It was a quiet day at the IMF Langley headquarters, the criminal world seemed to be taking a break from its typical nefarious actions. While most people saw that as a good thing the new cadets at the IMF training center were praying for something terrible to happen. Why? you might ask, well quiet days had a habit of making one team lead and head cadet training coordinator Ethan Hunt bored, and when Ethan Hunt was bored he liked to experiment new and exciting field techniques….. on the cadets. So when sectary Hunnley himself, came to call Agent Hunt into his office the cadets were too busy thanking whichever god they were praying to, to consider the occurrence strange. Agent Hunt however, had no such distraction, (and probably would have noticed if he was praying) so when the two men reached Hunnley's office and the door was closed Agent Hunt got right to the point

"What happened?" he asked while searching the secretary's face for the answers to his question. "I made a mistake" the man stated flatly while sliding a file across the desk toward Agent Hunt. "your mission should you choose to accept it" Ethan raised an eyebrow at the admission and smirked at the reference before opening and quickly reading the file. "what exactly do you want me to do about this Mr. Secretary?" "I want you to go and retrieve the prize, alive and preferably relatively unharmed tonight. You may take as many people as you need to, you have the B.O.A.R. authorization for both personal and gear take what you need however you cannot under any circumstances contact these people using any electronic communication devices, nor can you take any of our communication devices with you" Ethan was quiet for a while before asking "You believe there is a mole in communications?" "no" the secretary replied "I know there is a mole in communications, I just don't know who it is, and that is why I need this kept off the books." "Understood" Ethan said seriously before saying with a smirk "mission accepted" and then he left.