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"I'm not sure about this..." Jen looked nervous as she looked around the apartment, making sure things were in order. Peter put his arm on her shoulder and she turned, looking him in the eye.

"Jen, she's going to love you." Peter said, trying to reassure his jade giantess of a girlfriend. Today was a very important day after all, a visit from...

"Daddy!" A small voice cried as the door flew open and a red haired little girl latched herself to Peter's torso. However despite the girl's age, roughly seven from the looks of her, she managed to knock him over despite his spider-like strength.

"Sorry we didn't knock, but the munchkin couldn't wait to see you." A female voice said from the door, who then walked in revealing a beautiful redheaded woman.

"It's fine MJ, just glad that summer's here and I get to spend it all with my favorite daughter!" Peter said as he tossled the girl's hair, standing up and holding her on his hip with no effort.

"Daddy, I'm your ONLY daughter!" The little girl, Annie, said. She climbed down and ran over to her mother.

"Be a good girl for Daddy alright?" Mary Jane said as she gave her daughter a hug goodbye and left. However Peter noticed something as Mary Jane left... Or rather a LACK of something... A lack of a certain big green woman with whom he'd been dating for 6 months and living with for three more. Seeing Annie having grabbed her bag and was running to unpack her guest room, Peter looked around the apartment.

"Jen? Where did..." Peter said as he walked into the kitchen and saw... Jennifer Walters, not She-Hulk, standing in the corner in clothes which were now 4 sizes too small.

"Jen? Come on. Are you really this nervous? About a seven year old?" Peter asked as he took her hand, Jen looking down ashamed.

"I know it's stupid, but I never dated anyone with kids... And I'm scared she won't..." Jen let the sentence dangle a bit, but Peter knew what she meant. Cocking his head to the side, he smiled.

"Jen, let me see those big green eyes." Peter asked as Jen took a deep breath and transformed, her clothes filling back out once more.

"YOU'RE SHE-HULK?! THAT'S SO COOL!" Jen heard a little voice shout as she suddenly felt something latch onto her stomach. She looked down and saw the green eyed red headed little girl, with a nose so much like Peter's, looking up at her smiling.

"You're my favoritest superhero! I didn't know you knew Daddy!" The girl said still smiling as Jen felt her heart melt a little. Peter leaned in close and whispered into Annie's ear.

"YOU'RE DADDY'S GIRLFRIEND?! MY DADDY'S WITH SHE-HULK! THAT'S WAY COOLER THAN NORMIE'S PARENTS!" Annie exclaimed as Jen felt surprising force behind an already tight hug, which was pretty outstanding given her being well... A Hulk.

"Yeah, baby girl. Your old man got pretty lucky huh?" Peter asked as he practically pried her off Jen.

"Yeah huh! She-Hulk is the best Avenger there is!" Annie said as Peter looked at her with so much love in his eyes. Jen spoke up and took her hand.

"You can call me Jen sweetie." The She-Hulk said as she smiled at the girl.

"So... When do I get a little brother?" And with those six little words the heartwarming feeling... Turned back to dread as Jen's eyes went wide and she reverted back to her human form, as Peter just started stammering.

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