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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Part 6

"What do you think My Lord are they a threat to our world?" Marcus asked Neville Lord Longbottom.

"They are armed but few in number perhaps they are a scouting party of some sort. They are clearly Military but they do not seem to be hostile. You will note that they have spotted us. I would say the weapons they carry are probably ranged yet they have not fired on us. It may be best to observe for now. We can send our King a message. Keep watch I am stepping away to send another Partonus. While I believe they maybe peaceful explorers they are armed and that needs to be reported. "

"Yes sir, no problem with that. I think you may be right in watching and learning. Do you think the patrol will come here first?"

"Yes, I do, the king won't risk not knowing about these people. They are clearly armed. While we have no idea about the others Susanna warned us the other gate has activated again as well. It seems we have more guest then we first thought. Best deal with these first as the gate on the other end was open a lot."

"That can't be good sir. I mean other than the fact that the gate is in a far more isolated area. However it is rich in resources someone could set up a settlement quickly."

"Yes, however this must take priority. While the Ilse of Stone is resource rich it is isolated. If worse comes to worse we can set wards around it keeping the people in." Neville said. He was clearly not happy about that option but it was one.

"Unless they have magic too sir which could be an issue as the wards would never hold." Marcus said.

"We will have to see, for now this is the most vital problem."Neville said. He stepped away and sent another partornus a large bear emerged from his wand and raced off Harridan needed to know about the newcomers being military and armed.


Hermione watched as her sister wife went into a trance. This could be bad very bad. Luna was not a normal seer. She had vision rarely but when they happened they were always accurate and always came true.

"The lost shall be found"

"The dead shall walk again."

"The branches of human kind shall weave."

"The rise of human kind is at Nigh."

"Beware the false prophet and false gods."

"Souls they will steal."

"Artificial life will be ally and foe."

"Immortal Gods and Goddess will save us all."

"Ancients will walk among us once more."

Luna awoke. Hermione looked concerned even as she handed her the parchment with her words written down. Luna scowled this was going to be complicated. Good Gods …and Goddess…yeah never happen. None of them trusted the Goauld.


Across the universe Cho Sighed. They were safe. They were secure. No Wraith had come through. She fell down upon the sand taking deep breaths glad the locals had welcomed them. They were even now setting up for the night. But she needed to catch her breath. The news that this was the home universe of the wraith was unwelcome but at least for now they were safe. She figure out a plan in the morning. For now she had to catch her breath.


Methos fell into his bed exhausted. He wondered once more why he let Duncan convince him a trip to South America was a good idea…. Oh well he was alive he had his head that had to count as a win. More importantly the only immortals around were allies, family so he was safe. He sleep then worry about the fact they were on a distant world. Who knew maybe this would be a new start…..who was he kidding he never got that lucky.