Highlander a New World Order

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Part One Jaguar Goddess and her Immortal guards

Methos was tired. He had been hiking for over half a day. In the beginning the idea of an Eco Tour had sounded really interesting. A chance to get away from civilization and just relax with no worries about the great game and a chance for he, Mac loud and Richie to just chill almost like a real family vacation. The added bonus was the area they would be exploring was holy ground so no one would be trying to take their head. Yes it had been a good plan. Except for the fact that they had all forgotten one small detail vitally important detail in their plans of escape into the wild that Amazon rain forest was still inhabited by head hunters...who did not like trespassers

"Richie how did we let you talk us into this?" Duncan Cloud asked.

""Aw Mac come on how was I to know about head hunters."Richie said as he pulled on his bonds. He was only tightening them more. "I mean it's not something they included in the travel brochures now is it? I mean they just said the lands held native tribes."

"Quiet someone is coming."Methos said. His acute hearing picking up the sound of soft footsteps that without his many years of training he might have missed sometimes it was best to just sit quietly and listen not that the boy scout and his apprentice listened..

The door to the hut opened and a dark haired woman entered it. She sighed when she spotted Methos.

"What in Sagan's name are you doing here Methos?"

A shocked Mac and Richie looked up. Richie was stunned she was lovely. Duncan Mc Cloud was at a loss for words she was beautiful.

"Theresa? What how...I saw you killed." Methos said "In Mexico City in 1840."

"Hardly, "She came over and cut their bonds.

"Methos... I did not feel her?" Richie asked suddenly worried. How was it even possible there was an immortal he could not feel. Even Methos for all his years and skill could not completely dampen his quickening once one knew what to look for.

"Of course not,"Theresa replied." I am not exactly the same type of immortal as you all are. Come on lets go. YOU 3 owe me big time. It has cost me dearly to get you free. "Theresa said. "I swear you would think that you would have some common sense Methos."

"Well come on lets go before they change their minds. We have at best an uneasy alliance with theses tribesmen. Unless of course you wish to add your heads to their collection it is very large and they don't have many white men in it?"

That sarcasm seemed mobilize them all and they quickly rose.

"Our weapons I don't fancy facing the jungle unarmed?"

"I have them already let's go." She said looking at the men with disgust."If I wanted your quickening I have simply waited until they took your heads."

"A valid Point," Methos said to the skeptical Duncan.

Mc Cloud would have argued but it was clear to him that it was a good way to lose their heads. The chief and the people all fell to their knees as Theresa lead them out. He listens as they called her the Jaguar Goddess. Looking on fearful and afraid of her wrath and fell to their knees as she passed Theresa tried to smile at them to calm their fears. Fear could be dangerous.

"Why do they call you a goddess?" Richie asked

Theresa smiled "This way. All will be explained in time."

Methos was on edge but he followed. He trusted Theresa to a point but he had not lived over 4000 years by being a fool. He was worried she might have secrets that could bite them but for now they had little choice if they were to survive heads intact.

As they came to clearing he noted a large stone ring.

"Follow me and do not act surprised. It is in our best interests that they continue to believe we are more than human."

"You are playing a god. that cannot be right you are influencing this culture into believing you are a god." Duncan said slightly shocked.

Theresa turned on him." You know nothing of me or my kind and our relations with these children so be silent on what you do not know or understand."

" Those children tried to kill us." Richie said

Theresa just glared at him and continue to lead them to safety."Yes, and had they not respected and worshiped me your heads would be on a pike."

The immortals feel silent as that was the hard truth.

"Duncan I hardly think it fair to complain about playing a God not when you travel with Death."

The highlander blushed having forgotten that part and Methos just grinned. Yep Theresa was still the same telling it like it was.

The Jaguar Goddes punched in a code and there was a large whoshing sound. The gate opened "Well are you coming or do you want to decorate those pikes." She said.

Theresa began to walk to the gate when one disgruntled warrior shouted no. He came running at them his spear raised to strike. It was clear he did not believe she was a God.

"ajhfih0" He said it translated into false god.

Theresa turned and seeing this ran at the warrior before he could strike at Richie. She leaped and as she flew at him her body transformed to a large black Jaguar. A beast larger than the ones native to the forest and it was not happy at all.

170 pounds of solid muscle and fury hit the warrior in the chest. He fell back screaming as a paw knocked the spear aside. It's green obsidian blade falling to the ground and shattering. Her face was inches from, his teethe at his throat. A long growl subdued him. He raised her paw and swiped it along his chest.

Marking it with long scratches that would forever remind him that his goddess had chosen to spare his life and leave her mark on him. She regretted the need but the people had to have a reminder. Every hundred years or so she had to do this to one of them, it pained her but it also blessed the one marked with power if they changed their ways. She would know. If he became a better man and a leader he would live a long time because she marked him. If not she could easily track him and end his threat to her and her people. Because the Amazon natives were hers to protect and guard and she did so with no regrets.

Three stunned immortals looked on. She growled and leapt off stalking the other warriors who fell back in ran "Ah Mac what the hell?" Richie said. He could not believe his eyes what had happened. How could anyone turn into a large cat?

Methos looked on and was shocked. He knew she was immortal and very old but these skills he had never seen before. The Natives backed away fear showing. Theresa moved toward them and returned to human form. She gave them all a hard warning look.

"Move now. They will not stay back long."

The three immortals stumbled through the gate and turned to see Theresa follow. She looked annoyed at them.

"What part of hurry did you not understand? Lord I hate that. I hate filling them with terror. They are good people and only defending their lands the only way they know how. Yet so many seek to encroach."

She ran off her clothing in shreds. There was a Down side to shifting on the run.

The three immortals finally got the point and headed through the ring. It was clear that they had no choice if they were to live.


Alarm claxons went off in the SGC.

General Hammond came into the gate room and looked very concerned. He noted that Colonel O'Neill had come running in followed by Major Carter and Teal'c. He knew Daniel Jackson was off world with SG-2 so he at least would not be in panic mode.

"What is happening Major why did the gate alarm sound we have no scheduled missions coming in or going out.?" He asked as he watched her hands flow over the computer.

"Sir I don't know, I mean it's almost like another gate went off. Which is impossible as we now are using the second gate, I mean this happened the last time when the Russians used their gate or
when the NID did but...that's the only way we could, should get these readings, it also set off the alarm but it should not have." Carter's face looked truly perplexed and worried at the event. She was typing into the computer to try to get more information.

"Ah Carter what if there is another gate?" Jack asked. It was the obvious answer but he knew his second might not think of it. For all her brilliance sometimes the obvious slipped by her.

"But sir...we only found the arctic gate and the Russian one, I mean, well maybe." She seemed to stumble over her words as her mind raced. "The aortic gate is still under the ice. No one could get to it we have it guarded around the clock and we have the Russian Gate here. If there was another one we should know about it from the writings I should think. Unless there was another one we did not know about; oh how did Daniel miss that?"

"Perhaps the Goauld did not write down that there was a fourth gate." Teal'c said.

Jack threw up his hands," Wonderful, as if it was not complicated enough. So where is this gate and who controls it?"

General Hammond sighed and reached into his pocket and pulled out some aspirin and a handful of Tums he was so going to need them.


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