Philadelphia, 1787

Wyatt pointed his gun at the man next to John Hancock. He knew he had to be careful or Lucy would be on his case for ruining a huge historical event. It was the signing of the declaration after all,

Flynn stood silently and watched maliciously as Hancock brought in the treasured document. He saw a glint of metal off in the balconies and knew he wasn't going to get very far with this plan. Waving at Wyatt, Flynn disappeared through the back doors.

Wyatt swore and lowered his weapon. Lucy breathed a quiet sigh of relief that their wasn't any actual violence as it made sure the signers and the declaration itself was safe. Wyatt growled at her and stomped off. Rufus wrapped his arm around Lucy. "He will calm down. I am just as happy as you are that nothing happened" Rufus said pecking her cheek. Lucy blushed.

The three friends headed back to what they all lovingly referred to as "the metal death machine of time". Lucy sat down mentally and physically exhausted. Wyatt was about to buckle her in like he always does when Rufus pushes himself between the two and does it for her. She smiles at him while Wyatt scowls. Rufus pats him on the shoulder and takes his seat. Just as the two men stopped their stare off and were buckling their seat belts, the ship started to light up.

Lights that none of them had ever seen before start to go off. Rufus tried to get the ship under control but no such luck. It was going to do what it was going to do. "Better brace yourselves, this thing is on its own journey" Rufus says closing his eyes. Lucy and Wyatt both breathed in deeply and the ship took off with a whirl.

Watching from the dark edges of the forest they had landed in, three men and two women watched with grimacing smiles on their faces.

WaveRider, 2166

Mick and Len were playing a hand of poker with Sara when their was a loud crash in the cargo hold. "Should we check it out or do you think it's Boy Scout playing with his mechanical suit again?" Mick said stealing a kiss from Len.

Len smiled and put down his hand "full house baby, I win again" he said kissing Mick back. Mick growled playfully. Sara smirked at the two men. She was happy for them. She looked over at Nyssa, who she had finally urged to forgive her and now joins them protecting the future. She smiled as Nyssa blew her a kiss.

"I hate to bother the love fest, but I think we should check out what that was seeing as I've been sitting here with Kendra the whole time" Ray said snuggling Kendra closer. Mick growled and they all head down to the cargo hold.

They all stop and stare when the see the round ship sitting there. Mick, motioning for the others to stay back slowly starts toward the ship's door when it opens. Mick stops and watches as it's three passengers climb out.

Mick watches as the two men and the woman climb out. "Who the fuck are you and what are you doing on my ship?" Mick growls. Lucy straightens her dress and says "I'm Lucy and this is Wyatt and Rufus, our time machine malfunctioned and we ended up here. May I ask who you are"?

"I'm Captain Mick Rory and this is my time ship, The Waverider. What year did you come from?" He asked seeing their colonial outfits. "We just came from 1787 and we come from from 2016, where are we now?" Lucy asked. "We are docked in 2166 while our ship undergoes repairs" Mick said smiling. Wyatt moans. "Damn, now we are in the goddamn future" he says. Lucy hits him and Mick laughs.

"Let's get you guys upstairs and we will figure this all out" Mick says and just as they start to head up the staircase the Waverider jerked and started the jumping process.

Mick swore and ran upstairs. "Gideon, explain" he said. "Captain, my system is being over ridden and we are being forced to jump to an unknown location" Gideon said. Mick snarls, "everyone get belted in, this will be a long ride" he says as Len sits next to him and everyone else gets locked in. "The adventure never stops" Rufus says with a laugh and the ship jumped.