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Harry Potter exited the back door of Nott Manor and smiled. It was the first day of summer break and the pool was open for the residents of Nott Manor. He'd been looking forward to the pool since last December and it looked every bit as good as Blaise had said. He walked over to a lounger and dropped his towel before casting the sunblock charm and diving in. The cool water felt so good.

Much had changed since the deaths of Voldemort and Dumbledore. First, the shocking surprise of Amelia Bones quitting the Ministry of Magic. While she was certain she could be Minister of Magic, Severus was going to stay at Hogwarts and being apart from him for so many months out of the year as they worked to build their relationship did not appeal to her. So instead Amelia Bones had been appointed Headmistress of Hogwarts.

While Harry didn't understand how that was even possible initially, it really came down to none of the professors at Hogwarts who could have claimed that post wanting it. McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout all loved teaching and Snape hated the idea of dealing with Ministry imbeciles rather than just incompetent dunderheads (his words).

Amelia actually changed up the curriculum; while many of the positions were safe and the professors impeccable, that wasn't true of all things. Andromeda Tonks had offered to teach Muggle Studies and Professor Burbage, whose job it was, was given a sabbatical to spend time in the muggle world and learn more about it. She wasn't doing the best job, but she'd had limited opportunities to learn and a summer in the Tonks' home and experiencing things on a list that was created by Hermione, Tonks, and Ted were to help her improve her knowledge and until Burbage was confident in better teaching the course, Andromeda would take over. According to people who took Muggle Studies, Andromeda's presence was a massive improvement.

But what made Harry the happiest was that Remus Lupin had been given the job of history professor. Binns had been fired and sent on to the afterlife, and most of the staff had been irritated at how easy it was to send Binns on. He'd just been waiting to be fired. Lupin had made the course much more interesting and actually taught history, rather than blathering on about goblin wars. For Harry, it was great to see Remus finally have steady employment and Remus seemed really happy being a teacher.

Harry surfaced and was hit with a beach ball in the head, "Ow!" He looked at Blaise, "What was that for?"

"Come on, we have to get Draco's birthday party set up you lazy arse," Blaise frowned.

Harry sighed and exited the water. He'd hoped for a swim first, "I'm coming, I'm coming. Why isn't Hermione doing this?"

"Because she is keeping Draco distracted," Blaise answered. "Now come on. We have work to do before the guests start to arrive. Theo and Neville are working in the house and we are doing out here. Some of Draco's elves will help us." Harry nodded. After learning about the Battle at Malfoy Manor in the papers Ron had been furious with Harry for not inviting him along and their relationship seemed well and truly over. As a result Harry'd been spending more time with Blaise, especially when they had trips to Hogsmeade, and the two had become friends. Harry had been surprised by how much he liked Blaise. The fun-loving Slytherin had very odd opinions about relationships, admittedly, but he was quite amusing to hang around and Harry definitely understood why Theo and Draco had kept him close even when Blaise would grate on their nerves.

And house elves were way different from Dobby, who was the only house elf Harry had previously known. The Nott elves could be quite bossy, actually, which surprised Harry. And the Malfoy elves were no different, though they'd at first been timid when Draco had moved them all into Nott Manor before they returned to Hogwarts for the spring semester.

Draco Malfoy was the happiest bloke alive. First he'd woken up to Hermione giving him a blowjob, and then they'd had sex. It was good to be him. They had kept their original plan in place when they returned to Hogwarts, still not technically a couple. But Draco had shown a much less possessive and controlling side of himself. When Hermione was paired with Boot in Charms, Draco hadn't batted an eye. And the almost stalker-esque watching of Hermione when she was working in the library with other people also faded. Any jealousy he did feel, Draco was able to quash on his own and he never made Hermione feel that possessive side again.

Although he'd nearly blown it when McLaggen had made an attempt to grab Hermione's arse one day; the idiot had ended up with a black eye. But that had been by Theo's hand, not Draco's. So shortly before Valentine's Day, Hermione had said he was markedly improved and if he wanted to give a real relationship a go again, she was willing. Draco eagerly agreed.

Ever since, they'd been a couple. And the best part was without a doubt getting to return to her bed on a regular basis. Snuggling with Hermione was one of the best things in the world and now that the threat of death was no longer hanging over his head it was even better than before.

Hermione stuck her head back into the bedroom, "Draco, get in here. The bath is ready."

He slipped out of the bed and walked to her bathroom, "This is the best way to start summer break ever." Hermione laughed and climbed into her tub, Draco slipping in in front of her, his head resting on her breasts, "I really like this," he said, closing his eyes as her fingers ran through his hair.

"Well we couldn't celebrate your birthday properly because we were still at Hogwarts," Hermione said. "So this is me making up for that."

"I like it," he smiled. "Can we do this every year for my birthday?"

"If you want to, of course we can," she answered.

"I'm adding a pool to Malfoy Manor," he told her. "Now that I've got all the assets and control of everything the construction crew can break ground on rebuilding the manor." Legally he'd been unable to claim his rightful inheritance until he'd turned seventeen. So while he'd been able to destroy Malfoy Manor about two months after the war through his Uncle Ted, he'd been unable to begin building on the Malfoy lands. When his uncle had sent him pictures of the empty land Draco had felt a weight off his shoulders and sheer exhilaration. It was a new era for the Malfoy name. And it'd be a much better one.

"That's good," she grabbed his shampoo off the side of the tub and poured some into her hand before working it into his hair, "How many last-minute additions have you added?"

"Not that many," he said. Instead of a single muggle room, he'd added an entire muggle wing to the Manor with the standout features being the movie theater, game room, and a two lane bowling alley (Hermione was amazed how much Theo and his friends had taken to bowling; although given how competitive all three were, it wasn't much of surprise in hindsight). "I want the pool to be useful year-round, though, so I'm enclosing it and with some advice from Neville I'll create an arboretum in the area around it for a natural, outdoorsy feel and it'll be something fun for Crookshanks and Hades to play in year round. According to the contractor we can use heating charms to keep the pool itself warm in the winter."

"That sounds really lovely Draco," Hermione admitted.

"I thought you'd like it," Draco smiled. "And in the master bathroom we're going to have a hot tub."

Hermione rolled her eyes. Draco's libido was absurdly strong. Even for a teenage boy. "You keep saying 'we', you know."

Draco tilted his head back to look up at her, "Well you can't expect me to live in that big empty house all alone, can you?"

"You would probably never leave it," she mused, putting some conditioner into her hand to work into his hair, "Rinse yourself so I can add the conditioner."

"Yes dear," Draco slid down under the water and when he surfaced he ran his hands through his hair, "How's this?"

"Wiseass," she observed as he laid back against her again and her hands worked the conditioner into his hair, "When do you think the house will be rebuilt?"

"At least two years, maybe three or four. Weather is a big part of it and the mansion is quite massive still. I styled it after Nott Manor, actually," he confessed.

Hermione blinked, surprised at that, "Oh? Why?"

"This house was my sanctuary from Voldemort and it's the house in which we fell in love," Draco answered honestly. "For me that makes it very special."

"That's very sweet Draco," Hermione smiled.

"I can be sweet; I gave Tonks and Remus Number 12 Grimmauld Place as a wedding present, after all." He rinsed off the conditioner and turned to face her, "You need help getting clean too."

"I usually do not get clean with you," she responded. "You get distracted by my nudity and then I'm dirty again."

"And then we get clean again," he argued.

"Not happening now turn back around," he obeyed, pouting as he did. "Draco quit pouting," she sighed.

"How did you know I was still pouting?"

"Because you're you," she responded. "Now hurry up. I want to take a quick shower once you're clean."

"So the bath is just for me?"

"Yes," she kissed the back of his neck, "like I said, we couldn't celebrate your birthday properly because we were still at school and we had final exams. I wanted this morning to be special for you."

Draco grinned and stood up, climbing quickly out of the tub to turn on her standalone shower, "Then let's get you clean."

Hermione looked at him, "What are you doing?"

"What I wanted to do on my birthday," he answered, moving back to the tub and offering her his hand. She let him help her up and exited the tub. Draco kissed her, "I loved what we did in bed. But we didn't do everything I'd want to do on my birthday."

"And what would you want to do that we didn't?" Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"Instead of breakfast I'd rather have you," he said, pulling the drain on the tub and then joining her in the shower. Hermione smiled. She was right. Showers with Draco never ended with her clean. Although she'd certainly be satisfied.

Amelia kissed Severus' cheek, "I like seeing you look so happy," she told him.

"I'm getting used to being happy," he admitted, looking in the mirror uncertainly at his appearance. It was weird, not wearing robes. He was of course attending Draco's birthday party, but wearing casual clothing was not something he was used to and it felt odd, not wearing his robes. Severus couldn't recall the last time he'd not worn them.

"You look fine, quit fussing with it," she batted his hands away from the collar of his shirt and adjusted it herself, "What am I going to do with you?"

"I can think of several things," he smirked. "But we'd be late for the party."

"Well you always did like to make an entrance," she teased, pulling him to her and kissing him on the lips.

Snape couldn't believe how good it felt to be with Amelia. He wished they could have had this sooner but as his hand cupped her barely visible baby bump he knew that would have been impossible. He was never going to have a family with Dumbledore and Voldemort both alive. It just wasn't possible.


After a brief detour in their bed they got redressed, "I'll ask her today," he told Amelia.

"She won't say no, Severus," Amelia kissed him, "I'll get that self-doubt out of you eventually though."

He chuckled as he helped her into her traveling cloak. Amelia had made it her mission to destroy the many demons instilled by the two men who'd run his life for over twenty years. She was very good at it, though Severus was of the opinion Amelia had a Gryffindor cohort whose last name was Nott helping her. She'd certainly done wonders for Draco so he couldn't get upset about it. Picking up Draco's birthday present they walked to the fireplace, "Nott Manor!"

Theo was stationed in the floo room to greet the guests. As Neville annoyingly pointed out, it was Theo's house so he really should be there. "Hi Fred, George."

"How do you do that thing that Hermione does?" Fred questioned, leaning close to scrutinize Theo's face for any tells.

"I can't say. She swore me to secrecy," Theo said, pulling his head away from Fred. The Weasley twins were not big on personal space, something he learned once they decided to treat him like they treat Hermione.

Fred pouted and George shook his head. They were never going to learn how Hermione could tell them apart. It was annoying. "Is everyone outside?" George asked.

"Almost everyone," Theo said. "Severus and Amelia arrived a little bit ago. Tonks and Remus got here a little after breakfast. And Andromeda is in the kitchen with Blinky."

Hermione slipped into her bikini bottoms. They'd managed to keep it to one shower but Draco was feeling very handsy that day, apparently. She picked up her top and felt his arms around her waist, "You're so beautiful," he breathed against her ear.

"Draco we are not hiding up here all day," Hermione scolded.

"I know," he sighed. "I just missed being able to be around you without others nearby all the time. I like this privacy."

"I missed the privacy too," she admitted, "but I want to go to the pool."

"I do love seeing you wet," Draco acknowledged, stepping away from her to get his things.

"And you like applying sunblock to me," Hermione waved the new bottle at him. Draco grinned. He did like doing that.


Hermione pulled her cover-up on over her swimsuit once she was ready and looked at Draco, who was quite clearly checking out her legs. "You, my handsome boyfriend, have a one track mind," Hermione smiled.

"It's not my fault you're gorgeous," he countered. "Shall we go down to the pool now?"

Hermione nodded and kissed him, "I love you," she whispered against his lips.

"I love you," he slid his arm around her waist, "So would you be willing to move into the manor with me in three to four years?"

"I suppose I might be interested in that," Hermione teased him before kissing him again and pulling away, "provided I haven't killed you in your sleep before then."

Draco laughed, "Oh please. After all the work you put into saving my arse there's no way you waste that effort by killing me."

"Prat," she stuck her tongue out at him as she exited her bedroom. He knew her very well. A little too well, if you asked her. She rather enjoyed catching people off-guard and she couldn't do that with her brother or Draco as easily as the previous summer. Oh well. There was still Harry to shock.

Draco was quite surprised when he realized they'd planned a birthday party for him. He looked at Hermione who gave him a satisfied smirk and he had to admire just how sneaky she was. So Slytherinesque. "This is brilliant," he told her before kissing her.

"I thought you'd like it," she smiled. "Theo did most of the organizing though. I was to distract you so he had to keep everyone on task."

"That must be a family trait," Draco said to his best friend. Theo laughed and kissed his sister's cheek. There was something to that observation.

"Go greet your guests," Theo said, pushing Draco away from Hermione. "I want to talk to my sister."

Draco stuck his tongue out at Theo before walking over to the Weasley twins, "What do you want to talk about?" Hermione asked.

"Nothing I just wanted to make Draco face people on his own," Theo winked at her, "and to tell you the twins know I know how to tell them apart and it's possibly driving Fred insane."

Hermione laughed, "He'll survive. I like keeping them on edge. The twins are so sneaky it's nice to put them on edge around us. I think it actually spurs their creativity; not that they'd ever admit it."

Theo laughed. He knew the twins well enough after a year to firmly agree with his sister on that front. "If you dislike the decorations out here that is all Blaise and Harry's fault," he informed her.

"I think the elves did a lovely job keeping those two in line," Hermione said, looking around at the decorations. They were well hung and tastefully arranged. She smiled at Astoria Greengrass, who was looking quite comfortable in the more casual environment. Also in attendance were the Carrow sisters, who had become incredibly close with Luna, every Weasley but Ron (who was visiting his girlfriend Lavender that day), Fleur's little sister who had just arrived to help with Fleur's wedding, and Padma Patil who Hermione had become close to that year. Hermione was of the opinion that Padma would get along very well with George, actually. Neville found this matchmaking hilarious but Hermione was confident. She knew George well, and she thought Padma would complement him nicely.


Hermione slipped her arm through her brother's, "So tell me, Mr. Theo Nott, what is it like winning the house quidditch cup at Hogwarts in your debut season?"

"Thrilling," Theo grinned. "I made my sister proud," he answered. "And of course my boyfriend, who is a Gryffindor in the streets but a Slytherin in the sheets."

Hermione leaned into Theo as she laughed. "Theo, I love you."

"I love you too," they arrived at their typical loungers. "Blaise has a camera to record Potter's shock at your outfit for posterity."

"Harry grew up in the muggle world."

"Yeah but does he think that you wear bikinis?"

Well that was a good point. "I don't know," she admitted.

"This is going to be fun," Theo grinned evilly.

"Your obsession with shocking others with my body is weird," Hermione observed.

"Are you saying you didn't enjoy shocking Draco, Blaise, and the twins?"

"I did enjoy that," she conceded. "You need to quit having so many good points."

"I'm a Nott. It's what we do," he winked at her.

"But I am not obnoxious."

"Says you," he teased, Hermione shoving him playfully. "Now let's enjoy this summer."

Harry Potter was shocked. He was vaguely aware of Blaise taking his picture but he couldn't believe his eyes. Hermione in a bikini?! "That's my girlfriend you're drooling over you idiot," Draco smacked him on the back of the head.

"Sorry," Harry blinked, "I just…I never expected her to wear that. Or look like that. Bloody hell Hermione's hot."

"Draco," Hermione called, waving a bottle of sunblock at him. Draco grinned before walking over to her, "You had to hit him?"

"He's not close enough to the pool to push in," Draco responded, taking the bottle from her and removing his shirt before opening the bottle, "So how does it feel to shag the winner of the quidditch cup?"

"I wouldn't know I didn't shag Astoria," Hermione responded.

Draco pouted, "But I'm the seeker and I caught it in every game."

"I'm teasing Draco," she untied her top to give him full access, "you were amazing this year as captain and as seeker."

"I was," he agreed. Hermione would have rolled her eyes but Draco was a bit too good at rubbing in the sunblock. It was almost a massage and it felt so very good. "I'm going to campaign for the head girl and head boy to get their own private rooms," Draco said. "It seems so wrong to not be able to spend loads of time with you when we're made the heads."

"You just want easy access to be able to shag more often," Hermione mumbled into the lounger's headrest, not even bothering to argue they wouldn't necessarily be made the head girl and head boy.

"And to snuggle," he added.

"But mostly to shag me without Theo finding out about it," Hermione argued.

"Well yeah but you know you want me just as much," Draco countered.

"Sadly that's true," Hermione re-tied her bikini top before sitting up, "I would like to have our own common room. No Ron snogging Lavender or being obnoxious to me; just a quiet place to study on our own."

Draco smiled, glad she saw the benefits. "I knew you'd like the idea. It's too good to pass up."

"I hope you're not asking Amelia with your leading argument of, 'I can shag my girlfriend more often.' Because honestly Draco, that won't work."

"Well I figured you could come up with solid reasons beyond shagging my girlfriend," he conceded. "I've got a bit of a one-track mind at the moment."

"A bit?" Hermione raised an eyebrow at that.

"Yes, just a bit," he kissed her, "now it's your turn to do me."

"I already did that this morning," she teased as she rubbed the sunscreen into his back after he turned to let her.

Hermione was not the only girl in a bikini that day, much to amusement of Draco, Theo, and Neville as the twins, Harry, and Blaise were stunned to see Padma and Fleur in them too. "Boys are so predictable," Hermione said to Padma. "Show them some skin and their brains cease all function."

"It is amusing," Padma agreed. "George is cute," she whispered. "And he seems quite different from Fred."

"Don't tell them that," Hermione responded. "They both are baffled by how I can tell them apart when others can't and it's fun to keep them on their toes."

Padma laughed, "Oh you're a devious one. No wonder Parvati doesn't like you."

"I think being best friends with Lavender has more to do with that," Hermione mused.

"Still I'm glad you invited me. She'll die when she finds out I was at Nott Manor which has a swimming pool," Padma winked. It was nice to one-up her twin. Parvati could be so petty. Turning the tables on her would feel rather satisfactory.

As the party got underway they played pool volleyball, Slytherins vs Rest of the School, and the boys ran around with the squirt guns Hermione had bought the previous summer too. For Draco it was easily his best birthday party ever. Severus Snape quite enjoyed himself, even if he stayed out of the pool and sat with the other adults. Seeing Draco and his friends free to be immature teenagers for a change was a delight.

Hermione was putting candles in Draco's birthday cake in the kitchen when Severus approached her, "Hermione?"

"Yes? Do you need something Severus?" Hermione asked, turning to face him.

"I wanted to thank you," he said. "You saved many lives this past year. Not just Draco's or Theo's but Amelia's and mine. I cannot thank you enough for that."

Hermione blushed and smiled, "I didn't do anything special. It was just a favor to Theo."

"That humility is what made you not a Slytherin," Snape observed. "We both know you did much, much more than a simple favor to your brother. You single-handedly changed the tide of the war and you saved my life and my reputation."

"You're welcome," Hermione said.

"I also wanted to tell you something," Severus swallowed. "Amelia is pregnant."

Hermione's hands covered her mouth, shocked and thrilled for Draco's godfather in equal measures. "That's wonderful! Oh congratulations!"

"Yes it is," Severus agreed. "I was delighted to find out. And I was hoping you would consent to being the godmother to our child."

Hermione nodded, "I would be honored, Severus. Thank you."

Severus smiled, something Hermione had noticed him doing much more of since the deaths of Voldemort and Dumbledore. That was nice to see. Hermione turned back to Draco's cake, putting the last few candles in it, "Blinky do you want to deliver your masterpiece to Draco?" Hermione asked. The cake featured icing drawings of Draco on his broom catching the snitch. It was impressive just how good Blinky was at her crafts.

"Blinky would be happy to, Mistress," Blinky nodded, levitating the cake.


Draco loved the cake. "Blinky that looks brilliant," he smiled. The elf beamed at him.

"Make a wish mate," Theo encouraged him.

Draco was stuck on that. He had everything he could have wanted. The war was over, Lucius couldn't hurt him or Hermione anymore, his godfather was happy, and Draco had a witch who loved him and had done things for him that he'd never expected anyone to do. "I've got everything I want," he said. "I don't know what to wish for."

Hermione leaned close and whispered, "Not even a heads' dorm for us to thoroughly debauch?"

"Oh yeah," he grinned, kissing her. "I forgot all about that." Making his wish that they get the head dorm he so wanted he blew out his candles.

Theo looked at Neville, "I don't want to know what that was about."

"I'll make sure you're well distracted if necessary," Neville chuckled.

"What about me?" Harry asked. "I don't like that grin on Draco's face."

"We can find someone to distract you too," Blaise laughed.

"Or you can just squirm in fear of Hermione like Blaise does," Theo suggested, making the dark-skinned teen stick his tongue out at his friend. "Careful Blaise, a boy might get ideas," Theo fanned himself dramatically and he and Neville burst into laughter at Blaise's subsequent look of horror.

"I can't believe you ever questioned that they're related," Blaise said to Harry.

"Me too," Harry agreed. It was eerie how alike Hermione and Theo were and it only became more obvious as time went on.

"Happy birthday Draco," Andromeda said as she handed him a plate with the first slice of birthday cake. "You'll have many more from now on."

"Thanks Aunt Andi," Draco dug into his cake. He could certainly get used to parties like this. "This is the best birthday ever."

"Good," Hermione smiled. "That's what I was going for."

"Mission accomplished," he grinned at her. Mission accomplished indeed, Hermione mused as she watched her boyfriend and brother both having fun and laughing. Julius Nott had brought her to Nott Manor to protect her. In the end she was the one doing the protecting. But she certainly didn't regret it. All their lives were better with the decisions she'd made the previous summer even with a few hiccups along the way. She was very much looking forward to the future. Especially Severus Snape as a father. That would be something else to witness.