couldn't help but laughed a little to himself at the memories of the very first time they had a lesson with Koro-sensei.

He soon stopped laughing as he looks up and saw his own reflection in the window glass. He may have been surprised when he first met Koro-sensei, but he knew very well that in comprehends to himself, Koro-sensei was at the very least honest with himself, he hasn't tried to hide in some human costume… at least not from the class itself.

He was nervous about tomorrow and every thought of how everyone would react if they found out that one of their classmates isn't who he says he is …. trust is something that was not easily gained once it's been lost, and him pretending to be someone else, was still a lie… even if he did not have much choice.

Tomorrow was going to be interesting, but he would admit that he wasn't completely sure that Rosaline's makeup idea was all that good, mostly because opposite to his human disguise that was not only waterproof, but also able to make sure that he didn't feel the nither the cold or too warm weather as bad as he would in his natural form, which was a big advantage when it came to a day at pool that Koro-sensei had made them a little while back.

Not to mention that the idea of hiding his small snake-like hair was not going to stay quiet under a hat a hold day, since in his disguise they would normally sleep the day away while he was in school, so now it may be a bit more difficult to make sure they would be quiet and that Koro-sensei would not notice them or be seeing any difference in his appearance.

Nagisa sighed and lay down on the bed and closed his eyes, but soon opened them again as the colored contact lenses that he was wearing was beginning to annoy his eyes.

He got up in a sitting position and took out the colored contact lenses off, but when he looks up and he was met with his reflection once more.

Both his eyes had turned a fade red color, and in the middle of his now red eyes was a red symbol. He sighed as he lay back on the bed and closed his eyes once again.

"I really shouldn't worry about tomorrow, It's not like pretending that's everything is okay, is anything new for me" He whispered to himself as he slowly drifts to sleep.

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