Harry Potter and his two best friends find themselves in a medieval world, in a forest and a slim chance of survival. When they meet some seemingly unfriendly people…


So I was just walking with two of my friends from Hogwarts: Ron and Hermione. We were heading to Potions until a trap door opened under our feet.

"Aaaaah!" Surprised, I yelled. I was sure my friends were also screaming. We seemed to be in some sort of chute, with metal walls. The door closed on top of us.


After falling for several hours, my friends and I reached the bottom. We screamed again, obviously, because now we were falling right out of the sky. The ground was nowhere in sight.

"What is happening?" Hermione asked loudly from somewhere on my right.

"Duh, we're falling out of the sky! We're going to die!" I shouted back.

"Where's Harry?" Hermione asked a few minutes later. She was looking around wildly.

"I have no idea," I replied. "Isn't it strange? We have been falling for a few minutes now, and the ground is nowhere – actually, is in sight. We're going to crash into those trees!"


While I was still looking for Harry, I vaguely heard Ron shouting something about a forest. Naturally, I looked down and saw an enormous forest. Instead of searching for my friend, I looked for a clearing. Any spot without a tree would be a better place to land. The trees were coming closer. Then, I found it: a small clearing, with a building inside.

"Ron?" I turned to my left. "Aim for that clearing! Twist your body or something."

While I was talking to him, I was already directing my body to land there.

"Ground coming closer!" I heard Ron call.

We almost reached the ground, and I braced myself for sudden impact, and probably a lot of broken bones. Not to mention a possibility of death. Then, I remembered my wand. I cast a spell, and we floated centimeters off the ground. The spell broke, and we fell down.


It was a good thing Hermione remembered her wand. In all the confusion, I had completely forgotten about it. We were sprawled on the ground next to each other, minds going crazy. I realized that Potions was already over, and I guess I was glad to miss Snape for even one day. I decided to study our surroundings, because falling down a metal chute and then out of the sky can bring you into a strange place. I was right. There was a wooden cabin, and a pump. A pump… Either this was a hunting lodge or we were in a medieval era. No, that was impossible. There was no way they could be in the past.

Third POV

Ron and Hermione had both decided that this was hunting lodge. No one seemed to be home. Suddenly, they heard a whinny, and a voice from inside quickly said to someone else, "They're my friends."

"Harry!" Ron and Hermione were overjoyed. "We thought we had lost you!"

Apparently, Harry had remembered his wand and had cast a spell so he had just appeared in the clearing.