The following is an excerpt from Songs and Folklore of the Outer Rim, written by anthropologist Parvey Rilon in 14 ABY.

Let us move on from the colorful history of the Ewoks, and journey further to the border of the Unknown Regions. Just a few parsecs away from Bakura lies the small world of Termina. One of the Republic's newest members, Termina is a temperate world rapidly catching up with the rest of the galaxy, shared by four different species; the aquatic Zora, the mountain-dwelling Gorons, the tribal Deku and the Near-Human Terminians.

In a mere three years the planet has made impressive strives in modernizing itself to the standards of the rest of the galactic community thanks to Republic aid, but not at the cost of its cultural history. Quite to the contrary, the proud people of Termina carry their stories and traditions with them as they spread throughout the galaxy, from the Senate chambers of Coruscant to the concert halls of Naboo. However, their folklore was long kept oral, passed down from generation to generation. For the first time, I have been granted the honor of recording it for permanence. Of course, I have provided the unabridged stories from the people themselves, followed by my commentary on them. Join me now in my exploration of this fascinating little world on the edge of civilization.